Tuesday 28 May 2013

An appeal to DS Najib, and TS Muhyiddin

Things are really not looking very good.

Latest reports I received from all over the place were not good at all.

Johor, Terengganu and Negeri Sembilan are among those in worst shape.

Sorry, I'm not going into details. Otherwise there will be those who will accuse me of trying to sabotage Umno in those states.

Suffice to say that I think those in charge of those states were not the right people.

I wish PM DS Najib Razak had stood his ground in relation to those states.

I do understand that Datuk Najib has so many things to handle at the moment, and he was under pressure about the appointment of people in those states.

But, still, I think it would have been great if he had chosen better people and not succumbed to pressure on the matter.

Ok, I know, that is just too bad. It's too late anyway.

Nothing much can be done now about all those appointments.

In Johor, for instance, it now looks like everyone is for oneself.

"Yang ini aku punya, yang itu engkau punya. Kita bagi-bagi. Ambik mana yang dapat selagi boleh sebab sekarang kita ada kuasa."

That seems to be the order of the day now.

People in KPRJ should now know what I'm talking about.

They are already moving in there.

Next will be JCorp, Irda, etc.

Okay, I better stop at that. Otherwise I could be charged for sedition.

The whole thing makes me very sad and frustrated.

If Datuk Najib is reading this (which I doubt), I hope he will do something about it.

At least control those people.

Well, I can hope, can't I?

It's not yet one month after GE13 and I can already see Johor falling in GE14 five years from now if the nonsense going on now is not stopped.

Can't wait till things get really bad and nothing can be done anymore.

TS Muhyiddin, can you do something to save our home state?

Please help Datuk Najib to handle this matter.

p.s Those who want to leave comments should note that I don't allow anything overly seditious. I think you all should know why.


  1. To be fair, we need to give them the customary 100 days before we can make an assessment and a judgment.

    What Najib is saying these days is not very promising, though. But we'll see. Personally, I am giving him until after Merdeka Day before I make further comment on his performance.

    1. I'm afraid that in this case, I doubt 100 days or 1,000 days would make much difference. Seriously.

    2. But who can take the place of Najib?

      Even TDM (recently in Tokyo) said there's no one better.

      Any suggestions?

    3. Daim is Much better Than Najib and Muhyideen put together!!

      Mahathir is Saying that because Najib gave him what he wanted...His Son is now Kedah MB!

    4. I agree! Tun Daim is as smart as Tun M! But Tun Daim said he's not interested in politics...

    5. Mahathir is a sly tactician. Maybe it is out of gratitude for making Mukhriz MB. But it's more likely to quash the rumour that Mahathir is backing Muhyiddin to take over. Right now UMNO is not yet in a strong position to withstand a split within it.

      But Mahathir is like Steve Jobs: when he says something, you can sense that actually he means the opposite. Jobs once said Apple is not in the business of making handphones... months later, they introduced the iPhone. Same with the iPad, Jobs previously said it was not practical and the market doesn't need it. Classic cases of misdirection.

  2. Najib should resign. Rosmah is still out and about. Tak sensitif langsung. Tak tahu ke melayu ramai tak suka dia especially rambut palsu samy vellu dia. Cina tok sah cakap la.

    Najib is clueless. I don't think he can do much anymore. Bukan sehari dua dalam politic. Either you have it or you don't. Hari tu dah nampak dah, tapi tahan je. GE13 dekat kena bersatu-padu.

    Please Najib. You have done your best which is way below par. Peoples first, performance now. Not give me a another chance.

    1. Takkan nak resign bcoz of Datin Rosmah je kot? Datin Rosmah is the most misunderstood person I know.

  3. I am sad to read this article, as I am stationed at Johor maybe until retirement...apa la nak jadik, bukan nak menguatkan johor, lagi nak menjahanamkan ada la...

    1. Well zakzak, since you are in Johor, you should check out for yourself whether my worries were true or I'm just making up things as some may accuse me of that. If you have friends in Kota Iskandar, KPRJ, JCorp, Irda etc whom you could trust, do double check with them. Thanks.

  4. You should stop depending on others. Stop depending on UMNO Presidents. Do your own thinking. Join NGOs or Persatuan Melayu to amplify your voice. You must make yourself heard. Its not their job to look after you.

