Friday 17 May 2013

Melayu boikot orang Melayu

AirAsia X CEO Azran Osman Rani said

“I am Malaysian. I am anti-racism. I am disgusted by Utusan’s editorial stance."

Utusan's big sin according to Azran - asking the Chinese community what else that they want after their almost total snubbing of DS Najib Razak's 1Malaysia at the GE13 despite all the overtures made to them by the prime minister.

Azran feels that Malays should not ask such a question to the Chinese.

So indignant was Azran that he was also reportedly remarked that AirAsia X is withdrawing all advertisement of the airliner from Utusan.

Well, so much for the Buy Cina Last campaign. Just as it was about to begin, a successful young Malay of the world already told the Malays who reads Utusan that he would not let his beautiful aircrafts be dirtied by stupid Malays who are racists by virtue of reading Utusan.

Actually, the AirAsia X does not belong to Azran. He is just the Malay face of the airline. You can read about the airline here AirAsia X

I wonder whether Tony Fernandez would had appointed Azran as the airline's CEO when he first set it up if Azran is not a Malay.

I also wonder if Azran had ever bothered to know about the many questions asked by the Chinese newspapers about the Malays over the past years which inflamed the community's racial sentiments leading to the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

If he hasn't, then I would suggest that he read them and decide if AirAsia X should 
pull out its advertisement from Sin Chiew, Nanyang, China Press, Oriental etc.

Anyway, back to the Utusan offending question, well, Azran, here is the answer to 
that question by a not so offended Chinese -

"Cina mahu Umno mati. Itu saja.”

For the rest of what that Chinese said, you can read it here


  1. Annie.. itu la yang LKS..LGE mau. melayu lawan melayu. Sama la dgn all the nonsense LKS now is busy commenting Dato'Ghani not been selected to be part of the latest DS Najib's cabinet..bla..bla..bla. . not sure who did ask his opinion. probably the STar.
    memang terang-terang mau melayu lawan melayu or more like melayu lawan/benci UMNO.
    and some melayu still not able to realise this. i pity them.

    1. ShowOurMalayPower!!17 May 2013 at 17:10

      Time to teach these ingrates some manners. Take back the airline licenses or introduce more cheap airline in the name of competitions. The problem is that UMNO leaders are weak and dont know how to impose their will for lack of practice or incompetence.

      But not now. Malays NGO are reviving. UMNO will be known as UM NGOs..hehe..

      After all UMNO was formed from more than 60 Malay NGOs in the 50s.

      Once united it was hijacked by Indians who were already in the media like NST ,TheSTar and Mmail.

      But the internet has rebalance the sharing of knowledge and power. Rafidah has slammed Azran Rani who is also listed in Singapore Atheist list.

      So has Shahrizat. We will make sure he pee in his pants and exposed his kemaluan.

      Hey Azran, you may like being shitted on by Fernandes but remember it was Tun M who gave him the planes for free without the Malays permission.

      And we Malays want those airbus back now the old man is a goner.

  2. Dear Helen..
    Melayus the like of Azran.. they are malu to admit they are melayu.... to them melayu is a failed brand...
    you hit it in the nail... DAP has successfully convinced the chinese that for them (the chinese) to gain dominate the political sphere.. the chinese has to kill off UMNO. That is because UMNO is the epitome of Malay political dominance. That is what ABU all about.

  3. UMNO is the strength of Malays..... It's understandable for DAP hence Chinese to reject UMNO. The battle is beginning to roll along racial lines...... That's how it will go from now.

    As we follow historical records throughout the world, we can read about ethnic clashes and cleansing.... Brutal yes, but they do happen.

  4. Itu yg cina mau. Azran walked into the trap. Now ada melayu benci dan ada yg sokong jadi dah splitla. Strategy pru14 dah bermula........

  5. Wow!! Quite harsh... Annie. Anyway, Azran deserve it.

  6. Hi Annie..

    This is another example of so called urban Malays. They always think that they are up there or where they are now in the society because of their hard work..(hehe maybe they are)..but what they failed to see that, besides their hard work, if not because the policy of the current government, the so called urban malays most probably be the kampung boys, still..

    Have your ever heard Chinese CEOs disgusted with any of the major chinese news paper that write about the Malays over the past years which inflamed the community's racial sentiments leading to the Chinese tsunami of GE13. Only Malays would do it.. I wonder why.

