Wednesday 22 May 2013

The Star's Malays

I am obliging a request by Helen Ang to


this posting in her blog -

It's actually about MCA's the Star newspaper which is the most read English newspaper in the country.

The newspaper, which had been hedging for a possible Pakatan victory in the run up to GE13 has of late been campaigning for a more united multi-racial Malaysian society in the aftermath of the general election.

This was after it had subtly been promoting Pakatan politicians, particularly those from the DAP who had been campaigning on the platform of championing Chinese sentiments and hating the Malay-led BN government.

Now that it has become clear that the majority of Malays are reacting negatively to the Chinese tsunami of GE13, the newspapers are going all out to appease the community by calling for unity among the races. 

The following is an excerpt from that Helen Ang's posting which shows the hypocrisy of the newspaper's call for unity among the races. It is the name list of the Star's bosses and their high ranking position -

  • Brian Martin – Executive Editor
  • Associate Editor – Davin Arul
  • Dorairaj Nadason – Deputy Executive Editor
  • T. Selva – Chief News Editor
  • Devid Rajah – Senior News Editor
  • Ann Marie Chandy – Editor, Features
  • Manogaran Rethinam – Editor, Sports
  • Risen Jaya Seelan Dennis – Business Editor (News)
  • Frederick Fernandez – Editor, Metro
  • Joseph Raj – Editor, Star Online
  • Wong Chun Wai – Group Chief Editor ( EVANGELISTA HEAD HONCHO )
  • Wong Siah Pin – Chief Operating Officer
  • David PL Yeoh – Deputy Group Chief Editor (I)
  • Leanne L Y Goh – Deputy Group Chief Editor (II)
  • June H L Wong – Managing Editor
  • Wong Sai Wan – Executive Editor
  • Errol Oh Boon Peng – Executive Editor
  • Tommy Lee – Executive Editor
  • Soo Ewe Jin – Deputy Executive Editor
  • Agatha Matayun – Editor Sunday
  • Paul Yeo – Senior Editor, Health
  • Tan Cheng Li – Editor, Environment
  • William K C Kee – Editor, Fashion
  • Ivy Soon – Editor, Women & Family
  • Melody Louisa Goh – Deputy Editor, Features Central
  • Chelsea Ng – Editor, Education
And the only Malay “acting” editor from the list of the 26 top positions inThe Star.
  • Dzireena Mahadzir – Acting Editor, Clove
I guess the Malay employees of the Star are not of the bright types, causing them not to be among the top people at the newspaper. Either that, or they were being sidelined because they were Malays.

I nonetheless dare to bet that if you ask the Star editors on why there is only one Malay "acting" editor among their big bosses, the answer would be that "we are promoting people strictly based on merit".

Something like in Singapore, I guess. 


  1. I went through yesterday's The Star and was very pissed with their suggestion that English should be a unifying language of Malaysia. False! Bahasa Malaysia should be the unifying language of Malaysia. Not English!

    1. See how these kiasu insist to throw anything that related with malay.

    2. The STAR has always been a tikam belakang news paper. very good with reverse psychology. Its.. BOSS I SUGAR COATED FOR YOU FRONT FRONT.. but i will definitely always main belakang.

    3. Singapore, which we kicked out of Malaysia, has English as its main language.

      According to the IMF, it is now the richest country in the world. In 2012, Malaysia came 58.

      English was the main school language when Pakistan gained independence from the Britain. It's No.136 on the 2012 IMF rich list.

      Bangladesh (East Pakistan) is now one of our main suppliers of foreign workers.

      Money is not all important. But one just can't escape from needing it. It also gets one respect ... think the Golden Age of Islam.

  2. I have stopped subscribing to the Star on May 6.

  3. The Star is an MCA-owned paper. Why is everyone trying to demolish the MCA now? MCA is still a BN-coalition partner. Isn't it enough that the opposition is targeting MCA, why does BN and supposedly "BN supporters" need to cannibalize or destroy its own allies?

    1. Because we HATE cina.
      How about that.

    2. The Star is in a self-destruction mode by promoting the DAP agenda whilst neglecting the need to promote MCA. Ironically MCA did nothing giving the impression that they condone the editors' choice of news. No one needs to demolish or demonise The Star when in fact it is being destructed from inside by their own editors.

    3. You just came back from outer space or what? Or are you the modern version of Rip Van Winkle?

      Or ..the British left the country long time ago, close to 56 years ago.

