Saturday 4 May 2013

Honoring Tan Ah Eng (updated)

(Note: Updates at the bottom of the page)

Last night, outgoing Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman attended a dinner function organized by Chinese non-govenmental organizations in Gelang Patah.

It was not a political function. There was no party banners, flags or other paraphernalia. There were about 5,000 people at the function.

The function, held at the open space near the Sutera Mall, Skudai where mammoth DAP rallies were held the previous nights was to honor Tan Ah Eng, the former Gelang Patah member of parliament.

Tan is the Wanita MCA deputy chief and Johor Wanita MCA chief. She has been the Gelang Patah MP for nine years.

She is now bedridden and suffering from spinal cancer.

Tan, while serving as an MP had worked closely with the Chinese Gelang Patah NGOs in setting up community centers such as complaints bureau, dialysis centers and free traditional medical services programs.

It is well known among members of the Chinese NGOs that Tan worked closely with Ghani in getting State government funds to assist their activities and programs.

She was represented at the function by her husband and children.

Ghani, in his speech thanked Tan on behalf of the Johor government for her services.

Describing Tan as "an old friend", he said it was a pleasure and an honor being able to serve the people with a sincere person like Tan.

Ghani asked everyone present to pray for Tan and her family.

Earlier, a recorded message by Tan was shown on the big screen set up in front of the audience.

They were many who shed tears as the ailing former Gelang Patah MP delivered her message from her sickbed. I was among them.

I'm not going to write what her message to the people of Gelang Patah here as I don't want to be accused of manipulating what she said.

If there is a video of her message being uploaded in You Tube later on, I will post it here.


This is a video of Tan Ah Eng when she was still an active wakil rakyat


  1. hypocrite..... why wait until GE only honoring Madam Tan ?? and it has to be perform in front of 5000 guests ??

    MCA JB

    1. Can you all DAP cybertroopers try not to be such bastards. And stop pretending you are from MCA JB. And stop pretending you can't read. As I had written, the function was not organized by BN. It was organized by Gelang Patah Chinese NGOs. Ghani was just a guest. There was no talk about politics at the function. I even removed my BN badge when I entered the venue. When Ghani visited Tan at her home much much earlier when she came back from treatment in Taiwan, he told his aides not to let the Press know about it. Ghani does not seek publicity in such a manner. The Chinese Press, however found a photo of the visit on the Facebook wall of an aide of Tan and published it. I hope someone who has Tan's message will upload it at You Tube. Now, I really want people to see it so they know that BN leaders such as Tan and Ghani are of totally a different type than Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng.

    2. chill bean army is trying to earn their wages

    3. i am really sick and tired of these pakatan rakyat fellows. politicking is allright, but when they can't differentiate what is 'right' and what is 'wrong' when it comes to people's life, i get really sick and tired of it. i m not a BN supporter, i m a fence sitter. but i can see that this Ghani and Tan r sincere people; so please 'leave them alone'; don't politicise this kind of function which's supposed to be private and non-politic. otherwise, i will use the bastard word as used by Annie to describe 'u people'.

    4. i want to add on to my earlier comments (anonymous 7.39); after reading anonymous 4 May 1.56's reply (pretending to be MCA JB; & annie claimed that it must be one of DAP cybertrooper's works); I want to declare they (DAP/Pakatan) just lost 1 precious vote from me. so tomorrow, i know who to vote already. u bastards, leave Tan alone, dont publicise this. she's fighting for her life and yet u find it fitting to attack her and ghani. so sickening.

    5. Cool it Annie. These pakatan bastards are just trying to earn a few bucks. Just like what malays are doing during at pasar ramadhan.

      After this they might have to puasa or become like many unemployed chinese graduates selling pens at restoren mamak or becoming nuisance to everyone as tele-marketeers.

      They are only good in those things.

      Macam luncai dengan labu nya. Biarkan, biarkan, biarkan.

