Friday 24 May 2013

The eradication of Datuk Ghani has begun

I wrote this just before the election -

A gentle reminder for Khaled

And true enough now that DS Mohd Khaled Nordin has become the new Johor Menteri Besar, the purge in Kota Iskandar has begun.

Khaled's people, who have not yet even been officially appointed into office had already making their moves to remove all the staff of former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

I had expected this from the start, but their ruthlessness took even myself by surprise.

The senior staff of Datuk Ghani had actually vacated their office long ago once it was known that their boss will not continue as menteri bear.

But this apparently was not enough to satisfy Khaled's people.

They want everyone even remotely related in their work with Datuk Ghani to be removed.

Since they cannot get at those who were under the employment of the Johor Civil Service, they decided to terminate the services of everyone contractually employed under Datuk Ghani's administration.

Those affected include members of the team directly involved in the defense of Barisan Nasional in Johor during the GE13.

These are people who are loyal to Umno and BN.

I know some of them, and they are among those who sincerely worked hard for the party without expecting anything "extra" other than just their salary.

They are not the type who works for the Johor menteri besar office to "cari lubang" to enrich themselves.

Most, if not all of Datuk Ghani's people are like that.

At the time I'm writing this, most of those affected have yet to know their fate.

I'm writing this so that they could prepare themselves of what's coming their way.

After all, most of them have family to care for and are dependent on their salary to survive.

From what I was told they will only be given a month notice to vacate their office.

Khaled's people who are responsible for this purge is led by an individual who will soon be appointed as the menteri besar political secretary.

It needs to be made known here that the biggest sore point among Khaled's people towards Datuk Ghani was during his visit to their Pasir Gudang division a few months before GE13.

The election simulation prepared by Datuk Ghani's people which was presented during the visit showed that the Pasir Gudang parliamentary seat was in danger of falling to the opposition.

It was also concluded that the Johor Jaya state seat which is within Pasir Gudang was almost certain to fall.

According to the simulation which was done based on voters' perception in the area, only the Permas state seat which is also in the parliamentary constituency is certain to be retained.

Khaled had rubbished the finding as his people had assured him that BN will win big in Pasir Gudang.

His people who had came to that conclusion based on the feel good factors in the area were livid.

Khaled nonetheless decided to contest in Permas.

True to what had been concluded by the Datuk Ghani's team, BN only managed to defend Pasir Gudang by less than 1,000 votes majority, Johor Jaya was lost and only Permas was won in a convincing manner.

Now, it's all over and Khaled being appointed as menteri besar despite his division's less than stellar performance, his people are out for the blood of the remaining Datuk Ghani's staff.

Honestly, I think this will be the start of Johor Umno's down fall.

These people think just because they have the power, they can do anything they want without any repercussion.

Rest assured, they were wrong.

If this is how Khaled's people want to behave, then I dare say that he will be just a one term MB and Johor will fall five years from now.

Johor is no longer a BN stronghold because of the Chinese tsunami in GE13.

Five years from now, Johor will not even be an Umno stronghold if those in control of the party are "beraja di mata, bersultan dihati" even among their fellow Umno people.

Do mark my words on this.


  1. omg i never did like khaled nordin.
    thought bn has gotten rid of these type of people.
    how did najib let this happen?

    1. Come lah annie, this Ghani is praised by DAP Lim Kit siang the chinese supremo. it can only means he is on the take from the chinese developers. The billions of development in Pengerang/iskandar etc do you feel any of it in your pocket? Nono!
      All these big projects only enrich the chinese and indians developers. Maybe Ghani got his commission like some small head of departments but where does the billions go?
      some malay fools said something about job? What kind of jobs? Cleaning toilets? These are not factories or wealth creating projects but tourism and building with no industrial value to the local.
      Here you should sharpen your knowledge. Try to get some of those billions. If you cannot then it can only mean these projects are for the chinese benefits plus commission for some Malays.

      I say UMNO the Malays must stop these projects!

    2. Anon 23:20
      Now you all Khaled people are in Kota Iskandar, I suggest you all dig all the evidence of Ghani's corruption and give it two MACC. You all are now Johor MB's people, ok?

