Monday, 16 September 2019

What non-Malays need to know about Malay unity

A friend called last night to tell me that he was worried about the sealed Umno-Pas alliance.

He's worried that it could be the end of a multi-racial Malaysia.

He's a Christian Sabahan Chinese.

I do understand his concerns.

I reminded him how I was against the whole thing to a point where I got into quite a serious quarrel with some pro-BN bloggers in the run up to GE14.

This is one of my posts from those days,

At that time I still believe that not all Chinese would forsake BN as a multi-racial coalition.

That despite the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

At that time I still wanted the multi-racial BN to remain as it was.

I have never wanted a Malays versus non-Malays fight.

Then GE14.

BN as it was ended.

Its non-Malays side was almost totally wiped out.

On top of the substantial number of Malays who sided with Dr Mahathir due to the failure of Najib's team to counter the corruption and other allegations, more than 90 per cent of non-Malays sided with Pakatan.

It was estimated that over 95 per cent of Chinese voted DAP and its allies, which was even more than during GE13.

I have to admit now that I was wrong about the Chinese.

They were already overwhelmingly united under DAP after GE13.

Now, there's no turning back.

The Malays are now doing their own unity drive under the Umno-Pas banner.

The same as what the non-Malays, particularly Chinese did under the DAP banner.

It's proven, even the minority could overwhelm the majority if they are united.

Even more so if they are the majority.

How did it gets to this point?

Actually, it started in the run up to GE13.

For those who are too young, they need to realise that before the current Penyatuan Ummah between Umno and Pas, there was the Penyatuan Cina by DAP.

That's how it started.

DAP went all out on racial issues to win over the Chinese for that general election in 2013.

They even played up religious issues too for good measures.

Just look back at the DAP's campaign videos at that time.

And they succeeded with that Chinese tsunami, wiping out the BN's Chinese-based parties at the polls.

After that, knowing that they needed a certain percentage of Malay votes for GE14, they started a campaign to win over particularly the liberal Malays.

They knew that by then they already have almost all the Chinese votes in their pocket.

With Dr Mahathir leading the Pakatan charge, they got the Malay votes that they needed to get what they really wanted - POWER.

So, that's the outcome of GE14.

Then they started the move to slowly strip the Malays of what they have.

ICERD, Statute of Rome and other issues.

There were also other things that they did which hurt the Malays.

The turning point for me was when fireman Adib was killed during the temple riot last year.

I just can't forgive them, especially for the way they reacted to the incident.

The last straw for me was the way they tried to justify Adib's death.

And I believe that I was not the only one who felt that way.

The signs of what's coming was clear for all to see at the Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau by-elections.

It was clear that most Malays are angry.

To make things worse, this Pakatan government has been floundering on almost everything from day one since their GE14 victory.

Stupid statements from stupid ministers day in and day out.

And that's all about it.

To put it bluntly, I believe this administration is the worst since Merdeka.

It lied to the people on its election promises and was not even ashamed about it.

Even the Najib's administration, with all those allegations against it, seemed to have done a better job at governing the country.

And with the supposed handing over of the PM post by Dr Mahathir to Anwar by May next year looming ever larger over the horizon, I can't see things getting any better for Pakatan.

Should the non-Malays really worry about the Umno-Pas penyatuan ummah?

Yes, I think that they should.

But not in the way DAP is trying to make them believe.

There will be no war against the non-Malays as Guan Eng tried to scare them.

It's not the natural way of Malays to bully others.

In fact they have always been welcoming of others.

That's how the non-Malays are here in this country in the first place.

First of all, this cooperation between Umno and Pas, the two biggest Malay-based parties, will indeed sink Pakatan, which was almost wholeheartedly supported by the non-Malays.

That's for sure.

The facts and numbers are all there to ensure that.

Yet what the non-Malays should worry about is actually just the lost goodwill between the communities.

Most Malays now know that they had been duped.

They were actually ready to change after GE14 but what happened after Pakatan came to power made them realised that they will eventually lose everything that they have.

It's just like what happened in 1946 when the British colonial rulers tried to force the Malayan Union deal upon the Malays.

That was the first time ever that the Malays were united.

And the end result was Merdeka.

Now, it's the second time they are doing it again.

After the first Malay unification, the non-Malays continue their life peacefully and prosper, especially the Chinese.

The Malays did so too albeit with some difficulties.

I believe it will be the same after this second one.

Really, the Malays just want what are theirs. They will not try to take anything from the non-Malays.

This is the Umno-Pas agreement,

It doesn't say anything about taking away anything from the non-Malays.

As for the lost goodwill, I don't think they should worry too much.

Malays are not really a vengeful lot.

In fact they want to like others and be liked back very much.

They bend backwards for others quite a bit sometimes.

Just so to be liked by those others.

That's just the way they are.

So, I believe things will be back to normal after a while.

By the way, MCA, MIC and other non-Malay based parties are still there on the side of the Umno-Pas alliance.

If they win significant support from the non-Malays in the next general election, I believe they can stand to protect the interests of their communities just like they did during all those years of BN's rule.

So, despite their worries, I don't think the non-Malays should worry too much.


  1. Latuk Nachip manyaaaaa suka Cina, maaaaa......

    "KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 4 — The East Coast Rail Link (ECRL), the Trans-Sabah Gas Pipeline and the Multi-Product Pipeline (MPP) that sought investments from China were proposed projects to bail out debt-riddled 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and its former subsidiary SRC International Sdn Bhd, the High Court heard today.

    Datuk Amhari Efendi Nazaruddin, who formerly worked as special officer to Datuk Seri Najib Razak, testified in the latter’s 1MDB trial that the ex-prime minister had made offers to the China-owned companies while clearly aware of the Malaysian sovereign investment firm’s financial woes.