    To Mr Azran, please dont be so naive thinking that the Chinese voted because they want a clean government. They accepted corruption as part of the way in doing business. Kalau tak menipu, tu bukan Cina namanya.

    Another good posting Annie.. keep up a good work.

    Anon 786

    1. "To Mr Azran, please dont be so naive thinking that the Chinese voted because they want a clean government."

      Kongsi gelap is Chinese culture. Yang kaki bribe orang is Cina. They want clean government? Yeah right. Their DAP party can't even have clean party election!

      This Azran is really stupid for getting involved. Cina DAP is clapping their hands happy that he felled into their trap. Melayu sama Melayu gaduh. Soon PKR Malays will join the fray. Kow tim!

      Exactly like kalimah Allah issue. DAP start (then kept quiet). PAS continue the battle with fellow Malay-Muslims. DAP tepuk tangan kat belakang. Kow tim!

  7. I hope utusan will officially not use that low low low everything low aircraft to fly their staff & cargo if any. Stupid azran - lu punya punggung tak putih & possibly not licin as your head. I pray for you to be sacked soon. Hope tan sri rafidah will quit if she is interested in malay cause & her position or just openly criticize this ungrateful botak.

  8. This is a typical "liberated and sophisticated malay" that will be one of the main contributor to the downfall of malay and subsequently islam in this country.

    Azran was sponsored by one of the largest malay dominated company in the country to do engineering in US, because he is a malay. Upon graduation, he never have the courtesy to serve the sponsor, instead chose to ply his trade in one the forein CONsultant. Eventually, he landed with Muniandy, perhaps as someone's proxy.

    How ungrateful and anak bangsa melayu can beand he is not alone.

    Nak salahkan ibu mengandung?

    1. What is ungrateful about condemning a sampahkhabar that wants to create tension among races in the country?

      Kudos to Azran. Give a big "pelempang" to Utusan Malusial.

  9. "They accepted corruption as part of the way in doing business." You are absolutely right, without giving bribe it is impossible to get business with the gov and subcontract from the Malays cronies.

    1. Aiyah,lu olang mana depend on govt maaaa....or perhaps its just because you unsatisfied and rapacious lot chafe at not being able to bolot all contracts....orang lain pon mau cali lejeki maaa, tabley la tamak sangat geng.

    2. :))) asshole ... cina bukit tak sekolah.

  10. "ever bothered to know about the many questions asked by the Chinese newspapers about the Malays over the past years which inflamed the community's racial sentiments" Can you give a specific example? Unless you mean Chinese always question the abuse of the NEP and system by the UMNO crooks who fatten their wallets like the cow project.

    1. Halo kawan kacang merah, calling people names eg hitam metallic tu bukan incitement ke? Ironic how so called abuse of nep has in fact created a substantial and large urban middle class with the chinese benefitting more than again, toksah la tamak sangat!

    2. Go away .... dah tak berminat pun berbincang / dengar pendapat cina nih

  11. he is the same breed as those of bangsar/bukit damansara lot.. perasan western, rambut kuning, cakap nak bunyi american, australian , british.. the very same lot that idolises the daughter of that diabolical piece of inhumanity whose brain capacity is about the size of a peanut.

    1. Diorang ni tak perasan ... cina pun menyampah dengan diorang ... ye lah gaji juta-juta ... dalam hati cina, itu hak aku. ko kat situ pasal melayu still tak sedar diri... AirAsia X cancel London/ Dubai routes tu apa hal , tak research dulu ke ... tak perform la tu ...please resign

  12. Annie u wrongly spelled his name....his name is Azran Osman-Rani...u missed the hyphen ..i am not too sure when malays have hyphen in their names....i guess because he isnt pure malay...he is what we call hybrid malays...hybrid malays are malays who are ashamed to be malays and also malays who think i got where i am today cos i am pretty faboulous (despite looking obviously jawa)...he wasnt so defensive when the cyber troppers were practically accusing Air Asia and MAS for bringing in Banglas....all of a sudden when he read utusan he realised he is all urban and fancy cos i am the malay mascot of Air Asia...tell this dude get real..with his absolute javanese face...he would have been just another ordinary malay jock if it wasnt because of the current policy....keep telling urself that u are somehow extraordinary...keep being dellusional

    1. Rafidah dengan Rony Fernandes tak sensitif ke dengan rakyat marah-marah nih ....... ye lah, takat melayu marah ... Malindo bila nak expand to all Air Asia routes ....