    6. Yes - not political talk because UMNO says No to MCA, MIC, Gerakan. She is not a poltician at all. She works for the Red Cross, Oxfam like Salvation Army doing charitable works only. There are crimes, corruption, illegal immigrants, rising costs, unemployment, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangla are selling things cheap than Malaysia. No one can sell malaysian produce goods because we can only want to speak Bahasa to potential customers.

    7. You're so stupid and your direct Mandarin translation doesn't make any sense in English, moron.

  2. Oh please, what a bunch of hypocrites!

    BN national and Johor leaders were rude and vicious to Tan Ah Eng behind her back for a long time already. Even her Johor MCA boss, Chua Soi Lek was bad-mouthing her during a briefing with UMNO Overseas Alumni Club and key bloggers at Menara Dato Onn on 21st Sept 2011...

    Syed Akbar Ali even blogged, "Around this time also CSL spoke of dropping some MCA incumbents. I should not name them but one is a woman who "cannot speak Malay, cannot speak English and whose Mandarin is also not good. Maybe she is Thai?"

    Here's the link to his posting:

    At least have some decency to admit that BN Johor leaders were cruel to Tan Ah Eng for so long, instead of milking her tragic situation for Ghani's publicity purposes.
    So sad la you guys...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. get real la kluang girl, btw, i m not an MCA cyber trooper ok; i m just an average chinese msian who's married to a china's national. my 2 earlier comments r sincerely from my heart. DAP/Pakatan fellows, dont be so arrogant; perhaps 2008 'victory' has really gone to your big heads already. we shall see; tomorrow, all fence sitters aka the silent majority will determine the future of this country thru the ballot box. i support the fact that we should have a good & strong opposition, ie. DAP/Pakatan; but my point in my earlier 2 postings r these: don't hit below the belt, tan is fighting for her life, and yet u bastards (2nd time already i use this word - which is a rarity to me) find it fitting to attack her for political mileage. i m speaking from the bottom of my heart ok. i wish to reiterate, DAP/Pakatan, u just lost my precious vote; for my fellow malaysians, vote wisely tomorrow, not emotionally. anon 7.39 & 8.35

    2. I'm sorry dude, but where did I attack Tan Ah Eng in my posting? I hate hypocrites.
      So i hope your liking for calling people "bastard" is not pathological.

      Your vote is your right!
      In fact it's secret, so no need to parade here for publicity la... Haha

      ~ Kluang girl

    3. Let me repeat this in brief so that the DAP cybertroopers' small brain can absorb the meaning -
      Got it?
      Or are you all saying that I can't write about the function at all? Do notice that I didn't put a single word about BN or the election in my posting. That was to honor the non-political nature of the tribute to Tan at the function.
      Or maybe that's too difficult a concept for you all DAP cybertroopers to comprehend?

    4. Congratulation Kluang Girl for persistently "cari makan" here.

      After this can go mabuk la!!

    5. Kluang Girl - milking tragic situation like Lim Kit Siang CRYING over a spun ROS de-registration issue that wasn't even there in the first place?

    6. Anon 09.17
      Why BN cannot be good oppostion like in Selangor and Penang instead?

    7. For a girl, supposedly from Kluang, you are severely lacking in manners. How sad. Firstly, who appointed you "spokesman" for YB Mdm Tan Ah Heng or her family? I don't recall YB Tan, or anyone close to her, complaining of anyone being rude or vicious to her, do you? You have to know that in politics, and all politicians should be aware of this, one is selected to serve the public. May I reiterate, the key word is to serve. Hence, the ability to serve is paramount. Unfortunately, YB Tan had this affliction and she had refused re-nomination. It is surely most mischievious of you to suggest otherwise. Notswithstanding all that you have insinuated, when someone makes amends to repent and take steps to rectify wrongs which were done unintentionally, it is only good manners to accept these acts graciously. That is the Malaysian way. I will ask you to look yourself in the mirror today and reflect on what you have written. If it had been done sincerely to support the cause of YB Tan, then good for you! However, if you had written this thrash to squeeze out some political mileage, then shame, shame on you.

