Wednesday 16 May 2018

About telling the truth

I have been receiving mostly negative comments for my last few postings after BN's defeat in GE14.

I published all of them except those which were too vulgar.

See, I still believe in freedom of speech and a point.

Not only that I published them, I did so as promptly as I could.

It's my normal practice to check on the comments on my phone and published them immediately.

Of course no one seemed to notice this and it remains a thankless thing for me to do.

Never mind.

This is the last comment at my last posting which I received as I'm writing this,

Annie, I thought u are better than this. lately u have been sided towards BN expecially the last 6 months. It dosen't look good on u.
We need to move fowards, most of us voted for Tun leadership full stop.
I have to thank the anon for his/her concerns about me.

Actually, as I have repeatedly wrote, I'm being as neutral as I could possibly be.

I observe things, wrote and commented about them as according to my understanding of the situation.

That's what I have been doing ever since  I decided to be
two years ago.

Anyway, I don't really understand why some of you all could think that I'm being paid by BN or Umno for my last few postings.

They were completely defeated already la.

Where got money to pay cybertroopers anymore, and for what?

And why the hell should I sided with the losing side?

I may as well start kissing up PH, isn't it?

Well, actually I prefer to write what others prefer not to write.

Those stuff which I wrote are reminder of future possibilities based on facts of current situation.

You like it you read it but if you don't like it you can just skip it what.

It's not like I'm forcing anyone to read it, right?

But ignoring these sorts of stuff has its consequences.

This is what KJ said in an interview with The Sun,

We should have told Najib about lack of support

And you all know now what happened to Najib and the gang, right?

Also, I don't write to just please people.

I write what I think is right.

I don't write to be glamourous and popular like some people.

I write to inform people....and maybe to have a bit of fun myself.

I also don't like forcing people to read what I wrote.

That's why I stick with just this insignificant anonymous blog instead of Facebook, Twitter and such.

People have to actually go to my blog to read it instead of me shoving it up to people's face like in those other platforms.

As for most people voting for Dr Mahathir's leadership, I wholeheartedly agree on that one.

My all time favourite picture of Dr Mahathir which I used a lot for postings about him.

Without him, there's no way BN could have lost to PH that day.

No way in hell, okay.

But beyond that?

What is it going to be?

Are we not even willing to have an early look at all the possibilities?

Before someone starts accusing me with all kind of nonsense regarding Dr Mahathir, I better put this link to my birthday wish for his 90th birthday which was after the start of the fight with Najib.

Kalau rajin baca lah balik all the links I put there.

Maybe then you all would understand how I really feel for the handsome old man.


  1. Annie , you cant escape people perception ,just as Najip say in his goodbye ,before announcing his resignation ,'BN /UMNO lost just because of people perception' not because of his bad doing .

    You can't avoid perception anyway ,it's goes with the way we presents ourselves .

    Just be strong OK just like Tun M ,a good example to be look at .

    Osman Supian make another blunder in electing ex UMNO man to be his sectary , what a choice . You are right in this one ,look like going to be business as usual .

    1. Actually I think anwar must understand this.

      Let Tun stay for 2 full years.

      For 92 years old man (belum 93, his birthday on July only) he got energy of 35 years old. Tabik!

      Oh by the way the 16 Umno members are appealing their case. The lawyer is tun's personal lawyer, haniff khatri.

      Pendek kata, sayonara Umno.

      They 100% clearly broke the law.

      If the judiciary got their teloq back and apply the law, Umno must be deregistered.

      So where will their MPs go?

    2. Im confuse people keep saying 2 years. Isnt it 2 terms = 10 years ?

      I mean if tun is up for it, im all for tun full 2 terms as pm

    3. When did Tun ever say two terms?

    4. Please have some mercy for Tun....

      PETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Siti Hasmah is getting worried about the health of her husband Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, one week after he was sworn in as the nation’s seventh Prime Minister.

      “I am worried about his health as he does not have enough sleep. His sleeping time is used to go through government documents.

      “On one night, he went through 200 documents until 4-5am. At 7am, he was already in the office,” she said in a post on the Kelab Che Det Facebook page.

      Her concern was echoed by many Malaysians who also expressed their worry that Dr Mahathir, who turns 93 this year, was working too hard.

      “I am very worried about Tun … I hope Muslims will pray for Tun this Ramadan,” said Wai Yap.

      Wong Chin Kuan said that he prayed for Dr Mahathir’s health and happiness every day.

      “He is a Malaysian hero,” he said.

      Seriously, if I work at Tun's pace I will apply leave to recover after 2 weeks max...

  2. Annie

    Actually your last posting kena "mostly negative comments" because it seemed to be the very typical Umno propaganda tactic of "divide and rule".

