Thursday 9 May 2013

Kit Siang pissed me off again

I read with disgust an article by the hyper pro Pakatan Malaysian Insider today which tried to depict Lim Kit Siang as a statesman.

Here is an excerpt of that report -

The DAP advisor also said Ghani was a moderate and rational man, saying that the former Johor Mentri Besar had contributed to the state and country’s development during his four terms of service.
“And I think it’ll be a shame that those who got him fielded in Gelang Patah in order to see the end of Ghani Othman have their way.
“I think it’s only just and fair for Ghani Othman to be appointed to an important post in the new government...” Lim said.
It disgust me as I still remember Kit Siang trying to paint Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman as a Malay extremist during the campaigning period by accusing him as being similar to Perkasa leaders.

Now that we all know how Ghani had been betrayed by his Chinese "old friends" in Gelang Patah who prefer Kit Siang as their leader despite all that Ghani had done for them, this snake of a man tried to appease everyone by making such a statement.

Does he think Ghani is a man who care for posts and titles? Does he think all Malay leaders are like that?

And as it was, Kit Siang also tried to depict the Chinese tsunami as a Malaysian tsunami as do all those DAP bastards who had been fanning the Chinese sentiments in the cyberspace all these past five years in order to sow hatred against people like Ghani.

Actually, reading Kit Siang praising that useless Pak Lah in that article turned my disgust into anger.

Yes, its that racist anger which I had tried so hard to suppressed.

Eh, Kit Siang, please shut up la. Don't make my blood (at least the Malay blood in me) boil again.

I am trying very hard to calm down and not ended up becoming a Malay racist, ok?

So, DAP pricks like Kit Siang should just stop the crap.

They should just go and take care of the Chinese community and the Malay morons who voted for them.

Leave Datuk Ghani alone. Don't disturb him anymore.

He deserves a rest after serving Johoreans, including those ingrates in Gelang Patah for the past 18 years.


  1. marahnya Annie the brute....kah..kah..kah...
    perangai kebudak-budakkan !!

    lagi marah lagi bagus ...kah..kah..kah..

    1. So, you are behaving like an adult? When a person is angry, shouldn't you calm her/him down? Instead, you add to her anger? Why? Oh..wait a is because LKS and AI also behave the same way.

    2. Hahaha. Buy Chinese Last! Hahaha. Gelak lagi besar la, realitinya lu orang sudah kalah. Ini baru 4 hari, belum rasa lagi. Tunggu sekejap la, pain is coming to your people.

      Well, not you, of course, sebab cybertrooper dengan tuan politik yang pegang tali tengkuk dia will continue to live well no matter what. Yang kesiannya si ah so ah so yang beriya percaya cakap dia tu lah. Sama macam time komunis dulu: yang seksa, masyarakat Cina umum. Yang bos komunis gemuk, makan sedap.

    3. Chinese businessmen silap conggak...

      The 88 UMNO seats, thats how huge the number of customers (belum include family members bawah umur) that if united "Buy Chinese Last" that they are going to loose.

      I don't know about others, I have already brainwashed my kids since 4yrs ago... eg Rawang town (only 3km fm my house) fell under Pakatan, many of us here travel all the way to Selayang to do our shopping for almost everything.

      Jauh sikit pun tak kisah tapi bila kenang how they menghina kaw kaw kaum kami, apa guna nak kasi bisnes kat mereka?

      Another advantage, 4in my family can speak fluently Mandarin and other dialects, so mereka tak sedar that we understand their conversations... mudah nak identify kelompok2 altra kiasu DAP supporters among these businessmen.

      Keep up your good work DAP cyber troopers, nanti semua makan batu, don't blame us.. keep on mengherdik, menghina dan mencaci... these words will makan diri kamu semua.


    4. Seriously, I don't find any difficulties if we decided to unite and uphold the "Buy C... Last" .

      We have all the choices to buy our things from the following;

      - Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M)
      - Mydin Mall and other Mydin outlets available in Malaysia.
      - We can just stop frequenting Cineplexes as if we're patient enough we can just download any movies available via torrent etc.
      - The eyelids are now having difficulties of selling pirated DVD's anymore due to the advance in technology of which any Muthu and Abu can just download the movie simply by installing the torrent on their PC.

      - That, for instance can crippled the business of the eyelids.

  2. 'useless Pak lah'....jangan biadap Annie !!

