Thursday 16 May 2013

1Malaysia your head lah Kit Siang

Every time I feel like cooling down, there will always be someone or something heating things up again for me.

Just woke up and surfing around when I saw this report by that MCA's backstabbing newspaper the Star which made me angry again.

Here is an excerpt of it -

PETALING JAYA: The newly appointed Cabinet must uphold Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's 1Malaysia concept, said DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang.
“Its members must support and adhere 100% to the concept of 1Malaysia as announced by the Prime Minister as the signature policy of the Government. Those who do not support it must be removed from the Cabinet,” he told a press conference at the PKR headquarters yesterday.
He said the ministers must also stop any form of racial-based politics.
“We want the members of the Cabinet to express their stand that they will stop any form of racial-based politics,” he said.
Lim described Najib's Cabinet line-up as “unimpressive” but declined to elaborate.
Still want to talk 1Malaysia Kit Siang?

If I was at the press conference, I would probably had given him a flying kick when he uttered the word 1Malaysia.

How dare this father of Malaysian Chinese chauvinism talked about the now dead 1Malaysia after he led his DAP into the GE13 employing almost the same destructive racist tactics as it was in 1969.

The Chinese had spat and pissed upon 1Malaysia upon the instigations of Lim and his people. That's how DAP got over 90 per cent of the Chinese votes.

And they are still at it, Lim's minions are at the moment going around the country propping DS Anwar Ibrahim's black shirt campaign to discredit the GE13 results.

Didn't anyone notice that for the first time ever since I don't know when, PM DS Najib Razak started his speech or announcement without his trademark Salam Satu Malaysia?

Yes, he didn't say that when he announced his cabinet line-up yesterday.

Well, good for you Najib for being honest.

How are we to have Satu Malaysia when we have people like Kit Siang leading all those Chinese chauvinists to destroy everything good about this country's race relation such as the now also dead moderate "Johor Way"?

The only reason why Lim is now calling for Najib and his people to retain 1Malaysia is because his plan to kill Umno, which despite its flaws is the sole protector of the Malays had failed.

The DAP's Chinese block votes, achieved by fanning racial sentiments had failed to give them an outright victory. 

And now the Malays are angry. 

That's the only reason Kit Siang is talking 1Malaysia now.

Honestly, every time I came across such Kit Siang's stories these days, I wish the Malays will perpetually be angry.


  1. Ha ha! almost same sentiment here. But cool down, dear Annie. Chinese have virtues just as Malays. Granted that choices are difficult to make sometimes.

    1. A choice had been made ,and it's a good and well calculated choice that made the daring move that prove that Najib 1 Malaysia concept was wrong which does not stand on good foundation .
      Born and breadth differently ,go to different education system which speak different language which groomed different idea and mentality , ends product is 1 Malaysia . What a joke , Najib should be a shamed of his clouded reality .

    2. Don't know about it being a well calculated choice. However the Malays fortunately are able to make its stand this time around. The first step that Najib should be taking is not to pander anymore to unreasonable and inciteful requests from malignant parties which he seems to be doing now but he must remained firm about it. He will have to assess which are malignant and which are not, which is, it goes without saying, not an easy choice.

    3. Kita yang beriya-iya sangat nak 1Malaysia sini sana, nak gentleman lah konon. Yang belah sana bukan peduli pun, asal semua dia dapat sudah. Tembolok tak pernah penuh. Makes me wonder if these people are the Yakjuj and Makjuj in the prophecy.

  2. Way to go girl! Keep at it, no matter what.

  3. tak payah baca The Star lagi. Dulu dulu memang saya suka baca paper tu. Gaya bahasa yang menarik. Malay Mail satu lagi especially bahagian sukan. Sekarang ni saya tak pasti apa yang menarik dengan paper The Star. Iklan cari kerja, barangan yang hendak dijual, apa2 pada ruangan classified tu serta iklan2 arak yang buat paper tu tebal. Newly grads pun tengok paper ni untuk cari kerja. Lain2 tu ada la keluar cerita bukan2 macam hidangan babi untuk ramadhan feast! kakakakaka.... crazy pig!


    1. Damn straight. I have stopped buying The Star a while ago. Even stopped going to their website cos they get revenue from every hit. Lately I have also stopped picking up the free The Sun. Kalau ada atas meja pun aku tak mau baca.


  4. Dear Annie,
    LKS is talking like he's the self-appointed guardian of malaysia and malaysians. Like u, i have for a long,long time despise this man and his arrogant son, LGE.I do hope one day we will see the demise of DAP and their chauvinistic and hypocritical attitudes.
    Anyway, keep fighting, maybe one day we will see real and genuine unity among malaysians without these chauvinistic pigs around.

  5. moderate malay umno16 May 2013 at 10:32

    Dulu memang suka baca the star. Tapi lepas baca blog helen ang, baru perasan apa agenda sebenar the star. Tq annie n helen ang. Jom boikot thestar!!!!

    1. They were chauvinist then and they are chauvinist now. I stopped reading The Star a very long time ago.

  6. Last time I like reading the Star becoz of the advert. Now since I'm internalising BCL.. what's the point?

    I've stopped even reading their online version.. bla bla bla unity bla bla bla we are brothers and sisters bla bla bla we should go beyond race bla bla bla "equal" rights bla bla bla change Constitution bla bla bla "meritocracy" bla bla bla

    Yeah right. Behind the scene - let's screw the Malays! We are the mighty Chinese emperors!