    4. Anon 22 May 2013 16:04:

      Let me rephrase that for you:

      We don't hate cina. But we hate cina yang racist!

    5. It's because...


      Sorry, what were you ranting about? Something about fucking racists in The Star?

    6. MCA is a partner in BN in names only. For all intent and purpose the members are acting for the benefit of DAP, including Mr CSL himself. How do you explain not selecting OTK to defend his Pandan seat.

      Stop playing sandiwara la!!

  4. Anonymous 22 May 2013 15:21: I just mentioned the reason why I am pissed with it. Needs no further explanations.

  5. The Star is the English language newspaper for the chinese. They will support whoever id the dominant Chinese party, which is currently DAP.

    In conclusion, The Star is DAP's newspaper.

    1. one should read between the fine lines, and the truth will be known

  6. Aiyoyo.... this Anon 15:21 must be from the RBA! Dense! It's about MCA being backstabbed la. Tu pun susah nak faham... atau saja nak spin??

    1. That was a DAP cyber donkey attempt at reverse psychology. Hang around long enough and you'll see these fuckers are easy to read.

  7. like in singapore - once upon a time - a malay with phd only qualified to become acting minister. i can't remember if he had confirmed..

  8. Dzireena Mahadzir?

    The name don't sound malay

    Just like that supposedly anak Khir Johari!

  9. Maybe Annie Should Also check and see whether there are any Chinese holding a senior post in Utusan?

    1. yeah and please also check how many malay holding a senior post in sinchew daily..nanyang and the other kiasu cina newspaper?

    2. it's not easy to find chinese journalists proficient in bahasa melayu whereas malay journalists yg proficient in english ramai. that should answer your pointed question, anon 18.52. having said that, there had been the odd instances where non-malay (read chinese & indian) reporters making it in berita harian way back in the '80 when i was still a journo (with malay mail).

  10. This is good example where the Malay would be without the NEP influence ,as always 'Melayu mudah lupa' if giving the chance, (Air Asia CEO) and many others of the type.
    If Malay are not deserved in MCA media company ,would it be difference in DAP ?.

  11. kat shah alam ada workshop (bengkel) yang bagus kat seksyen 24. Double Zack. kedai tayar dia kat seksyen 23.

    jom pegi workshop double zack.


    1. Can I have the full address of this workshop?

  12. berapa ramai senior management cina kat syarikat melayu?
    berapa kerat pengurus melayu kat syarikat?


    1. try looking at the leading banks and also BNM

  13. To conclude, all Cina yang support DAP are all pukimak punya Cina. Never trust them and jangan bagi muka langsung. Buy Chinese last. It may take time and surely the time will come.

  14. This is emulated in every single chinese owned companies in Malaysia, let me name some:

    1) YTL
    2) Berjaya
    3) Dijaya (now name changed to Tropicana)
    4) Genting/Resort World
    5) Sunway
    6) Axis
    7) Pavilion
    8) UOA
    9) Talam (yg dah tenggelam)
    10) IJM
    11) IGB
    12) Tan & Tan (the shareholder or IGB and IJM if i am not mistaken)
    13) YNH
    14) Hap Seng
    15) Yeos
    16) Cha time
    17) MBG ( i know the owner is chinese muslim0 yet satu company smua cina jugak hmm wonder why ek...bukan Islam dont condone racism)
    18) Putra Perdana (Construction Co)
    19) Mah Sing
    20) Eastern & Oriental
    21) See Hoy Chuan
    22) Gamuda
    23) Kuok group
    24) Hong Leong
    25) UOB

    Take a look at who is inside CIMB...though it is suppose to be a GLC...sapa yg ramai...take a look at Khazanah MOF chinese tak..ade in fact plenty..but u go and belek those companies i just listed down...besides the must have bumi puppets in the board of directors...are there at ALL bumi rep in their top management...tea lady x kire la kan...before u guys ( i.e the extreme chinese) decides to continue whinning and ranting abt the last GE..think hard how tolerant malays have been to the chinese indian and we complain why u insist on having ur vernacular schools...when we suggest to have 1 school u bitch about it saying we are racist? do u hear ur self when u speak? much as u underestimate the purchasing power of the malays...malays have always supported everybody's buss in Malaysia...sbb we are tolerant ppl...while u chinese just keep harping to gain more and tamak slalu rugi..pls remember.