Wednesday 8 May 2013


The Chinese had spit in the face of moderate Malay leaders in GE13.

The most Chinese accommodating Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman got less than 3 per cent of their votes.

Not even MCA and Gerakan members voted for Ghani.

They spit in the face of DS Najib Razak too. His 1Malaysia is a joke to them.

They just want a Chinese to be their leader. It doesn't matter if the Chinese has never done anything for them.

All they want is for a Chinese to be in control. Plain and simple.

Their betrayal of the Malay moderates was complete on May 5.

Now that the Malays, and even half Malays like me are angry, they are calling all the so-called intellectuals and Malay liberals to appease us.

The MCA-own The Star newspaper, which is the biggest English newspaper in the country has subtly been assisting the DAP the last five years. Now, it is calling for the angry Malays to adhere to the calls for reconciliation.

Bleeding heart liberal Malays such as Anas Zubedy even posted that article by the Star.

Note the name of the writers of the article. Do you think any of them had written anything to call on the DAP cybertroopers to raise above divisive politics the past five years. Had they ever told the DAP crowd to stop fanning hatred among the Chinese against the Malays and BN government over the past five years.

Do you think they would have even bothered to write the article if the Malays and half Malays like me were not angry.

Every time something like this happened, it is always the Malays who were being asked to forgive and forget.

We were nice and accommodating and they spit in our face. Now that we are angry, they said let's reconcile. We are after all brothers and sisters, they said.

Five years down the road, they will spit in our face again.

I'm tired of being conned, over and over again.

If they really want to reconcile, tell the Chinese to go and explain to Najib and other moderate Malay leaders like Ghani as to why they spit in their face despite all that had been done for them. 

Then we can talk about reconciliation. 


  1. Say no to chinese kafirs

    Never trust them

    1. ChinesePowerGrab9 May 2013 at 16:50

      Najib, the word is consolidation of Malay power not reconciliation with the commie Chinese.

      We knows you and your family do a lot of business with the chinese but we malays cannot condone the Chinese grab for power.

      How come we dont hear you thank the Malays?

      MAlays NGO must take over UMNO as the current bunch are hopeless.

      These power grab must be hit back with equal force. The Chinese percentage of population must be reduce to compassionate self deportation,migration etc.

      These is for the sake of a good race relation. The too big Chinese population is bad for race relation in Malaysia as they are from a different culture.

  2. Annie,

    When people you considered a friend stabbed you from behind and yet you survived and still be able to walk and hold a big stick what do you think they would do? RECONCILIATION? are you out of your mind?

    If DS Najib does not show he appreciated malays who tolerated with his maximum appeasement towards the chinese then it is time UMNO needed a new leader. This 2 weeks is critical. UMNO supporters are waiting to see whether he has balls or not. If he pushes for "RECON" too much the malays is going to tell him straight in the face to take a hike. DPM Muhydin must be ready to take over.

    Warong talk is not to DS Najib's favour. The malays has survived despite being spitted and no amount of "recon" job will bring back their maruah!

  3. Hear! Hear!

  4. My sentiments exactly.

  5. Hi Annie,

    I wish you can calm down and move on. Please have keep your moderate attitude as it is the only way why I coming back to this blogs and read. I might the only one among 10 Chinese friends who believe in moderate and they don't. You are right, Dap want to in power just like how previously happened in Perak. I has to agree that Dap venom is spread and keep in most Chinese blood. That's why we must also support

    Please calm down and move on.

    Ordinary Malaysian

    1. yes, support the lone and few moderate Chinese voices. They need us now, because even among their own people they're considered traitors.

    2. Moderation ada tempatnya.

      We need more decisive leadership, not someone flip-flop.

      What Najid did to Ku Li during Semangat 46/UMNO spat came back to haunt him. As head of Pemuda Umno he play the lalang role till the last minute so that he can be on the winning side.

      The only differnce then was it was spat between two sides thjat are willing to forgive and forget.

      Now he is dealing with monsters who are going for the kill at all cost.

      The chinese warmed to him but voted for the other side.