      Don't behave like some cheap Pakatan cybertroopers by throwing accusations out of thin air. The Johor MB post is a prestigious position and an institution of its own, don't dirty it by your stupid monkey-like behavior.

    3. It's all the realpolitik outcome of this Furious Adulterous Gay Monkey:

      The i-files of Anwar Si Berahi:

    4. Yeah I hate you cheap Pakatan cybertroopers! So cheap and dank. Susah sgt nk berfikir ke apa? So stupid. Always complain but no constructive comments. Then kick out the former BN staff from the office some more. Nnt when u peeps win, habis all those government servants u kick out from government offices. Now let me ask you, is that what you call democracy? You're no different than an any autocratic governments in the world! At least BN govt bg tau PKR/PAS/DAP supporters kerja govt. When u peeps are in power, u peeps simply just throw all the BN supporters away like sampah. as if they dnt hv a family. How inconsiderate and selfish!!!

    5. errr..saya tersalah marah kat PR. Maafkan saya.. (embarrassed)

  2. Never really care about him. I view him as slow even when he was a minister (or vice? cannot confirm). But I still open my mind because I'm wrong about Zahid Hamidi. Now looks what happen.

    :] sarah

  3. I was informed by member of his election teams in sri bahagia (a small malay kampung community in permas contituency less than 100 houses)who are also fighting for their land ownership title which he promised to settle, that DSK was not 'mersa pengundi' either. They have to deal with his people's in almost all ocassions while he is the MP and normally it does not reach to him either.'Dimasukkan bakul sampah', maybe!!.Hope he will take note.Cah Keting can happen here when come the new head. TMY group had experienced before.

  4. My dear Annie,

    This is exactly what DAP wants UMNO supporters to do - fight with each other.

    They concur the UMNO stronghold and they divide UMNO supporters.

    Just be careful what you wish for.

    1. Anak Jati,

      The problem is, people like Khaled and his merry men are the ones who think they can get away with anything, and if left unchecked, Johor will turn into another Selangor.

    2. With LKS leading the army in Johor, I also fear the same but it can happen only if the Malays are divided. We have to remember, Johor is UMNO stronghold but PAS also has very strong followers, especially among the young. Truthfully, I know more PAS supporters in Johor than BN supporters. DAP will concur the cities and they will let PAS cover the rural areas and Johor can fall to the opposition. It is not difficult, actually.

      As for Khaled action, it is quite common for a new leader, be it a corporate or state leader to bring in their own people, so that they will be surrounded by people that they can trust. Why do you think PKR and DAP leaders are surrounded by their own family? Because, they do not trust others, simple as that.

      I do not have the privy of personally knowing Khaled but I have heard small noises here and there. He just came in less than two weeks, so give him the benefits of a doubt. We watch his action, we give his administration constructive criticism for the love and betterment of Johor. And of course, we continue praying.

    3. Anak Jati, many UMNO supporters already had it in for Ghani long before the elections. They did not need to wait for DAP to want them to fight each other.

      If you read Another Brick In the Wall Blog you will see that Voicy already pointed out his numerous weaknesses and the fact that they really wanted Ghani out. We are giving too much credence and media space to DAP and the Chinese.

    4. Anon 22:47
      Ghani got about 85 per cent of the Malay votes in Gelang Patah yet he lose because not more than 10 per cent of the Chinese, who are the majority in the constituency voted for him.

      Brick in the Wall is a blog based in KL. The blogger once wrote something really damaging about Khaled Nordin but he took down that posting after Khaled's people begged him to do so. All senior Umno bloggers surely still remember what the blogger wrote about Khaled. Many of them agreed with what was written about the new Johor MB.

    5. Ah, Annie.
      Now I realized.


  5. Just happened to stumble upon your blog today. As someone who grew up in Johor under the leadership of Datuk Ghani, i couldn't agree with you more. Ever since I was in primary school till secondary, Datuk Ghani would always be there to officiate any events that my school had. He was and still is a great man. It saddens me to see how the people of gelang patah repaid him.

    Anyways, keep up the good work. Will be sure to stumble upon your blog more in the future.

    1. Voting is not about 'repaying' people. It's about the future.

      Regardless of how grateful we can be of a leader, we must vote based on all factors, such as party and ideological affiliation as well as what we want for the next five years.