    For many years they campaigned on DAP (i.e. Chinese) will grab power. Then they said Dr M was a tool of the DAP, blah blah blah.

    As someone mentioned, your last posting is very, very similar to what a certain 4,000-kg Fat Bitter Old Ah Soh (whose name we cannot mention) would have posted.

    Anyway, the election result shows clearly that voters don't fall for the old tricks any more.

    No more racial paranoia, please.


    1. Honestly I don't really give a fuck what others think of my postings. Cheers !

    2. Ahhhh, if so then why even care that "I have been receiving mostly negative comments for my last few postings after BN's defeat in GE14."

      Or care that people think you are a paid Umno blogger?

      You are right it doesn't matter.

      More power to Annie.


  3. Anyway to cheer you up, it seems Zam (Zainuddin Maidin) is in 100% agreement with you on the new Johor MB.

    But then, the istana approved it. (Or asked for it?)

    Shame it wasn't Salahuddin Ayub, huh...

    1. Istana should keep ear to the ground. If people in Johor not satisfied then ganti the fella with Salahuddin lah.

      Unless he's headed for Federal cabinet post?

      Even then, Osman is not the best choice. Really too too much Umno DNA.

    2. I am still bemused, who has the final say...

      The Ruler;


      The Rakyat's Choice thru their Representatives........???

    3. Let's say some istana more vocal than others...ummmmmmm no comment

  4. Hye annie,

    One of the facebooker page that i follow have been deactivated for raising awareness just like u did on the previous post. Some told that page was reported under "merusuh".

    Anyway, dont stop being critical.


  5. Some of the pro BN bloggers are starting to crawl out again like worms.

    (For some of them, quite hard seeing how fat they are - both male and female!)

    But what credibility do they have now?

    Defenders of a kleptocracy.

    The police are already raiding Jibby in 5 locations.

    Then when the full scale of the theft is exposed, with forensic evidence, and the rakyat are even more furious than before, where will these bloggers hide their shame and their lies?

    1. Don't believe paid BN bloggers.

      See what happens?

      'Assuming Mahathir will keep his promise to be the prime minister for only 2 years, he has very little time to tie all the loose ends and send Najib into prison for a very long time.

      The only way Najib could walk away a free man is if the Agong (King) pardon him. But as long as Pakatan Harapan is in power, such opportunity is almost zero.

      What goes around comes around. It would be quite entertaining to watch Anwar Ibrahim walks out of prison after being pardoned by the king but the same person who put him there is about to enter the prison.

      Perhaps that’s karma.

      So, the burning question is – why didn’t Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor flee immediately out of the country after they lost the election on May 9th?

      There’s only one reason – Najib and Rosmah had never expected they could lose.

      Thanks to paid cybertroopers, propagandists and bloggers who kept feeding false and fake news, the former prime minister and his gang of thieves were led to believe they were invincible.'

    2. Najib & Rosmah didn't fled early because they thought that 'Cash is King' can still buy or steal the election.

      That's the obvious reasons for the delays in polling result, especially in Kedah & Sabah.
      Even the EC seems to be buying time, before signing Form-14.

      The delayed swearing-in of MBs too, can be construed as a sure sign of horse trading behind Rakyat's back, between the Politicians and the Palace.

      But the most shameful thing was... the sanctity of the YDPA's Institution being badly tarnished in the eye of the Rakyat due to the delays & repeated postponement of Dr.M's taking the oath as PM.

    3. "But the most shameful thing was... the sanctity of the YDPA's Institution being badly tarnished in the eye of the Rakyat due to the delays & repeated postponement of Dr.M's taking the oath as PM."


      Tun & Tun Siti muka mmg geram on that day - tapi under control. But not good reflection lah on the process, you should not delay PM swearing-in for so long.

      PS: Kelate yg tarik balik Tun's awards.

      No comment.

      Daulat Tuanku.

  6. neutral? mmmmm...i'll look up for d meaning of it.

  7. Annie,
    Aa Amanpour put it as a credible journalist - not being neutral but be truthful

  8. Annie, you are neutral. You allow readers to make comments whereas most dedak bloggers didnot.

  9. Hi annie i guess people seems to read tht u r angry over the election results. Stuff like menang sorak kampung tergadai from previous post and others.

    I mean those are not the terms used by someone who is "neutral" as u claimed to be.

    Theres nothing wrong being pro gov. Ud suck but well its a free world. I guess im wondering why do u have to stress so much tht u r neutral. I mean who cares ?

    1. I should say pro opposition. Correction :D

    2. Annie,

      Dunno if you flattered or what, but Malaysia Chronicle reprinted your last post.