    1. malangnya Pak Lah mmg useles :( satu term saja dah porak poranda Malaysia dibuatnya. Pembangkang naik bulu, sampai sekarang nak betulkan pun belum tentu boleh.

    2. The stupidest PM ever. Dia ni bak kata Hulegu Khan, panglima Mongol yang melanggar Baghdad sampai hancur: hukuman Allah ke atas masyarakat yang lalai.

      Kita terlalai, negara hampir hancur. Mujur kita cepat sedar. Abdullah Badawi tak layak jadi ketua kampung sekalipun. Tak de standard. Otak bebal, dan bodoh sombong.

    3. Aku pun menyelinap naik darah bila tengok muka Pak Lah dalam TV, kelmarin. Mangkuk inilah yang buat mereka naik tocang.


    4. BCL...BCL...BCL....BCL....

  3. i hate this LKS bastard so much that if I ever meet him, I will spit in his face. I voted in gelang petah last sunday. it gave me the pleasure of NOT voting for him.

  4. Something to ease your emotion. Soundtrack taken from the movie "Annie" 1982 (no pun intended :p)


    The sun'll come out
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There'll be sun!

    Just thinkin' about
    Clears away the cobwebs,
    And the sorrow
    'Til there's none!

    When I'm stuck a day
    That's gray,
    And lonely,
    I just stick out my chin
    And Grin,
    And Say,

    The sun'll come out
    So ya gotta hang on
    'Til tomorrow
    Come what may
    Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
    I love ya Tomorrow!
    You're always
    A day
    A way!


  5. Thank u Annie, now I know there is a new species of snake called Racist Snake

  6. Sabar Annie. It is more of a window-dressing strategy by Lim Kit Siang to paint a rosy picture of him being a "non-racist". The Star paper has started doing that since yesterday to assist him.

    I do believe that without LKS's suggestion about Ghani being appointed as minister as federal level, UMNO/BN has already had that in mind, knowing that Gelang Patah Seat is the ultimate PH test of the Chinese sentiment/support towards UMNO/BN this time around.

    Ghani has already mentioned that either win or lose, he would be staying in Gelang Patah to assist the community there. If this happens, it would be a nightmare for LKS, since Ghani knows the turf better than LKS does. To swing the Chinese vote in the next 5 years may be near impossible for Ghani, but staying put will enable him to improve the Malay vote in the next GE. LKS as usual and as proven time and again will just abandon his constituency.

    I just hope that the Malays in Johor have learned their lesson by now for taking their voting right for granted (knowing that the percentage of Malay registered voters and turn out is much lower compared to the Chinese).

    1. Sorry, Ghani never said that. He is not going to be in Gelang Patah after this. He had done more than enough for the people there all those 18 years. To show their gratitude, they just spit in his face.

      Let the people of Gelang Patah, especially the Chinese there kiss Kit Siang's ass and see what he can do for them.

    2. I say forget about the Chinese. Just focus on Malay majority states, assisting poor Indians, and rewarding the East Malaysians who have been loyal to BN for so long. Bila dia dah sesak besok taulah Cina-Cina ni datang balik with hand in hand, grovelling sambil tersengih-sengih. Kita bukan tak tahu perangai Cina ni bila dah tersepit. Tiba-tiba "kawan" sana, "kawan" sini.

    3. "It is more of a window-dressing strategy by Lim Kit Siang to paint a rosy picture of him being a "non-racist". The Star paper has started doing that since yesterday to assist him."

      I agree. I think now they will move to propaganda to portray LKS as moderate and Najib as racist. The Star is assisting them. Pro-BN machinery shd counter that now by showing LKS speech in Mandarin-Hokkien etc etc that showed how hard-core racist he is.

      "Kita bukan tak tahu perangai Cina ni bila dah tersepit. Tiba-tiba "kawan" sana, "kawan" sini."

      I noticed that too after being friends with them for so long. Memang suka bermuka-muka. If you can help them, baiknya dengan kita. If you can't, talipon pun tak. Whatever.

      Let's buy Malaysian Chinese Last. Even if we Malays can't be united politically, let's take the first baby steps to be united economically.

      I hope the Melayu businesses will not let us down by giving bad service and products. If anybody know of a site that have a list of products made by Melayu company for barang makanan keperluan awam do let me know.

      As for the Chinese, just leave them alone. No need to be angry at them. No need to expect anything from them. No need to give them anything. I've given up on them. Enough said.