      Good politicians and leaders can lose because of the tactical voting encouraged by the Westminster electoral system we currently use.

    2. Yup, future under corrupt PKR, racist-corrupt DAP and religious freaks PAS is better for most voters in PRU13 (popular votes)..

      When you talk about better future, you know what you are talking about or not?

    3. Under UMNO there is definitely no future. UMNO means more cronies more corruption deterioration if education quality more police intimidation more crime more racism

    4. No future? If there is no future in Johor, why on earth does DAP want to capture Iskandar Malaysia so badly? Isn't because it is the growth spot in Malaysia, the place where the riches want to invest their money in?

      Every single pro-pakatan chinese that I know, (and I trust me, I know more than you ever thought) are fully invested in the Klang Valley and Penang. There are not much land left in these area except those owned by the Malays and Malay reserved land. They have been shifting their investments in Iskandar Malaysia because there are still a lot to be grabbed.

      So, how dare you say there is no future under BN. The fact is the Chinese wants Anwar to be the PM so badly so that Anwar can give more land to the Chinese. I know for a fact, the Malay-reserved land in Lembah Pantai constituency that is slowly being converted and sold to the Chinese. It is nit even a free

    5. Just to complete my last sentence above - "it is nit even a free"

      I meant, it not even sold as a leasehold.

    6. "Under UMNO there is definitely no future. UMNO means more cronies more corruption deterioration if education quality more police intimidation more crime more racism"

      Funny. You can say the exact same thing about PKR Government in Selangor. Cronies, corruption, intimidation, crime and racism are healthy and present in Penang, too. Better future eh?

    7. Anak Jati, just who is selling the land in Lembah Pantai to the Chinese? Who owns the land? The Chinese cannot be buying the land from NOBODY - think bro, don't be so blinded. All this time the Government and DBKL are the ones selling off all the land, OK.

      Sometimes you guys and your hatred for others are just ridiculous - everything also blame on them. Ya, I read OutSyedTheBox and agreed with him that the Chinese started to corrupt the innocent Malays through bribes - but isn't it a Muslim's jihad to fight against such temptation. If there is no willing buyer and no willing seller a transaction cannot be made.

    8. SlaveForMalays24 May 2013 at 23:24

      you are too old fashion, repaying Ghani. wtf. You join UMNO because you want to provide service to the Malays. Because you want to be the slaves for the Malays.
      We dont repay them. They sembah orang melayu for letting them lead UmNo/ Many people would volunteer to lead UMNO to fight for the Malays. Those who expect something in return should never bother.

  6. hye annie..
    was thinking this wud happen and now looks like it does..
    this is why LKS wanted to be in Johor...
    i think he knew this wud happen as soon as Sultan Ibrahim was appointed as a new Sultan of Johor..

    lets just hope Khalid will do fine for his 1st term as a MB..


  7. Annie, you emotion is overcoming your brain. Your devotion to Ghani is getting in the way of making rational decisions, love life included.

    You were way off in your PRU13 prediction. Now you are predicting the fall of Johor in PRU14.

    Do not make conclusion so soon, see how KN performing in the next 3 years, then you can make better judgment.

    1. Let's see whether what I wrote about those people about to be sacked is true. It's now for Khaled to decide.

      Fyi, those people are not even among the decision makers in Datuk Ghani's administration. Just normal staff.

      If I'm wrong about this, than it means that Khaled is not as bad as what I thought he is. It also means I have managed to buy some time for those people to look for another job pending the proper expiry of their contract.

      But if Khaled fails to control his people and allows those people to be sacked, then I'm confident what I wrote here will indeed become a reality.

      It will indeed be the death of Johor Umno five years from now.

    2. Annie, politics is dirty. Anything can happen.

  8. Assalamualaikum annie,
    I worked in govt agency under mb muhyiddin n ghani n now out. I know few khalid aids. I found this is normal in politic n they ( ghani people ) know this is coming. The same happened when ghani took over mb from muhyiddin. Before ghani left mb office, he instructed all his politically appointed man to resign boad of director post in state glc, so that khalid can appoint his. The new mb will still use some of ghani staff n some has to go, but from my observation they will try to find them a plce somewhere to work unless special case.I will convey this blog messege to khalid or his aids. Normally they are not that mean to the lower staff. Any how, if there is special case that u want me to help to talk to khalid or his aids pls

    email me. I am glad to help. I hope bn umno will be stronger in johor n not divided.