    8. I do not know how Kluang girl was raised, so I will not comment on that but she seems to forget that she will grow old one day. That is a fact. Still a long way to go? Fine, then you should learn to pray that you will live long life without affliction of illness because when you are old and/or bedridden, you will know who your true friends are. By then, it could be too late to realise the importance of true friendship, love and respect.

      Family squabble is common. Having disagreements are normal. If i do not see my children or nephews/nieces quarrel, i will start question if there is anything wrong with them. Among closed friends, we call each others names and scold each other often. But, as a close knit family, like Barisan, will still care for each other in time of good and bad. When I fell sick, my chinese colleague visited me bringing food or whatever I need. When some of them lost their loved ones, I came to the funerals but seldom agree on how we do our jobs. Does that make us hypocrites? If you do not see the right in that, then I will feel sorry for your children.

  3. One common trait of pakatan is that they were never grateful to others except their supreme leaders.

    In their eyes, these supremo can do no wrong. Give them whatever proof, and they will never believe. Always blame it on another Umno conspiracy.

    What is scary ia that, we will have a next generation of childrens of bastards, who will be more vicious, more ungrateful and will have no qualm about destroying this lovely country.

    May Allah saves us all.

    1. Dear Anon 09:12,
      Asal hidup jangan munafik, saya redha...

      ~ Kluang girl

  4. Please la, The Star today has splashed a story of Tan Ah Eng's pre-recorded video endorsing Ghani at her own tribute!

    Maybe The Star forgot your memo that it was a non-political function?!

    Her own colleagues in BN Johor were cruel and victimizing her for so long, but in the end she is still helpful to oblige their request for a good word for Ghani...
    My best wishes for her and family.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Say what you want. The people of Gelang Patah know that Ghani and Tan are "old friends" who work together sincerely for the betterment of Johor and its people. They have every right to honor each other. That's what real friends do.

    2. They are Ali Baba. One uses politics and get all the benifits and the other trying to use paling merah works and nothing politics to protray their good works.

    3. Ghani is trying to use Tan's health condition to beg sympathy votes. Tan may be a good MP but at this crucial moment we should focus on the big picture which is to have change in the regime, to bring new breath of life to this country. Vote wisely no matter you are voting BN or PR.

    4. Kepada rakan-rakan saya yang bakal mengundi buat kali pertama,

      Setiap orang berhak mengundi untuk sesiapa sahaja, dan saya akan tetap menghormati undi anda untuk BN mahupun PR. Tetapi sebelum kami semua mengundi pada hari Ahad ini, saya ingin berkongsi sedikit sebab saya tidak akan mengundi untuk calon Barisan Nasional.

      Pertama sekali, saya bukannya penyokong Pakatan Rakyat dan saya mengakui PAS, PKR dan DAP semua mempunyai kelemahan. Tetapi saya masih percaya Pakatan Rakyat amat diperlukan (buat kali ini sahaja) untuk memimpin negara Malaysia kita yang tercinta.

      1. Ekonomi negara kita diancam gejala korupsi

      Kerana dikurniakan sumber asli yang banyak dan tenaga kerja yang berkualiti, Malaysia berpotensi menjadi negara yang makmur. Generasi kami yang baru bekerja mendapatinya susah nak menyara kos hidup yang semakin meningkat. Korupsi adalah sebab #1 negara kita tidak mempunyai ekonomi yang setanding Singapura dan Korea Selatan (kedua-dua pun tidak mempunyai sumber asli yang banyak).

      Siapa yang tidak inginkan negara di mana pakcik dan makcik yang jujur dan bekerja keras akan dihargai dengan ganjaran. Malangnya, di Malaysia, sebab utama seseorang menerima ganjaran sepenuhnya ialah hubungan dengan kroni-kroni ahli politik.