      The headline:


      Of course you will say you don't give a "F", but even your own regular readers took it that way too.

      Just an observation : )

  10. Hypocrisy of the highest order... that's what these PH top leaders are. You just need to listen to their speeches to come to this conclusion. They are licking each other (between former PR leaders and Tun M) for the past 7 days, whereas they have been demonizing one another before.

    1. Ha ha bro, dah basi lah ceriter nih...we heard this for 2 years non-stop from BN propaganda machine...cukup dah

    2. Dah basi ke? Well... we will wait and see when the honeymoon is over.

    3. 09:18....


      MAHATHIR - Man of Steel.
      NAJIB - Man of Steal......!!
      BN (Bini Najib) dah tersungkur, unmo pulak menghitung hari sebab ianya gagal mengadakan pemilihan sejak tahun 2013.

      Kebetulan, Tun M rancang hanya 2 tahun pemerintahannya kali ini. Kini kita berada pd tahun 2018 - campur 2 tahun itu = 2020.

      Bukankah 2020 itu tahun yg Tun M ramalkan UMNO akan hancur musnah dek politik wang oleh pemimpin2nya sejak mula dicetuskan oleh Ku Li pd krisis umno pd tahun 1987.

  11. Lai lai...start dah, got one betina from Ameno started already....insulting Najis means insulting the race card already. Told you the royal faction tak kam muan the people's party win...scare la, one day Malaysia become a Republic....all their franchise, banking licenses, construction companies etc these royal faction and their relatives hold will lose power......cannot enjoy anymore...they start to incite to pecah belah the rakyat again....the same helah use since independence.....don't make the people angry, one day kick them all out....

    1. I want to say this....

      Tun actually helped to ENHANCE the prestige of the royalty after the Douglas Gomez assault incident.

      By removing immunity from prosecution, Tun actually took the edge off the rakyat's anger.

      Think about it.

      He is a smart man.

  12. ...Nak muntah apabila mendengar ucapan mereka. Just listen to Anwar and the other PH leaders last night at Amcorp Mall... they are no different than Trump after he won the US presidency. Still campaigning when they have emerge victorious just a week ago??? Sigh!

    1. of course PH still campaigning to to totally wipe out BN by next GE15 OK

    2. Me... I'm fed-up with that clarion call for 'Reformasi. Reformasi, Reformasi'... at the front gates of Istana Negara when Anwar was inside.

      Majority of the Rakyat voted for PKR. They're already gomen. What reforms are they clamoring for now?

      For themselves?... to replace the jobs of those 17,000 political appointees?

      Anyway, that Amcorp rally was really weird. A genuine political prisoner such as Nelson Mandela would be ashamed to see Anwar's bravado last night.

      Because... Mandela had no cable to anarchist such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who was sentenced to death in absentia by an Egyptian court.
      Mandela wasn't recognized by so many renowned universities.

    3. That 'reformasi' cry is just for nostalgia sake I think....the otai thinking of 90s & early 2000s

      PS: ABIM now asking Anwar to implement modern Islamic agenda. This will be interesting battle of west coast vs. east coast (PAS) definition of Islamic values for Malaysia's future.

      But definitely Tun should change leadership of Jakim & move it out from PMO control.

    4. RD....

      As Grand Master of tactician backed by his extensive experiences & brilliance, Tun Mahathir is the Brain behind victorious Pakatan Harapan who knows what to prioritize over priorities immediately during this interim period to clear the mess made by Najib and rebuild the nation.

      Rafizi and his band of followers ought to learn from this Grand Old Statesman..!!

    5. Count me in. Im with RD.

  13. Annie,

    I have always enjoyed your writings from way way back, even when you were an angry liddle UMNO supporter.

    It was interesting to watch you develope from a diehard UMNO supporter to a moderate middle of the road person.

    Yes, you may still have UMNO sentiments but then I doubt if you have the same passionate all-consuming beliefs you once did.

    I have a suspicion that many Melayus who now claim to hate UMNO are simply overcompensating becos they now know that the UMNO of today never did give a shit about the ordinary Melayu in the street.

    And with the fall of UMNO from power. even more the reason to hate UMNO now, right?

    I mean look at all those UMNO politicians clamouring to sign up to Pakatan!!!

    Others here may not realise it, but I have always had the feeling that you wrote exactly what your heart felt and what your brain was thinking.

    I have never once thought that any of your articles contained any fake emotions - restrained, yes, but fake, never.

    You were unafraid of keeping your UMNO friends, you did not hide the fact that you have DAP connections, and as far as I am concern, you told it as it is.

    I admire your courage in publishing almost all of your readers' comments.