    “Datuk Seri Najib offered state enterprise companies to be involved in these infrastructure projects, while at the same time solving the issue of 1MDB and SRC International’s debts.

    “The sentence ‘while simultaneously completely resolving 1MDB and SRC (International) debts’ clearly meant that Datuk Seri Najib intended to send the message that this cooperation would also aid 1MDB and SRC International through the bailouts of 1MDB’s debts,” Amhari said, referring to talking points of a meeting he attended in capacity as Najib’s special envoy with Chinese representatives in June 2016."

    Telima kasieee sipap BN ala manyaaaa plojek "for the good of the people".

    Kih kih kih.

  2. classic annie.

    can you pls detail how DAP created and subsequently influenced the Adib, may he RIP, investigation?

    local politics will always dictate a bogeymen. Trump uses islamic terrorist, netanyahu the palestinians, saudis, the iranians.

    1. sabri - ‘ jakim under FM ie DAP
      hadi - ‘ DAP wants chinese to take sarawak’s wealth ‘
      najib & rosmah -‘ its a donation !! ‘
      annie - ‘ DAP influenced Adib investigation ‘

      anyone else surprised by all the fake news ? annie is just regurgitating umno /pas’s hate speeches

    2. Anon 16 Sept. 11 am,
      You want us to go all over again about the damning statement by a group of leaders and politicians after the first night of the temple riots? I think we better not.It is already being well used by the opposition.

  3. as a non malay, i dont have any issues with this marriage - umno needs it more than pas. if the majority wants X policies for a country and wins through democratic means, the rest of the country needs to accept it. thats democracy.

    what i cant understand is Pas dealing with current umno leadership - the main players are all in the dock for various corruption offences. Pas should have demanded umno clean house before the marriage.

    1. Ini lah dia yang dimaktubkan islam cara pas. Iaitu islam yang boleh terima orang-orang yang dah dibuktikan (lebih daripada 4 saksi Islam) telah melakukan berbagai penganiayan Pecah Amanah semasa berkuasa.

      Jadi, apa la yang kita nak peduli pasal penyatuan ummah di bibir aje ni (yang memang kita tahu di hati nya berniat lain). Ini sebetul nya dah TAK JUJUR walaupun cekap..hehehe

      The Malays won't be fooled too many times. Many have learned well. Mahathir put this country on the world economic map. How he did it does not matter anymore. How he is unable to do it now matters most today. You want to go with who ? Kleptocrat rakus ni ke kleptofaith sesat.. or budak-budak yang sedang diselolahkan Mahathir..

      The majority have spoken in GE14. Yes Melayu and other Bumiputera make the majority of this country (by ethnic composition la), but what really matters is the majority votes to go with the untested. So be it la. Unfulfilled promises ni ke apa janji lain ke yang belum buat ni kena belajar tunggu sikit. Jangan la terkocoh-kocoh.

      Kita nampak orang Melayu ni dah di batuapi kan untuk menentang PH. DAP memang dah 6 dekad di bogeyman kan. Kalau before 2000, aku boleh terima. Itu jam hardline DAP panjang baris nya. Now we get oldtimer like Seng Giaw, Lip Eng and bunch of young ones who are more of Lee Lam Thye type. Forget about the Lim dynasty. They are becoming extinct dinasour in DAP. Orang Melayu..tengok la keliling selalu. Apa yang betul dan baik tetap tetap berguna. Jangan termakan hasutan syaitan melagakan orang Islam dengan yang bukan Islam (mintak maaf ye orang yang ekstrem sebut KAFIR aje. To me kasar tu walaupun dalam Qur'an itu la reference nya).

      Orang bukan Islam pun relax la sikit. Tak payah la mintak ini mintak itu tak habis2. Sekarang biarlah Mahathir biat kerja yang dia janji dia buat. Dia seleweng, ada Guan Eng kan, ada Wan Azizah ka dan ada ramai lagi yang boleh bongkarkan. Jangan dengar berita yang travel through the airwaves and wires tanpa selidik. Bahaya.

      So nak ada perpaduan ummah, padu la dan memang bagus. But leave politics aside.

      Sebanarnya bila parti2 ni ugama base and race base, ini memang resipi yang perlu diadun semula.

      Selamat Hari Malaysia.

    2. Anon 12:55
      Jangan dok kacau dr m so that he can concentrate on building the country again...

  4. Knp tkde dlm piagam tu perkasa undang2 syariah bkn kah tu yg diperjuangkan oleh pas dn umno sblm pru14, smpi tuduh mp dap yg menentang dlm parlimen sedangkan usul tu tk dibahas dn buat pengundian pun bentang tangguh bentang tangguh

  5. Sahabat,
    kalian terlalu defensive
    2. Ingat, melayu di malaysia tolak bumiputera selain melayu melaysia e.g iban, kadazan, bidayuh etc kita boleh katakan ada tidak kurang dari 50 peratus. If melayu campur bumiputera lain, saya berani letak kurang lebih 75 peratus menghampiri 80 peratus
    3. Cina malaysia tak sampai pun 20 peratus, India malaysia tak sampai pun 10 peratus
    4. Tugas pasukan kamu Cukup mudah. Yakin dan hadamkan 50 peratus melayu malaysia dengan sepenuh hati dan tindakan. Paling utama dan terpenting, guna dan tunggang sentimen agama pada tahap paling maksimum kerana melayu malaysia mudah cair dengan teknik tersebut
    5. Lupakan cina malaysia dan india malaysia kerana mereka tidak mampu berkuasa di bumi Tanah Melayu dan Borneo ini; selamanya mereka akan ikut gerakan politik kita
    6. Bumiputera lain especially di Borneo, tak perlu kalian risau kerana mereka APOLITICAL. Mereka matang dan mengikut arus perdana yang kita create.

    ingat sahabatku, menakluk melayu malaysia cukup mudah.. tunggang agama betul sungguh sepenuh hati dan tindakan...

