Thursday 23 May 2013

Useless Gerakan should just shut up

There is this statement by Gerakan acting president Datuk Chang Ko Youn yesterday -

"We feel that all (BN) component parties should go for the non-racial line, as the merging of these parties including those in Sabah and Sarawak will be able to give a new image to BN in order to win back public support and ensuring unity among party members."

For the full story, read here -

Gerakan proposes BN components merge to form one party

Okay, Datuk Chang, personally, I think you are so full of crap.

If you want to shut down your own non-performing party, you should just shut it down.

Don't drag other people into it.

Let's not bullshit people by saying that Malaysians are not voting along racial line. I'm sick and tired of hearing that.

If Chang thinks that there were not enough people voting for BN because its component parties are race based, then why does Gerakan, who supposedly a multi-racial party did very badly too.

As we all know, Gerakan is of the same template as DAP, a Chinese-based party masquerading as a multi-racial party.

So, how come DAP is doing very well while Gerakan is three quarter dead?

The answer is easy, DAP is seen by the Chinese community as more Chinese than Gerakan.

In fact, DAP is seen by the Chinese community as even more Chinese than the openly Chinese-based MCA.

The key to DAP's success in GE13 is their persistence over the years in drumming into the brain of the Chinese in this country that they are the savior of their community and will be the one who will replace the evil Malay-led BN government.

Such was the DAP's grip on the Chinese community's conscience that the overwhelming majority of Chinese, young and old rather voted for the obviously amoral PKR leaders and religious zealots of Pas. They believe that as long as they don't vote  BN, their DAP heroes will come to power.

DAP's big win in GE13 got nothing to do with them being multi-racial. It is instead because of them being Chinese, plain and simple.

All these talks about youths these days not caring about their race are crap. I think every decent and honorable young Chinese school graduates would admit that they agree with me. You really think those young Chinese guys don't care about their race?

Remember Gelang Patah? What do you think the reason why over 90 per cent of the Chinese there voted for Lim Kit Siang who had done nothing and probably will do nothing for them in future? Why do you think they rejected their "old friend" Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman who had served them so well for 18 years as their menteri besar?


Got it or not?

I had attended several Gerakan functions in the past and observed how they savaged their Umno allies in their speeches.

Now, they have the cheek to call for Umno and the others in BN to be dissolved and then merge with them after they themselves only managed to win one parliament and three state seats.

Aiseh Datuk Chan, you tak ada malu ka?

You and your Gerakan want to dissolve, you all dissolve la. Don't disturb other people, ok?


  1. Gerakan knows that it must change or die. It doesn't have a place in BN that suits its agenda. It may not have a place in Pakatan either. The best choice for them might be a stint outside of government to win back support. Right now its on UMNO life support and fast on its way to becoming another PPP.

  2. A Chinese is a Chinese no matter what ,stupid suggestion but practical yet not applicable in Malaysa ,as long as the Chinese would consider they are still Chinese and Indian still consider they are Indian preferring vernacular education more then Sekolah Kebangsaan .
    If they still prefer racial base education ,how could you forget about racial base politic and promote multiracial party in Malaysia ,infect it's a joke when you call yourself Malaysian but you refused to accept Malaysian line of education ,worst of all you cant even speak the Malaysian national language .
    There is a popular Malay saying ,'kalau jumpa keling dengan ular,bunoh keling dulu' ,but it seems now the Chinese are worst then the keling as their tongue are more twisted .
    May be the Malay had missed in their observation , and it's time for them to learned now.

    1. If we're going to be a harmonious multiracial country, drop the 'keling' word from your dictionary please.

    2. that saying is actually hijacked from India. The actual saying is if you meet a keralite bla bla bla ...... orang melayu takde skill mengata orang sebenarnya ... so proud :))tu yang kena ludah mukapun rilek je lagi ... pijak kepala pun rilek je ...

  3. I like Annie.

    Cute and garang at the same time.

    Flavour of the month. Malaysian Malaysia. KJ pun promote Malaysian Malaysia. Nasib baik Saifudin jatuh to snake oil salesman from PAS. Kalau tidak sibuk Malaysian Malaysia jugak.

    Kesian orang kampung. Dan juga orang melayu bandar yang percaya STAR.

    Sendiri mau ingat la. Kalau kita cakap, jangan lalu situ nanti jatuh, nak juga lalu ... biarkan jatuh.

    Kalau Azran berhenti AirAsia, apply kerja China Airlines yang expand like crazy tu, rasa-rasa dapat tak?

  4. Also the MCA must be kicked out. UMNO should be the sole party in Malaysia. This is Malaysia those who do not like Malays can migrate.

    1. That would be a bit extreme ....... tapi takpe keluarkan semua ... then exhale .........:)

  5. Syabas is very feminine BUT she packs a punch...Nah kena kau GERAKAN yang tak bergerak....

    I dare GERAKAN to reveal every bit of the truth, and fire whatever target is available. Why didn't GERAKAN or MCA make a big fuss, like the RBA, regarding the Undemocratic CEC elections and other failed DAP led initiatives? At least Helen Ang and SYA are brave Malaysians. Now cowardly seeking to riden on BN, no, riding on UMNO... to give them safe seats under BN.....

    You allowed and give space to DAP to roam and then you ask BN to salvage you political life.. Hey man, even PSM can survive....

    1. GERAKAN yang tak bergerak

    2. They had already planned this a long time ago. YELLOW ma!

  6. Maybe kitsial ask him to said that. so he can cut cut cut from inside.

  7. Keep it up Annie, at least you have the guts to say what u truly feel like

  8. Spot on. Btw i stopped buying nst years back when the kalli guy were attacking dr m. However 2 days ago i have stopped buying the star and started to buy nst again, for reasons most can guess why.

  9. ini MUSANG BULU AYAM punya cakap mana boleh percaya!!! kot kot dia sendiri pilih DAP!!!
    Memang dah jelas ahli-ahli MCA n Gerakan pilih DAP kalau tak mana cina boleh menang sampai 75%-90% majority... tak ada ahli MCA n Gerakan kat kawasan tu ehhh....

  10. And then here they go. Please help me big brother (UMNO).I'm sinking fast. Can you help me to hop up on your ship. That this gerakan mindset. Shesssss

    :[ sarah

  11. When angry, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Remember to think with your brain and not your emotion. There is no need to melenting at every single suggestion by the Chinese. Accept criticism as long as it is constructive and always welcome suggestions from anyone because sometimes, two or three heads are better than one.