Friday 18 May 2018

Story of stupid BN comms

My beloved scolded me this morning for

Said I really need to learn to keep my emotions under control.

Said emotions cloud things.

My beloved is a DAP supporter.


May Allah put me in hell if I'm lying on this one.

Okay, fine. I was emotional.

I actually lost my composure when they told me that Rahman Dahalan is to continue as BN communication chief.

It's my old Umno supporter self that got angry.

Forgot that I'm now neutral.

But really, those people are really idiots if they think Rahman and the other BN/Umno comms team should stay.

As far as I'm concerned, they played a huge part in BN's GE14 defeat.

They and all those pro-BN media people.

They kissed up Najib's backside too much and painted rosy pictures all the way to the defeat.

And then that strategy of whacking Dr Mahathir, which royally backfired on them.

They never learnt from what happened in 2008.

You cannot do that to the handsome old man, okay.

I tried to warn them many times such as in this posting early in the Dr Mahathir-Najib fight on April 9 2015

But of course these BN media handlers and their cronies, the big time editors at the mainstream media never listen to an insignificant anonymous blogger like me.

They continued their attacks on Dr Mahathir and sometimes against each others to secure their position resulting in things such as the

Really stupid.

Some who can't tahan anymore left such as former NST group editor Mustapha Kamil Mohd Janor whose story I broke in this blog.

Here is,

Actually, Mus was not the only one.

There were many others from the mainstream media who rebelled and were forced to resign in purges.

Most, if not all turned against the establishment.

These are the sort of things done by the likes of Rahman Dahalan, Habibur Rahman and big time editors controlled by them which led me to write postings such as this one not long before the general election,
At that time I already have the feeling that it would not make any difference for me to curse them as I felt that BN had already been damaged beyond repair by them.

And now they said they are keeping the same bunch of people to handle communication.

Well, what else can I say except,

Fuck the whole bunch of them.

Sorry, I'm being emotional again.

I know.

I can't help it.

I apologise....not to you all....but just to my beloved.

Don't be angry with me dear.

Worse come to worst, I'll just sign up as a DAP member.

Okay or not?


  1. quote Annie "But of course these BN media handlers and their cronies, the big time editors at the mainstream media never listen to an insignificant anonymous blogger like me."

    I wonder did those pro BN big shot bloggers managed to receive their paychecks?

    1. Habibur was handler of a lot of the prepaid bloggers like RPK.

      Now he jadi bubur.

      So no more $$$$$$$.

      That's how it goes.

    2. What happens when BN propaganda cannot receive financial support?

      Utusan is about to close:

      "KUALA LUMPUR: Utusan Malaysia may not last beyond this year, with staff being told that the Umno-linked paper would run out of funds as early as after the Hari Raya celebrations next month, as the daily struggles in the wake of Barisan Nasional’s recent polls defeat, FMT has learnt."

      I have no problem with Utusan's political stance, but even the way it ran was very corrupt.

      Insider trading galore:

      So, investment giving 47,900% in returns within an eight-month timeframe? Ha ha. Tak payah cakap lah.

      Like Umno itself, it had become rotten to the core.

  2. Welcome to join any party in PH. There is however missing only royal faction party for those who love the royals. Maybe Annie you can start one party to represent the royal interest to join PH. Don't depend on the previous UMNO anymore as too corrupt. But alas, without corruption, how do you control them right. hehehe...maybe it's time the royal faction join the center left in order for their interest to be protected. The constitution is protected, and doing things by the book to ensure prosperity for all...

  3. Biarlah umno terjun dengan labu2nya. If still arrogant, apa kita nak buat? Bila satu2 their leaders masuk jail, baru ada perubahan kot? Orang umno sendiri yg kena memberontak untuk berubah. Frankly the rest of the rakyat wouldn't mind if umno terus terus terkubur. Too rotten to save.

    1. Some supporters in BN thinks they want to become politician

      These young narcissistic, KJ kind of people
      These people make me puke

  4. Annie,
    It's not easy to be on the other side la, especially these UMNO guys who feel, yah still feel,it's their DIVINE RIGHT to rule.......Do you think they have the staying power to fight another war five years from now? As in the Chinese idiom "wok hsin chang dan"? What I see is just "lompat si katak lompat" even in the tiny state of Malacca, JKKK members are jumping ship all with "dengan syarat kalau dikekalkan......." sebagai....."