    Najib is no different from previous UMNO Presidents. For selfish and personal reasons they prefer to cultivate the Chinese because firstly, they dont understand the chinese, Najib thought he is being accepted as a leader by the Chinese due to his charisma, due to his smile, his son speaking mandarin, he giving millions to chinese schools.
    Why do UMNO President like to believe that the Chinese like them? (which is obviously not true to everyone else)? Because all these while, the Malays had formed UMNO and supported UmNO to fight for the Malays.But the sons of former UMNO leaders never had to fight the chinese communists. Never had to go to war against the Bintang Tiga. Never face down Chin Peng. So they dont understand the power that they have is Malay power. Mahathir was obviously lost in his self perception. He was not great. It was UMNO which allow him to self agrandiosment as Nazri once said. The Malays thought UMNO presidents have done all they could to help the Malays, Mahathir even insulting the Malays as dependence on subsidies, crutches etc such was his lack of understanding of the situation.

    Many right thinking malays thought that was the situation until the information culture proved Mahathir lies. The Chinese and Indians were the one depending on diesel subisdies to become millionaires. Taking petronas money through their factories, suv and their constant travel. While malays are small receivers of subsidies.

    In fact all those listed in the Forbes billionaires list must be investigated by SPRM for corruption because it is impossible to gain so much money in so little time during Mahathir rule without illegal practice like dircet tenders, giving of Airasia for RM1 etc, UMNO Presidents sons, menantus stakes in chinese companies.

    It is a humiliation for Najib and UMNO lost supreme councils to find out that it is the Malays who put them in power. The Chinese want power for themselves.

    Now it is up to you, up to us the Malays to galvanise Malay Power for our race benefits. To do this Malays must take interests to change UMNO leadership from self serving businessmen to patriots. It is so easy to gain power in UMNO as KJ prove. Just buy 35 people over. The Malays must never let corrupt people like KJ run UMNO, you can hear his chinese whining for after all where did he got his wealth if not from the Chinese?

    Malay interest are best look after by Malays. If you think you are more alturistic then thats even better. Fight for equality and success for everyone

  5. Hate to say this, but I think it is time for the Malays to have a leader like Maggie Tatcher. When time is ripe for calling a spade is a spade, only a woman can do it! Where have all the good men gone to? No, I am not referring to women's power the likes of Rafidah or Shahrizat and definitely not someone like Kamilia. And it is not Azalina either okey. God forbid. A new blood. Someone ignored all this while by UMNO's leaders someone with compassion, conviction and integrity to serve with honesty and totally for the Malays. This is the kind of leaders UMNO needs in this dire time. And one more thing, more women advisers will be good for UMNO. Throw away all those consultans that Najib and his likes are keeping. All them pompous guys. That includes KJ mind you.

    1. yeah i agree..Wanita UMNO is like hidup segan mati tak mahu..the Puteri UMNO lagilah mcm tak wujud..tak nampak apa sumbangan dorang..mungkin betullah kata-kata balaci PR..Puteri hanya untuk cuci mata saja..train this women and girl to be a dedicated and vocal leader bukannye just jadi mak turut..suruh sorak dorang sorak..suruh tepuk dorang tepuk..cubelah korang tegur jantan2x yg semakin lupa diri dalam UMNO tu..jentik ego dorang..lelaki akan tercabar egonya bile ada perempuan yg tegur..memang patut macam tu..bile tercabar barulah tersedar..kalo tak dorang dok tibai je mcm dorang tu btol sgt..nak harap lelaki yg tegur..heeh..2x5 je..trust me it would be different when women yg tegur..kena menyinga kat lelaki perasan semua ni..kalo boleh tegurlah si rosmah tu sekali.

    2. Anon 1:38

      eh no!! The Brits HATED Margaret Thatcher to the core bcoz of the policies she implemented. Unemployment rate surged during her time. The Scots even refused to mourn for her death. Contrary to what BBC painted about her, the Brits felt that she was a monster. We don't need a woman leader like Margaret Thatcher. Probably we need a woman leader in her own right. Can I say a woman version of Tun M?


    3. Dear Annie,
      I cant help but agree with Anonymous 01:38.
      I know someone who fits the profile - 'compassion,conviction and integrity'. She is honest and deeply care for the Malays. She is a self-made woman, not connected to anyone in power. Only one problem though, I dont think she is interested in politics, but I think she would consider being one of the advisors to the government. Then again I also wonder if she would willing to sacrifice her contented life in the land of the rising sun. Maybe someday...

  6. Annie,

    jgn sedih ye? Nnt saya sampaikan kpd DS Najib. Although not directly but indirectly. tak kisahlah asalkan smpai jgk.