      Saya bukannya berkata PR tidak korup manakala BN korup sepenuh-penuhnya. Tetapi BN yang sudah berkuasa selama lebih 50 tahun tidak mampu menangani masalah ini, terutamanya antara ahlinya sendiri. Pihak manakah yang lebih ikhlas dalam usahanya mewujudkan budaya yang bebas daripada korupsi?

      2. Rakyat semakin berpecah-belah berdasarkan kaum

      Saya masih ingat persahabatan yang tidak mengira kaum semasa di sekolah. Tetapi ahli politik sejak kebelakangan ini kerap membangkitkan isu perkauman. Mereka yang sepatutnya menunjukkan teladan kepada rakyat, malangnya bertanggungjawab menyemai perbalahan antara kaum.

      Ini bukan persoalan hak kaum Melayu, Cina, India atau lain-lain. Ini soal cara kita menjaga dan mengambil berat kebaikan rakyat negara kita sendiri. Kita sepatutnya bersatu-padu dan menolong antara satu sama lain demi membangkitkan nama Malaysia di pentas dunia. Tetapi kita membuang masa merisaukan persaingan antara kaum.

      Saya tahu ini bukannya soal yang mudah diselesaikan. Tetapi persoalan berikut harus dipertimbangkan:

      Pihak mana yang sengajanya memecah-belahkan kaum demi memegang dan merampas kuasa? Pihak mana yang lebih ikhlas memupukkan perpaduan antara kaum? Pihak mana yang mempunyai keahlian yang mengikut kaum dan meneruskan jurang antara kaum? Dan akhir sekali, ceramah pihak manakah selama tempoh kempen ini yang dihadiri rakyat pelbagai kaum?

      Ada yang berpendapat bahawa PR tidak layak mentadbir negara, dan jika mereka menang PRU13, negara tidak boleh berfungsi. Tetapi orang yang berkata sedemikian sudah lupa bahawa kakitangan awam adalah pihak neutral yang boleh menjalankan fungsi mereka tidak-kira pihak mana yang mentadbir (contohnya kerajaan Selangor dan Pulau Pinang setelah tukar kerajan pada 2008).

      Ada juga daripada pihak BN yang berkata akan wujud konflik antara kaum sekiranya PR menang. Adakah mereka pandang-rendah sangat dengan sifat rakyat mereka sendiri? Bukankah terdapat rakyat berbilang kaum yang menyokong dua-dua pihak ini. Betapa angkuhnya pihak yang berkata hanya mereka sahaja yang boleh menjamin keamanan.

      Sekali-lagi, saya bukannya penyokong PR. Tetapi saya percaya PR adalah alternatif yang diperlukan bagi negara kita di PRU13. Jika mereka tidak mentadbir dengan baik, kita undikan mereka keluar dari Putrajaya di PRU14.

      Sekali-lagi, saya tetap menghormati keputusan saudar-saudari untuk mengundi mana-mana pihak. Saya hanya minta anda pertimbangkan soal-soal ini. Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca - saya mendoakan keselamatan semua rakyat apabila mengundi pada hari Ahad nanti - demi negara Malaysia kita.

    5. Untuk kali ini sahaja?

      Melaka was lost to the Potguese in 1511 because of two disgruntled pribumi. It took us 446 years to get it back.

      Now you want to sell this country to a bunch of apeks from china and baie from punjab?

      You'll never get it back in your lifetime.

    6. Orang asli also lost their land and same with Dusun, Ibans etc when they join Malaya to form Malaysia.

    7. Anonymous4 May 2013 11:24|

      Anon, I would buy what you said if I haven't seen the same diatribe being copied and pasted elsewhere on pro-BN pages, by so-called people like you.

      You said it's not about race, but why do Lim Kit Siang used Gelang Patah to create inroad into Johor?

      Answer me that and maybe this discussion can go on.

      I disagree, PR do not have a unified vision nor a true collaboraton between its parties. Once voted into power, they'll fight among one another to gain dominance. And corruption isn't the only thing we're facing. What about foreign policies, stance of religion etc?