  7. good one, read it online this morning and told myself, wow the balls of this hypocrite, say one thing then spin it around for another. Thats why they are called politicans. borrowing a quote I read elsewhere, a politician thinks of the next election, a statesman thinks of the next generation. I say one of the focus for bn is to hire more people in social media to challenge these redbean army goons who are only good at spreading lies. No point for bn to play nice anymore, that time has come and gone, now they have to take the opposition head on and be better at their game. I am sure the opposition are already formulating their pru14 game plan.

  8. hahahaha...god of fucking Chinese talking about 1Malaysia...go to hell with LKS...go to hell with depa akan masuk neraka pun...bersama anwar...hahahahahahaha

  9. DS Najib has revealed his cabinet. Can PR parties come up with their shadow cabinet now? LKS wants to be DPM?

  10. Ha ha ha I noticed it too Annie and I just privately smiled you right the chaivinist Chinese are using this reverse psychology over and over again and each time there are many Malays who fall for this...cheers!

  11. I think I am falling in love with Annie ..... so fierce one but still artivculate ... mesti cute.

    Rasa macam something is wrong somewhere with the Star 6 months ago. Helen and Annie ... salute!

  12. Assalamualaikum Annie and fellow readers. Malaysia or Banglasia? At this point of time it made sense to go for Banglasia. If upon Merdeka, a million immigrant are given citizenships why not do the same today. Let give these imigrant people citizenships. There is a set precedent. We are generous people. Lets give our generousity to deserving people, not to racist people who backstabbed us. People whom I believe will appreciate. They are contributing the to the growth of the country and believe me majority of them do look up to the Malaysian muslim. Remember Mahathir says we need to have bigger population to enable the country to have a bigger domestic market. Imagine the number of Proton we can sell..hehehe.

    I believe the Malay do look down on Bangldeshi. I dont blame them. After all how many of you out there have a Bangladeshi friend? It is high time we right the wrong. They, in the eye of our LORD, are our brothes!! Why are we isolating them? Believe me, they are send to our country for a reason. The answer is in plain sight for "FOR THOSE WHO CHOOSE TO THINK". Please seize the opportunity. In Islam all human being are EQUAL. It is high time we put it into practise. High time all Malaysian muslim help out our fellow ummah instead on ungrateful kafir. ISLAM is the answer. Let help them because at the same time we are helping ourself. If we help fellow muslim en bloc I am sure ALLAH will help Malaysian muslim en bloc. Stair way to heaven, Annie? ALLAH is most GRACIOUS and MERCIFUL. Let us embrace his GRACE and MERCY by being eqully GRACIOUS and MERCIFUL. I believe this a more practical then VOTE FOR PAS AND GO TO HEAVEN.....kah kah kah

    There is a peribahasa "BAHASA JIWA BANGSA" Believe me the Bangldeshi have more jiwa bangsa Melayu/ Malaysia than the chinese will ever be. Less a year in the coutry they can out talk 99%
    Chinese in Bahasa Malaysia. Wanna bet?

    Tun Mahathir has shown us the need to think out of the box with capital control in 1998. We need such a drastic and extreme answer or else the ungrateful will step on our head.

    They came up with the term BANGLASIA. Unwittingly by trying to play the issue they have given us the answer. We do not need their approval do we since they do not want to be with us. Remember there is no Chinese rep in the Cabinet to oppose.

    Allahuakbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar. ALLAH blessing does come in different and strange away. ALLAH is invisble. His tidings will also be invisible. Sincerely I believe ALLAH has given us the answer. Let us not only enrich our fellow muslim but also embrace them as fellow brothers and sisters and let them lives in our midst. The world power cause the displacment of fellow human being where ever they go. Let us take the opposite way. LET US SHOW THE GLOBAL WORLD HOW BIG THE HEART OF MALAYSIAN MUSLIM IS!!

    Are we willing to take this road? A road more practical then boycotting Chinese goods which will lead to more confrontation which is not in the teaching ISLAM.

    Mahatma Gandhi, "There is enough in this world for human need but not human greed"


    P/S Tak jalan lah teksi aku hari ni..he he he

  13. 1Malaysia? you're talking about 1Malaysia? As an outsider coming all the way from Ipoh and contested down south in Chinese majority area Gelang Patah. You're against the true blue inside out Johorean Ghani Othman and won handsomely. If race does not play a part in your win then what else? And you come out here propagating 1Malaysia. Who the hell are you trying to bulls**t here??

  14. Used to buy TheStar on Saturdays.
    Now no more..not Sunday not Monday not any other day.
    And to apek you can get PR to adopt 1Malaysia for your GE14.
    1Malaysia sudah basi lah.......ini kali 1hati lawan CinaDap.

    1. Haha right.. might as well change the tag line. 1 malaysia no more. Its 1LCD! 1-lawan-cina-dap.

  15. good one Annie...
    the Star on saturday. The star online...
    Now.. just forget it.. About having the same feeling here.. Baling batu sembunyi tangan.. Still GE13 hangover... Just focus on my Xeloda..

  16. I have stopped buying star and my company has stopped advertising in it. Good bye F..****ing STAR

    1. NST kena reform. What STAR did right to increase circulation, they need to adopt. At least the rebirth of moderation can start not baling batu sembunyi tangan macam STAR.

      Watching AlJazeera/Singapore Media/STAR/Yahoo Malaysia etc asal ada cina dap reporter je ... the mainstream media domination by cult figure Kit Siang / Anwar is complete.

  17. Argh.... Hate LKS and LGE. Truey hate them. Just when I start to chill out, he give us another statement which show how much he despice us to work together in this country.

    Why can he just say congratulation and becouse 95% chinese support us we will work together with goverment for the sake of chinese. We will still be a opposition but for chinese people in this country we'll work with goverment to inprove their lives. It that hard to do? Show how he never really fight for chineses, he just fight for himself to be in power. Arggggggg

    I'm at the office when one of my chinese mca friends, show me this articals. We really fed up with him now.

