Thursday 30 May 2013

Doctor's advice and other countries

Can't really sleep last night.

Was coughing very badly.

I went to the nearby hospital earlier this morning and was the first patient to see the doctor. Just got back home.

The doctor however said I'm going to live for quite a while more.

She prescribed some medication and told me to rest at home.

But the cigarettes really have to go, she said.

Also, I need to be in a stess-free environment.

I guess that means I need to knock off writing those serious political stuff for the time being.

I think I also need to stop trying too hard to become a Malay racist. Being a racist  actually can be quite stressful. I will always wonder how the DAP people managed to sustain it.

Took my medication and now feeling a bit stoned.

Well, maybe I can write something light here just to pass the time.

Write about something fun for a change.

I don't travel much but I think I can write a bit about the countries that I had visited and what I mostly liked and disliked about those countries. Just short stuff only for now.

Yes, that should be nice.

Okay, let me start with my least favorite country and move up from there -

Likes - Sorry, honestly, I'm not very sure what I like about India. I was not even impressed by the Taj Mahal....hmmm, ok, the hotels I stayed in while there were of the finest standard, errr, that's about it.
Dislikes - The contrast between the rich and poor of the country is too extreme. I also think that the country is too chaotic and lack discipline. Those who thinks that Malaysia is bad should try living the life of ordinary Indians such as those in the slums of Mumbai.

Likes - Extremely clean, efficient and disciplined.
Dislikes - Almost devoid of soul, and the Malays there seem to be treated as second or third or fourth class citizens...except of course that they are too proud to admit it, very much like the Malays of DAP. Well, it's ok, Malaysian Malays may soon be like them too...five years from now?

Likes - I simply love the old city of Hanoi and the food is great. The people are also very friendly...very much like the Malays, except that they are also very tough and very united. That's how they managed to defeat the Mongols, Mings, Manchus and Marines.
Dislikes - Ho Chin Minh City (Saigon) looks too much like KL in the early 1980s. Crazy traffic.

Likes - Friendly people, nice food, splendid traditional massage services, affordable stuff and beautiful culture.
Dislikes - The sex tourism of the country. Disgusting. Very much like nowadays Selangor.

South Korea
Likes - Shopping heaven, efficient, beautiful countryside, nice ginseng stuff.
Dislikes - Not very friendly people, and they are mostly not very beautiful like those in the Korean dramas. A bit like nowadays Penangites.

United Kingdom
Likes - Beautiful countryside, pleasant people, very good food, spring in London.
Dislikes - Almost everything were so bloody expensive. Well, much more expensive than in Malaysia where its people are complaining non-stop.

Likes - Nice people, wonderful Javanese food, almost everything were cheap and beautiful Bali.
Dislikes - The poverty of most of its people, caused by its inefficient government. Millions of them are cari makan in our country despite Malaysia being said to be on the verge of going to the dogs ( almost had really gone to the dogs on May 5th)

Likes - A lot of nice and helpful Chinese, very nice crab meat dumplings and memories of Shanghai.
Dislikes - The not very friendly Chinese people whom I occasionally met there remind me of too many not so nice Chinese people back home....and also the not so nice Malaysians of other races too. Everything seems so money driven and superficial.  Oh, the internet is also very much censored. Maybe all those DAP cybertroopers who are writing about the repressive Malay-led BN government should be send there for a while to taste real repression.

Ok, I need to sleep now, very drowsy....

A bit of music to suit the mood would be nice, I guess...

Yes, key word for me here for now is "Have fun and don't be too serious".


  1. hahahaha.. your fun postings can still take snipes at the Pakatoons....
    classic comedy stuffs..


  2. Haiya! no fun talk about other countries la

  3. Get well soon..


  4. Take care annie

    Here something from my blog to cheer you up

    Hope you see the funny side of all the things that happen.

    :D sarah

  5. At your age, I didn't know you have traveled a lot..
    I'm pretty worried traveling to third world countries. You're concerned about your safety all the time. Unless you're traveling with bodyguard of course. You're worried about the food you eat too. I had a friend who had to stay in hotel all day due to diarrhea and wasting his visit there.