    Selamat Hari Malaysia
    **Di sini Lahirnya sebuah CINTA**
    Sayangi Malaysiaku; MALAYSIA BERSIH! Malaysiaku; MALAYSIA BERSIH!

    1. "tunggang agama betul sungguh sepenuh hati"; itulah yang D4P cuba lakukan - pakai tudung dalam masjid dan surau, berbuka puasa, bagi kurma untuk berbuka. Alih2 zakat pun nak bagi juga.

      Kafir pun nak selamatkan orang Islam daripada ajaran sesat sedangkan mereka sesat. Pandai suruh orang Islam ikut ajaran nabi sedangkan mereka sendiri tak percaya pada nabi.

    2. akhi wa ukhti..... ingatlah pesan Junjungan besar S.a.w bahawasanya "Aku diutuskan bukanlah untuk menyiat merobek kulit-kulit manusia untuk mencari hati nya untuk melihat keikhlasannya Melainkan Aku hanya dihantar untuk MENYAMPAIKAN SEMATA-SEMATA dengan memberi Contoh teladan yang baik untuk diikuti"

      SEBANYAK manapun ilmu dan amal kamu INGAT LAH empat Perkara ini:

      1. Pemaaf
      2. Pemurah
      3. Wara'(berhati-hati)
      4. Mulia budi pekerti

      ...sehebat manapun kamu KENALI LAH DIRI KAMU TERLEBIH DAHULU!
      Yakin dan Percayalah Kritikan lah yang akan membawa KELUAR kita dari "COMFORT ZONE"!

  6. It's nice and have this fancy show, a bit shiok sendiri if you ask me. It will be interesting see how this plays out. Power sharing is never completely equal, and who is going to sit in the second chair?

    PAS has nothing much to lose coz they came from the power based of shithole states like Kelantan and Trengganu, so worse case scenario they just retreat to the jungle in the old base. PAS will never give up their ultimate goal of talibanization. Their core values will not change and UMNO really can't bargain with them on that front.

    Whereas UMNO has got more to lose. A few of them are still heading to jail and there are still a lot of assets hidden in proxy's hands, said to be in billions of ringgit. No one dares to monetise that now as MACC is watching. They can only get their hands on the assets if and after they've retaken federal power.

    The reality is 95% of Chinese will still stick with DAP no many times they've been fucked by Mahathir. The alternative is simply unthinkable, something akin to your sweet young daughter being gang raped by some stinky Melayu.

    If you believe that the racial/political lines are so clearly defined and solidified, then the key in the next GE is the realignment of parliamentary seats.

    Gerrymandering is the deciding factor, win or lose federal power. What the towel head camel rapists say really doesn't matter at the end of the day.

    The most power man in Malaysia is not Mahathir, LGE or Annie the Communist. His name is Art Harun.

    1. “something akin to your sweet young daughter being gang raped by some stinky Melayu.”

      If you want to play race card, then I’m in. You know what, you can call the Malay a lot of bad thing, but ‘stinky’ is not one of them. A lot of them taking multiple shower each day. But there are people here, who are not even taking a morning shower going to work. Getting off toilet each time without properly ‘washing’ down there. Busy striking up business deal perhaps.

      And there’s a country where some people in this country originated from where two thirds of the population don’t have a toilet. They’re doing their stuff everywhere, anywhere as they like outside their home. Over there you come across fresh produced human feces every 5 minutes walking. The government spending tens of millions erecting luxurious statue of the prime minister, spending even more millions sending spacecraft into moon but surprisingly didn’t have money to build proper lavatory to its people? Talking about misplaced priorities!

    2. Why is India n everyone so obsessed with Zakir Naik? Is it because Zakir Naik is the only person in the world who is a great scholar in comparative religion, and he has been able to convince many people about Islam and these people decided to revert to this religion? Modi doesn’t like Zakir Naik because Modi doesn’t like people especially Hindus to convert to Islam. Why the islamophobia? Isn’t it a free world where people can embrace the religion they prefer? Modi, please forget Zakir Naik. He’s doing a great job changing people from prostrating to inanimate idols, to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. It’s alright if people don’t agree with this opinion; you’re entitled to your opinion. There’s nothing wrong to have an opinion different from the politically correct one.


      Woww..woww.. Again Tun M was named the Muslim Man of the Year 2019 by The Muslim 500, a ranking of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims.

      In April this year, Tun Mahathir was ranked among the 100 most influential individuals in the world for the year 2019 by international news magazine ‘Time’.

      Also at international portal,, ranked Tun Mahathir 47th in its ‘World’s 50 Greatest Leaders’ list.

      I’m pretty sure the above substantial facts will silent & kill off all those smearing, criticism demonizing made against The One and Only Grand Old World Top Statesman – Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.


      Why is India n almost everyone here so obsessed with Zakir Naik & Tun Mahathir…..??
      Is it because Zakir Naik is the only person in the world who is a great scholar in comparative religion, and he has been able to convince many people about Islam and these people decided to revert to this religion? Modi doesn’t like Zakir Naik because Modi doesn’t like people especially Hindus to convert to Islam. Why the islamophobia? Isn’t it a free world where people can embrace the religion they prefer? Modi, please forget Zakir Naik. He’s doing a great job changing people from prostrating to inanimate idols, to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. It’s alright if people don’t agree with this opinion; you’re entitled to your opinion. There’s nothing wrong to have an opinion different from the politically correct one.

    4. Tak habis2 zakir naik. Zakir naik x de hak nak komen pasal rakyat & politik msia, dia pendatang. Kalau dia nak duduk sgt negara ni, duduk diam2 pls. Msia x rugi sesen pun kalau x de zakir naik.