    Come to think of it, I guess LKS getting scared now. The malay getting angry with them after GE13. His racist face which he closed out to the world, has been shown up. Now more and more peoples saw him of how he is(a recist true and true).

    Like my chinese mca said just now, he now trying very hard to show to all malay that he is and was always a moderate guy. But the malay will always remember 5th Mei 2013 where a friends backstab a friend for power becouse of this guy.

    We'll ( me and my mca friends) go with ABCD. Sorry LKS, no more ms nice girls. We will follow the strickest rules ever with them.


    1. LKS is demented ... I think he enjoys this ... macam Man City menang EPL after so long .... whether the fight was fair or not ... not his concern ...

      Kalau UMNO goes conservative then the Islamist will be more influential (it's happening now) ...... scary thoughts .... Please la Chinese boleh tak - we "get along"

    2. bile jadi islamist dorang akan terapkan budaya yg paling aku tak suka iaitu menghalalkan cacian terhadap perempuan melayu yg tak nak bertudung...bagi dorang masuk nerakalah org macam ni..tak cukup islamlah..adei..skrg ni pun bende ni dah jadi mcm budaya yg diterima..kenapa budaya negetif ni boleh diterima?..kalau nak pakai silekan..tpi jgn di hina mereka yg tak merasa rambut mereka adalah satu yg mengaibkan. Sy rindukan zaman tok nenek kite yg lebih faham islam..takde sape nak hine engko kalo tak pakai bungkus kepala...malahan majoriti pakai selendang biasa..lagi cantik..bagi golongan islamist perempuan tak boleh publicly cantik..mmh that's my honest like my honesty or not it's up to you because malaysia is still a free democracy..where i can still voice out my opinion..maybe i'll be dead by now in an islamist nation.

    3. Lim Kit Siang is so full of hatred, dia dah jadi schizophrenic. Kejap dia kata Ghani patut jadi Menteri, and then right the next minute he turns around and calls Najib syaitan. And now he's rooting for 1Malaysia pulak.

      In the old days he would be in an asylum getting a lobotomy.

  18. Luv your article....just luv it and my luv to all Malaysian. Oh my bad LKS and LGE and gang I don not consider them as true Malaysians

  19. That's a freaking awesome piece. Thank you, Annie. I was slowly losing my faith in some friends, but now I think there is some hope, fingers crossed.

  20. BN won. Get over it. Still angry that some people didn't make the same choices as you with their vote? Here is some advice to overcome your rage:

    Simple Steps to Overcome Anger

    1. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.
    2. Take some minutes to calm down.
    3. Put yourself on someone else's shoes. It sometime could make you understand the situation clearly.
    4. Learn how to laugh at yourself and find humor in every situation.
    5. Learn how to relax.
    6. Out of control anger alienates friends, potential future voters and family members.
    7. Learn to trust other people, that they will know best what is in their best interest.
    8. Learn to be a good listener.
    9. Learn to forgive.

    GE13 is over and done with. The only thing that matters now is the future and how we shape it. The past belongs to the elderly and the dead.

    1. Tell that to Anwar and the morons who are following him around in their black t-shirt claiming electoral fraud and other bullshit. Tell that too to the idiots who black out their facebook profile in support of Pakatan's lies about GE13 results.

    2. @ Annie:

      The idiots and morons following Anwar in their black T-shirt and who blackout their facebook profile think that those who fall for BN lies, theft and corruption, racism and bigotry tactics, and divide and conquer strategies are also idiots and morons. If those idiots and morons in Pakatan chew down on Pakatan bullshit and lies, then the idiots and morons on the other side chew down on BN horseshit and nonsense.

      So in the end, since all Malaysians are morons and idiots in the eyes of one another, then Malaysia is truly a country of 100% morons and idiots. And half the world has a good good laugh at Malaysia :)

    3. Go on protesting .... biar je .... terkinja - kinja macam kera ... and hope kerajaan yang zalim sekarang ni tak tangkap ...

    4. Advice is the cheapest commodity that every one want to give but nobody want to take

  21. Ha3 need to cool down before start writing ...ramai orang pun marah tapi bila menulis dalam keadaan marah nanti nampak tak bijak ...tak perlu kisah apa lks cakap since ini bukan pun kerajaan pr

  22. No point arguing here we should just go to Malaysia kini and argue there. We need to change the minds of the reader's there.

  23. Annie - please don't hit the roof!

    "I am disappointed over the UMNO betrayal of former Johor Mentri Besar Datuk Ghani Othman who was completely by-passed instead of being appointed Senator and Minister in the new Cabinet line-up announced by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday." - Lim Kit Siang

    Full story here:

    1. Dah Kit Siang tu memang perangai babi....aku nak kata apa lagi...biar je lah.

    2. Did you notice his choice of words? Cucuk jangan tak cucuk!

      "UMNO's betrayal" "it is most unfair and ungrateful for UMNO leaders to drop Ghani like a ton of bricks"..

      Since MCA/Gerakan dah decimated. Now the CT are attacking UMNO. Pro-Oppo media will play this on and on and on. So that UMNO instead of attacking will play defense forever.

      I've never hated anyone as much as I hate Cina DAP right now. I think if I see LKS and LGE right now, I will give them flying kicks as well. Or at least throw at them my heels!

      Before this I was never pro-UMNO. I am only pro-BN. But now I'm beginning to be pro-UMNO and becoming Malay-ultra!

  24. The less we talk about the pakatan goons the better it is.
    The mass media don't highlight much about their road show anymore.
    I guess the attendance are dwindling.