    1. Thanks,

      If you do have access to Khaled, please tell him not to sack those junior officers.

      I do understand the need to put his people at strategic places but I can't see the rationale of his people wanting those junior officers out.

      As for the higher ranking officers, they will go on their own. No need to chase them out. They had worked hard during GE13 and have no time to find a new place to go. Give them sometime to go with dignity.

      Anyway, please tell your friends among Khaled people not to be too brazen because itu bukan cara kita orang Melayu.

    2. Zainal, u sounded sincere to help. I think this is what we need (two-way interaction). Hopefully, Khalid will use his right of reply and clear the air.
      Annie, keep up the good work...more communication (criticism included) will keep us all in check IMHO.

  9. Hi Annie,

    Your Remarks are not too off the Mark. Look at Selangor when it was under BN led by Khir Toyo. He made such a mess of Selangor that the state may never ever go back to BN. Chinese Tsunami is one thing...Testing the patience of Malays is another. And day by day, the opposition is growing stronger. Five years ago,who would have thought that the opposition is able to penetrate so much of Johor.

  10. Annie,
    Your posting warrants serious attention as are the comments. GE13 has again illustrated how top leaders can err when they dismiss feedback from the ground. But MOST CRUCIALLY, each and every UMNO/BN supporter must stay united by focusing on the big picture. PR ruthlessly made gains in Johor GE13 because the chinese voted enbloc, remember?

  11. I know nothing about Johor politics.

    Ghani seems an effective and well liked MB.

    Why was he shown the door?

    He certainly seems one of UMNO's best. Didn't UMNO want to keep him? It could have allocated him a less risky seat than Galang Patah.

    Annie, do you know why?

    1. Thanks for asking.

      Actually, I'm planning to write about it in a posting of its own. I had intended to let things settled down first before doing that.

      For now, suffice to say that it was not the Umno leadership who wanted Ghani out of Johor.

      I'm no longer in Johor but my heart breaks every time I think of what may likely happened to my home state in not so distant future.

    2. Thanks! Looking forward to your post.

  12. In a very large Malay dominated technical organisation, the company secretary was so powerful that the Board and the CEO were in his hand. The build a sizable umpire of what was basically an administrative function. His people and those subservient to him were amply rewarded.

    One of the deputies then succeeded the CEO. He was not in the good term with the CS. Many advised him to remove the CS but the naive CEO chose to retain him and promise to contain him.

    As the saying goes, evil man does no good. CS is still controlling the Board. The CEO position was gradually undermined and in less than two years he was unceremoniously removed, replaced by the Chairman assume executive power.

    CS won the war. Now he is untouchable, his position was alleviated to a deputy level and expanded to cover all corporate services function. Grand title and well remunerated indeed, for someone responsible for writing minutes and memo, buildings and car parks, canteen, toilets. It's impact to the company operation and bottom line was at best, minimal. But, technical head thronged to him to get approval from the CEO and Board.

    When the Executive Chairman contract was not renewed, finally the power that be realise that this man was a real thorn. He was retired with hefty payout. But the organisation was split in the middle. It took them years to achieve unity again.

    I think Khaled does the right thing to remove some of Ghani's men. One can never underestimate the power of the little men.

    1. My friend, they are removing even people with titles such as penolong pegawai.

      These are the people who fought so hard for Umno and BN during GE13. Their sin is because they have the title "pegawai" in their designation.

      The CS you are implying here had long since leave the building after it was made known that Datuk Ghani is not to be the MB anymore.

    2. Annie, you can't stem this purging. I think I know who these people getting the boot are. They are part of the MedKom outfit who produced the state publication Holistik, handle the state's media relations, run the MB Office websites and report on the MB's official functions. They are largely apolitical and most are not even Umno members. Khaled has his own media people whom he wanted to replace these people with, so they had to be removed to make room. Whether they are Ghani's men or not is immaterial, they are simply not Khaled's men.

