Sunday 12 May 2013


I need to take a break from the heavy stuff for a while.

It has been a very difficult period for me and at the moment I'm totally sad and tired.

Maybe a bit of music will help me sleep tonight.'re going to reap, just what you sow....

Hopefully there will still be tomorrow.

Good night....and take care.


  1. Annie,
    Relax,stay calam/cool.Malaysia is still in the safe hands of Responsible and sane leaders.

  2. Yeah, take a break girl.

    In fact, everyone should take a break after those hectic weeks. (Except those in Anwar's circus, otherwise the boss has to quit, or eats his words again.)

    Malaysia Chinese community is much bigger and wiser than that of Gelang Patah. Our counntry was not founded yesterday, she's going to 60 very soon. I'm very excited about the future under Ah Jib-for!

    Have fun and enjoy.


  3. ya, good for you Annie, go sleep, enough of your daily racism rhetoric !!

  4. rest well dear Annie... I'm a Malay and I was too moderate last time. Now I need to think again what my perception should be towards my chinese friends as I hv tons of them.. a few i hv called my brothers and sisters.. I also need a break from what happened. Anwar n Co should be blame for all these.. stupid Gang!!!

  5. Seorang muslim adalah bersaudara dengan seorang muslim yang lain.

    Never brothers and sisters with the kafirun!