      Anonymous4 May 2013 12:26

      I know you marah, tapi janganlah guna term yg tak sedap didengar mcm apek and baie dari cina etc. Byk org Cina and India baik orgnya. Don't generalize.

  5. tebing tinggi4 May 2013 at 10:08


    Your vote is your choice ,but please be advice that, never, never , never go for party and personality who's building their political reputation with lies and slandering ,it's might just take you nowhere .

    1. Correct - never go for UMNO as a Party. there are some very good men but rare in UMNO

    2. You're right Tebing Tinggi.

      Vote wisely.
      Never vote for Parties that practice Nepotism.
      Remember: Nepotism is against Democratic principles and it's fertile breeding grounds for Dictatorship and Cronyism.

      Never vote for a Party which uses Religion to garner votes. Religion only sow hatred amongst us, Malyasian.

      Tolak Pakatan yang tidak sehaluan.


    3. Anon 11:02, you are right. Some BN candidate are with good quality especially those from UMNO but definitely not those from MCA. My area is a singling star which means is easier for me to make a choice.

    4. Anonymous4 May 2013 12:34

      Hie red Bean army. came here to make your lunch money? dah berapa banyak dah dapat? cukup beli KFC lunch set ke?
      Say hie to Ronnie Liu okay :)

  6. That's the spirit in BN. Forgive and forget and be grateful to other.

    One bad experience doesn't erase a lifetime of good deed.

    In pakatan a lifetime of lies, slander and evil deeds can be easily forgiven and forgotten if you are LKS, LGE, RA, TGNA, Hadi.

    1. Before election, Zul Noordin is like UMNO - utter racist words and insulting the Indians and their reliogion. Now during Election UMNO wants us to forgive and forget? Man, UMNO has been doing for 50 years since Kutty become PM. After election, UMNo will continue.

    2. Anon 11:01.
      You're a real moron.

      Zul Nordin utter those words when he was a member of PAS, 10 years ago. He has apologized 3 times already. Why Pakatan supporters or nobody say anything then. Selangor's state has demolished many shrines, why nobody make noise? Imagine if BN were to do it.

      BN have been very democratic and 'color blind'. Anybody can be PM. Even a Kutty can be PM. Tunku Abdul Rahman was half Siamese. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was half Chinese. As long as you are not racist, anybody can be PM.


    3. That is why PAS kick him out for PAS believe Islam is not based on race as compare to UMNO base religion as race . So now you all admit Kutty is a Mamak become PM

    4. dude why so racist?
      why are you so against Mamak?

      they're human too. and much more decent than you imho.

    5. Siapa yang racist dan selalu guna terma "Mamak Kutty" kalau bukan orang DAP? Fucking racist bastards and bitches.

  7. Dear Kluang Girl,

    Abu Jahal, Abu lahab, Hitler, LKS, Karpal Singh are not munafik too!!

  8. UALA LUMPUR, May 02 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s approval rating is now at all time high of 73 per cent, the highest point since last May, fuelled by rising concerns amongst voters over Pakatan’s ability to maintain economic stability as well as serious internal problems over Hudud, a new poll released today showed.

    1. Merdeka Center survey put current Najib approval rating at 61%, down from 64% from last March.
      BN Selangor is one of Merdeka Center clients also, besides a few other organizations.

      UMDECEL has noted 39% approval rating for Najib, 43% for Anwar with 18% undecided in the pool.

      Both surveys above have sampling errors 2-4%, in line with major pollsters like Gallup & MORI. Both are locally respected polling agency and academic body.

      If you prefer the group of pembodek Profs of UUM/MPN survey, then Najib/BN all super-duper bagus, with sampling error of only 0.022%! Haha

      ~ Kluang girl

    2. The one think I like about Pro-BN bloggers is that they are not fussy about the identity of their commentators. Anonymous also can. Anybody can fake their identities. They even publish lies spewed by detractors.