    3. Anon 12:55,

      So, it's Khaled's policy to ruthlessly sack people to make way for his people? Gave them just one month notice to look for another job. No consideration given to them and their family. Bear in mind that these people were on the front line during the GE13. These are loyal BN and Umno workers.

      Just imagine the same policy being implemented at political level once the pemilihan party starts. Siapa orang aku selamat, siapa bukan orang aku boleh belah. Ini yang berlaku di negeri-negeri seperti Selangor.

      Keep up with this policy, and we all can say good bye to Johor Umno at the next general election.

  13. If they are political appointees, title seldom reflect real power.

    In Russin Embassy, the most powerful can be the third secretary, an equivalent of penolong pegawai.

  14. 8:38

    what police intimidation? you can break the law but police cannot do anything? when police arrest you, you say intimidation? then what are laws for? under pkr there will be no more police? so anwar can screw your wife, daughters and sons with impunity. is this your idea of a better future without umno? you really cannot think, can you?

  15. What the hoo loo ba laa. Ghani is historic and too soft like Bedui.That's why Kit Siang love him very much to death. It' the work that count. It's now in the hand of Khaled to ensure that he meant business for the opposition and not to internal problem. Please monitor IRDA strictly and private sector accordingly. IRDA is the most weird Authority that diminished Bumiputera land/property equity in Johor to extend of sekangkang kera. In this case you need to be flip-flop by reversing some of it's policy that unfriendly to the real people of Johor.

    It's all Bedulla fault, hahaha.

    1. Even im not a johorean i sometimes wonder whether the development of johor really benefits the bumiputera or the chinese, to the extend i felt the chinese singaporeans too are trying to occupy the johore land bit by bit slowly... i think there is a deeper agenda why lim kit siang is trying to penetrate johor. lets not forget the chinese johoreans >90% voted for lim kit siang instead of the person who gave them so much. seriously why? I think race is just one of the reasons.

  16. Ghani should go and same with his staffs of donkeys years.

    Ghani is a sore loser in Johor.

    The only thing that i can remeber Ghani is ZAPIN.

    Other than that he is killing the Malays softly with all of his projects does not benefit the Johore Malays and infact robbing them of their lands such as in Gelang Patah and even in Pasir Gudang.

    Ghani also deprived Johore Malays of projects in Iskandar Malaysia which benefit mostly those outside Johor.

    Ghani should go together with his staffs.


  17. Was it he who allow Teluk Danga to be take over by that chinese tycoon and have its name changed to Danga Bay?

    ps. Listen to song Tanjung Puteri. Nothing much of it left in JB.

  18. Stupid ex-MB and ex-PM, develop Johor to the extend of losing the DUN to outsider.
    I think you need to have New Regional Development Authority in all location in Johor. Than
    all the outsider will vote you out to Pulau Pisang. In the condition of so-called government of Pulau Pisang accepting you. There's old, Simon said.; Bodoh tak boleh diajar.

  19. this thing about the change of guards happens everwhere and everytime theres change in who is the Boss..i recalled many of officials in the MB's office during Muhyiddin's time were also replaced by Ghani when he came. Now Khalid comes in and obviously he wants someone whom he can relate and also trust at the MB's office.
    In the case of those states under Fuckatoon, when they took over I am sure the same happened but even worse and merciless. So Annie, the DAP undercover writer , plse just simply don't write

    1. When Ghani replaced Muhyiddin 18 years ago, he brought with him only two people, his private secretary and another official. The private secretary stays with him till the end of his tenure. Most of Ghani's so-called people were from the JCS while a few are contractual appointees. Go and check with the State secretary if you don't believe me.

  20. Comments by Anon 15:46, 15:51, 16:30, 16:51 represent the mentality of the new Johor MB's people.

    I'm letting their comments through so that the people of Johor particularly those in Gelang Patah may have a closer look at who are governing their state now.

    I expect more of such comments in this posting later.

    1. The political situation in Johor today is not the same as in pre-PRU13. To continue with the same backroom boys may not the wisest things to as the boss now have a different approach with the previous leadership.

      It is often the orang lama which can be an hinderence to moving forward. A little ignorance can be a bliss.