    4. "I think now they will move to propaganda to portray LKS as moderate and Najib as racist. The Star is assisting them. Pro-BN machinery shd counter that now by showing LKS speech in Mandarin-Hokkien etc etc that showed how hard-core racist he is. "

      The Star can do whatever it likes. Ada Melayu akan kisah? Now Bumis know for sure Cina cuma gegar aje lebih, what can the Chinese do to us? What can The Star do to us? Call us racist? Ada Melayu sekarang kisah lagi? In the minds of many Malays here and now, our racism is justified.

      The Chinese are running scared. They should be.

  7. Annie,

    Pada pendapat peribadi saya lupakanlah Cina2 DAP ni. Pilihanraya lepas membuktikan sebenarnya BN tidak perlukan sokongan Cina untuk kekal berkuasa. Tapi ia bukan tanpa syarat. Syaratnya masyarakat Melayu dan Bumiputra Sabah Sarawak mesti bersatu dengan mengekalkan sokongan tidak kurang dari 60%...dan ia akan lebih baik sekiranga lebih 50% kaum India menyokong BN.

    Walaupun sedih kerusi parlimen BN berkurang dan terdapat juga kekalahan beberapa tokoh penting, lega juga bila mendapat tahu sebenarnya kerusi UMNO semakin bertambah. Ini membuktikan sokongan Melayu pada UMNO semakin kuat. Sebaliknya sokongan Melayu pada PKR dan PAS sebenarnya telah merosot. Mereka sebenarnya menang atas undi Cina, dan ini pada hemat saya adalah kurang sihat kerana boleh mengundang kepada risiko menjadi boneka kepada DAP. Sokongan yang baik sebenarnya mesti didasarkan pada akar umbi, walaupun ia mungkin sedikit tetapi ia utuh dan boleh diharapkan.

    Kesimpulannya, lupakanlah Cina2 rasis ni. Sebaliknya BN mesti memelihara keutuhan pengundi akar umbi ini tanpa gagal.

    1. Elok le PAS work hand in hand with DAP... My sister, Shia follower is a hardcore PAS, when we eat at a HALAL Chinese restaurant pon dia tak benarkan, was was mungkin jijik makanan yg disediakan, katanya. Bukan sebarang orang, a Phd holder > Ass. Prof and worked in London for 15years. Follower of Shia...

      Keluarga kami pon habis digodam dia (religious fanatic) apakan lagi DAP nanti!! Mampus LKS tak terjawab nanti... hahahaha


    2. "PAS work hand in hand with DAP.."

      Something to look forward to.. hahaha

      Ramai pro-PAS sudah hantar gambar LGE kasi duit for tahfiz. Another one, gambar Cina pegang bendera PAS.

      Senang betul Melayu PAS kena tipu. For that meagre concession, PAS are willing to share kalimah Allah with them. Fair barter don't you think?

    3. If your sister is so teruk, then what are you doing monkeying here, go and save your beruk family la, beruk, jangan nak jadi poser kat sini!

    4. Now, whenever I met a family member or a friend who supported PAS, I will not wish them 'Salammualaikum' anymore. Instead I wish them, "Hidup DAP".


    5. Apek visitors to her home, pulang ajer habis cawan, gelas, pinggan mangkuk di SAMAK berkali2 - najis katanya... hahaha.. PAS and DAP... what a joke!


  8. LKS sedang berlakon opera. LKS and Guan Eng sangat bijak, lepas baling batu, always sembunyi tangan, Then pura-pura baik,

    1. hehe semua orang tahu...dari dulu lagi. yg tidak tahu kebanyakan yg muda2....

    2. Macam mana kita nak buat orang2 muda tau ye? Dia orang macam dah kena rasuk hantu DAP!

  9. LKS is a bast***, period. Remember the DAP via that Keling guy saying that Ghani is 'racist at heart'. Ghani felt sad by that remark after the good things he had done for Johore especially the Iskandar project. LKS just wanna 'kacau daun' only. That fuck**ing Indian thought he would be given the post of President of DAP by saying that. At least we Malays do not have the caste system that is to discriminate according to caste. They are the ones who are racists at heart, systematically racists even before being born ....That Indian made my blood boil .....

    There should be a movement to revoke the citizenship's of those ingrates in M'sia. Get them out of the country. Pro oppo portals, newspapers that spew hate and lies should be closed down. The M'sian govt should learn from Communist China on how to treat these type of hooligans 'cos they are becoming more and more bold and arrogant. Be tough Najib and co. Bring back ISA!!!