  6. HA HA HA ... has been trying to tell u all this time ... why waste time of politics when there are so much beautiful things in the world to be explored. Dunt forget to exercise, go out more (to sabah, sarawak, australia, new zealand etc.) And start investing in share market bit by bit. Don't forget to strengthened your accounting and business sense as well.

    Leno - The Super-Investor, Super-Runner, Super-Parent, Super-Spouse, Super-Reader ... (now waiting for kids to grow up so that leno can start travelling everywhere)

  7. Get well soon. Sad to see no comparison to Kelantan in your travels. Maybe next year?

  8. *hands Annie a cup of hot honey lemon tea*

    Love the music choice and thank you for the perspective on all the countries you've visited. I agree with you on the bit on economic disparity; the guilt and sorrow just kills any touristy enjoyment.

    I would suggest you visit Iran. Beautiful scenery, great food, loads on history. Except that you cannot wear bright colours, all clothes must be loose and knee length and must cover hair. You don't know paranoia until you see not just cops, but soldiers at the street corners armed with assault rifles.

    But it's still a great place to visit.

    Get well soon, Annie darling!


  9. Any experience with Middle eastern countries?

    Anyway, nice post.

  10. How old are you? You sound like a juvenile sniping from the sides. Oh well, keep it up. Jibby must be very proud with his umno troopers given the results of the elections.....

    1. You sound like a Red Bean DAPig cyber bully! Tokong and kit sial must be really proud of you for continuing inciting hatred in cyberspace!

    2. What incitement? What hatred?

  11. Dear Annie, like the new direction of your blog. Here's one.

    Likes - their lamb rice pilaf is the best in the world
    Dislikes - their roads sucks. Pot holes here pot holes there. Cracked here cracked there.. a lot like Selangor roads nowadays. Difference is their roads are clean, unlike Selangor's

    Cheers! Take care and get well soon!

  12. Lady, I just happen upon your blog (after visiting ABITW) that thing about your chest pain interest me!
    I am 65 years old and m now a full fledge Hrt Patient! I had my initial stroke without ever feeling much but just nagging chest pain which went away! But when that hrt attack happened, the attendant MO of a Specilist centre misdiagnosed me as Vertigo!That was in April 2012.
    When the following morning the brain specialist and the lung specialist came I had my X-ray and MRI done! Nothing wrong there!
    I had a few more episodes of now termed `bronco asthma' but I was having the same symptoms which my son had at 30 years old!
    After 7 months the cardiologist ruled I was no asthmatic but had my hrt attacks and the last on Deepavali nearly killed me!
    So not trying to scare you, I believe you must not delay visiting a Cardio (as my son was a smoker too!)
    Don't defer till you are too late! Lungs can be saved but there is only one heart!
    Best of luck!

    1. Thanks very much for the advice. I will do the necessary.

  13.'re a RHCP fan..good for you..under the bridge is my therapy song when i'm feeling's a good emotion healing song..have a try

  14. Stop smoking all will be well. Take care

  15. Dear Annie,
    It was fun reading your likes and dislikes of the countries you visited. I share most of them except for a 'very good food' in U.K. Huh? Ok yes, people do have different tastes...the thing is I often have to bring some instant foods everytime I go there.
    Wonder what will be your likes and dislikes if you were to visit Japan. Maybe its time for you to consider the land of the rising sun for a real treat! This is a country where you will either love it or hate it. Dozo kitte mitte kudasai!

  16. Annie,
    Here's music that's not devoid of soul and one of the few things that bridges the chasm between the powerful and the have-nots of India. Anoushka "jams" with Papa Shankar.

    Try deep abdominal breathing .... it might help you.

  17. Dear Annie,

    nice write up, hope you get well soon, the more I read your blog the more I felt in love with it, the way you put it fantastic marvellous.... hope you come visit Terengganu one day

    you will like the scenery, the food the beach and the friendly people

    dislike 'the retak menanti belah in politik', the quality of the politician, and the Chinese here even sepet like you they don't vote for a bn Chinese..😉