      Anyway, when one is being paid to do a job and he/she accept that term, then that agreement only last as long as both sides agree. Once, one party decide to terminate the agreement, then it ends. Loyalty, etc, does not really count. Pahit to accept, but that's the reality and its fair.

    2. "Loyalty, etc, does not really count."
      Well, Johoreans, five years from now, do remember those words from the new Johor MB's people when you all once again go to the polls.

    3. Why are you assuming that we are Khaled's men?

  21. Haha.. you got your assumption wrong with your known ip, I'm not Johorean nor Johor MB's people either but loose cannon that will say lousy thing about incompetent leader, same goes to Khaled Nordin,if any..just waiting his baptism of fire..

  22. Annie,

    Don't get too emotional when writing and commenting. Sometimes certain issue is best left unsaid, for fear that it may be used by the enemies to their advantages. Personally I don't like Abdul Ghani Othman, as I don't find him that impressive professionally (as one ANON mentioned above he/she only remembers him of ZAPIN, there were also other jokes were made about him among my Johorean friends, just because he has that nice and cool persona). I do acknowledge his big sacrifice in Gelang Patah in PRU13 since that is the real battle ground to see whether politics is really "color blind" to the Chinese.

    You may have a different view of Ghani as you know him personally. Your source may be honest (or not) and you may have got point across to Khalid and his entourage, and the response/reaction from them may be positive (or not). The worst case scenario is the "Witch Hunting" exercise that will be triggered over this post that may hurt a lot of people. I sincerely believe that your have the grandest intention of protecting the innocence, but never mind about loyalty and integrity, in reality "POLITICS is akin to DOG EATS DOG WORLD". Each Politician has his/her group and they move around together; as the boss moves up, so do their trusted people. It is not a vacancy that anybody can simply apply without proven loyalty to the group.

    You have the right platform, skill and opportunity to do the right thing, but "infighting" is not one of them. Let Khalid and his people have their way and chance to prove it. But if they don't, just remember about all the failures that befall upon two Women Politicians (kerana tak sabar dan tak menghormati senior akhirnya semua rugi. Ini bukan soal siapa betul atau siapa salah tapi lebih kepada "If you don't stick tightly together your are easily broken).

    The success of DAPigs' CT, Media and Social Media agenda is through their tight cooperation (sampaikan memang nyata salah pun mereka akan spin jadi betul). They leave no space for others to swings their followers' way of thinking by controlling their perception through media.

    As for GE14, I don't hope for any Chinese vote to swing back to BN for with or without them even with slimmer majority, BN still rules. But I am afraid of is that the Malay will be further divided within, and this is DAPig current agenda.

    I hope you understand what I am trying to say here.

    ABCD and BCL that are my agenda since PRU13.

    1. I'm not the one who started the fucking around.

      If Khaled and his boys sacked those innocent people at Kota Iskandar, I will be worst than 100 DAP cybertroopers going after him.

      I'm not an Umno member and not beholden to anyone. Not even Ghani. They fuck around with my Johor, I will fuck them back.

      Trust me, I can be as nasty as the next son/daughter of a bitch.

    2. If Khaled and his boys sacked those innocent people??

      Now I see, they are not sacked yet.

      Don't be like Anwar la, cakap dulu sebelum ada fakta. . .

    3. Yes you have all the right to do whatever you want, but what good does it bring to you and to any of the potential "victims"? Kita kena percaya REZEKI itu Allah yang tentukan, kalau dah bukan rezeki kita ia tetap bukan rezeki kita. Contoh terdekat adalah Sharizat Abdul Jalil tetapi dia seorang yang sabar dan tetap memperjuangkan parti; dan Anwar Ibrahim pulak Putar dan Klentong macam mana pun tetap tak dapat jadi PM, tapi dia masih tak dapat terima kenyataan.

      I am a true blue Johorean though I no longer reside in Johor, sampaikan my ustaz once told me "Orang Johor ni, kalau boleh mati pun sebagai orang UMNO', which I totally disagree with since politics is not religion but I found it rather funny coming from an ustaz.