    Get someone tough, maybe ex Police chief or army to be Minister of Home Affairs, not a lembik guy who knows how to give warnings only.

    1. Hopefully that indian and indians in general, especially the onew voted for pakatan are happy with indian being discriminated, beaten and denied to vote and being labelled banglas, just because they look like indians.

      Amazed that MIC and Indians in pakatan choose to blackout the issues!

  10. Annie, I share the same feeling as you do.. all this time, I was such a moderate Malay until the fateful day 0f 5th May, I could no longer hold the racist in me.. I'm from Melaka. Ali Rustam suffered the humiliation from the Chinese betrayal as much as Ghani did, although Ghani lost with bigger majority despite their opponents coming in with zero contribution to the constituency.. The bitterness was too much to swallow.. Even worse, these "ungrateful" bunch spat and kicked Najib in the face after he literally begged, apologized & tried hard to do better.. Now that BN are aware that they can still form a government without the Chinese votes, I really hope these "old friends" be taught a lesson for betraying their good friends.. MCA & Gerakan should continue with their plan to shut down their service centers & let DAP take care of them... As for me, I've started telling my DAP supporting Malay colleagues to get help from their Chinese DAP friends instead of me...

    1. Agreed. Let us show DAP true colours. MCA should stop helping the Chinese for the time being. They should instead focus on cyberwar and perception this coming 5 years. Start by showing bit by bit DAP leaders racist ceramah.

      Let DAP serve their constituencies. BUT I bet you, we are going to see lots of complains and blame the BN instead of sincerely helping the rakyat.

  11. annie,

    don get angry...get even!


    1. Agreee!!!
      Keep calm, peace and unite.
      then we kick these bastards out for good!

  12. anon 22.21,

    And Kit Sial's blatant racism is a mature trait? You must be a paid hack of the Red Bean Army.

    Green Bean Army

  13. Maaf kiranya tulisan dibawah terkeluar dari topik. Jika tidak diterbitkan pun tidak mengapa.

    Satu yang sering saya dan kawan2 bincangkan adalah kesatuan antara UMNO PAS. Mungkin ada pembaca yang tidak bersetuju, tapi jika difikirkan saya tidak nampak kenapa perkara ini terlalu sukar untuk direalisasikan. Terlalu banyak persamaan antara UMNO PAS seperti akidah, budaya, makanan, cara berpakaian dan bahasa. Pendek kata banyaklah persamaan2 lain yang boleh kita fikirkan.

    Paling kelakar adalah orang UMNO dan PAS boleh saja kenduri-kendara sesama sendiri, bercampur gaul, bergelak ketawa dan kahwinkan anak masing-masing tanpa banyak soal (mungkin adalah sikit2 kes tidak beri kawin tetapi ia kes terpencil, terlalu sedikit dan tidak signifikan.

    Paling penting Islam menganjurkan persaudaraan sesama muslim dan bencikan pada perpecahan. Banyangkan jika UMNO PAS bersatu, maka akan terkuburlah impian DAP dan LKS untuk merebut kuasa politik negara.

    1. Ultra Malay Racist10 May 2013 at 00:54

      UMNO-PAS unification? is not possible for the time being....why?

      do u think Mursyidul Am PAS will let PAS shake hands with UMNO?.....concurs with Karpal Singh the King of Wheelchair POPULAR statement

      "OVER MY DEAD BODY"...naaahhh just let him be.....just a few years more

    2. ahli umno dan pas yg moderate memang tak bermasalah nak bersama. Yang masalah ialah pas totok. sampai bini sendiri pun nak diceraikan sebab sokong umno

    3. UMNO-PAS?

      TAK MAHU!!!! I don't like PAS supporters and leaders self-righteousness, holier-than-thou attitude.

      Their supporters are so fanatic. Tak segan silu tuduh orang kafir. Walhal perangai sendiri tu tak Islamic langsung!

      NO! NO! NO! to UMNO-PAS Unity.