      But on the Pro-Pakatan blogs, no anonymous is allowed. If you don't agree with their views, your comment would not be published. When I first comment on DinMerican's blog, I tried to be 'on the fence', however after about 2 weeks, non of my comments were published anymore.

      Just imagine people aligned or supporters of Pakatan. If they were to hold power, if they will suppress information from the public. They might even forbid the MSM from reporting crimes so as to paint a good 'crime perception index'. That's what Singapore is doing, anyway.


    3. Whatever it is, let the voters and Bangla decide. Whatever outcome, Malaysia will have to change. In 2008, BN said the same thing that they are very confident of 2/3 majority. This time BN sung the same tune again and let's see will the result be different?

    4. During Slumberjack time, I frequent pro-Pakatan blogs since BN was quite useless back then.

      After awhile I realised that they can't stop spewing hate. Whatever that came out are probably 20% truth, 80% lies.

      There is nothing right in whatever BN doing. Even setting up MACC was ridiculed. I stopped going to their blogs after more than a year. Too much negativity is bad for your mind and health.

      I was wondering why the commenters were all so vicious. Now I know that they are paid cybertroopers and dissenting views were muffled.

      Kudos to pro-BN blogs, at least they allow some brain dead comments in. And the language used by the pro-BN commenters are more civilised.

      Don't the pro-Pakatan supporters know that they can put their dissenting views forward by using normal language?

    5. Anon 12:52.

      What bangla?

      Cukuplah menfitnah dan membuat dosa!

      Bila kampung tergadai baru nak sedar!!

    6. but PR's cybertoopers are getting more keng. They don't only attack through comments, they practically try to stop you from either accessing your blog, or relentlessly hack until you have to take it down. They're nut, because they have absolutely NO boundaries.

      Their version of freedom of speech is CORRUPT.

    7. Anon 12 : 52 or commonly known as loogl!!!
      That bangla thing is real!!! Here are some photographic evidences in the link below… Please share this to all the UBAH supporters…

      And also some calculations on how Banglas will enter the country to influence the GE results.. Again, don’t forget to share..


  9. Madam Tan is in my prayers too.

  10. I will be glad when the voting is over and people can cool down. So many harsh words used here and elsewhere. I hope that dignity and decency prevails amongst all winners/losers and their supporters after May 5. Congratulations to all people who have contributed their thoughts and views to support the democratic process in our country. Sincere thanks to Annie for her blog and comments. Good luck to all for tomorrow and hope you have a nice day.

  11. I am not against a strong opposition, in fact Umno is terminally ill and urgently need a bypass.

    However, do not go to the point of willingly surrendering the country to a bunch of chauvinists, religious deviants and ass-fuckers.

    The hard-worn freedom that we enjoyed is too precious to let go easily.

    We don't need another petualang.

  12. You must be doing something right or effective because your blog now is now the center of attention. While some other blog don't even get any attention and need to create artificial attention instead ... lol ...

    1. the answer to this is very simple, because annie blogs the truth, nothing but the truth, and she doesn't "attack" others. even though i know she's from BN, i still continue reading her blog. and i know what she states r true. we r 'smart' people who can differentiate who's telling the truth and who r creating lies. i've stopped surfing those who create & tell lies, it doesnt worth my time and energy. anyway, hopefully tan can fully recover; my pray is for her.

      anon 7.39, 8.35 & 9.17

  13. Difference between BN's ceramahs and PR's ceramahs:
    BN: If you don't give us mandate, there might be chaos or repeat of May 13 after election
    PR: If you give us mandate, we will make sure that you will be safe after election.

    BN: If we lose, this country will go bankrupt.
    PR: If we win, this country will be a better nation as we fight corruption.

    BN: If we lose, you will not get development.
    PR: If we win, we will curb corruption and use the savings to develop this nation. Look at Penang and Selangor under PR.

    BN (UMNO): We need to defend our Malay's right and Muslim (to the Malay)
    BN (MCA): We need to defend the Chinese (to the Chinese)
    PR: We need to defend MALAYSIANS, regardless if you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban.