      Yang membezakan kita sebagai orang Islam dengan yang bukan Islam itu antaranya adalah ADAB dan sifat SABAR. I live in DAPig area in KL. The other day I was walking home late one evening and I saw an old Chinese lady trying to cross the road and I have seen her several times before around the same time and doing the same thing. Saya tahu kenapa dia tidak gunakan jejantas yang berdekatan, kerana keadaan di situ sunyi dan sepi. Lama juga beliau menunggu untuk melintas jalan yang sibuk itu. Saya terus membiarkan dia disitu (atas agenda ABCD saya). Pada masa yang sama beberapa orang bangla yang baru pulang dari masjid berdekatan tiba dan salah seorang dari mereka terus membantu wanita tua itu untuk melintas jalan, dan golongan bangla seperti inilah yang dicerca oleh puak DAP. Moral of the story is, walaupun saya rasa puashati dengan agenda ABCD saya, tapi sebagai seorang Islam saya telah gagal menjaga ADAB dan mengawal kebencian saya bukan pada tempatnya.

      I am not trying to give you advice or anything but I learn one good lesson long time ago " Bila kita tengah marah, elok kalau ada orang tolong tenangkan kita, it will balanceand calm us in certain way whether we like it or not". Sekeliling kita ni ramai "kak nam" dan "batu api", lagi kita marah lagi dia orang Seronok.

    4. Go girl! I'm totally with you.

    5. Anon 05:33
      pegi tanya Hairi kalau mau fakta.

      Anon 09:13
      Thanks for trying to calm me down.

      Fyi I have been really patient with these bunch of people. When they intensified their attack against Datuk Ghani near the election, I hold back from retaliating for fear of it affecting BN. Now that the election is over I'm not planning to be nice anymore.

      I supported Datuk Ghani simply because he is a good man. Nothing more than that. I'm trying to be a good person like him too.

      Now that he has retired, my wish is that they leave him in peace and let those people who once worked with him carry on with their life, especially those low ranking officials who was just carrying out their duties defending Johor from the opposition.

      If they were punished just because they once worked for Datuk Ghani, I will never forgive Khaled and his people for acting so cruelly.

    6. Who is Hairi?

  23. Goddammit UMNO ... kita sibuk pertahan, internally nothing much has changed ...

    That's it. Dalam setahun ni kalau tak ada perubahan drastik, aku dan isteri tak nak mengundi. Penat beratur je. apa nak jadi, jadilah.

    1. Anon 09.50

      PKR, DAP dan PAS ada perubahan ke? Tenguk Selangor, Kelantan dan Penang.

      Perubahan itu bukan bermakna semuanya mesti masuk dalam poket kita. Yang lebih utama adalah menjaga hak MELAYU kita, Agama Kita dan Negara kita dari terus dipertikaikan. Adakah PKR, PAS dan DAP dapat memastikan itu semua?

      "Penat beratur je. apa nak jadi, jadilah."

      Orang Cina berhabisan duit dan menempuh perjalanan yang jauh nak menjatuhkan Melayu pada PRU 13. Dan kamu setakat penat beratur aje dah tak sanggup? Di kawasan mengundi saya di Parlimen Batu ada yang Buta dan yang tua berkerusi roda pun dengan bangganya menjalankan tanggunjawab mereka untuk mengundi.

      Internal problem tu ada dimana-mana...

    2. PAS don't want BR1M or new billion ringgit inffrastructure.

      They just want barakah

    3. And also oil royalty. Remember they keep asking for that?

    4. Nanti saya tolong dtg rumah awak paksa awak mengundi jugak.

    5. Itu Husam yang nak. Now that he and TG is out of the picture, they will not pursue further.

    6. Anon 26 May 6:34

      What? Tht is so messed up...

  24. Is this what you call democracy, PR? BULLSHIT!

  25. whoops. salah komen again dan tak bc habis. punish me plz!