  25. I nak bagi balik apa Cina menghina Melayu selama ini;
    Bodoh - cakap dgn saya tak fasih BM saja sya buat bodo tak faham apa mereka cakap
    Korup - want my service, mesti bagi duit kopi sama saya dulu kalau tidak bole calooo
    Hantu - when I meet anak2 Cina, nak jelan lidah terbeliak mata macam hantu..
    Malas - hantar file dekat saya, I will put in my bottom drawer.. rasa tak malas baru jengok

    Above all sentiasa A B C...

  26. Hope they continue protesting till next GE14...
    I bole pi buat bisness jual bottled drinks tiap Saturday yey!

    Sibuk2 duk melalak, jual air pipe these people won't notice.

    1. Clever....goood one...and tehre is always that pot of gold at the end of the rain bow...make hay while the sun shines...

  27. Hey Annie am still confuse u ni cina or malay...
    Me too menyampah dgn Lim Kit Siang. Such a hipocrite n a communist.
    He and Anwar instigate this racial based political scenario in Malaysia.
    Hope the new minister in KDN will do something drastic to control this situation.
    Bring back ISA if they must.

    1. My mother is a Chinese, my father is a Malay. I'm somewhere in between.

  28. Kepoh la Lim Kit Siang...
    Chinese only 24% population of Malaysia.. apahal mau bising sangat?
    Cina dah banyak kebas wang dan harta dari Negara ini, lu mau apa lagi?

    How dare you teach your bangsa to snub our Malay leaders?...
    Kurang ajar punya Apek tak sedar diri!
    Beradab sikit ya janggan melampau sangat.

    Orang dah kasi senang tumpang cari makan diTanah Melayu you jaga mulut baik baik sikit..

    1. 1) Our bangsa do not snub your Malay leaders. There were some Malay leaders in the past that were highly respected and loved by our bangsa (regardless of which political party they come from). Unfortunately, UMNO does not have these kind of leaders anymore (Saifuddin Abdullah seems to the kind of rational, reasonable, sensible and forward-looking Malay leader that all reasonable Malaysians would love to have as part of their leadership, but too bad he lost in Termeloh).

      There are many excellent Malay leaders in PR. My bangsa (or most of my bangsa) would be proud as hell if they were the actual leaders of our country. Too bad people like you are still stuck on the Malay = UMNO mentality.

      Jadi matang sikitlah.

      2) 90% of the Chinese (not the Alibaba tycoons and cronies of Mahatir, Daim Zainuddin, Taib Mahmud, Najib, and whichever UMNO or MCA politician is the flavour of the day) earned their wang and harta the honest, hardworking way. We invest in our education, save our money, spend wisely and work for the long term in our careers.

      Also, FYI, a large number of the Chinese "kebas" their wang and harta from luar negara. Malaysia is nothing but a small pond in a giant ocean. The Chinese are preparing their children to compete globally - with the children of America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, etc. I meet many Malaysian Chinese working in all these countries. Competing against the Malays is the least of their worries - there is much more tougher and scarier competition out there.

      I am also beginning to meet kelompok-kelompok orang Melayu yang juga "global citizens" working at an international level. And these orang Melayu mostly vote PR.

      Your mentality masih kebelakanganlar, kawan. Please maintain this mentality - you will be of less competition to the rest of us.

      3) Saya cadangkan lebih baik you jaga mulut sendiri. The Chinese hardly ask for handouts in life. Kehidupan sini tak senang. Tapi, oleh kerana kehidupan kami tak begitu senang, dan kami telah ada disadvantage sejak lahir di "Tanah Melayu" ini, ini membuat kami lebih tekun dan lebih tahan lasak damn kehidupan kami. There is a Chinese saying: "the toughest steel is forged by the hottest fire". The toughness that is forged in many of us in Malaysian life allows us to survive anywhere we go to. We do not need handouts from the Malaysian government. Just fair, decent, honest and incorruptible governing (which UMNO has failed to provide for the last 25 years of ruling this country).

      Juga dengan mulut-mulut macam anda dan pelbagai lagi dalam blog ini (dan blog-blog yang sesama jenis), this has turned Selangor, Kelantan and Penang into PR fixed deposits. And as more and more young Malays become educated, open-minded and different from people like you, who knows, maybe Johor will definitely fall to PR in the future as well.

      4) Akhirnya, hairannya, saya pernah bertemu dengan beberapa orang Melayu yang sangat menghormati LKS. Mereka berkata LKS selalu mendengar dan membantu mereka. "Reliable" is the term they used to describe him. Dan mereka kata dia langsung tak racist.

      Mungkin mereka telah diperdayakan oleh beliau, sama seperti anda telah terpedaya oleh UMNO, LOL!

    2. Pegi mati lah dengan apek DAP ni. Spin lah macammana ko nak. Dah memang bangsa tak reti nak berbudi bahasa dan tak sedar diri. Menumpang kat negara orang.. ada hati nak menampuk pemerintahan. Tarik balik jelah kerakyatan kaum kaum diorang ni. Menyusahkan negara. Sampai kiamat mulut bising tak puas hati macam bangsa dia bagus sangat. Kalau hard steel all bullshit, gi migrate lah. Buat apa duduk Malaysia menyusahkan negara!

    3. Saifudin Abdullah, new politics tu ye?

      "Saifuddin Abdullah is known to be one of the more liberal politicians in Prime Minister Najib Razak's otherwise reactionary administration. For example, he criticised his own government's handling of the Bersih 2.0 rally in 2011, in which over 1,600 protestors were arrested on the streets of Kuala Lumpur"

      Orang seperti ini yang anda kata seorang yang liberal dan baik? I doubt it.