    3. Racist - why don't blame Indians, Malays, Punjabs who did not vote BN?

      Why not have election and give people the right to vote if BN is not willing to accept losses. Must win 1000%? BN no limit to winning?

  6. Hi Annie,
    The damaged has been done. It cannot be undone... They have to pay for their misdeed... The malay (except those who called themselve as liberal malay or muslim) no longer trust them.


    1. janganlah mengipas bara api.
      kalau menjadi marah susah nak padam.

  7. Annie.
    I fully agree with what you wrote.
    My 13 year old son said almost all his friend in school are anti-BN because they believed all the lies in facebook, accusing UMNO (Malays?) is corrupt and PR is being squeaky clean. They even accused UMNO of being racist.

    Therefore, if the Chinese really wants reconciliation, stop DAP cybertroopers or their Red-Bean armie from spewing deceit and sowing hatred among Chinese against Malays in social network.

    Why is that when Wong Tack lose the election the Anti Lynas campaign is active again. Before the election he already said he agree with Anuwar that Lynas can proceed, if it's not through the back door or something?

    Please stop organizing rally such as Bersih. It will only lead to bloodshed.


  8. can't agree with you more and it is more disheartening that the so-called 'liberal' more 'enlightened' Malays (those in PAS included) are the ones supporting this cause too. they rant when utusan runs the controversial headlines. they rant because that's the truth. it's bitter, but it's truth. simply said "apa lagi cina mau?" - "kuasa bagi cina, amend constitution,wipe off Malays" -SIMPLE. itu saja dia mau.

    meanwhile "apa lagi PKR mau?" - also simple "Anwar jadi PM"

    and "apa lagi PAS mau?" - "negara Islam"


    I have nothing much to say to the DAP supporters because their motivation has been clear from day one - chase out anything malays/islamic abt this country.

    BUT I have one thing to say to the Malays be it in PKR and PAS, especially in PAS.

    If you guys truly believe that Malaysia is un-Islamic because of BN-UMNO led govt, can you deny the followings as being Islamic?

    a) Halal stamps - msia is one of the leading if not the pioneers of halal stamps, endorsing and 'safeguarding' fellow muslims from consuming nonhalal foods/drinks. even in islamic country like UAE, adopted this policy in 2011. we have been doing it since 2003. now govt is gearing up to make this country the world's halal hub.

    b) masjids/ mussolla abundance - are muslims praying on the streets? mussolla are made compliance criteria in public malls/hotels. take indonesia eg: 79% are muslims, but it's difficult to find mussolla as easy and as comfortable like in msia.

    c) Malaysia has practice/ implement Syariah courts/laws when it comes to Muslims albeit not at the federal levels.

    d) Islamic education made compulsory for muslims in schools.

    e) the call for prayers, azan, are not banned, unlike in Spore for example (i take sg as eg. as many 'liberals' malays so much want to be like sg.)

    I stopped at that. in short, if you want to preserve Islamic values and prosper it and you honestly think you can achieve that by supporting the PR because PAS is with them, think again. Instead of Msia we have today, we can be very much like the Indons when it comes to Islamic virtues - apostasy celebrated on the basis of 'freedom of religion', interfaith marriages condone etc. and let me tell you, it is the agenda here especially in certain NGOs. i know so, i've worked with them!

    and when it comes to aspect of 'bangsa', if you think you can preserve the 'Malayness' by voting for PR, because PKR is there, PAS is there - think again. chances are we will be like Spore, where Muslims are being oppressed and sidelined.

    again, if you think you want to abolish these four fundamentals in the constitution - the Muslims royals, Islam as official religion, Malays and bumiputra rights and Malays language - if you think all these four parameters should be abandoned, then by all means support the PR because eventually this is what the DAP wants.

    we are able to sustain those parameters enshrined in the constitution because of the current govt, because it is a fact as it has shown again in ge13, in the bn - it is umno that has control and in majority. BUT if it's PR, it will be DAP that has control and majority, and in Karpal's words - over his dead body! if you want to have Islamic country!

    utusan should run another headlines "apa Melayu tak nak lagi perlembagaan?" instead.

    personally: first step, I am fine as a Malay if they want to take away my 'rights', in the same way and aspirations I demand that vernacular schools should be out! if you can deal with that, we can start talking.