    I think it takes a lot of oneself to publish comments critical of oneself - I will never know becos I am like most humans. I don't like being criticised.

    Annie, I am glad to have met someone like you.

    You are a very very rare person.

    With the new Malaysia that is dawning upon us. I sincerely hope that you will continue to shate your ideas and your ideals in your blog, Life of Annie.


    1. Wow.

      Nice post Gladiator!

    2. TUN MAHATHIR dah buktikan KELUAR-BIASAANnya yg MENAKJUBKAN sampai kini masih jadi tajuk berita/perbualan di media2 sodial utama seluruh dunia.....

      1. Memerintah kembali pd usia 93 tahun.

      2. Megalahkan BN-umno buat pertama kali dalam sejarah negara sejak kemerdekaan.

      3. Satu2nya pemimpin negara dalam dunia yg berjaya dalam p/raya sama ada dalam parti pemerintah maupun dalam parti pembangkang.

      Tun Mahathir is the Leader who always successfully got the mandate to lead his party to win the country's general election (6 times, mind you)...whereby the flamboyant DS Anwar Ibrahim has none (not even once)......!!


  14. When the poor rakyat senang and enjoy under PH, who do you think majority poor people senang? there are poor indians as well as melayus and chinese as well....

    The kadazans poor also many in Sarawak.....that Tahi Mahmud gondol everything in Sarawak.....plenty of balak and money transfer to Canada, his sons and wife now enjoy....

    Itu Najib don't show muka kesian, after suap 2.6 billions....if one photo can free from jail, no need law anymore in Malaysia....humbat masuk jail, and check his account....fine income tax and get billion back from his account, Rosmah birkin bag collections sell to pay the debt....give her 3 suap nasi each day enough already...can keep her body slim....dah la macam badak.....itu Tony pun sama.....if not Malaysia cut MAS way to give him special preferences you think he can earn his millions kah...Now he scare expand to Myanmmar cause Malaysia this time, no kasi chance him easy d....oil price increase...he want to mintak subsidy from government? wait la....why feed Tony until he fat?

    1. "give her 3 suap nasi each day enough already...can keep her body slim"

      For Kak Ros, 33 suap nasi each day tak cukup!

  15. I have reservations about the brudder.

    Bragging about getting a call from Erdoğan of all people, and also from some dubious camel raping sheik, gives me the creeps.

    He was the President of ABIM and was pretty much the guy who brought in and expanded Islamic Fundamentalism in this country. Yes, he did suffer a lot.... BUT what will he do when he becomes the PM?? Who can say he won't get in bed with PAS 5 years from now and introduce HOODOOD???

    Be careful what you wish for. LGE, you better keep your eyes wide open.

    1. Saya tak putus2 doa agar DS Anwar benar2 insaf & ikhlas dalam perjuangan sepertimana Tun M sendiri telah dgn besar hati mengaku dan mohon maaf secara terbuka kesilapan silamnya.

      Selain Tun M, buat masa kini tidak ada tokoh lain kecuali DS Anwar yg ada kewibaan, ketrampilam & kharisma untuk memimpin negara ke persada gemilang di pentas dunia.

      DS Anwar kena renung & musabah diri kenapa sampai saat ini beliau masih lagi tidak mendapat restu Illahi untuk jadi pemimpin negara. Malah gurunya, Tun Mahathir jua yg bertungkus lumus pernah mendidiknya dan kini yg mengutamakan pembebasan DS Anwar dalam agendanya.

      Semoga DS Anwar diberi perlindungan & petunjuk oleh Allah SWT.

    2. Tun M was in fact the first one invited by Erdogan to OIC meeting but made clear the date is too soon as he is busy round the clock making homework to restore the mess at home. However, he may attend if the said meetimg is deferred at later date convenient to him.

      Saya tak putus2 doa agar DS Anwar benar2 insaf & ikhlas dalam perjuangan sepertimana Tun M sendiri telah dgn besar hati mengaku dan mohon maaf secara terbuka kesilapan silamnya.

      Selain Tun M, buat masa kini tidak ada tokoh lain kecuali DS Anwar yg ada kewibaan, ketrampilan & kharisma untuk memimpin negara ke persada gemilang di pentas dunia.

      DS Anwar kena renung & musabah diri kenapa sampai saat ini beliau masih lagi tidak mendapat restu Illahi untuk jadi pemimpin utama negara.

      Perlu diketahui gurunya, Tun Mahathirlah jua yg bertungkus lumus pernah mendidiknya dan kini pula yg mengutamakan pembebasan DS Anwar dalam agendanya.

      Semoga DS Anwar diberi perlindungan & petunjuk oleh Allah SWT.

  16. U cant please everyone, jz continue writing what u think it is right.