      Saya tak pasti apakah pandangan anda sebagai seorang bukan Melayu yang melabel seseorang dengan UMNO mentallity. UMNO hanyalah sebuah parti, mendokong perjuangan bangsa Melayu. Same goes to MCA & MIC. Masing2 mempunyai peranan dalam memajukan negara. Orang di dalam UMNO sendiri menolak sekiranya ada hanky panky di dalam parti.

      Saya tidak menolak beberapa pandangan anda. Memang Orang Cina tidak mendapat beberapa keistimewaan seperti orang Melayu (seperti yang telah diperuntukkan dalam Perlembagaan) tetapi saya tidak nampak golongan bukan bumiputera tertindas di dalam Malaysia. Orang Melayu sendiri menghadapi masalah walaupun mereka mendapat keistimewaan sebagai peribumi asal. Orang Melayu yang tinggal/bekerja/berniaga di luar Malaysia mempunyai semangat yang tinggi untuk meneruskan kehidupan. Kerajaan di luar sana tidak beri speciality spt Malaysia dan mereka juga terdedah dengan ancaman rasis serta agama. Dari segi semangat itu lah yang menjadikan kaum cina menjadi lebih berdaya tahan serta berusaha memajukan diri serta bangsa mereka.

      "And as more and more young Malays become educated, open-minded and different from people like you, who knows, maybe Johor will definitely fall to PR in the future as well."

      Melayu yang open minded serta more educated seharusnya tahu apa yang perlu dilakukan. Mereka kena lihat kepada sejarah. Mereka kena tahu berterima kasih. Saya tak mahu kata semuanya tetapi kedapatan Melayu yang tidak sedar diri ini (kebanyakannya penyokong PR) yang lupa jasa2 yang telah mereka dapat. Mereka dapat bantuan belajar ke IPT sehingga berjaya, apakah yang mereka buat sebagai membalas budi? Dapat bantuan pinjaman tetapi tidak mahu membayar balik. Menghentam kerajaan sewenang wenangnya tanpa ada asas yang betul2 kuat. Orang Melayu yang tidak sedar diri seperti ini yang sebenarnya PENGKHIANAT SEBENAR berbanding orang orang di dalam UMNO itu sendiri.

      Saya tak pasti jenis Melayu bagaimana yang boleh menghormati kit siang & co. dalam konteks perjuangan mereka. Parti DAP itu sendiri lebih teruk daripada UMNO.

      "We do not need handouts from the Malaysian government. Just fair, decent, honest and incorruptible governing (which UMNO has failed to provide for the last 25 years of ruling this country)."

      Are you sure you dont need anything from the government? Benarkah UMNO itu corrupt, unfair, bla bla bla.... ? Parti mana yang anda rasa lebih baik? DAP? you must be joking man! PKR? PAS?

      You know what? semua ini buang masa saja. Tak ada parti yang benar2 bersih! Hard truth : orang orang politik akan buat kerja2 dengan begitu baik untuk survival mereka. Siapa yang rugi? Rakyat Malaysia..

    4. @Anonymous 9:45

      Sayalah "apek DAP" di atas. Inilah jawapan saya kepada kamu.

      Bagus! Inilah mentality yang kamu patut ada. Tolong simpan mentality anda. Bagi saya, mentality racism adalah satu kelemahan, bukan satu kekuatan. Orang Cina yang bermentality racist - ada kelamahan besar. Orang Melayu yang bermentality racist - ada kelemahan besar. Orang India yang bermentality racist - ada kelemahan besar. Tak kira sesiapa orang di dunia ini, jika dia mempunyai mentality racist, saya terus mengetahui dia ada kelemahan berbanding dengan saya dan saya menggangap dia sebagai "of no competition to me". You, Anonymous 9:45, are of no competition to me at all. And I hope you continue with this mentality - dah nak bersaing dengan beberap ratus juta orang yang berpendidikan, bertekun dan ada semangant bersaing, kalau kekurangan seorang, lebih senang untuk saya dan keluarga saya pada masa hadapan.

      Untuk makluman si Anonymous ini, for 40 (FOURTY) years, my family has been voting BN. Be it a Chinese BN leader, a Malay BN leader, an Indian BN leader, or whatever, my family members have always casted their votes faithfully for BN for 8 General Elections.

      My parents, uncles and aunties voted BN in 1969. They voted BN when Mahatir became Prime Minister and when Semangat 46 split off from BN. They kept on voting BN when Mahatir destroyed the judges and our legal system. They voted BN throughout all the ISA nonsense and when BN started to decrease the civil liberties in Malaysia.

      They voted BN in 1999, when UMNO lost half the Malay vote, and only returned to power because of Chinese and Indian votes. You ingat tak - LKS dan Karpal telah kalah dalam GE 1999? Kekalahan DAP dalam PRU ini adalah sangat teruk? Mungkin you terlalu muda dan mentah untuk mengingati ini.

      EVerything changed after 2004. Selepas 2004, mata keluarga saya makin lama, makin terbuka. Kami dapat melihat wajar sebenar UMNO dan kroni-kroninya dalam BN. Mula tahun 2008, hampir kesemua keluarga saya tukar vote kepada PR. Tahun ini, kesemua keluarga saya yang berundi telah berundi PR.

      MCA tidak lagi mempunyai kepercayaan kami. UMNO tidak lagi mempunyai kepercayaan kami. BN seluruhnya telah kehilangan kepercayaan dan keyakinan kami.