  26. Apa laa masalah johor bila tukar MB? Benda normal laa.. Setiap MB ada visi dan dasar berlainan.. Yg penting rakyat dpt merasainya.. Sy fikir penulis nih merupakan org kuat ex-mb atau memang mendapat upah dari Ghani. Kenapa perlu fokus khaled yg baru berapa hari sbg MB? Dan kenapa dibuat perbandingan lokasi pencalonan antara Ghani dan Khaled? Atau awk memang berniat nak pecahkan umno johor? Adakah ghani merasakan tiada org BN lain yg boleh duduk dikerusi MB lalu mengupah awak untuk merosakkan kerjaaan negeri johor?

    apa sudah jadi dgn deal kam ho? Apa yg ghani dh buat selain dr jual kekayaan johor kpd org luar sampai seolah tiada org lain yg boleh ganti dia? penulisan awak membuatkan org luar mcm sy hilang rasa hormat pada ghani.. Sekupang ka Duakupang ka Tigakupang??!!

    1. Ini lah tahap kualiti blogger yang diupah budak-budak Khaled untuk mempertahankan Johor untuk tempoh lima tahun akan datang.

      Kalau ya pun cari lah blogger yang berkualiti sikit. A Brick in the Wall ke, Big Dog ke...mahal sikit tak apa.

      Kau org kan pandai cari lubang. Sekarang korang dah dapat lubuk kat pejabat MB Johor tu, korang guna lah habis-habisan. Kalau tak cukup, Irda pun ada, JCorp pun ada, macam-macam pun ada.

      Jangan jadi macam orang-orang Ghani, berbelas tahun Ghani jadi MB, apa pun tak ada. Ikut sangat buku buat kerja. Nak baik sangat macam boss diaorang. Boss dia orang dah tak ada, kena titik dengan korang. Kena aku yang takde apa ni defend dia orang.

      Hah, apa lagi korang, kaut la segala yang ada sementara sempat. Bukan aku tak tau perangai korang. Aku rasa BN pun cuma ada lima tahun je lagi kat Johor. Lepas ni punah sebab perangai korang.

    2. Ouch Annie. That hurts...

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Komen yang terlebih bangang tak dibenarkan kat blog aku. Kalau nak tunjuk kebangangan juga, sila buat blog sendiri.

  27. Eiiiii apalah Khaled Nordin nii....macam Mustafa Khar. Kalau korang tak kenal Mustafa Khar tu siapa, sila google.

  28. Purges are common in politics. At least it's not Stalin or Mao style.
    People say he's giving too much to Chinese, how can that be?
    The Chinese voted him out.

    1. We are Malay Muslims. We are not supposed to be cruel to the innocents. But if they want to proceed with it, then go ahead. But bear in mind, for every action, there will be a reaction.

      If they can be cruel to people on their own side, I'm sure they will do worse things to common Johoreans.

  29. ....kena kau kau tu, hahaha!

    As they say, never send a boy to do a man's job.

  30. I think its time everyone take a short breather and calm down each emotion.

    There are too many hearsays, where are the facts?

    I've checked the web, surprisingly nobody was talking about it, except in this blog. If there is real victimisation, surely someone else would have leaked it out. Pakatan would love this story!

    Is there a media clamp being enforced?

    Is there really people being sacked, terminated, transferred?

    If there is, how many, 1, 10, 100, 1000?

    Were they permanent staff, contract staff, part-time staff, or volunteer?

    Were they not given due notice and given compensation?

    Let us not be like Pakatan, making mountain out of molehill.

    1. I can't wait until those people were already sacked. That would be too late for them.

      Now, if Khaled decides not to listen to his idiotic people and keep at least the low ranking officials who are clearly got nothing to do with Datuk Ghani's decision making process, then due credit will be for him.

      At the same time, he will be able to discredit my blog.

      That's killing two birds with the same stone.

      Really, I don't mind being discredited as long as the new Johor MB could prove that he is a good man like his predecessor.

      It will be worth it.

  31. I heard from makcik cleaner and pak guard also said that this new khaled boys sombong and one of them sukahati park at Tunku Zahrah parking spot (ketua jabatan ict).

  32. I heard from my sister's counsin brother's office mate's next door neighbour's girl friend's mother that Khaled have three wives!!

    he he he

    1. Wrong. Khaled has only one wife and she is a good person.

  33. I'm agree with what you said! He and his people :/

  34. Wow...upon reading your previous post's commentators...i realuzed that a lot of umno supporters have shifted to pakatan harapan...shows how corrupt and bad najib's administation had been for the last 5 years