    5. Saya balas untuk yang di bawah

      Othman Ahmad18 September 2019 at 23:55
      "Why is India n everyone so obsessed with Zakir Naik?"

      India yang diperkatakan di sinu adalah merujuk kepada tulisan satu pembalas berikut:

      "And there’s a country where some people in this country originated from where two thirds of the population don’t have a toilet. They’re doing their stuff everywhere, anywhere as they like outside their home. Over there you come across fresh produced human feces every 5 minutes walking. The government spending tens of millions erecting luxurious statue of the prime minister, spending even more millions sending spacecraft into moon but surprisingly didn’t have money to build proper lavatory to its people? Talking about misplaced priorities!"

      Asyik asyik Zakar Turun
      Asyik asyik Zakar Turun
      Dah tak ada Malaysian ke untuk dijadikan Penegas Hujjah?
      at the end of the day,

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. Anon 11:13
      If you want to show people what an ultra racist you are by threatening to kill people at mosques, please do so at your own blog.

  7. Saya salah seorang Melayu yang sokong PH ari tu sebab saya rasa BN dah terlaku korup. Saya tak regret kerana menggantikan kerajaan BN kerana saya harap kerajaan baru PH lebih telus.

    Malangnya harapan tinggal harapan .Kerajaan baru PH lebihkan Cina dan India hinggakan kepentingan Melayu diabaikan.Saya dah tak sabar lagi nak menendang keluar kerajaan baru PH.

  8. No need to bla2.. Bla.. Just wait & see what pas/ umno could do in the next pru15.. Dont be like PH, JUST TALK, TALK, TALK BUT NOTHING.. TIN KOSONG.

  9. A,

    your comments?:



  10. You are already enjoying Malay unity and by being the govt for the last 60 odd years
    But lost it in GE 14 due


  11. This is a free country. Biar la if that is the best move by both parties. PH pun buat benda sama. So what's the fuss??? Now PH kena checkmate....think harder Anwar n Tun n Doraemon..hahahahaha

    1. PH pun buat benda sama
      Tapi PH tak curi duit rakyats


    2. "Tapi PH tak curi duit rakyats" sure, then how did mahathir family, anwar families become billionaires? ya i know because they are all born genius in business.yup that is the answer.

    3. Please take them to court
      Justs like SRC and 1mdb cases which is still on going
      If you are hard working you can succeed
      I am poor that does not means that all my neighbours should be poor
      As the saying goes
      Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some has greatness thrust upon them
      Sour grape


    4. of course, the mahathir families and anwar families has greatness thrust upon them.

    5. You are wrong again
      Both of them are politicians voted in by the rakyats


    6. yes, and their greatness especially mahathir(as you insinuated) caused their sons to be billionaires!

    7. Yup, according to fadzireen & mahathir, only mahathir's descendants & cronies are great. The rest, esp the malays are lazy & corrupt. I think the police & bomba should go one a 3 day strike to test if the country can still function w/out all these lazy malays.

    8. So the Kwoks , Lims, Queks,Tehs, Krishnans are the only genuises in businesses are they??

    9. If yes, blame the rakyats for voted him in
      Why blame TM
      Looks like your cognitive biases are still at its infancy
      If you work hard success will come to you
      Stop whining


    10. alamak, you are not a good debater, you lost track of your own argument. now let me pull you back.
      you are the one who said "Tapi PH tak curi duit rakyats". i disagree. then you starting telling me they are voted by rakyats and to work hard and not to blame tm. funny- which school did you go to?


    Hmm networkg kami sejak 2008 dah tak pijak masuk Giant n Cold Storage. Masih bole hidup klo tak beli sana pun?

    Skrg ekonomi sdg merudum. Apa tak perlu jgn membazir wang, jangan belanja dok beli barang pelik2..

    Ternak lembu/kambing/ ayam/ itik/ ikan dn tanam sayur2an sendiri.. tak susah.

    Buah2 tempatan pun bole tanam sendiri dkebun2. Lebih berhasiat badan lagi sihat2.

    Professor Nasi Lemak

    1. before own fully by chinese famiy fron sentul. in 201x sometime sold 30% to malayoo bumiputra. heard a famous bizness family from negeri sembilan. terus jatuh bisness!!!! in mesia. singapore giant closing or diaryfarm not closing in HK, despite the chaotics

    2. aiya! annine first make 72 tingkat buiding at jalan ampang, then reduce to 40 something then reduce to 29 tingkat then last cancel!!!!
      like umno 75 tingkat building cannot build. PWTC aslo looking for tenanats.
      for MCA to fight DAP, MCA must have credible leaders. now only one president "weeping wee". very good bahasa melayu cakap. but what the use, non credible issues like rm 20 B terowong. even if true also the pendatang also hard to digest.

  13. Annie you are right and i fully agreed.

  14. Aisay Annie... Pls reread yr post for u are making a whole lotta baseless allegations. From Adib's death to the DAP agenda to the history of this nation. I Pls tell me why do you want to further divide the raceses? U want unity look to sarawak.... United cos people can leave their religion... No JAKIM to screw d state. Get rid of religion from d agenda and v will have a united nation.

    1. Tens of thousands of different races from all over the world can come together here every year in unity as Muslims, kamu ni katak bawah tempurung ke?

      Races in Islam is a non issue la..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. nasi lemak
      donot spread fake news there is no or never ever unity in muslim brotherhood eg saudis vs yemenis, shiites vs sunnis, etc OK get this into your block head

    3. Yeah saudi-iran war will happen...

  15. Annie - you are beginning to echo the same sentiments of the other blogger whose name could not be said in your blog.