      I will never vote BN anymore as long as someone like Najib, Muhyiddin, Hishammuddin or Zahid Hamidi are in power. Kami tahu... heck, most of the Chinese know... that Anwar Ibrahim has a lot of baggage. He is a flip-flopper too. But as of this moment, if we are offered only two choices, we'd rather support Anwar Ibrahim - despite the baggage that he carries - then the total load of rubbish that BN is carrying around their shoulders. You guys can speak about us being ungrateful, but after seeing the nonsense dispensed by many of UMNO BN's warlords for the past 25 years, we've all had enough.

      Kekesalan besar keluarga saya adalah bahawa Yang Mulia Tengku Razaleigh tidak pernah diberi peluang mengetuai UMNO dan Barisan Nasional. Today, if Ku Li was made UMNO President, BN would probably win >150 seats. My whole family would vote BN again because we know Ku Li is a man of integrity, trust, honour, principle and is a TRUE STATESMAN. Najib is not a moderate nor a man of integrity and principle in our eyes.

      My family, friends and I were never DAP voters until 2008. We will now remain DAP and PR voters unless you UMNO BN chaps CHANGE for the better. And your racism is just entrenching our position.

      So ultimately, Si Anonymous ini, thank you for being a racist and please continue to be a racist :)

    5. @Anonymous 10:53

      Reply part one:

      I don't know whether to class Saifuddin Abdullah as a liberal. But what I know are that the values he speaks about are the values I want in ANY leader. I don't give a damn about my leader's race or religion. He can have green or blue skin and worship the moon or have Sith as his religion, but if he is an excellent honest leader with excellent values, is colour blind, and is incorruptible, I would have no hesitation to vote for him or her. Its a NO BRAINER.

      And let me tell you why I also fikir I sebenarnya buang masa memberi komen dalam blog ini. I will give a few last thoughts, then I am getting out.

      You guys here all think that the Chinese (or at least, the old Chinese supporters of BN) have rejected moderate Malay leadership. You cannot be further from the truth.

      The truth is, we no longer see UMNO as the provider of moderate Malay leadership for the future. If Ku Li becomes UMNO president and Prime Minister of Malaysia, then our impression will change. But as of now, regardless of what you all think, UMNO has lost the confidence of many Malays, Chinese and Indians.

      Do you know who we see as moderate Malays and the FUTURE of our country's leadership? Rafizi Ramli. Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad. Saifudin Nasution. Nizar Jamaludin. Even Abd Khalid Samad and Mahfuz Omar are very well liked by my Chinese friends. And most of my friends - Malays, Chinese and Indian - see Nurul Izzah as a future Prime Minister of our country. We will have no hesitation voting people like these into Parliament. Put these kind of Malays in seats with 80% - 90% Chinese majority and they will STILL WIN with massive MAJORITIES. Not BN. Not UMNO.

      I know this blog and its readers are very unhappy that Ghani Othman lost to LKS. The truth is, Ghani Othman was put in a very precarious position. Since the system in Malaysia is not a Presidential type system where everyone can vote to decide who becomes Prime Minister, but the party / coalition with the most parliamentary seats is the one that can win Prime Ministership, that means EVERY parliamentary seat counts. EVERY SEAT. This is not a question of choosing a moderate Malay for one parliamentary seat. This is a question of choosing which party / coalition and which Prime Minister will become your leader for the next 5 years. And we will not choose UMNO BN. Period. Panggil kita racist ke, tidak mengingati jasa ke, tidak beri penghormatan ke, apa-apalah. Pada masa ini, kami sudah bosan mendengar semua nonsense macam ini.

    6. @ Anonymous 10:53

      Reply Part Two:

      Finally, you want an example of corruption? I will give you an example of corruption. A couple of years ago, my relative worked on a construction project in one of the northern states for the government. The tender was for about RM 200 million. The actual construction cost for the project was only RM50 million. The contracter made a 100% profit on the construction cost, which is RM50 million. So guess who took the other RM100 million? RM100 million that is rakyat's money? Your money and my money?

      An UMNO Supreme Council member. Am not going to name names. Saya tak mahu kena ISA Versi 2.0 :D

      Dan ini hanya SATU example sahaja.

      Saya tahu tak ada mana-mana parti yang benar-benar "Bersih". Tapi pada masa kini, UMNO BN macam enjin kereta yang sangant hitam, kotor dan berabu. Enjin PR masih lagi putih, masih tak begitu kotor atau berabu. Saya lebih rela memberi peluang kepada mereka (PR) untuk memcuba menjadi kerajaan dan pemimpin untuk lima tahun semasa UMNO BN mengambil "time-off" ini untuk membersihkan diri. When you are faced with two choices, you pick the one with the least baggage and history and the best prospects going forward. Simple.

      And with that, I am going to stop posting here. The only reason why I even posted in the first place was because throughout my entire life of friendship with many Malay people, from the kampungs to the cities, from UMNO members to non UMNO members, from my father's best friend, a Pak Cik, who has been an UMNO member for 40 years, from studying in two Sekolah Kebangsaans, from playing in a Malay majority football team both in school and in a small league now, it was in this blog that for the very first time, I saw such a high level of racism from Malays. It was a shocking eye opener for me. I actually spent about 4 to 5 hours reading Annie's posts and all the comments and I was telling myself - OMG, where have I been all these years of my life :D All these Asal Bukan Cina, Buy Chinese Last, and other nonsense... at first I was stunned and horrified, then I started to laugh and find it very funny :D

      Because at the end of the day, my Malay friends are not like you small bunch of people here. I am very fortunate in this sense: I know that in every race, you have a small bunch of hardcore folks - there are hardcore racists and bigots in the Malay community, the Chinese community, the Indian community, etc. I have been very very blessed that all my Malay friends are not hardcore racists like you folks here. And when they vote, they use their heads and logical reasoning to vote, whether for BN or PR, and not because of race. These are friends I proudly go to "war" with when we are competing against companies from America, Norway, Germany, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.