  9. If DAP does not stop their cybertroopers from instigating hatred towards the Malays, UMNO must set-up the same operation, instead. Hopefully by the next GE, there is enough Malay youth who hates those racist Chinese in DAP.

    I am also disgusted why the extremist DAP choose to collaborate with the extremist Malays in PAS and the opportunistic Malays in PKR, to bring down the moderate UMNO Malays.


    1. I disagree. set up a counter cyber unit yes, but NOT to instigate hate but to spread what GOOD UMNO has the potential be.

      In case of race relations, don't use fire to fight with fire. It'll backfire, trust me. Learn from history on this.

    2. MCA and Chinese moderates should do more... Not UMNO!

  10. Yup. Enough is enough. Kenapa lah orang Melayu sibuk-sibuk dengan reconciliation. Tubuh kerajaan seperti yang dikehendaki oleh rakyat yang memilih. Saya impikan satu kerajaan seperti Kerajaan Melayu lama dulu. Fuyooo... Tiada kaum lain dalam kabinet. Hanya wakil sahaja dibenarkan untuk lain-lain kaum. Macam Perak's last Goverment.

    I believe Melayu boleh memimpin dengan adil kerana mereka sahaja yang selalu sibuk sibuk memikirkan kepentingan masyarakat lain secara saksama. Reconciliation... Pegi dah.

    Saya percaya orang Cina tidak akan berubah untuk selaman-lamanya dengan sistem yang ada sekarang. Mereka ada segalanya di Malaysia. Pendidikan, Kekayaan dll adalah 'protected' for them. They want to live in their own community. So be it. Saya percaya, orang Melayu tak akan ambil hak mereka. So, reconciliation for what?

  11. As a Malay Muslim, I am ok with reconciliation BUT they must do it first. Stop the lies, the cyber troopers attacks, the if-i-do-it-i-am-fighting-for-justice-but-if-you-do-it-you-are-racist!, the blanket we-are-clean-and-corrupt-free bull, etc...then we can talk.

    But for now, i believe in wait and see. As it is, i am angry at what the opposition under DAP's instigation did in Perak. Total disrespect for the Sultan! So what if you got the popular votes? Our electoral system does not work that way. It is not the popular votes, it is the number of seats won. So, deal with it! Again, how can we reconcilie when the DAP is still up to its dirty tricks?

    For me, God is showing us. Even with the popular votes, they still lost. But now, the majority of the Malays are seeing things differently, especially those who voted for the opposition. God is Great!

  12. Annie,

    The Chinese are just DAP's pawns for power. These people are good, but instigated to be bad, racist and hateful. That's why Qur'an allows for justice against "those who spread mischief in the land". The DAP mind-f*ckers are tho ones who should be crushed.

    My take is, BN must destroy DAP's machinery of spite. The majority of the Chinese will return once their political Pied Piper is neutralized.

    The morons in PKR and PAS ? PAS can be courted. But PKR must be put together in the same basket as DAP, as parties that want absolute power at all costs, so must be dealt with as such.

    1. I agree with Sandokan. Also do not discount the fact that there ARE Chinese who still support the government - as evident with MCA's 7 seats. Even if it's less than before, we cannot brush them away. They're the lone voices within the Chinese community. Even more reason for BN not to disappoint these people.

      Get rid of DAP. DAP is a cancer that will only eat Malaysia inside out and destroy everything she stands for.

    2. Annie, you may be emotional when you speak of this.
      But think carefully.
      We want to fix race-relations, not further destroy it.
      While there are still few Chinese who support the government, there is still hope.
      This just shows that Najib's tactic of showering money on the Chinese is not the right way to woo them.
      He has to tackle concrete issues - issues that they're unhappy about.
      Not just suap them with more and more money.
      Get Najib to find out the issues that resonates with them the loudest (by reading DAP's papers) and use that information against DAP themselves.

      We mustn't throw in the towel yet. Malaysia's racial ties hung in a very frail balance now.