    BN: If we win, every year you ill get BR1M.
    PR: If we win, your children will get free education and we will fight crime.

    BN: We cannot lose. We need to defend Putrajaya at all cost.
    PR: We need to win to clean up the electoral roll which is full of phantom voters and immigrants who hold blue IC.

    One is spreading fear and intimidation.
    The other is spreading hope and brighter future.

    Who do you prefer to lead this nation?

    1. Bn pls. I dont trust anwar and tian chua

    2. I would prefer BN to lead the nation.

      At least all the 13 component parties in BN are united. In PR, only 3 parties, yet cannot contest on common flag. They even contest against each other. One oppose and another wants to implement Hudud. Mati la like this. Who wants to be PM, also we don't know. Nepotism is rampant in Pakatan. Nepotism & cronyism comes together. All project go to cronies. The rakyat, makan pasir lo.
      Shadow Cabinet also cannot decide. For sure, their leaders will be fighting and politicking most of the time. The Rear Admiral will always be overseas, enjoying himself in Thailand, USA or France. (Must be careful: Don't get caught on camera again). Those in PAS, sure will marry young girls as second or third wife. The prophet has four wives, you know.

      How to make the country progress?


    3. Liar.

      1) on chaos or repeat of May 13

      Who's so-called 'clean' election watchdog created street rallies and civil disobedience that led to chaos? Bersih is certainly NOT non-partisan, and they're not allied with the government.

      Who widened the racial divide between the Chinese and malays by spreading seditious sentiments, the same one that led to spats of Sino-Malay confrontations in the 60s, culminating to the events of May 13 1969?

      Lim Kit Siang. Guess where he is from?

      2) BN is not wrong. Anwar is no economist. He failed in taking the 1997 currency crisis to task.
      PR is right in that the country will be better if we fight corruption, but they hardly hold to moral high ground when it comes to corruption themselves.

      3) BN coalition states that among the races, but remember - the people who openly admits that there is a race division are less racial in their practice, while those that proclaim to be NOT racial are actually very communal and racist in their practice.

      pray tell, what race makes up the supporters and members of these parties

      a) DAP - Chinese party through and through. with one token malay who's not even Malay but the stepson of a Malay man who got Islamised through his Chinese mom's marriage.
      And a token Indian too. Maybe a few token Bumi in Sarawak. But the fight in Gelang Patah proved that DAP is a communal Chinese party that depended on the Chinese support to make inroads into whatever state they want.

      b) PAS. ada orang Cina dalam PAS ka? Mana Multi-race nya?

      c) PKR. This one kalau cakap multi-race sikit at least boleh percaya. tapi yang dua kat atas tu fail terus lah

      Which is why I say, what is being said, and what is being done are two totally different thing.

      4) Good god, didn't Rafizi or one of those PKR dudes say that if PR gets into power they'll retain BR1M?
      And bila masa BN tak fight crime? hari2 polis berjaga kat jalan raya tu buat apa?
      Korang panggil polis anjing tapi bila susah mintak jugak polis yang tolong. doh.

      5) I believe it's PR leaders (particularly Anwar) who said they'll win Putrajaya at all costs - if they don't, THEY'LL TAKE TO THE STREETS.

      and regarding phantom voters:

      they're asking Nurul to reveal all 4k names so they can check if their name are on it. So far PKR only released 1,700 names. So who's trying to win the election through dirty means?

      and there's no proof to those phantom voters and immigrant claims. These are perceptions made up to look like PR wins the election, and to be used as an excuse as to WHY they do not win the election.

      Lim Kit Siang tells the Chinese they're TRAITORS if they support BN. Who is using fear and intimidation? Look at any MCA candidate FB, they're attacked and intimidated by crazy DAP supporters/ cybertroopers so badly it's practically bullying. Hannah Yeoh constantly pokes fun at any MCA candidate who aren't 'cool' like Frankie Gan, and encourages her supporters to do the same.
      This isn't intimidation to you?

