Tuesday 14 May 2013

My cartoonish racism versus Pakatan's anarchist threats

Nothing much to do at the office today. Apparently, everyone seems to like my job and were doing it for me.

I decided not to kick up a fuss and just let it be. After all, I don't want to get involve in any stupid petty office politics.

So, I went home early for a quiet evening. Had dinner of rice and chicken and then watched my favorite cartoon at the moment, Finn and Jake.

Then I remembered this comment in my earlier posting

Things are getting hotter:

KUALA LUMPUR: Pro-Pakatan Rakyat groups have vowed to overthrow the Barisan Nasional government this year through a massive street rally.

Speakers at a forum held yesterday unanimously agreed that waiting for five years until the next general election was too long, and vowed to overthrow BN this year through “force”.

The street rally is rumoured to be as early as May 17 or 18 to overthrow BN and capture Putrajaya.

“We will take to the streets and take over Putrajaya. If we really want to overthrow them, there is no other way. Democracy does not work,” Haris Ibrahim from ABU (Anything But Umno) told the 1,500-strong crowd here.

“The people cannot wait anymore. We don’t want to wait another five years. We will take the streets,” he added

Thanks Anon for bringing that to my attention.

I believe he/she had lifted that bit of story from the pro-Pakatan Free Malaysia Today.

That story actually reminded me of how I felt when DAP's Lim Kit Siang was announced by DS Anwar Ibrahim as the Pakatan candidate for the Gelang Patah seat.

I was telling myself at that time that there goes the neighborhood, the DAP people are coming down to Johor and push through their agenda by fanning the Chinese racial sentiments.

True enough, that was how they managed to get 97 per cent of the over 56,000 Chinese voters in Gelang Patah to vote against their moderate yet efficient Malay MB of 18 years, Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

Ghani had pleaded to his "old friends" in Gelang Patah to safeguard the "Johor Way" which put moderation above all else by rejecting the DAP aggressive racialist tactics, but to no avail.

Racism apparently does produces results as proven in Gelang Patah.

That's when I decided that racism should be fought with racism.

As you may noticed, these past week, I was fashioning myself to be a Malay racist to counter that DAP's racism.

Now I realized that I had been outmaneuvered again.

Racism is apparently so yesterday. It's now not good enough for these Pakatan gang.

They have now transformed themselves from racists to anarchists.

Now, as reported above, they are saying that they will topple the government by force before the year ends.

Democracy is now garbage to them. They just can't accept that despite their gains and almost total support from the Chinese community in GE13, BN still rules the country.

Anwar is already on the road accusing BN of cheating to win the GE13.

His rallies are reportedly drawing tens of thousands. No proper evidence of electoral fraud has been presented yet his followers are blindly hanging on to his every words.

The authorities had not done anything so far, probably hoping for the whole nonsense to burn out on its own without any untoward incident.

Probably, due to the lack of drama, Anwar minions are now going extreme to push the authorities' hands.

Haris Ibrahim who is suppose to be a lawyer, thus by right should be a law abiding citizen is now advocating force on the streets as a mean to take over Putrajaya.

I am not sure how this whole madness will end.

But I am quite sure that the right thinking Malaysians, including those who voted Pakatan less than a fortnight ago will realize how crazy and power hungry those people are now.

My rather pathetic attempts at being a racist is as threatening as a cartoon monster compared to the Pakatan's anarchist maneuvering .


  1. you know that cartoon pinky and the brain annie..it's about two lab mice that never give up to take over the world..despite every attempt they fail..it's very much like this pakatoon gang..overall the the whole show about their attempt is a jokes even if sound it so smart and great but their plan always sucks big time.

    1. Haha. That explains them precisely :D


    2. did i heard someone asked "Who discarded ISA ?"

    3. hahaha...now i know i'm not the only one watching that cartoon..and i agree pakatoon is like pinky and the brain..the leader DSAI LKS is like the brain and their follower is like pinky( he's a weird mice with a strong english accent)..you guys want to learn about the attitude of pakatan people in a very fun way just find pinky and the brain..i think it's available on youtube.

  2. Annie...it's never a good idea to put yourself down to the DAP's level, fighting racism with racism. Be who you are...fight for what you believe in, in your own way. That's what I do.

    Haris Ibrahim is a mad man, desperate for attention, believing he is a Malaysian hero. At best, he is a legend in his own mind.

    1. y'know what, even if Annie is trying to fashion herself to be a 'racist' I don't believe it's ever in her heart. It's just sadness over the loss of moderation in our country and the ever increasing amount of polarisation among the races.