    1. But this time Annie is the novice. So Annie must go back to her blog and read back to learn while swallowing some saliva... hihihi

  16. Chinese who keep on worrying this and that..well, serves you right!!


  17. Well dap sure played the race card but the chinese almost welcomes it with open arms.

    Lets not kid ourself. Why not go further than dap in searching the root cause. Why not talk about the big elephant in the room.

    Chinese are unhappy with the bumi rights. They think its unfair. They think they are the only one paying tax. They think they are fully capable and tht msia is in ruin because its under the leadership of lazy and stupid malay. They never mixed with malay. Only some tiny portion of them do. Theyve been hearing how unfair it is, u know tht victim card played and stuffed down the youngins. These youngins hear it more at their own schools. Then hear it some more when eating among themselves at lunch during breaks at their company which demanded mandarin speaking only candidate for interview. They married their own. Then they have kids. Then the cycle continue.

    Hatred breeds more hatred. Acting upon it causes the malay to get angry. After all newtons third law should apply.

    How many politician and pm would say these things that ive written. We skirt around the issue and never really solve the real problem. We gave the citizenship. They got it. Not even one generation after now the non malay want meritocracy instead.

    Of course theres no trust. U ask me weve now been at point of no return. I dont care life goes on. If one want to argue about bumi rights ill defend it to my death. My ancestor did it for me. I owe it to them.

    Where is this all headed to ? Nowhere good. But leader wont talk about it. Im especially dissapointed with the malay leader yes tun included. Bumi right is not as long as there is poor malay. Read the context of history and ull know it. Yet this is what the malay leader sells.

    1. Then lets go really way back and blame God for making Chinese, Malays etc. If God made everyone from a single race, we wouldnt have this problem, right?

    2. Im just stating the real problem here. It has nothing to do with skin color. It goes all the way back before pre merdeka. U wanna play the victim card too annie ? Sure.

      U talked about dap causing all this. Is this really the case ? Dap after all is just a party. What do u actually want from people like me ? Saying its ok that the chinese feels mistreated ?

      Nobody wanna talk about the real problem. But if talking about inconvenience truth hurts then sure, lets blame God as well

    3. Of course it got to do with the skin colour. You said you were talking about the "real problem", then denied that it got anything to do with skin colour. As Dr Mahathir said in his interview with BFM, the problem of racial politics will always be there as long as there are people who identify themselves based on their ancestors' country of origin. The basic guideline is the country's constitution. Read and understand it if anyone feeling mistreated.

    4. .. The basic guideline is the country's constitution. Read and understand it if anyone feeling mistreated...

      Betoi tu, so BASIC tapi ada taknak terima atau bokbuat bodoh tak faham bahasa!

      Simple solution.. taknak sgt terima, pulangkan balik citizenship! Beres, takde sapa akan menghalang pun.. dok sini buat menyemak aje?

      Yg bermati-matian dok kalut bab bahasa dan budaya negara ibunda asal masing2, pi migrate balik sana. Solve everyone's problem...

      ..tu omputih habaq "birds of same feather flock together". Pepatah melayu plak, pi "masuk kandang kambing nah hang mengembek sepuas2nya"..

      Dok dengaq masih ramai yg yg sanggup bayaq utk dptkn FAKE identification documents mencecah puluhan ribu rgt nak sgt jadi rakyat Malaysia??

      Dalang2 pengkianat Bangsa yang kena tangkap tu semua sepatut di kenakan hukuman gantung sampai mati.. jgn kasi muka.

      Tangkap yg guna fake identiti, rampas semua harta benda, boh mrk dalam sampan dan hanyutkn k laut. Bukan payah pun nak tangkap mrk ni semua, buat macam China. Upah jiran2 utk spy dan repot mereka ni semua!! Satu kepala RM2K pun mesti ramai akan turut serta membantu.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    5. if there is a problem with the constitution between the said race, is it a skin problem ? cause id like to think of skin problem as pure racism.

      what i pointed out is the tag war between bumi rights and the meritocracy, sama rata sama rasa. this has always been the duri dalam daging among malaysians. ive been to many blogs and argue and comments. it always comes down to the bumi rights.

      when the malay practice our rights according to the constitution, we were accused of being racist of being supremist, of being unable to compete and lazy as if we are the lesser one. these people always have this contempt that we get to exercise our rights as such.

      im glad u bought out the constitution, cause I think people should understand how it came to be like tht. why is there the special privilege ? u cant get away from mentioning about ancestors. yet u would see some of them even arguing that it is not fair. how many, do u think embrace this part of the constitution ? is it not a problem yet ?

    6. Yang di Sabah macam mana? Ada yang cakap pemberian MyKad kepada pendatang mula dari zaman PM4. Kalau yang cakap tu Melayu, memang la bodoh nak mampus.

    7. Sabah lagi senang nak tangkap.

      As locals its so easy to identify these PATI wth fake identifications.

      Skrg kan ramai unemployed. Engage them as bounty hunters. Bayar RM2K per head. (Dana amik dari rampasan harta benda mereka).

      First check dan bersihkan dokumen2 kerakyatan pemimpin2, kaum kerabat, sedara mara mereka dulu. Sangat was was dan mustahil kalo Bahasa Kebangsaan Negara sendiri pun tak faham dan tak fasih. Kena tangkap mereka2 dulu baru operasi tangkapan besar2an yang lain akan berjalan dengan lancar.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    8. Spot on Anon 18 Sept 04:40.
      All the nons, not just the DAPs who are forever harping on the article 153 and Bumi rights is the source of the problems.
      Simillarly.All the nons,not just the DAP who are calling out for unity and harmony, but yet screamed and jumped the moment any suggestion of eradicating vernacular schools are mentioned . All the nons who calls out for equality but ignoring the fact that 70% of the majority group are poor, while the minority groups who are only 30% of the population controls 70% of the economy.
      Yang Annie ni pulak point finger to only DAP.. tu kelaut la Makcik.