      Kalau saham jatuh baru diorang gelabah kut ... saham akan jatuh kalau malindo perform .... kita kena begin words of mouth ... Malindo superb etc .... iklan crowd-sourcing style ... harap - harap berjaya

    2. Fidah is one of the melayu merajuk.

      Don't this she bother about this small issue.

      That's UMNO's problem.

    3. Rafidsh should leave UMNO and join PKR, just like Kamalia

  13. The Melayus definitely haven't boycotted the star - they didn't mind using the taxpayers money for "ball carrying exercises"

    PM needs to stop this nonsense - just giving the Pakatan idiots more ammo to make his cabinet look weak :P If we the average joes can see the impact of this to BN, why can't the elected officials see.

    "The government company set up to build affordable homes for the lower-income group was criticised today after it paid for full-page advertisements in Umno’s Utusan Malaysia and the MCA’s The Star to congratulate Datuk Husni Hanadzlah on his reappointment as second finance minister.

    According to an official from The Star, SPNB was charged RM59,529.60 for the advertisement.
    An Utusan Malaysia official said the advertisement cost about RM37,000."

    1. :)
      SPNB didn't get the memo, I guess. ( about the boycott)

    2. In a way betul juga. UMNO ni bebal ke apa ... WEIIIIIII, BANGUN LA WEIIII .... kita boleh nampak, diorang still guna teknik zaman dulu.

  14. This is one good example of Melayu tak sedar diri ( melayu mudah lupa) where would he be without the NEP where Utusan played an important role in promoting .
    This is the type of" Melayu angkat" mengaku Melayu when there are benefiting them ( they are no difference from' Malaysian angkat' ) anything benefit them they are Malaysian but they cant even speak the Malaysian Language.

  15. Hang on guys.

    Malays vs Malays will be the future of this country.

    Anyway, the malays have been fighting each other for years.

    Syaitan is working overtime to make sure the malays fight each other over anything. Those days in ITM, the kelantanese will fight the selangorean over girls. Then they fight over football matches.

    The chinese and indians are just distractions. If they are not around, the malays will fight malay over religion. My islam is better than your islam, etc. Its stated in the Quran.

    So, tak heranlah we have mat salleh gelap bernama Azran. At that age still not married, I wonder why??

  16. Aiyah this fucker was from BSKL. COO or some other lanchau. Cakap Americano more pekat than the whites. Check and see whereabouts he crawled out from: some small fisherman's village or the heights of Bangsar?

    If he came from a fishing village, he's got DEB money in his system. If he is a true blue urban boy, he got DEB blood flowing inside his parents' veins.

    Melayu yang educated ni mana boleh lari dari DEB punya. If it's not them, it was their parents who had benefitted from the Melayu Government's benevolence to the same species this Tanggang looks down upon.

    If this is the kind of urban Malays who supposedly had voted en masse for PR, they can keep him. I hear they make good pets, loyal to a fault and eager to please.

    I'm an urban Malay and I voted BN. So did my circle of friends. Yang vote PR semuanya either Melayu celup or Melayu muda yang tak faham dunia.

    1. Good One. Totally agree with you.

    2. Spot on. Congratulations. My sentiments exactly.

  17. Think his father was a lecturer at UKM

    1. Bapak dia orang PR kot, typical lecturer yang tak dapat jadi professor.

    2. Bapak dia professor lah.

  18. Dah la botak..tak hensem lak tu...nampak cam dungu..mcm mana la jadik CEO..suruh dia blahh la...

  19. dia dah kawinlah

  20. Ni anak osman-rani ukm tu ke? Kalau betullah, bapak dia tak rasa ada segan-segan sikit ke?

    UKM tu kan ujud untuk memertabatkan melayu? Bapak cari makan kat ukm kasi makan anak.

    Anak besar dapat scholarship, bagi pandai, sebab dia melayu.

    Dah pandai (konon) malu jadi melayu. Atau malu ada melayu 'low class'.

    Dia ni si Tanggang Melayu.

    Mintak2 jadi batu.