    1. It is about time for those who are genuinely concerned about Malays to group together.UMNO is still relevant as it is the only Malay party that has the biggest number of seats in Parliament.
      Those who for UMNO for money have no reason to remain in UMNO.They can leave UMNO.Those who remain can start rebuilding UMNO.
      Prof Kangkung

    2. Otak kangkung ada paymaster baru nampaknya....,

    3. why rebuild UMNO if it was perfect from the start?

      why did you admit that UMNO is broken?


  5. Annie ,

    Why fuck hear ,fuck there , let them cone to their senses ,they are still in shock and not used to current situation .

    I strongly believe UMNO could be revive but not by current leaders .

    1. Remove ALL the Umno top brass.

      Including Zahid & Hisham.

      Make KJ President.

      Make Zahid & Hisham the Senior Party Mentors (so they don't lose face.)

      In S'pore they created position of "Minister Mentor" for Lee Kwan Yew.

      Like "Official Pakcik Tua" ha ha.

  6. join & assist PH to weed & wipe out those pro BN mainstream media & BN comms buggers wink

  7. Annie,

    I think UMNO is still shell-shocked from losing.

    They haven't got a clue as to what they should be doing.

    They are just blindly thrashing about in murky waters hoping to find a lifeline.

    The current leader, Zahid Hamidi is probably thinking of how he can save his own ass first before thinking of how to save UMNO.

    After all, Zahid does have a lot to answer for himself.


    1. I don't see Zahid rallying the troops.

      Very quiet.

      His daughter came out in social media denying they have millions in bank accounts.


      Tun and Zahid history in Parlimen about 20 years ago....

      Zahid said Tun is corrupt.

      Next day Tun read out a list of Zahid assets:

      Big bungalow in Country Heights

      Many kereta mewah & superbikes.

      After that Zahid shut up completely.

      Maybe we will see repeat of this...

      ...via MACC : )

    2. Tiba masa untuk Saifool di siasat berapa nilai jubur beliau yang di gadaikan kepada Ah Jib Gor???

    3. I think Saiful's price was one pink crocodile leather Hermes handbag : )

  8. Stories coming out....the 4 Tan Tan Sri ex-IGP Khalid the identified plum job at Rapid KL.....conscience is clear Apundek Ali....the Altantuya appeal judge release for favor Razak Baginda at behest of Najib......mati la Najib.....confirm die d.....

    Pass message to RPK.....his whiskies session with Razak Baginda is coming to an end.....mati la....Razak....mati.......could be sentence to death by hanging....Altantuya and her unborn baby seeking revenge......

    1. KBAB1 jadi kebab???

      Padan muka!

  9. Bulan puasa la

  10. I think UMNO the party is still quite well off? Most probably the old guards may be quite reluctant to walk away just yet?

    1. What happens to Umno assets if the party is deregistered?

      Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!

      Look up events of 1987/88.....

    2. For smart comms people they should try your friend JMD.

      But he won't switch sides like some ponytail flapping in the wind.

      If not, try Sir Wenger Khairy...

    3. JMD dah pencen ke?

      He haven't wrote anything for long time.

      He is good blogger, use facts to support his point

  11. no more asean solidarity expedition by locky bro sigh

  12. Rumors that UMNO akan diharamkan soon, Perlis and Pahang will fall....the only racist left become the opposition party. Sarawak will come out from BN and become their own independent opposition party....

    1. Let the racist fall

      I don’t like them anyways
      My university college who support BN are all narcissistic people

    2. If umno deregister then whose fault?

      They know they broke rule of societies act

      Not just broke but langgar teruk

      So they will pay d price

  13. Annie,

    I have some good advice for those who love BN and Umno.

    All is not lost.


    Wait till Tun steps down and Captain Liwat takes over.

    That guy will f*** everything up for PH govt, because of his internal PKR politicking.


    They are trying to knock Azmin out of Selangor MB chair by making him a Federal minister.

    Who suggested this?

    I bet it was the Kipas Puppet, on orders of Captain Liwat.

    Remember the stupid Kajang Move?

    Captain Liwat never learns his lesson.

    Just hope our dear Tun can fix as much damage as possible and do some good reforms before Captain Liwat takes over in 2020.

    1. You're spot on Anon 22:28.

      I'd the same hunch too... that PH might be same or even worst than UMNO-Najib, after the Rear Admiral took over.