    9. Kau ni memang bodoh la PNS. Kau ingat Melayu ni Melayu Kelantan, Perak, Trengganu,Johor Jawa, Minang, Bugis je ke. Suluk,Bajau,Tausuk, Kedayan semua tu Melayu juga la..entah2 lagi asli dari kau.

  18. the last time i checked, the term ‘ bumiputera ‘ is no where to be found in the constitution.
    Under Article 153, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong is responsible for safeguarding both the “special position” of Malays and east Malaysian natives and the “legitimate interests” of other communities. It does not use the word “rights” or “special privileges” however.

    99.9 % of the world have laws to help the minority & the under privileged. Only in malaysia you have an active policy to help the majority.

    So non malays are only asking for equal rights. Is that wrong ?

    1. What more equal rights are the nons are asking for.Please clarify. Yes Malaysia's active policy help the majority becasue the poor comes from the majority group.The economic policy in Malaysia is still basically laissez-faire.That had allowed those from the minority to benefit more from it, for being more business savvy.What more equality do you want.?

    2. 1) Potato potata

      2) understand the historical context
      U ask wht is fair. Is it fair to promise the bumi with their rights in return for citizenship and then turn ur back on tht promise. What would tht makes u as a human being ?

      It is more than promise. It is a contract. Social contract. Its binding. Hence u have tht in contitution.

      Why is fairness only counts from the non bumi perspective ? Wht about the bumi ?

      I call it playing the victim game. Thats why i said how many are there readily embraced the constitution. This is the real problem, the root cause. But no leader wanna deal with it head on.

    3. "99.9 % of the world have laws to help the minority & the under privileged. Only in malaysia you have an active policy to help the majority"
      you are right because usually the majority has natural advantages, so no special government policies needed. in malaysia the malay politicians like to blame the british policies(during colonial days) for giving them a bad start(favourite excuse). Now, after 50 years of discrimination policies from education, governmnent business ,civil service, real estate.....etc (aka NEP). the majority malays still lagging??... you wonder why??

    4. @12:44

      after 50 yrs of leg ups in schools, contract, employment, the majority cant catch up ? then something must be wrong with the strategy

      to move fwd, we 1) need to get rid of the vernacular school system 2) handouts on need basis, not race or religion

    5. Anon 14:23.
      99.9% .... really?Get ur fact right .
      Ur Father& Mother given Free Citizenship a discrimination?
      Non Malays got their own Vernacular School a discrimination.This is what the Malays say "Tak Sedar dek Untung " & " Sudah Dapat Betis Nak Peha ".
      To the Malays ,the NONs are Ungrateful.

    6. it discrimination becos a non have to much better grade to get same publicvunivesity course as the "prince of the land". like doctor course an india need gpa of 4.95 but not a "prince of de land"

    7. Like i said understand the historical context. It is not as a jumpstart. It is the special position according to the constitution.

      It is especially for the poor bumi. But it wont end when all of us are rich either. This is why i dont like the malay leader skirting around the issue. Just get to the point. According to the constitution. Why are we so afraid and apologetic.

      All the ingrates are but all too happy to harp at this misinformation. It wont be the political malay leader who will decide when will the special position ends, it will be by the bumis majority consent as it is our rights.

    8. It is not a discrimination. In return u got to live in msia. In return weve got to share with you the land. And everything tht goes with it.

      Dont like it for me being so blunt ? Tht is how wht u said sounds to us. The bumi should stop being so polite. Accusing us for discriminating u ?

    9. Anon 17:40, I fully agree with u on items 1 & 2. The nons cannot expect the malays to give up the social contract if the nons are unwilling to give up vernacular schools. Beef up & curtail the religious indoctrination in national schools.

      IMO our elders err in allowing vernacular schools.

    10. Ronimza18 September 2019 at 18:44

      just shut your mouth up. you think the old "sly fox" so called bapa kemerdeka will agree give citizenships to the NONs with hidden motive??????

    11. sad! lah annine,
      the melayu want to close the ever divisive vernacular schools, but rushing to enrol?????
      before close first make campign like buy melayu first, let say "pentingkan ber ilmu sekolah melayu dulu" jangan berlajar di sekolah vernacluar atau sekolah antarabangsa atau pi kat luar negeri. belajar di sekolah melayu malaysia dulu.
      i preying a campaign is atrat to "penting-kan" and tolak SMJK. the chinese school especially in KL or PJ are areleady small and cramped. up to 50 students in a class!!!! and many has no padang to even "reklease farts!!!" and many are multi storied. and melayu parents where the sekolah kebangsaan with big padang, most two story high with somtime less tha 30 oer class. rushing to enrol into SJK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Anon 23:15

      Haiyaaa.. abis tu nape terhegeh2 asyik merayu agar Malaysia mengiktirafkan sijil UEC kamu? .. guna sijil UEC tatak bole lanjutkn pelajaran dNegara2 Barat dan Australia ke?? Apasal itu maciam???

      Apapun kan saya sulah bilang. Balik luluk nigala ibunda asal mali, kan all plobrems solved?? Tamau kasi pining2 kepla!

      Lulu saya atak baca Pengelusi Zong Kong guna fake Phd setipiket. Betut ke? FAKE SETIPIKET atau FAKE NEWS? Please update?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    13. Ronimza 18 September 2019 at 18:44
      ok sorry, not 99.9%, just check, should be 93.219%.

    14. Anon 19:34
      "It is especially for the poor bumi. But it wont end when all of us are rich either"
      no chance lah. if cannot make it after 50 years of discrimination in your favour, you will never make it. like you said, do not skirt around, just admit the inferiority lah.
      when those white ass talk about white supremacy, still can grudgingly understand(basing on their achievement and capabilities), but you talk about Ketuanan melayu, funny right! what so supreme??

