Thursday 30 May 2013

Last to leave

I called my friend Tinsel just now after reading her posting Moving On

She confirmed that she is leaving Johor. Her stuff had already been packed.

Tinsel will be the last close friend of mine leaving Johor.

She said things were actually worse than what I had written in my previous related postings.

"It's just simply impossible for people like us to continue operating from here," she said.

I believe there is no need for me to write about the mess in further details as it would not make any difference.

And of course there is the Sedition Act.

People like me and Tinsel had tried our best for Johor. Maybe not good enough, but we know that we had tried our best.

I also believe that PM DS Najib Razak already knows by now what is happening in Johor.

It's now for Datuk Najib to act.

Either that or Johoreans simply need to adjust to the reality of dealing with a new style of leadership in their State.

It is heart breaking but I have to accept the fact that it is going to be very hard for Johor Umno to remain strong with what is happening in the State now.

Five years from now, GE14 will be a totally different ball game in Johor if the current situation continues.

Okay, I know, I shouldn't be writing this due to my health issues, but I feel that I need to put it on record here.

I also want to thank my friend Tinsel for her efforts in Johor over the years.

I am after all partly responsible for her being there. Hopefully she can immediately settled down at her new base.


  1. Oh gosh! Time for me to move on too. Selling my computer business in JB and maybe move to Kedah.

  2. Annie,

    I am nobody and do not know anybody. I only "know" KN from his photos but I don't want to judge a person from his look, so I googled KN's birthdate, which is 30 November 1958. KN is an Earth Dog (Ghani is a Fire Dog)

    "The earth Dog is clever and genuine. He is rational and supportive, stable and stoic. Earth gives this Dog an element of security, for he is inspiring and confident. These characters are just, certain to hear both sides before making a decision. He makes a great leader because he is such a trustworthy, diplomatic individual."

    No, this is not my own description. I copy and paste this from one website ;) The descriptions on Ghani, Anwar, and LKS based on their chinese zodiac are spot on.

    For now, I can only pray that KN is genuine to UMNO and will make a good leader for Johor. I am not sure whether my prayers will be answered but I will continue praying.

    And for you, I hope you feel better soon. Rest well.

    1. Orang Islam mana boleh percaya all these nonsense. Kalau ada pun cuma secara kebetulan.

    2. There is no need to believe. FYI only.

    3. well then it's a useless info

  3. Where ever you are, do up dated us ,we ordinary folks are not much aware ,or any detailed what going on though it's could be important .

  4. pemerhati saje

    benda mcm ni bukan suruh percaya,ianya hanya iktibar. dan...kebetulan hanya ada dalam cakap atau kata2 aje tp sebenornya adalah TAKDIR? adalah baik kalau kita tak faham,dan tersangatlah bahaya kalau kita salah faham.


    Maybe not what you wanted right now Annie, but this is the only things I can share with you right now. Be strong Annie and take good care of yourself.

    with Love and effection

    :) sarah

  6. Make Your Stand!31 May 2013 at 01:23

    What are you girls talking about. Most of us malays from other states dont understand. Are there chinese triads or malays gangsters in Johor acting beyond the laws?

    Well we understand being women you might be afraid so take care and be careful. But RPK has said worse things against the most powerful man in malaysia and he is still standing.

    LKS had called Najib setan and he is still free who are you two afraid of in Johor.

    That is why you cannot be middle of the road. You get runover by the traffic. You must choose your grounds and your friends. Be UMNO Puteri be PKR be part of something and nobody will dare touch you. But if you just makan gaji and without any membership of any party or movements then you are easy meat.

    That is why people join parties to be strong. You just cannot be in between when things get rough. Can you be Adli Adam. He may be stupid but he is willing to fight it out. So social fighters must be ready to sacrifice for their cause wrong or right.

    You girls have a right to be timid but you should learn from other chinese women like Hannah Yeoh, Eli wong those who are fought the Malays for the wrong reasons and are still standing.

    Why are you Malay women fighting malay cause sound like you are going to be shot.. it means you dont understand what you are doing. Thats ok.

    Learn slowly take a time off. Ask questions. We are here to answer you..

    1. Well, if you are so brave yourself, why don't you set-up your own blog and write all your brave words. You can actually blog anonymously like I do, but do bear in mind that they can still trace you if they really want. In case you already have a blog, please use your link, so that I can check out your brave blog.

      Anyway, in case you really want to know what I wrote in this posting is all about , please read my previous postings on the situation in Johor after the appointment of the new Johor MB. Sorry for the inconvenience. It is just that I'm tired of repeating them again for this posting.


    2. Here are my stands:
      First, If I were to choose to be part of something, I choose the least of four evils. It is undeniable that UMNO has done some good to the nation for more than 5 decades. DAP is for chauvinistic chinese, PKR is for loser like AI, PAS is well, a bit narrow minded and short sighted. If only UMNO can really clean up and get a genuine leader, I and many others will return to Malaysia and dedicate our lives for a better nation. Mind you, we do have a contented and bllessed lives abroad, so for us to give that up, it should be for the right reasons and the right leader. Maybe someone like TDM. He is not perfect (no one is) but Malaysia need leader like him so that Malays can be more united, and for Chinese to start counting their blessings. When I see 'a spade', I will call it a spade whether it is malay or chinese!
      Many PKR supporters are the like of Adli Adam. I pity them for fighting in the wrong battle. They just didnt know better...too taksub with a man who is clearly a flawed leader!