    4. It is the moderate fence-sitter PAS supporters that can be swayed to support BN. The pemuda dan puteri PAS, especially. BN lags behind in wooing the young people. Restriction in political activities in the universities could be one of the reasons. BN follows their rules but that does not stop DAP and PAS from recruiting. I am not talking about the recent cyberwars. I am refering to the gradual poisoning their children mind iterally since babies by associating all the negatives (in their life) to BN.
      The fact that UMNO wins more seat this time shows that the rational ones can be wooed back to support BN. But it is also a fact that the votes come from the rural areas. At BN bilik gerakan in Muar, I only see the older generation, literally old. When I ask about Puteri dan pemuda UMNO, the response was they have left for work or to study. Fine, but when I stopped by at the PAS side, I could see the entire generation there. My young nephew said BN campaigners dah kerepot-kerepot. That is because the young Malays still do not see the importance of voting. Panaslah, hujanlah, line panjanglah, ada kerjalah, all the lah excuses that they can come up with. Some do not even know that they have to register to vote. So, how long can BN expect the support for UMNO to last when there is no succesion plan in place?

      DAP on the other hand go all the way to ensure every single chinese with Malaysian IC, domestically and overseas, register and vote. We are given another five years to do that. Don't cannot expect BN leaders to do it. Each one of us must do our part to educate the bumiputeras about the importance of unity and election.

    5. Simple.

      Malays join UMNO to aim for money and positions. When those supply dried up, they move elsewhere.

      I couldn't give two hoots about who run the country. All politician are the same, good initially, eventually corrupt to the core. Whether you wear songkok, serban, kopiah, turban, or skinhead, they were all tested by the 3W - women, wine, wealth. All will eventually succumb to one or two or all of that.

      The only solution, as I see it, is to revert to the fundamentals that has been around for more than 1400 years, that is Islam.

    6. To see the malays being hoodwinked by the chinese is painful but I have full trust in Allah. Whatever happened have its hikmah.

      If UMNO were to bungkus because they do not see the need change and revert to Islam, so be it. Not going to cry about it, but I will certainly cry if we lose Islamic supremacy in this country.

    7. catdog.

      Saya rasa cadangan saudara tidak masuk akal. Kalaupun UMNO & PAS setuju, apa pulak kata bumiputra Sabah, Sarawak, Siam, Orang Asli dan komponen lain dalam BN yang bukan beragama Islam. Saya rasa ahli politik PAS bukan jenis yang jujur. Mereka hanya memperdayakan Pakatan dan pengikut mereka, bahawa mereka memperkudakan DAP & PKR untuk menunbangkan UMNO dan mendapat kuasa. Apabila mereka (dalam PR) dapat kuasa mereka akan berpaling-tadah dan baru mahu bergabung dengan UMNO. Mereka ingat, apabila kalah, UMNO tiada pilihan lain. Sebagai penyokong UMNO saya tidak setuju bergabung dengan PAS dan mengkhianati rakan moderate yang menyokong BN.

      Tidakkah CatDog nampak seantario dunia, orang Islam memang suka berpecah-belah. Sebab itu kita lemah dan tidak maju. Kebanyakan mereka sanggup menerima dana & senjata dari musuh Islam untuk membunuh saudara Islamnya sendiri. Kerana Kuasa dan Harta, orang Islam sanggup mengkhianati sesiapa saja, walaupun saudara seagama mereka.


  14. Annie...

    Sabar...He playing a game now... Let see what he up too. and then we get even....


  15. Hear, hear. Lim Kit Siang should just shut the fuck up and do his work. For once in your life, do some honest work, serve the people you wanted so much. Nasib la dia ni bukan Islam, tak tahu ada syurga neraka. Kalau orang Islam dah patut duduk surau masjid prepare untuk dunia yang lagi satu dah ni. Dan "SPR" kat alam tu bukan boleh dikompromi atau dititik macam yang kat sini.

    1. Ultra Malay Racist10 May 2013 at 00:57

      "HONESTY"......this word does not exist in his dictionary.....but KATAK si KATAK LOMPAT.....ermmmm..i think, LKS will happy with that.....;)

  16. Ultra Malay Racist10 May 2013 at 00:23

    Annie....i tell u this

    I'm proud to be called Malay racist....and dont 4get to put ULTRA to...hahaha..why?....because i was born as they wan, n now i'm sure they were happy

    i've many chinese frens, but now....i've lost faith on i see them as a foe, ingrate, chauvinist,n kiasu....salam MUHIBBAH?.....i'll spit on their faces if those ingrate mata sepet tell me that

    1. ... suddenly I can see how the red bean army operate now

      by pretending to be ultra malays and spout racist remarks against the Chinese indiscriminately ala commenters on Mkini etc.