    15. Anon 10.27,

      Since when this has got to do with making it in msia ? Whts funny is uve manage to push all this as discrimination when u conviniently ignored the historical context.

      Wht discrimination ?! We got to share msia with u bloody ingrates when we can have all for ourself.

      Our forefathers agreed to this.ive got no choice but to deals with u ingrates and uve got no choice but to settle with whts in the constitution. Suddenly now crying foul and claim discrimination ? Da fuck ? Got citizenship get to breed here then lets not honour our words ? Liars arent u lot ? How to trust u to share everything ? Yet here u wanna act houlier than thou.

    16. anon 20 sep 19:35
      i guess the truth hurts, especially the "inferiority" and not so "ketuanan" parts! no use ranting and whining and regreting the stupidity for your forefathers(what to do- remember that they were the not so supreme kind). do what the good friend mugabe of your beloved mahathir did in zimbabwe. seize the ingrates business and property.what are you waiting for??hahaha

    17. Haha hurt am I ?

      Ur the one crying victim. Poor ingrates ! Ingrates wont stop at citizenship. They will want more. They wont honour their words. Such is their nature. Gluttony. Ergo no trust should ever be given. Stupid for believing greedy and liar lots like u ? I guess so.

      Well we learned our lesson. Next time it wont be so easy.

    18. i am waiting. meanwhile enjoy your inferior life. hahaha

  19. Dear non malays/bumi reader of this blog,

    Get into your head, the MALAYS WON'T GIVE IN/SURRENDER no matter what happened, every single word that been written in the CONSTITUTION especially the SOCIAL CONTRACT!!
    You can cry aloud, this lah that lah, marginalised lah, oppresed lah..since you feel that way, take la the option to migrate!!.. nak kongsi kantin sekolah - tak setuju, nak kongsi padang sekolah - tak setuju, belajar jawi (tak perlu exam pun) 3 mukasurat pun gegak gempita!!
    Bercakao melayu tunggang langgang, pelat tak sudah..lagi kau orang nak demand???!!! Pergi MAMPUS lah!!
    Nak tengok bangsa kau tegak kat traffic light simpang 4 jaga aliran trafik..seumur hidup aku,aku tak pernah nampak..lagi mau sembang equal rights??!!.. adeyy podahhh!!!.. Dalam Perlembagaan every citizen of the country is equal. MALAYS FIRST AMONG THE EQUALS!! ada faham??!!..kalo masih buat buat tak faham, terima aje la maki hamun orang melayu.

    First Year of PH Administration
    1. ICERD
    2. statut rom
    3. Hutang baru negara RM100 juta lebih.
    4. Minyak tak turun
    5. PTPTN tak hapus
    6. Tol tak mansuh
    7. Kes bomba Adib sampai sekarang tak bole settle..pasal ape?!!!

    the non malays won't vote for UMNO, won't vote PAS, so why they should give a flying fuck about you (non malays). Eat you heart out!!!

    1. SOCIAL CONTRACT???? in costituition?
      rangkap ke berapa???? - kedudukan istemewa> hak istemewa???
      fikir fikir lah! dalam dalam sikit, kalau pendatang tocang lim kit siang takde di beri hak kerakyatan oleh "bapa kemerdekaan" dah lama you hanya salah se orang rakyat INDINESIA!!!!!!!!

    2. Anon 09:26, better indonesian than stinking communist. Before colonialism, the whole region naturally intermingled. The large influx of nons was unnatural.

  20. Anon 23:46.
    Tinggal 1 yang penting :
    Baru dapat Jawatan Menteri Kewangan ,Iguana Lim Guan Eng terus umum Pembatalan GST ,tujuan tersembunyi untuk "Pay Back " kepada tauke2 sponsor DAP dalam PRU14 untuk Tipu /Elak Cukai
    ."Black Economy" berkembang pesat semula sebab tiada GST .Inilah sumbangan terbesar Iguana LGE kepada Bangsa Dapigs & Mahachais .Bangsa Makaysia konon !!!

  21. Anon 23:05 (Fu*king Anonymous) .
    Why should I shut my mouth ????
    U should review ,learn & understand the Pre Merdeka History of Malaya.
    The Brits " Pening Kepala " , Malayan Union rejected by the Malays . Cheap labours imported from India
    & China tak tau nak campak mana .To the Brits they are Expandable Slave ,tak berbaloi bagi British Citizenship .The PRC @ China PM Chou Ern Lai tak mahu terima Chinese Coolies ini sebab mereka di anggap Traitor kepada PR China . India pula tak mahu terima Indian Coolies ini sebab mereka di anggap Kasta paling rendah .So The Brits pressure Tunku A Rahman left,rigth,Top,front & rear to accept all these Coolies as Citizen of Malaya . So , the Melayus @ Son of The Soil have to accept massive citizenship given to the so called British Coolies .Not only that ,their Anak Cucu getting the citizenship under JUS SOLI principle .Since MERDEKA , The Government( lead by Malays) DO
    NOT practice "Assimilation Policy" unlike our Thailand & Indonesia .The Melayus ,being polite race accepted the Takdir until the year 1969 when The Cinapeks & Indian hailing & shouting in KL "Melayu Bodoh" & "Melayu Balik Kampung" .
    Since then ,The Cinapeks & Indian demanding equal rigth ,cancel Article 153 and Malaysian Malaysia.

    1. Thanks sis. Nowdays talking like this and suddenly we are racist. Feels like our own gov is againts us.

      I supposed ingrates will always be ingrates. Mann braucht keine muehe mit solchen leuten.

  22. Social contract?
    Where's that document? What's written inside that contract?
    Who signed that fucking contract? Do the parties in that contract have legal standing?