  7. As Salam Annie,

    It is a natural thing to happen when the new people taking over. As I told you that "Politics is akin to Dog eats Dog World". While I understand and empathize with your concern, sometimes "going overboard" may seem important and relevant at micro level but it can be self-defeating at Macro level.

    Politician and their entourage move in pack. Regardless of how much money and power they have, they still want more in the next move, more power and more money. Nobody wants to work for free, and in politics those who are more than willing to work for free or minimal in the beginning, actually aim higher when the pack move up.

    Bickering, Squabbling and "Berebut-rebut" (haven't used this word for along time actually) not to say natural but normal. Let face it, "it is new found power, money and fame" for some and unexpectedly, thus they behave like BABOON unfortunately, that's why they say "MONEY CAN"T BUY CLASS". I am pretty sure it also happens on the other side of the fence, it is just that their principle and policy not to air their dirty linen in public (though every now and then it slips out).

    Just be careful with the news that you receive, for it may be true and it may be not. It might come from the disgruntle. You may have your best interest at heart but don't let other people take advantage of you to achieve their mission. Don't fall into a trap of becoming an "Accidental Whistle blower" Annie, coz the people behind it has the agenda of "Baling Batu Sembunyi Tangan".

    Historically the UMNO followers know how to deal with situation, as seen proven during Tun BEDUL and MENANTU time post 2004 and 2008. We are all human Annie, for someone like you and most of us who are not into politics, we want the best and the ideal. But we never know what may become of us once we are in that spot i.e. "Kalau Nak Tahu Orang Tu Baik Ke Tidak, Beri Dia Kuasa". Contoh lain tenguk macam Cina Cina DAP Malaysia ni, " Hak Orang Lain Dia Nak dan Hak Dia Tak Mahu Kongsi".

    I like your "bitching" (pardon my word) style of writing tone but i don't see a clear theme or platform that you try to achieve after Ghani Othman. I am merely suggesting here maybe you should take more interest into writing and protecting the BN interest in Johor. I remember that I wrote before that Ghani Othman should open a Community Center in Gelang Patah to assist the Malays who supported him there. Plus there is a need to protect the Malay interest there, so that it won't be like Penang. There is a need to increase the registered Malay voters there. I am pretty sure that DAP is going all out to do the same.

    Enough of the DAP Cyber-troupers going all out trying to bring us down Annie, and don't let us be part of them as well. I have my way to help the people around me and most of my DAP friends know about it and I used to help them as well, now they don't even dare to ask for my help because my answer to them is "SORRY NO HAVE wor" or "SORRY LONNO wor".

    The Malays No longer trust the Chinese, And We know that even without them we still rule. Let's stick together in our own small way, to strengthen our people. Their agenda is to breaks us down, and we are not going to take it lying down.

    Anything that happens now is too early to tell. Yang menang semua tengah "mabuk kuasa" lebih-lebih lagi yang dibawah mereka yang lebih "sudu dari kuah". They should let Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, Azalina Othman (I like and support her though, Khir Toyo (among the worst in my lists) and few others be the example of what will become of them, if try to be funny.

    1. If I don't care about Johor, I wouldn't even be bothered to write all this.

      At least I'm not attacking them so close to election like what they did to Datuk Ghani just weeks before GE13.

      At that time even the senior Umno bloggers joined them in ensuring the departure of Datuk Ghani even though people who supports the former Menteri Besar repeatedly said he is not planning to stay.

      Fyi, I'm not some novice who listens to others without verifying the truth before writing it here. You can check the stuff that I wrote here for yourself.

      In my opinion, nothing makes it right for those people to behave like lanun.
      No excuses for such behavior.

      And, not everyone behave like them when given the power. There are still good people...even in Umno. I have met them.

    2. You mean what LKS had been saying is true all this while.They are trying to get rid of Ghani Othman from the start. It's not rumours and lies spread by the red bean army then. Lucky for them Ghani did not win in GP or they have more work cut out for them to get rid of him. As for the things that you say are happening in those states and Johor..itu biasa la..sudah menang must now share the loot among the victors while the vanquished are been squeeze out.

      Green Bean Army

    3. Those who wanted Datuk Ghani out are not the Umno leadership.

      They are lanun-lanun who include some Johor Umno people. DS Najib should had stood his ground against these people.

      Datuk Ghani himself had wanted to retire as he was tired of handling all these lanun-lanun. So, the debate on his fate back then was actually purely academic.

  8. UmNO is truky dead and gone. No matter hoe much coaxing and kicking, the leadership won't budge, they are too comfortable.
    Time for all the malays to unite, under PAS.