  21. Hah???? Dia tu athiest singapore??? Biar betol!!!


    1. Roti Gardenia (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
    2. Bihun Jati Bernas (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
    3. Minyak Masak Tiara (FELDA)
    4. Minyak Masak Saji (FELDA)
    5. Susu Manis Pekat Saji (FELDA)
    6. Susu Manis Cair Saji (FELDA)
    7. Magge Sajimee Saji (FELDA)
    8. Mayonis Saji Mayo Saji (FELDA)
    9. Marjerin Pelangi (FELDA)
    10. Sos Cili Pelangi (FELDA)
    11. Sos Tomato Pelangi (FELDA)
    12. Jem Peanut SunBear (FELDA)
    13. Sardin Agromas
    14. Sardin Pertima
    15. Kopi Hang Tuah
    16. Bihun Sufi
    17. Mi Kuning Sufi
    18. Kuey Teow Sufi
    19. Garam Sufi
    20. Sos Lada Hitam Sufi
    21. Sos Cili/Tomato Sufi
    22. Kicap Masin/Manis Sufi
    23. Tepung Goreng Sufi
    24. Minyak Masak Sufi
    25. Telur Cap Sufi
    26. Ubat gigi Najwa
    27. Ubat gigi Halagel
    28. Garam Halagel
    29. Tepung gandum Cap Bidara
    30. Tepung gandum Faiza
    31. Jus minuman Safina
    32. Syampoo D'herbs
    33. Mydin
    34. MyMart (kedai keluaran Mydin)
    35. Bihun Kampung


    1.Tepung Gandum Cap Sauh
    2. Sri Murni Minyak Masak
    3. Sri Murni Nugget
    4. Marina Nugget
    5. Marina Tuna
    6. Aminah Hassan Sos Cili
    7. Aminah Hassan Sos Tomato
    8. Aminah Hassan Bihun
    9. Roti Massimo
    10. PowerRoot Ali Cafe
    11. PowerRoot Oligo Cereal
    12. PowerRoot 9SPOT ISOTONIK
    13. Malta
    14. NutriMalt
    15. Teh Cap Masjid
    16. Teh Guru Cap Masjid
    17. Pau Ahmad
    18. Old Town White Coffee
    19. Pasaraya EconSave
    20. Pasaraya KK mart
    21. Pasaraya 99 SpeedMart
    22. Minyak Knife
    23. Minyak Buruh
    24. Minyak Naturel
    25. Minyak Daisy
    26. Drinho ALL DRINKS
    27. Isomax Isotonic
    28. HomeSoy
    29. Farm Crows Butter

    1. Good list. I have started on the Buy Chinese Last campaign. Sekali sekala tu lupa, masuk juga kedai makan francais Cina, old habits die hard. But insyallah and alhamdulillah, bit by bit, little by little, I'm taking Cina businesses out of my system.

    2. See, you relapsed already. :)

      Don't worry, sooner or later your efforts will be hangat-hangat taik ayam because in the end, in this multicultural nation of ours, you will have to work with a Chinese at somepoint. :)

    3. No worries. Bit by bit, little by little, we're gonna get ya, honey buns. Pain is coming to your people. It's already started. Have fun.

  23. Annie, there are Malays and then there are Malays. Like Anak Si Hamid said in her posting "Mayonnaise Malays and Belacan Malays. This fellow falls into the former category. Perangai saja putih, cakap pun macam omputih tapi pungkok hitam!

    1. and then Anak Si Hamid goes to UK to moan and groan about 'English racism'.


  24. Man..too many stupid dumbfuck in this forum..

    1. and you are one of them.

      get out of here if you have nothing good to contribute.
      waste of sperm, you are...

  25. Im betting you dont dare to post my comments...dumb reader

  26. Good that Annie post your comment. Dumbo!

  27. Guys come back in 3 months and we ll see how BCL will fare. FYI I am in low yat plaza and lots of Malays buying products from the Chinese. Your own kind don't bother with your silly counter productive nonsense. Haha. Thanks for the list, we know what to boycott too. ABU yo.

    1. Lets see who needs who here. This is already on some fb pages. I once read " too many freaks, not enough circus".

    2. Don't jizz your panties too soon, honey bun. It's early days yet. But already I see stacks of The Star unsold since a few days ago, while Utusan have sold out. It's okay, laugh first. We'll laugh last, never mind, cos we'll laugh loudest. Yo.

  28. Regardless of whether "Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?" is a racist question or not, I think it's just a dumb question.

    Elections are primarily about expressing a decision of what we want. And we all want more. So if the Chinese (if they can be generalised as a single mass of people with the same opinions) want more, who can blame them?

    Don't Malays, Indians, Bidayuhs, Kadazans etc. etc. go to the polls wanting more for the future?

    How much is too much really? That's an entirely subjective question.