      ...not saying you are one, but damn it's so very possible

  17. Annie

    Actually LKS and LGS are having sleepless nights and cold sweats. Consider these,

    1. The daddy son team is losing their grip on DAP. The last AGM debacle is not over yet. It is just the beginning. Notwithstanding the big DAP wins in the GE13, the son may be unseated come next DAP's AGM. Many DAPsters already despised the daddy anyway. Just ask the good Doctor, the Johore DAP Chairman.

    2. The Chinese like to gamble, but hate to lose. Who else invented the kiasu attitude.

    They would soon realize that the they will never live to see as sweet a favour as the sweetest favours showered on them them by a Malay PM as done by PM Najib, ever again. When the truth sinks in, they would curse the very mention of Guan Eng and Kit Siang names.

    On the contrary, the soon to be sworn-in BN government, would institute many many programs to reward the support - the undying support of the Malays and Bumiputras. This is not being anti Chinese. No matter what the Chinese and the DAP would scream and shout against it.

    This is just good political sense. The BN government has to take care of the Malays and the Bumiputras, to get re-elected again in GE14. The Chinese can go suck lemons.

    The Chinese cannot now cry unfair, unjust, and whatever else they are fond of screaming about. No one would care to listen to them. They gambled and they lost. Pure and simple. If they make to much noise, they would become a laughing stock of the world.

    The Chinese have insulted even their own kind. MCA and PCM has already closed their service centres.

    And to think that a people who have had 5000 years of history and civilization, would gamble so recklessly - especially after enjoying 60 years of interrupted prosperity in post-merdeka Malaysia, and after 4 years of endless goodies from PM Najib - they would soon realize they have an empty victory. Not worth celebrating.

    They daddy and son team had made fools of the young Chinese too.

    In Kelana Jaya stadium last night over 80% of the people are Chinese and over 90% are young 20 to 30 year olds. They sweat it out and achieved very little, if nothing at all. While their Indian and Malay counterparts are chilling it out at the mamaks or engaging in other cool things. How dumb can you get?.

    And it is unlikely that the Pakatan would remain a pakatan much longer. Azmin Ali is leading an internal revolt. Probably leaving Pakatan. We would learn more details tomorrow. Soon without Nik Aziz, PAS would leave Pakatan too.

    How then are the Chinese going to recover from this loss? Migrate to Australia? May be the lucky 5%. What about the remaining 95%? Big problems loh!

    So Annie, the more the daddy and son (especially the Daddy) speaks out - the more they are telling the world they fear the wrath of the Chinese in Malaysia.

    So sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacle. Do not be angry. On the contrary, take comfort in the fact that, it is they who are losing sleep and shivering in cold sweats.


    1. Thank you, I felt so much more calm now...

    2. the chinese can do nothing to the malays now, politically speaking. maximum votes went to DAP and still could not dislodge BN govt. Previously, BN is always careful not to hurt or offend the chinese for the fear of chinese reprisal. But, it should not be like that anymore. GE 13 proved that chinese reprisal is nothing to worry about. Will BN govt go on with more malay/bumi centric programs and don't worry too much about the chinese? Heck, will BN even gang up with PAS to implement hudud? Can the chinese do anything about it?

  18. That's a real funny statement coming from someone who cried and literally begged to be voted or die when Ghani was fielded.

  19. This morning, a unfortunate malay guys from a chinese leisure resort called me to entice to join their membership program.

    The first thing I asked "your resort is a chinese resort kn>'

    He said yes

    "Why you work for a racist company?'

    "Saya cari makan"

    "Mengapa tak kerja dengan resort melayu punya?"

    He hang up.

    Yes, there are malays working for chinese company and they will feel the pain of BCL as well, but then, its a small price to pay to restore malay's dignity.

    Insyaalaah, we will do outright. Prior to 13 May, there are not many malays working for malay employers as most of the towkays are chinese. Now malays own and run a significant chunk of the economy, but, it must be pressed on malay bosses to give priority to malay before the bastards.

    Under Najib, the sophisticated and liberal malays in khazanah groups were given freehand to undermined ketuanan melayu by not just bringing the chinese but to replace the existing malays. It was rampant in Najib's own brother's lair CIMB.

    One of Najib's trusted CONsultant, Ong, is also chinese.

  20. Who kit Siang that want Ghani to be Minister Cabinet. This is not your perogative. full stop. You already kill and hit him and than you want yo give him a life. Don't play GOD la....Don't be stupid to elect soft MB to take minister post. And don't hear the stupid advise from the man that hope the minister is a bunch of ....
    He talk like a snake which have double intention.