      "They are trying to knock Azmin out of Selangor MB chair by making him a Federal minister."

      Maybe that's was why Azmin had requested to meet Tun.

      I'm definitely against another 'Kajang-move' to install him as next PM. Its best that he waits until the EC declared Pekan seat vacant.

    2. RD, I disagree. I think Tun is trying to promote Azmin whereas PKR is trying to stifle him by making him MB. Economic Minister will give Azmin a national profile and a chance to prove his mettle. I see this as Tun's way of grooming the next layer. Whether Azmin makes it or not is up to Azmin.

    3. 7.25

      But mb of selangor is super powerful position... richest state in Malaysia

      In cabinet azmin just another guy

    4. Anon 08:29,
      In S'gor he is a big fish in a sizeable pond. But it is still a pond. He needs experience at the national level if he ever aspires to be a PM. Economic Minister is a very senior portfolio. He has a chance to shape Msia' future, unless if he only wants to be jaguh kpg. That's allright too.

    5. Anonymous19 May 2018 at 09:18:

      Not only are your views correct, but it seems that Azmin thinks so too:

      "PKR vice-president and Seri Setia assemblyman Shaharuddin Badaruddin is touted to be the next Selangor mentri besar candidate, according to a source privy to the Pakatan Harapan (PH) Cabinet arrangement.

      The former Universiti Selangor academic is the most likely replacement for current Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali who is said to have decided to take up the Economy Affairs Ministry portfolio in the federal government, the source added."

      If the Malaysian economy does well in the next 5 years Azmin will be a step closer to being PM after Anwar.

      But initially he is going to have a tough time.

      He needs to rope in first class advisors, not the overpriced type like Najib chose.

    6. I am in the same page with Sdr RD.I have had lingering doubts about the Rear Admiral.And these doubts of mine had been there since his ABIM days.

      Rasta Rules

    7. Sungguh menggerunkan, if ever he becomes the PM.
      Kita keluar mulut rimau, masuk mulut NAGA. He never change. I just read blog CELAH-CELAH GELEGAR and also Ibnu Hsyim. Both bloggers seem to consider Anwar never change. Since thousands of people greeted him after hde walked out a free man, he got the delusion that WE Malaysia loves him! Sorry, If ever Tun Det is forced to step down by his 'slyness' - he should see PRU15 result. In MSO blog, he has already spread the news, "kononnya Najib call him ajak dia join force". But as a hero, he rejected the offer!!!!
      And MSO said, how novel of him!!!!

    8. IMO, next pm after Tun (under ph govn) has to be from pkr, it is just a matter of who. Otherwise there will be revolt. Regarding anwar, maybe it is better we get to see him in action before ge15 (after tun's 2 yr tenure). That way we know who to vote for in ge15.

      Am not a fan of Anwar. Never liked him when he was in the cabinet before, didn't like him during reformasi days & the only reason I voted ph is because govn will be led by tun even if it is only for 2 yrs (insyallah). But almost all in pkr worships anwar :( . What to do?

    9. we still need opposition as Malaysians - we are British decocracy legacy

      UMNO-MIC-MCA can do major revamp find formula to be relevant.

      in DAP there are peoples hate Gobind, Lims family.. those not democratic & nowhere to go.

      british & American grow via democratic system.

      in 15 years PH maybe corrupted due to favoritism or family legacy, then new party would lead again.

  14. Annie,

    New cabinet very solid overall.

    Some good choices:

    Maszlee Malik, new Education Minister - I know this guy personally, very smart, young & dynamic. As an academic hiimself, he is an ideal choice.

    Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad (Health Minister) - will do a very good job. Highly educated and capable man with medical PHD from London.

    Kulasegeran (Human Resources): This is his pet area in Parliament. He is vocal about it. Being a lawyer hopefully he will improve worker protection.

    The odd one out is really Mat Sabu.

    The fella better take very intensive English lessons.


    Defence Minister is not a post for a comedian.

    1. You don't need to speak in English to be Defense Minister. Understanding what people around you are conversing in the language is good enough.
      As long as you can make people understand what you're trying to convey, that's good enough.

      Therefore, Mat Sabu should just do as the Japanese or Chinese Ministers, speak in his native tongue. Kedah slang, also OK. No reason to be shy at all.

      As a matter of fact, the most important criteria of being the Defense Minister is the ability to make bold and decisive actions. The Lahad Datu intrusion is a case in point.