      Pada akhir hari, bukanlah kerugian saya atau kaum China (atau orang Melayu yang rasional dan moderate secara tulen) jika kamu semua mahu jadi orang rasis :) Silakan silakan :)

      Saya meminta maaf atas posting saya yang berpanjang lebar. Dan dengan itu, saya ucapkan selamt perjalanan dalam kehidupan :)

    7. apek le A pee ,

      Hai ya !, kalau lu tatak lugi wa pon tatak lugi ,tapi iu collaption kalau kasi hilang memang atak bagus olang bulayu lebih senang maa ..... ,sekalang manyak susah mau compet loo ..., .Bualayu mau kasi wang itu oficel masti tatak mau punya , itu olang cakap itu apa macam ,selupa malu maa.....,tapi kalau cina bagi pasti bolih loo...apa macam Bulayu mau maju kalau itu macam maa......

      Itu collaption ha yaa manyak cilaka maa ,tapi kalau tatak hai yaa manyak susah cali makan leaa ,kalau kasi haput apa macam mau kaya maa.. .

    8. "My whole family would vote BN again because we know Ku Li is a man of integrity, trust, honour, principle and is a TRUE STATESMAN."

      Omaigod, berjela-jela panjang. But this one statement shows that mamat ni tak lah se reasonable yang dia sangka. Ku Li tu ada honour? Yang buat parti lepas kalah bertanding siapa? Sama je acuan macam Anak Ibrahim kita, kan. Ku Li tu ada prinsip, trustworthy dan integrity? Tak pernah dengar skandal IMF di Hong Kong ye? Sampai ada orang mati kena bunuh.

      Hello, Unker. Tak yah gebang la. If you say you support Anwar Ibrahim, then we already know what class you actually are. Semua yang keluar dari mulut dia tak pernah betul dan asyik bernanah saja. Itu yang kau pilih? Emh emh emh. Kesian.

    9. Corruption nak hilang senang je: just ask the fucking Chinese to stop offering and giving them. Settle. Tak payah MACC apa semua.

    10. TBL = ULAR YANG SEDANG BERSALIN KULIT LEPAS PRU13 = DAPigs CT starting to do damage control and playing ANGEL...

    11. @ Ramayana:

      Alamak, LOL! Kawan, posting-posting kamu ini sangat kelakarlah! Saya rasa kamu boleh bertanding dengan Mr. Bean untuk gelaran "pelawak bodoh paling hebat di dunia" :P

      Walaupun saya tak suka buang masa dengan sia-sia (I don't suffer fools gladly), tapi biar saya layan Si Ramayana untuk sekejap.

      Saya memang mengetahui bahawa Ku Li ada "keragu-raguan" dalam sejarah Yang Mulia. IMF adalah salah satu "skandal" yang berkaitan dengan Yang Mulia. Juga dengan skandal Bank Bumiputera pada awal dekad 80-an. Saya memang sedar dan tidak tutup mata kepada skandal-skandal Yang Mulia.

      Tapi untuk makluman Si Ramayana, saya bekerja di Hong Kong (saya langsung tidak ada masalah bekerja di mana-mana di dunia ini... saya pernah berkata... Malaysia hanya satu tasik kecil dalam lautan dunia ini). Saya ada dengar cerita-cerita di sini (dan di Malaysia juga). Cuba Si Ramayana fikir sekejap kenapa Ku Li boleh "dikatakan terlibat" / "implicated" dalam skandal-skandal ini.

      Adakah Si Ramayana pernah berfikir bahawa mungkin Ku Li adalah mangsa penganiyaan? Orang Malaysia yang berpendidikan dan tahu sejarah akan mengingati bahawa terdapat satu bekas Perdana Menteri yang suka menganiya atau mengfitnahkan musuh-musuhnya (atau bakal-bakal musuhnya). Saya tidak perlu menamakan bekas Perdana Menteri ini, tapi selamat dikatakan bahawa kerana minda kejam dan zalim bekas Perdana Menteri ini, ahli-ahli politik UMNO / Melayu seperti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tengku Razaleigh, Anwar Ibrahim dan Abdullah Badawi telah menjadi mangsa penganiyaan beliau. Bekas Perdana Menteri ini orang paling "terror" dan hebat dalam menciptakan skandal untuk menjatuhkan sesesiapa yang mungkin berpeluang bertanding atau bermusuhan dengannya.

      Bekas Perdana Menteri inilah yang telah meruntuhkan nama baik negara ini. Rakan baiknnya, seorang bekas Menteri Kewangan (the second most powerful warlord in UMNO), telah mencuri lebih daripada RM20 bilion daripada UMNO dan negara ini untuk digunakan untuk membeli bank-bank di Africa dan Europa Timur.

      Si Ramayana patut guna otak untuk berfikir sedikit. Tapi, jika Si Ramayana mahu berterusan dengan minda sempit macam ini, saya lebih mengalu-alukan. If a person like Ramayana is working for a competitor company, my confidence will go through the roof. Only lousy companies will employ people with such poor mentalities.

      Akhirnya, Si Ramayana patut memberitahu dari sekolah manakah Si Ramayana mendapat pendidikan. Saya mahu menasihatkan kawan-kawan saya untuk mengelakkan menghantar anak-anak mereka ke sekolah Si Ramayana. Tak mahu si kecil-kecil ini mendapatkan minda tersesat seperti Si Ramayana :)

      P.S. In corruption, it takes two hands to clap mate. The corrupted Chinese, and the corrupted Malays (aka UMNO) :P

    12. Panjang betul hang tulis, buat penat hang je, aku tak baca pun. But right at the end you wrote:

      Takes two hands to clap, eh? So how come we only ever heard people bitching about the police, not the apek sayur who keep giving them bribes as an easy way out?