  21. Annie...jangan stress sangat...Kalau Ghani dilantik sebangai menteri pun tak pa..tapi biarlah menteri yang menjaga hal ehwal kebajikan/ekonomi yang berkaitan dengan orang Cina.

    1. Really?
      He's down and you want to insult him some more?

  22. Concern Malaysia10 May 2013 at 09:20

    I think you echoed the same sentiment as I am.

    Pak Lah really messed up the entire politic scenario and in fact, he wanted to portrayed he is his own man and did everything against what Tun Mahathir had planned in his Vision 2020. He chastised this old man and by keeping him away from anything got to do with UMNO or Malaysian Politics.

    Even after the 2008 election debacle, he still wanted to stay nearly 1 more year eventhough everyday UMNO grassroots were calling him to step down. He has no clue what ‘s happening on the ground and made his decision based on information fed solely by his son-in- law, Khairy and his goons.

    Now to move forward and what to do. First thing, need to organize how to counter this racist DAP propaganda. DAP realise longtime ago about the tool of using all sorts of communication tools from lessons learned from 2008 Obama election.

    In 2005, Obama election machinery roped in Facebook top guns and other Silicon Valley specialist to organise his campaign. In their numerous websites similar to facebook, it shows how to do networking, organized groups, organised community interaction or another word – anything got to do to form an effective and organized community network as well as sharing information.

    I guess the brain behind DAP networking is Jeffery Ooi and he has learned a lot how Obama election machinery able to make the Republican Election Machinery looked outdated. Not only that, they are able to collect USD 1 billion dollars thru online, which is unthinkable at that time. He is also able to spend nearly USD50 million in advertisement a day and the Republicans unable to match against his exposure on TV and online media. That’s how truly Obama machinery caught the republicans by surprise. Even Hillary Clinton election machinery, which stood against him during the primary or democrat election, did not stand a chance against his juggernaut election machinery.

    Now what BN has to do is to rope in all the professional online, cyber troopers and organized them in such a way how to counter this DAP maniac propaganda. BN also need to rope in this Chinese conglomerate who has been reaping so much contract and force them to think how to help BN.

    I still remember during Tun’s time, so many big Chinese companies, e.g. YTL etc, wanted to kowtow to him. Now its payback time to the government, and they cannot say that we are neutral and nonpartisan. Its like in the Godfather movie when Don Corleone did a favour to those seeking his help " You don't have to pay to me now. But there comes a time when I ask a favour from you and you don’t say 'no' "

    These Chinese conglomerates have all the means and know-how and resources to help BN to organized more effectively online, mass media, ground level and everything so that 2013 “Chinese Tsunami” does not repeat again.

  23. Concern Malaysia10 May 2013 at 09:33

    {PLEASE ADD in this last paragraph if I forgot to add in my previous text|

    These Chinese conglomerates have all the means and know-how and resources to help BN to organized more effectively online, mass media, ground level and everything so that 2013 “Chinese Tsunami” does not repeat again.

  24. You may be pissed off but UMNO already got the people suggest to get DAP to join BN and LKS is keeping all options open. There is no eternal enemy in politic!

  25. Bapak Lim Kit Siang is now the Kingmake..he has appointed Anuar as the opposition leader and now suggest that the Malay guy he beat that he says was no good, racist, anti Chinese, corrupt be included in Najib's cabinet
    Yeah I saw Ugly Betty went bald but now hiding behind a scarf like a malay tudung..where is it I heard that PAS said her husband Lim Guan Eng will convert to Islam should he win
    That Gobind Singh fellow..I thought its haram for Bai to shave off your hair
    Politics is very ugly but uglier when one look at the Fuckatoon

  26. for umno and bn, now you have to pay visits to all malay and bumiputra family houses, and bring along with u borang daftar undi spr to ensure all malay and bumiputra youngsters are registered voters same as those chinese youngsters who had voted for dap...there is still ample time before pru14. Ye, i concur dont get angry, get even..

    1. Yes I agree.

      Don't wait for them to register. Follow-up with their parents. Keep records of all bumiputras age 16 ~ 21. In 5 years time, those 16 years old, are eligible to vote. Note down their birthday, and visit them on their 21st. birthday. Make sure they register for voting.


