Sunday 26 May 2013

A rest and salute for my comrades-in-arms

I'm now resting somewhere by a beach. 

It's the most beautiful place.

Finally, I got the luxury to really rest since more than two months ago.

I will be waiting for the outcome of my posting

at this place where I'm resting.

I'm not putting much hope to it, but at least I had tried. 

Those people at Kota Iskandar don't know who I am, but I always consider them as my comrades-in-arms during the defense of Johor in GE13.

They fought very hard and my salute is for them.

They are good people who are loyal to Barisan Nasional and Johor Umno.

I hope they have by now started looking for alternative employments. 

The one month termination of services notice they will likely get will not give them much time. My concern is especially for those with family to care for. 

Even if the new Johor Menteri Besar decides to spare them, I don't think they will last very long with those tyrannical Khaled's people running the show now at Kota Iskandar.

The most they are likely to get is some extra time to look for another job.

What will likely happen in Kota Iskandar in the weeks to come will spread to other agencies, Irda, JCorp, etc.

Good people will have to make way for the "MB's people". 

It's now for the new Johor MB to prove me wrong.

Now, I'm going to shut down this laptop, close my eyes, and listen to the sound of the ocean....


  1. I see , can tag along with you???

  2. With the result of GE13's Chinese tsunami', I think they are going to replace Ghani's moderate people with the likes of Kit Siang's chauvinist and racist kind of Malays.


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    1. Banyak sangat la beb .... boleh narrow down to top ten dulu ke?

      Yang aku tahu

      STAR - ganti dengan NST;
      Air Asia ganti dengan Malindo, Firefly;
      Massimo ganti dengan Gardenia

      Makanan beli FELDA punya brand.

  5. Hope you had a good rest. I also hope that you do not take the MB's situation personally.

    Do look at the broader picture instead of taking a myopic view because if we want to protect Johor from becoming a Selangor, then we should emphasize our fight against Pakatan, in particular DAP.