      Can't be a racist if you're never one to begin with, no matter how hard you try. On the flipside, a racist like Lim Kit Siang can be never be NOT racist, no matter how hard he tries to cover it.

  3. I wish new IGP will do somethings to this guys. this past few days I have a mix feeling either to be recist or be moderate again. But their etique make me want to be recist or ultra to the max.

    While the core in me know I cannot maintain to be recist or ultra forever. I rather speak up when necessary and pour my though to newspaper or blog occasionaly.

    But they make me want to go to face them and shout and slap them in the face and said "wake up and stop this nonsense. And shut the hell up Think before you act man."

    Now I'm in the stage of hating politic.


    1. Best to ignore them. Let the new IGP worries about these things.

      They won't take to the streets for long - mengikut pengikut mereka, ini bukan budaya kita, polis yang provoke :).

      Ramai mana sangat nak turun and for how many times... momentum dah habis. Like the french revolution, the 20 attempts failed..plus in Malaysia there no empty stomach factor as yet.

  4. Hence if that what they want ,thus leaving the government of Yang DiPertuan Agong with few option like declaring the state of emergency ,and it will be a good clean up,after all they don't care about democratic government any way .

    1. This is what they want.

      Kita buat kerja kita je - BN kena perform lebih lagi. Lama-lama habis stim la tu. Lepas tu tangkap and throw away the keys. Cuma risau bila yang gila sorang dua tu jadi suicide bomber je ... bukan rasional diorang.

  5. Let them shout all they want. Soon they will run out of steam. Their antics will sway the fence sitters to BN.

    No right-minded people want power crazy fellow like Anwar and his gang of gangsters to rule Malaysia. No right-minded Malays want racists LKS and LGE as their leaders.

    I think the Police did the right thing. Just monitor and get solid evidence to charge them in court when things have settled down. No point provoking now. Nanti tak pasal-pasal harta awam rosak binasa.

    Let the racists DAP Chinese show their true colours. I wonder can Google translate translates all their racist comments that are written in Chinese? I think I will try later..

    1. To Anonymous15 May 2013 10:17,

      "No right-minded Malays want racists LKS and LGE as their leaders."

      You will be surprised to see how many of the not-so-right-minded Malay academic and staff of the public university in Skudai voted for LKS in Parliament seat of Gelang Patah !

      Ask the BN & Pakatan people. They already did the post-mortem of each saluran.

      JB Boy

  6. I am no legal expert. Isn't advocating anarchism going against the duly elected government hence the King and Country? Isn't that treason? This by 'PR's description of Phantom voters' look alike bangla knows what he is saying?

    Can any legal expert here claify.

    Fire wood for stake anyone?

  7. Bring back ISA.

    If Tun Mahathir were still the PM, characters like Haris would have been dumped to Kamunting.

    1. Blame it to that sleeping PM

  8. To the new IGP, the incoming Mentri KDN and the AG, for all the insult done and apology sort there after (flag upside down, negaraku etc), please prosecute to the full extent of the law. The apology is for public consumption, the country has been faulted.

    And say that this as a deterrent for such behaviour in the future. No 3 bulan suspended sentence, no rm1000. 20 years with no early release more like it.

    Takes to long to change the school system and instil patriotism.

    Start with haris and tc.

    1. Start with Kit Siang first better.

      Haris ni biar dia gila sorang2... jangan bagi glamer lebih2 macam Ambiga ... nanti perasan bagus. Biar dia gaduh dengan Tian Chua belawan sape lagi gila . Hari tu kan gaduh ... sama sama dia pun gaduh nak revolusi konon ... Sekarang ni orang sibuk.... mana nak follow blog annie lagi etc etc

  9. Losing steam already??

    KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 ― Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders have admitted that their post-Election 2013 public rallies, despite their mammoth following, will soon run out of steam and was unlikely to change the outcome of the just-concluded polls.

    Amid incessant cries for re-election, newly-elected PR lawmakers said the events were merely to keep the momentum going for the federal opposition pact and to serve as a reminder to Malaysians that a majority 51 per cent of the electorate had voted out Barisan Nasional (BN) even though the pact returned to power.

    They agreed that theirs was a losing battle as the odds were stacked against them, despite acknowledging the existence of legal avenues to challenge results in certain constituencies where they believe they have sufficient evidence of fraud.

    But while most insist the rallies are necessary, a silent few in PR have agreed that it is time to move on and admit defeat before Malaysians begin to regard their leaders as sore losers.

    “What can I say? How many times can we expect our supporters to come out for these rallies? Eventually, this anger will fizzle out and we must move on.