    2. Yes I totally agreed with this, especially after I read Helen Ang 's post on "Why it’s now or never (‘ini kali lah’) for Chinese voters"

      I have started reminding all my Malay friends about this and I hope all of you will do the same too. UMNO is stronger after GE13 with extra 10 parliamentary seats compared to GE12. The Chinky DAPigs will definitely vote for DAP the next time around so they are basically out of the equation. With PAS being the biggest loser and UMNO inching its way in Kelantan with 12 seats this time around, there is still hope for us to swing younger fence-seaters in PAS. As it is now PAS members have been making noise about their representative not being consider for the MB post in Selangor despite their extra seat compared to PKR. PKR on the hand thrives on Chinese voters and so called urban Malays. In the next 4 years or so it will still be "fight" between UMNO and DAP. Our mission now is to :

      1. Hit the Chinese where it hurts the most through ABCD and BCL. It is a good thing that MCA has also withdrawn from all government posts and closed down their service centers. Without representation they can just bark "SEPERTI ANJING MENYALAK BUKIT" from the opposition bench.

      2. Improve the percentage of Malay registered voters and create awareness about the importance of Voting in GE. I do hope Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifly Nordin will play a vital role in this area as well. Maybe MCA and Gerakan can join in for all this while they have been riding on Malay supports; since the DAPigs have abandon them after all.

      Plus I hope that "MENTERI AMARAN" and "MENANTU BADAWI" won't be given any role in the government. We need a REAL MAN to run KDN this time around PERIOD.

      I believe that LKS's win over Ghani in Gelang Patah is an eye-openers for many Malays not only in Johor but also else where. I hope Ghani will open a service center in Gelang Patah to assist the Malays who have been supporting him plus making in road to have more Malay registered voters in GE14. Teach the Chinese in GELANG PATAH a lesson that from now on they can get helps from LKS.

  27. I say get rid of vernacular schools, it does nothing for racial unity. we will always have this split personality in our country. I

    1. Concern Malaysia10 May 2013 at 18:12

      Still remember Dr Mahathir wanted to have Sekolah Wawasan established all over Malaysia. The Chinese are vehement against it. The Sekolah Wawasan is just nothing more than sharing the same canteen and compound while the Malay, Chinese, and Indians kids have their own separate schooling blocks and teachers.

      It simply encourage those students to mingle around during the break and other extra curricular activities can be organised afterward to help them interact.

      It has been introduce in several locations in Pahang and proves it worked well. Somehow, when Dr Mahathir wanted to push some more, his term has expired as he vowed he will leave his post on certain dates. However, this Pak Lah never see any good in all of this so the idea remains dormant.

      Now, it seems all the Malays and Indians realized the goodness of it and it should now be the fore front of the National agenda. No more getting the need to gain consensus from the Chinese DAP as they will forever against it and never wanted to assimilate with the rest of the population.

    2. It is too late for that.

      Just improve the SK and SMK. These are what we can do without too much trouble,

      1. Use English language to teach maths and science and 50% other mata pelajaran.

      2. At the same time, enhance the teaching of BM to the level that it deserves as the national language of Malaysia, via drama, music, literary activities, etc, etc.

      3. Increase the number of SK and SMK to allow single session schooling, particularly in small towns and rural areas. Make students and teachers remain in schools and in learning until 5 pm.

      4. Implement the new PBS (pentaksiran berasaskan sekolah) programs completely and seriously.

      5. Implement as much as possible vocational education in all SK and SMK. This would create students who can find work easily, even in foreign countries.

      6. Then the chinese parents -- would think very hard wether to continue sending their children to vernacular schools.

    3. yeah why not. Chinese will be angry? so what? what can they do now? even with 95% vote to DAP, still cannot lawan BN govt

  28. What did I tell you about the snake oil vendor? He will never be around to serve the Gelang Patah constituency. He may have fooled all the voters of Gelang Patah ( Bangang betul!) but he doesn't fool me! He wants Ghani up there because he knows that Ghani will continue to see to the welfare of the people of Gelang Patah if he had an important post in the Government. How can Ghani desert the people he loves, irrespective of race. Ghani is truly "colour blind" in his quest for a harmonious Malaysia and he is ever so forgiving. Bless him. Meanwhile, the snake oil vendor will do absolutely nothing ( tell me, just what has he done for the betterment of Malaysians?) and he will then, without shame, take credit for all the work that Ghani does. This has nothing to do with the snake oil vendor's magnanimity. It is, as Annie had quite rightly pointed out, a self-serving move which makes him look good. Shame, shame, shame on you people of Gelang Patah for being so easily fooled. And shame on you for your treachery.