    If the fucking monkeys can't answer that, then please fuck off.

    1. Wahai Tuan punya Blog,Annie .
      Wahai Umat MELAYU & Bumiputera.
      Baca Komen Anon10:57 ni ,Ni contoh Keturunan Pendatang yang Buta Hati,Tak Kenang Budi,Bodoh Sombong & Tolol Sejarah .Belum baca Perlembagaan Malaysia Sudah Tanya macam2 .Tau nak kerja senang aje .Jadi lah Pendatang & Keturunan Pendatang yang Berhati Besar ,Bijaksana & Jujur menerima hakikat Sejarah Macam Mendiang VT Sambanthan & Professor Khoo Kay Kim .Orang MELAYU sebenarnya Tak suka kutuk2 Bangsa lain ,Tapi tengok lah Perangai Mangkok Hayun Anon 10:57 ni .(nak letak nama pun takut ,tipikal Dapigs Cinapeks Mahachais Berbayar Tokong Lims .

    2. If the swines don't like it, swines are welcomed to migrate. Good riddance!

    3. Hahaha, if u can't stand the heat don't come here. Just stick to ostb before the coward deletes his latest syok sendiri piece.

    4. See annie, piece of shit like this is what im talking about. Read all the comments and ull see tht im right.

      Still thinks this is not a problem ? Whts the point asking then to read the constitution ?

    5. We get to scoff at people like you. Wht heat ?

      Ckp pasal kontrak social sudah mcm cacing kepanansan. Yo ingrate u can fuck off as well if u cant stand the heat

  23. anon 19 Sep 10:57
    you mean you did not get the latest copy. no problem, i cut out an excerpt for you
    "mahathir: nep to continue forever due to "you know - i just said it the other day in my blog. Signed
    dap- lks and lge : agreed and signed"
    there, now you have it. hahaha

    1. Irrespective what those nonsenses spewed by pasumno and some ridiculous bickerings by certain pkr-dap rep, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is still being recognised as one of the world's most influential men.

      In fact, earlier in January, he was named the Muslim Man of the Year by The Muslim 500, a ranking of the world's 500 most influential Muslims.

      In April, Dr Mahathir was ranked among the 100 most influential individuals in the world for the year 2019 by international news magazine 'Time'.

      Also at international portal,, ranked Dr Mahathir 47th in its 'World's 50 Greatest Leaders' list.

      The three publications described Dr Mahathir, 94, as an extraordinary man for leading the coalition of (formerly) opposition parties, Pakatan Harapan, to win the 14th General Election in May last year and for being re-elected as Malaysia's Prime Minister.

      As the oldest prime minister in the world, many know Dr Mahathir as a bold and vocal leader, who always stands firm in his decision, trustworthy and has a high level of discipline, especially in terms of punctuality.

      With a modest and tranquil look, Dr Mahathir is highly respected by many and regarded as a credible leader with a sharp mind and who is not afraid of giving or receiving criticism.

      In his speech at the 73rd United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York on Sept 29 last year, Dr Mahathir made a bold call for a reform of the world body and suggested that a veto should not be by just one permanent member but by at least two and backed by three non-permanent members of the UN Security Council.

      He also captured the world's attention when he condemned the Myanmar government for the massacre of Rohingyas in Rakhine, and Israel for breaking international laws and moral codes.

      His criticisms of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, had also encouraged and motivated the Arab nations to support his leadership and recognised him as a respected world leader.

      Tun Mahathir's success in transforming Malaysia from a third world country into a developing country also attracted the West Asian countries to emulate his political leadership. In fact, East Asian countries have also made him an exemplary model in their economic and political empowerment

      Tun Mahathir is also regarded as top Muslim statesman who transformed Malaysia into a model for the Muslim world and would always be remembered as a Malaysian leader who had channelled various assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina to rebuild itself after the Balkan country was involved in a war in the 1990s.

      Tun Mahathir's success in bringing together both the third world and the developing countries through the Langkawi International Dialogue (LID) consultative council and in becoming the driving force behind the cooperation between those third worlds and the Islamic countries through the OIC has made him a highly respected and exceptional leader in the international political arena.

      His bold & firmness in voicing out his opinions, is obvious that he wants Malaysia to continue being the Asian Tiger who is not afraid of voicing out global issues.

      Tun Mahathir is also well-known as a dedicated, principled Prime Minister and always making reforms and transformation in the country's administration.

      During his tenure as Malaysia's fourth prime minister from 1981 to 2003, Malaysia experienced excellent transformation, particularly in infrastructure and socio-economic development, hence spurred the success of the country in becoming a regional economic power and in facing several global financial crises.

      The seriousness of Dr Mahathir's ideas and thoughts in terms of national and economic development especially when liberating Malaysia from the 1997-1998 economic crisis by pegging the ringgit to the US dollar, had prompted many other countries to seek his advice.

    2. Huruf 'M' amat sinonim & membawa barakah.....

      Muhammad SAW (Rahmatan alamin)
      Mahathir Mohammad

    3. othman ahmad 22:44
      waste of space lah! just go and lick his ass. no real ass, picture also boleh!


  24. Sikalang manyak itu celita itu MYKad sutah kasi jual maa aa , tak taulea aa ,belapa latus atau libu sutak kasi jual lor rr.

    Aii yaa ,atak MyKad sutak bolih undi maa aa .

    Wa tatak kisah itu PAS & UMNO kasi pelintah ini Malaysia kalau lia olang bolih menang maa aa .

  25. Why all this happen today... Because long time ago pemimpin2 tanah melayu bersetuju memberikan citizenship kepada pendatang... Berebut pendatang nak hidup di tanah melayu.... Dan pada hari ini masih ramai pendatang yg sanggup berbelanja beribu-ribu nak beli citizenship...
    Apasal ye?