    3. I disagree. The malays have got to get out of the "tak apa lah" mentality. Enough is enough.

      Islam taught us to be kind to fellow muslims even to the point that if they hit you, you don't simply react the same. But, to the kafirun, we are taught to be harsh to them to the point of we take up jihad against them.

      So, we should take all that is required to mend the rift with PAS and the believers in PKR but lets us do all that is required to counter the kafiruns in DAP.

      Not going to be easy, but Allah created us to worship HIM, not to create mischief in this world.

    4. This is not being 'tidak apa'
      What I mean is we will learn. But we will not bite.
      But we'll learn how not to get hurt again.

      A soft tap on a well placed point can do so much more than a blunt axe hacking away on a steel bar.

    5. The chinese never knew about soft tap.

      They need to be bludgeoned.

  13. DAP are spinning that what had happened are ue to "Malaysian Tsunami" instead of "Chinese Tsunami" citing that the urban malays are shifting away from BN.

    Yes, the malays have been voting opposition for umpteen year, so there are no surprises here. The difference this year was that DAP incited the chinese to vote for them with false promise that they are ready to ubah the government, with help from PKR aand PAS. Many overseas chinese who have been living abroad for year were coaxed to came back and vote. Even Singapore government gave malaysian chinese working there paid leave to return. Surely they don't come back to vote BN.

    Alhamduliilah, Allah did not grant them their evil intention and the muslim still rule this country.

  14. Biar apapun prespektif kita mengenai Tsunami cina, BN tidak boleh sama sekali mengenepikan kerjasama dengan cina, seperti kata Tun M, kabinet BN masih perlu di sisi oleh orang cina. Bukan 100% cina memangkah pembangkang, mereka yang masih setia dengan BN perlu juga di jaga sebagai balasan terimakasih. Apabila kemarahan di balas dengan kemarahan api malapetaka hanya menunggu untuk marak.

    1. masalahnya dah siram dengan air byk kali tak padam padam. mca pun dah kata akan surrender all ministry post kalau tak perform. yg umno terhegeh hegeh nak mengipas mengampu lagi apahal. orang cina memang bukan jenis yg faham bahasa. sebab tu negara cina perlu jadi negara communist baru lut, sebab jenis manusia ni yang memang susah di control. degil dan tak reti reti nak tolak ansur.

    2. Its not about mengipas mengampu, mca masih menang di kawasan-kawasan tertentu. ada sebahagian cina yang masih sokong bn. so, yang sebahagian-sebahagian ni lah yang perlu dijaga. Tun M tau, kalau umno buang terus mca, kemungkinan besar, support cina2 yang tinggal tu pun akan hilang. penyelesaian terbaik, mungkin masih ada wakil mca, cuma dikurangkan secara drastik. tinggalkan 1 posisi mungkin? ds najib perlu menguatkan melayu, dan pada masa yang sama, mca kena melalui major change. memang melayu kalau bersatu memang kuat, tapi selagi kita ada cina dalam malaysia, kita perlukan kestabilan, kita tak perlukan orang cina takut dengan melayu. cuma bagi pengajaran.

      for me, Ghani's contest in gelang patah was the right move from Najib for whatever reasons. it clearly show the malays that whatever they do for the chinese, it will never be enough. in my view, in some area, its a win for Najib. see it this way, when Ghani lost, malays automatically saw that the chinese are backstabbing them, thus now the uproar from the malays. but, if Ghani had won, it shows that the chinese want results, no more chinese-based sentiments, maybe enabling najib to trust them in propelling the country's economy, followed by malays and indians, and that also should ended kit siang's career. of course, both Najib and Ghani trusted the chinese to make the right decision, believing Ghani could win. right now, it may also be a gauge as to where the chinese supports are, which is clearly dangerously lacking, showing that dap have seriously clouded the chinese judgement. i believe, someone had said it in this comment section, that was the biggest blunder from the chinese. they have created enemies out of friends.