      On the same note, whenever price of goods go up, people blame the Government. Weird that no one blames the Chinese cartels who control the distribution chain here.

    13. I don't know about people bitching about the police taking bribes, but people mainly bitch about the police not doing their work or for poor professionalism. And of course, people bitch that the police will work hard when ordered to by UMNO BN, but when PR asks for help, polis buat tak tahu :D

      And the corruption we bitch about is not really the small time corruption. It is about the big time corruption: where contracts are awarded to UMNO / MCA / MIC cronies, and those contracts are subcontracted for a FRACTION of their price to real and actual contractors to perform while the rest is shared between the Alibaba company and the politicians. Beratus-ratus jutaan punya kontrak ini. Bukan RM50 bribe, tahu tak, LOL!

      Prices of goods.... rakan Si Ramayana, I really really want to know where you obtained your education from.

      Let's see what cartels control the distribution chain of price of goods in Malaysia:

      Rice - complete control by Bernas - Syed Mokhtar.
      Sugar - complete control by Syed Mokhtar.
      Petrol - Petronas and the Mahatir family (oh, Hishamuddin also owns >40 Shell petrol stations in the country... all the big ones too).
      Palm Oil - biggest player is Sime Darby.

      Dan banyak lagi contoh.

      I mean, seriously.... you mana dapat pendidikan anda? Saya memang ingin tahu, LOL!

    14. the perception of the ONLY malay taking bribe is wrong because in the private sector it IS the majority chinese and indian do take bribe...

      the perception of the chinese is hardworking that were propagate by the chinese newspaper, the star, media that wholly owned by the chinese...

      the perception of malaysia tsunami instead of chinese tsunami by chinese political analysis, the chinese media reporter etc...

      it is Proven again and again that a unified and concerted effort by one race and keep repeating it until the whole rakyat believe it as TRUE, a proof that how CHEATING, SWINDLING, LIE, MANIPULATION of the chinese community produce result.

  29. Yeah Annie.. 1Malaysia is already dead, buried down deep underground!. No more slogan Najib, don't be like Paklah. Islam Hadhari lah, Cermelang Temberang Kepialang. The old vision should be enough, Wawasan 2020. Too many slogans will confuse people.

  30. Aku suka pakai T Shirt hitam. Ada banyak kat rumah. Tapi sekarang, bila pakai hitam, semua orang pandang. Mula-mula aku tak perasan. Confuse sebab apa orang pandang. Aku ingat aku handsome sangat. Then aku baru sedar,.. itu blackout PRU13 punya hal.

    Cilaka lu Kit Siang! Mahu pakai baju hitam pun kena fikir 2-3 kali. Lu mau saya punya flying kick ka?

    1. colleague used to tease me for my love of wearing black - slimming ler. Now, they are at the back of my closet.

  31. LKS ans AI is doing what any dirty politicians will do. In Malaysia, they know that it is practically impossible for the Chinese to topple BN without Malay votes. GE13 has proven that.

    To win an elections is to gather votes and he plays the game well.

    First, he instigates the Chinese to abandon MCA and to hate the Malay-led government, using the race/Islamic issues and NEP as his weapon. And, the chinese "woke up" after listening to his daily sermon since 2004/GE12 (when DAP lost badly). To make the story short, he managed to do that and gain 90%-95% of the Chinese votes in GE13.

    His next or current move is as dirty, if not worse. For PR to topple the BN-led government is to gain support from UMNO supporters. He uses Ghani's lost as a weapon. He wants UMNO supporters to believe that it is UMNO's fault for putting Ghani in Gelang Patah. He now says that UMNO is ungrateful of Ghani for not appointing him as a senator. He wants the Malays to rebel against UMNO.

    LKS knows the Malays are angry and PAS is not happy for losing seats. LKS knows there is no way PR can topple BN without the help of Malay votes. So, he changes the game. The Chinese has united, so it's time to win more bumiputera supports. How is he doing it? By overtaking BN's muhibbah/1Malaysia campaign. Yes, it's BN theme which he wants the Malaysians to embrace for the benefits of PR.

    LKS knows his game and he plays well. We will hear more and more tricks from LKS to gain the Malay/bumiputera support, from now on until GE14.

    We, the bumiputeras need to play the offensive. Supporting the pro-BN blogs is one thing. We also must also let our voice known in LKS and any PR supporters blogs, Malaysiakini, etc. We have been too nice and accommodative all this while.

    1. Spread the world ya all. Dont let the Malay be the fools from LKS game. As we know, orang melayu MUDAH PERCAYA kalau kena PUJI. Serupa macam business dengan politic melayu. Bodek bodek... dapat kontrak. Puji puji.. kasi business. Ha sekarang semua kontrak dengan business sudah digunakan untuk menghentam balik.

    2. Betul, bro. Lim Kit Siang main game same macam tuan dia Lee Kuan Yew main game dulu. Pakai songkok, selit ayat al-Quran dua tiga patah. Settle. Puak serban dah tercirit dalam jubah dengar Cina quote ayat Quran. Bukti orang kafir terima mesej Isle hok kito, diorang kata. Ye sangat la tu.

  32. heloo...we Malays turned racists overnite after PRU13...tks to I cant look at another Chinese the same way ever again knowing that they want Malays to seen on a placard carried by a Chinese and knowing that they dont like us and want to rule Malaysia