Sunday 5 May 2013

It rains in Gelang Patah today

This is the weekly posting of Ai, formerly of the Big Cat blog.

By Ai

It started to rain heavily here in Gelang Patah about 10am.

I had casted my vote for the parliamentary seat of Pulai and state seat of Kempas. My Chinaman went back to his hometown to vote too, probably for DAP.

My friend Annie had casted her vote for the parliamentary seat of Gelang Patah and state seat of Skudai. She told me that her mother had casted her vote for the parliamentary seat of Kluang and state seat of Mengkibol. Her father doesn't vote.

The rain here is so heavy that it reminds me of the by-election day in Tenang two years ago. I was there on that day. The constituency was hit by a massive flood.

BN, despite its "Johor Way" of low-key campaigning, won the Tenang by-election by an increased majority of 3,709 votes. Tenang is a marginal constituency with 49 per cent Malays, 41 per cent Chinese and the rest are Indians and other races.

In Gelang Patah on this rainy morning, outgoing Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, who engineered the BN's victory in Tenang is trying to put a stop to the divisive politics propagated by Lim Kit Siang and his DAP people by contesting in the Chinese-majority constituency. Chinese made up over 52 per cent of the voters while Malays 34 per cent and the rest are Indians and those of other races.

Ghani is trying to prove that Malaysians are able to judge a man by his deeds instead of just skin color. That Chinese were able to vote a Malay as their leader and vice versa, so that our country be safe from extreme racial polarization.

My prayers are for him to succeed.

The pouring rain has now subsided to a drizzle. I would like to believe it was a signal from Allah that things will be okay for the people of Gelang Patah and the rest of Malaysia. That Malaysians are voting wisely today.

I am taking it easy for the rest of the day. Will do a bit of visits to meet friends over the next few days before going back to Taiwan.

Everything that should be done, had already been done, and now it is Allah who will decide what will be the outcome of this election.

We should accept the results gracefully like the true good Malaysians that we are.

May Allah bless our beloved Malaysia.


  1. May Allah save this beaiful and blessed land.

  2. tebing tinggi5 May 2013 at 17:53

    When I saw my finger being inks ,I cursing Ambiga making us Malaysian like voting in India and yet they claimed that the ink could be removed ,I think they are really Hantu.

  3. anyone who works at the polling station, can anyone verify? DAP Pulau Pinang claims that SPR will accept votes that are without stamps/ chop. Is this true?