  15. Kerana pengundi cina mahukan kerajaan yg bebas rasuah, saya menyaran kepada penguatkuasa undang undang terutama majil bandaraya untuk lebi tegas melakukan tanggungjawap mereka. Kalau kereta parking ditempat yg salah, saman. Kalau penjaja terutama cina mengotorkan kaki lima, kita saman. Kalau rumah urut tanpa lesen kita tutup. Kalau mereka bgi rasuah kita tangkap, kalau MP cina bising, kita kata pengundi mahu kerajaan yg bersih. Kutipan juga kepada kerajaan pilihan rakyat. Jangan dengar alasan dan pujuk rayu mereka. Ini cara yg lebih baik mengajar mereka menghormati undang undang, kalau dulu oenguatkuasa melayu baik sekarang ni masa untuk jadi lebih baik. Mereka tidak oerlu wang, mereka ada byk wang untuk bayar saman, kita balas dgn cara ini lebih baik terutama di gelang patah dn bukit katil

  16. DAP Total disrespect for the Sultan in Perak is really too much to swallow. what more with the action of Bersih 4 gathering is in the planning stage.

    Enough is enough for giving face to the Chines. It is time DS Najib to show that Malay cannot be taken for granted. how can we reconcilite when the DAP is still up to its dirty tricks?

    1. Who organise Bersih? Who is organising gathering in Kelana Jaya tonight? Nothing from your heart but racist inclinations.

  17. Firstly can someone tell me where and when PR more so DAP has given assurance that my way of life will be preserve and maintained.

    Secondly don't talk about reconciliation untill LKS retires and a more pragmatic leader in DAP comes along.

    Thirdly don't talk about meritocracy if the chinese taks from the tall towers of komtar to the others on the streets.

    Next DAP leadership says one thing, red bean pau says another (case in point blackout)

    Corruption, blame the government/civil service all you want, when has the chinese community/business association ask for very strong measures against givers. Ini mesti melayu rasuah melayu ini, umno salah lagi.

    What will the DAP/ chinese community/ngo doing about the spate of hatred coming from their young. Lagi 2 generation of hatered being born.

    Come on lah.....enough is enough. About time the chinese show some goodwill, otherwise thing will get worse before it gets better.

    Hans Solo dont be naive our genration of malay and chinese still have the Johore Way. The generation LKS generated only sings MY WAY (CINAWAY)

    Hans can I call myself "Chewbacca"

  18. i see that it is evident that you have turned a blind eye to the rampant corruption prepetrated by the UMNOs/BNs & their cronies by continuing to trample over the progress democracy has made in M'sia by virtue of Pakatan...

    that aside, i would like to echo your sentiments that Najib's 1 Malaysia is a joke to the chinese (and even malays and indians ---based on what i've heard from my friends not as racist as you are, you see).. 1 MALAYSIA is a joke because if it is not, he wouldnt be shouting chinese tsunami right after the election when it is clear that malays and indians as well as rakyat of other races have turned their backs on them (not sure how much of this will you comprehend given your evidently inferior intellectual capacity as observed from your postings) ....

    1 MALAYSIA is a joke because if it is not, there will be no affirmative action, there will be no affirmative policies...not that i mind because i am a staunch believer of hardwork reaps rewards (hence not stooping low to earn undeserved rewards at the expense of others) but well, if he is serious about 1 MALAYSIA, policies should reflect that too....preaching 1 MALAYSIA will continuing race based politics render his 1MALAYSIA notion the mother of all political jokes

    1. You are just another parrot mouthing off slogans, living in a hate-filled fantasy world far removed from this reality we call Malaysia.

      Corruption lah, oppression lah, blah blah blah lah.

      You are definitely delusional - simply because you believe that you are intellectually superior (2nd last paragraph, last line), when you obviously cannot even make a coherent argument.

      And like the rest of your ilk, currently running around in black shirts, you actually know that most of the accusations thrown at the ones you hate are blatant lies, or at best, smidgens of truth wrapped in layers of spinned deceit.

      But despite knowing that, you choose to believe, or pretend to, in those lies. Why? Simply because you feel empowered by the hate that is driving you.

      You should really look to address your real problem - it is your own inadequacies that you are angry at, and you are seeking someone else to blame - it's easier to believe that it is because the government of the day implements oppressive policies that prevents you from being a success, rather than your own failings as a normal human being.

      Get a real life, moron.