      Ghani Othman do not have to resort to strong words/ press conferences to report whatever he said. He just said, we're old friends. let's work together like we always do for a better Johor.

      A nation where their people live together in harmony, will bring hope and a better future. Peace, stability and progress, will bring a better future.

      Too bad you won't open your eyes and realize this.

    4. RD, lets see how united after the vote. I think some of the 13 will be near wiped out and choose to go for a stint in opposition to rebuild their strength.

    5. Some additional infos for Anonymous 14:38.

      1. PR : We will initiate Malaysia Spring which will be similar to Arab Spring if you don't give us the mandate.

      2. PR : If we win, we will fight corruption as long as it is not related to PR.

      3. PR : If we win, we will dry the savings and clear all the green forests. Look at Kedah and Kelantan under PR.

      4. PR (DAP) : We will fight for all Malaysians especially Chinese. For example, we have blamed Microsoft Excel just to include a Malay representative in our CEC.

      PR (PAS) : Pas for all. Therefore, we will moral policing everyone under same law ( you know what I mean).

      PR (PKR) : We all will fight. (know the difference)
      5. If we win, we will abolish PTPTN. Free education guaranteed. But we don't guarantee jobs. And also, when we come to power, crime rate will fall exponentially and automatically because it's Pakatan Rakyat, the hero that Malaysia deserves!!! But at the same time, we will abolish AES. Just beat the red light, no need to pay summons. As long as I don't die in road accident, AES is totally worthless.

      6.PR : We need to clean up electoral roll in areas that Pakatan Rakyat may lose. For example, in Lembah Pantai constituency, rakyat may vote for Raja Nong Chik because Nurul Izzah was too busy to meet up the rakyat.

      As a conclusion, PR is spreading hopes and futures that are impractical and unreal.

  14. Talk is cheap. I will vote for Ghani for a united Malaysia. Nope, I dont support corruption as much as you, but between corrupted politicians and a divided nation between Malay and Chinese in the name of politic ideology, I will save my country from disunity first.


      that's what I've been trying to tell people - I'd live a while longer with corrupted politicians if it means the people won't be racially divided. Because the latter will bring much worse consequences.

  15. Simple:

    To PR, manifesto was not a promise, never meant to be fulfilled.

    Tong kosong filled with hot air!

    Can you trust someone who like to fuck your arse?

  16. tebing tinggi4 May 2013 at 16:18

    I believe a good sales person will tell everything that is good about their product and services ,they would avoid themselves from making slander remarks or lies about others, then only he would be regard honest sales person and honest about his/her product .

    Comparing the scenario what the pakatan supporters are doing is just the reverse (exmp Kluang Girl) but cannot blamed her ether, because that their moods of operative passing down from the top to bottom .
    Pakatan should UBAH before they have any intention of UBAH others ,there's no way to promote yourself as an alternative government , 'a nation does not stand lies and slandering '.

  17. I will reject corruption first, others can wait.

    1. Then make sure you reject DAP and PKR. They are so corrupt, even their internal elections are fucked up.

      DAP + PKR = Hidup Nepotisme!

  18. What I understand, it is about Madam Tan well being and her well wishers. Respect it.

  19. Get well Madam Tan! And for Annie, keep up the good work and effort. I love your writing and i dream of stability and peace.. i hate all the bashing. Red beans.. i hate all of you!!! #BetterNation

    P/S: I'm a Malay guy and I love my chinese friends.. TQ

  20. Some one should wack that annoying girl claiming from kluang- she/ or he (it can claim any gender) is so stupid, obscimorone and really giving bad name to Kluang

  21. Dear All,

    Of all the talking up above ...
    Pls comeback here after the GE result is out at about 9 pm today.

    Kita tengok sapa yang kena...

  22. Wah red bean really cari mkn here and also at stopthelies, millionaire alaf baru