      Immediately after knowing that a band of heavily armed foreigners had landed on your shores and before they could build-up a stronghold, the Defense Minister then, should have ordered the Air-force to carpet-bomb the area as to annihilate them. Hence taking away the risk of endangering our boys in eliminating them. Good for real-life target practice for the Air-force too.

    2. @ 22:42
      Beneath the surface, Mazlee is a Taliban. This is definitely Anwar's work even though Mazlee is from Pribumi.

      Have we just voted for Talibanization of our schools??

      DAP better keep your eyes wide open.

    3. Ya agree rd and well said

    4. Anonymous19 May 2018 at 08:25:

      Quick news flash for you:

      Not all Muslims are Taliban.

      Dr Maszlee is a moderate, progressive and modern guy who happens to be Muslim.

      Are you afraid of Muslims?

      Malaysia is a Muslim-majority country, get over it.

      Your appeal to only the DAP to keep their eyes open really says very eloquent things about how narrow minded you are.

      Clearly you think PKR, PPBM or Amanah cannot be custodians of allaying your paranoia?

      Why is that?

    5. Anon 08:25,
      What is the basis for calling Dr Mazlee a Taliban? Is it his islamic education bground?

      I'd listened to one of his speeches on the poor in ppr and what should be done. Doesn't remotely sound like a Taliban to me.

    6. Ya his the kind person the government needs to push in front. Thinking muslim liberal muslim.

    7. 15.22

      Dr Maszlee is not liberal muslim.

      Thinking muslim, yes for sure.

  15. Hi friends,
    Najib will be lock up after giving statement to MACC next week.
    They will asked him why and what purpose 2.6 billions goes into his account and also 42 millions from SRC international. The Singh lawyer representing Najib already rehearsing with Najib the answer....says it's Arab donation and to fight ISIS as thank you to Malaysia. They will finally reveal the name of the Arab.....

    1. Heheh most embarrassing thing

      Of course there's no arab

      Zahid Hamidi said he met the arab donor

      Zahid credibility gone when truth come out

    2. Anonymous19 May 2018 at 08:33

      Actually, it's worse than that:

      Zahid claimed he saw the supporting documents from this fairytale Arab donation.

      I guess he will have a lot of explaining to do.

  16. reading yr few writes, u sound very upset, perhaps yr brain want u to be neutral, but yr emotion is attach to umno, nothings wrong with that.

  17. Annie,

    KJ makes his intentions very clear:

    Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said that no seat, including the party’s top post currently held by acting president Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi should be considered sacred, as it was this practice that was one of the reasons behind Umno’s devastating defeat in GE14.

    “Oh, no, no, no, no, we cannot have this no contest rule anymore in Umno. I mean, you know... you are sending a bad message to the public. I disagree if there are any posts not being contested. I’m happy that people support me but any positions for myself or anyone else must be contested.

    “I think this no-contest business is one of the reasons why people lost faith in us in the first place. It looked like we don’t provide the democratic space for our members. We better stop this nonsense of no-contest business,” said Khairy.

    KJ is going for President.

    So, will Umno still declare "no contest" for top 2 posts?

    I think they are foolish if they do so.

    1. Jibby baru blame kj for not warning him about pru14


      How many con-sultan in pmo? You hire this people, kalo dorang x bleh pakai it ur fault lah Jib

  18. On Tuesday, Najib will face the court wearing orange jump suit.....

  19. Corruption is least of Najib problem....the coming murder re-trial of Altantuya will convict Najib...Musa Safri is also being blocked from leaving the country...

    Sirul wanting to confess for royal pardon...Musa Safri which is the officer under Najib when he is Deputy PM orders him to kill confession coming soon...

    1. To me very simple

      Musa Safri is enough

      Why court block him last time!

      Also simple

      He took order ftom the top......

      Who is the top???!

  20. Anonymous @ 19 May 2018 at 09:30,

    //Zahid claimed he saw the supporting documents from this fairytale Arab donation.//

    Yeah, Zahid Hamidi will need to explain to MACC the source of all that RM2.6billion.

    I suspect that if Zahid Hamidi's house was raided earlier on, there would also be lots and lots of goodies there.

    Of cos, all incriminating evidence would probably already be gone by now.


  21. Now if the Tun step down in 2 years, then Anwar takes over, that would mean the husband is PM and the wife the DPM. Would that be feasible?