Tuesday 28 May 2013

End of the road for Mat Sabu

On Sunday, Pas deputy president Muhammad Sabu or better known as Mat Sabu declared in Tapah, Perak that Pakatan will gather "millions" at Dataran Merdeka to protest against the alleged electoral fraud committed by BN and the Election Commission.

“Millions will flood Kuala Lumpur if our demands are not met soon. If the EC does not resign, we will continue holding gatherings until the Najib government is toppled,” he said, as reported by pro Pakatan Malaysian Insider.

The usually clownish Mat Sabu was apparently very angry.

He lost the contest for the Kedah's Pendang parliamentary seat in GE13 and now raging for things in this country to turn into something like the Arab Spring.

Mat Sabu knows that with him losing in the election, his position as Pas deputy president is as good as gone.

It will also marks the end of his political career.

Pas has never been very kind to their ex-deputy presidents. Remember Nasharudin Mat Isa?

Now, the only way Mat Sabu may salvage the situation for himself is to instigate Pakatan people into creating such a massive public disturbance which in his own word will topple the rightfully elected government.

Mat Sabu needs the disturbance to immediately happen as the longer it has to wait, the faster his relevance will fade. 

I believe his rivals within Pas are already preparing for the kill.

Another person who wants a Malaysian version of the Arab Spring is DS Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto opposition leader.

He can't wait for another five years to topple BN in an election which he may anyway lose again.

He will be past 70 years old at that time and many other younger Pakatan leaders will move up the ranks and possibly push him to the sideline.

But Anwar is a bit smarter than Mat Sabu. 

Yesterday, it was reported that he denied Pakatan is going to hold the massive rally as announced by Mat Sabu in Tapah.

Anwar said he doesn't want to call for the massive rally in downtown KL for the time being.

It's not that he doesn't want it to happen, but it was because he knows he will not be able to muster the "millions" that Mat Sabu was rambling about.

The numbers at Pakatan rallies against the alleged electoral fraud is clearly going down.

People, including those of Pakatan are getting tired. How much of these electoral fraud crap could they swallow anyway?

If Anwar calls for the "millions" rally at Dataran Merdeka now and just a few thousands turned up, what will be his future then?

Worse still, if those who turned up consists mostly members of only a particular race.

Anwar knows that he needs to rebuilt the Pakatan's momentum once again and this will take quite a bit of time.

It's just too bad for Mat Sabu. No "millions" people rally to save his political career now. And not much loves for him soon.


  1. Sabu is also an illicit drug.

    this mamat must be really high.

  2. What a sad man. Really...

  3. i cant understand why do these TAKSUB people still believe in this alleged electoral fraud (no evidence yet)..
    after all the rallies, the only thing theyve done is lodging report on indelible ink.. LOL

    like that bangsart fella said, SEMUA JADI NATO, No Action Talk Only..
    irony, ey??


    1. Glory, bkn no evidence yet. Takde evidence langsung! Diorang yg kantoi lg adalah :P There's one I can say about them: DESPERATE.


  4. wow, the lady holding the banner is Mat Sabu look alike ke?

    Mat Sabu is a goner, his political life is meeting its dead end. no way people would gather for him and listen to bullshit anymore. here isn't him instigating the rakyat and punishable under the sedition act?. better get him now mr. police wow......before this Mat Sabu goes into tantrum ode.

    1. Kalau tangkap, dia lagi suka, ada isu. Biarkan je ... it will die a natural death.

      Boleh masuk DAP, LGE kan best friend dia. Takkan dia nak retire, politik murahan is the only thing he knows.

      Tak kena gaya, calun melayu DAP 2018 ...lol ...

      Letih la Malaysia ni kata nak dua party system. Jadilah pembangkang yang ada caliber sikit, mesti ada orang sokong.

      UMNO is terrible, tapi pembangkang is terribleler, so how.

      Melayu fence sitter nak punish UMNO pun susah.

  5. No need to worry. They called for ONE MILLION at Amcorp on Sunday. 10,000 turned up. This has been the standard ratio for almost all their rallies. They keep asking for one million, but even at Stadium Merdeka they could only manage 45,000.

  6. 1 million in their estimation or should I say 1 million in mat sabu estimation maybe 10,000 for him. He should say 100 million than 1 million will come hahaha...

    :D sarah

  7. Amoi dlm gambar tu annie kah?? :-)

  8. Mat SABOtage! Never ever talk bad again about the Bt. Kepong Polis DiRaja Malaysia and civilians who died resisting the violent communist terrorists attack! We are told that in Islam two things will get YOU first of all - and then other people too - into TROUBLE if you don't control them well. What are they Sabo? It's your mouth and your sex organ!