    1. Under PAS??? You must be joking.... PERKASA is the better option. PAS people are a bunch of hypocrites and even the staunches of so called ulama issue wrong edicts...

      PAS people are in it for the power and NOT for the upholding of Islam.....let them day dreams for surely the ticket to heaven is not by joining PAS..but before thinking of haven we must face reality......

  9. Very sad indeed.The question to ask now is kemana melayu nak pergi.Kepada siapa melayu nak memohon kepimpinan.Very frightening indeed.

  10. Your Comments Coming from the Ground can be verified. All these people knows that their days are numbered and therefore why not make hay while the sun shines....


  11. >Year of racist as a result of post PRU13.
    >It's all political party fault.
    >They have shown their true colours.
    >IRDA is Fuak, There are not single cents benefit to the people of Johor. Can RM5000-RM6000 salary people by 2st.terr house which cost the booom in Johor? No. Then who buy it.. The leeches. The blood sucking parasites incarnation.
    KhazaNah is fuak. Better invest in human capital.
    >That's why 2013 is the year of snake. Many people talk like a snake. Act differently from what is saying....
    >All talk nonsense, opposition or government.. they are all political animals. They are all making business in the name of political party..Who say they are un-profit political party. Fuak again. Show me the data..
    >Most of them, I say most not a little.. is millionaire especially DAP ,Pkr and BN.It's making money and family org.Same goes to the socalled new breed politician.

    Persatuan Penduduk:
    Tampoi Rehabilitation x Center.
    Tanjung Rambutan megamall.
    Hospital Kandang Kerbau sg.

  12. Ok Annie, this what I hear in NS (as I'm in Sban)

    MB cleans house agains. 2008, he get rid of his brothers as his advisor. So people who was not perform last 5 years will feel the pressure now. He didn't do it in 2004. Now those who didn't do much but talk talk and talk will be gone gone and gone. This include people in his office...hmmm

    :) sarah

    1. If that's the case, than it's good for you all in Negeri Sembilan. I really hope you are right and my sources there were wrong.

      But unfortunately, in Johor, I'm quite sure my sources were accurate.

  13. If najib cant get a grip on the situatin pls give way to someone who can.im afraid for the future of malays..iam a johorean as well...

  14. Dear Annie,

    I believe its a tad bit to late for PM or DPM to or can do anything about what it happening and will continue and grow strongly.

    PM was very hopeful to he gets the non-malays to support him but the outcome has put him in this position.It is not that our PM asked for this but the non support shown to him by the non-malays trully is considered backstabbing him.He did not wish for any of this to happen but what choice do he have in this situation?

    Imagine should the non-malays fully support and backed PM in GE-13, then he will be in a strong position to make real changes for the benefits of all races as he promise as 1Malaysia PM. But the Chinese rejected this thus there is no more any such thing as 1Malaysia. It was rejected clearly by the Chinese.Votes is proof. Enough of explaining but time to accept the fact that in every actions there is always consequenses.

    To late to ask for a re-vote to try to re-do what has been done.

    I believe what you and i can now expect to see is the slowly but surely unity of Malays in Malaysia. GE-13 did trully woke up a sleeping giant that was once devided but now is uniting for the sake of its King,Sultan-Sultan & Raja-Raja Melayu,for its race and religion.

    Political differences will no longer be a factor for the malays to unite anymore.Idealogy in politics can never break the religous bond that is uniq and is the strength of Malay race in Malaysia.

  15. salam annie...sayer tertanya tanya...Ooooooo...anak najib buley ckp mandrin tp xleh baca paper cina....seblom pru 13 ader sedikit keyakinan tuk najib tp la ni makin pudar keyakinan yg cuba sayer tanamkan....rasernyer rosmah pm bkn najib...llki lani...errr..errr..maaf cakap...bran ngan pompuan jew n berlindung blakang pompuan jew...llki la ni xder intergriti..xcayer...tgk drama lani sudah la....bouhsan....perkasa pun xseperkasa maner dah...dari hari ini kiter mesti didik anak2 llki jd beriman budiman berintegriti berjatidiri lebih dr anak2 perempuan kiter..klo kiter bg tanggungjawab kpd anak2 perempuan kiter semasa kecil hal yg samer mesti kiter buat tok anak2 llki...klo anak2 perempuan kna jaga adik anak2 llki pun sama....maaf klo lari topik...melepaskan 10sen...he he he..sriyes....