Tuesday 21 May 2013

What if I'm a Cina Bukit girl...

My mother has never feels insulted being called a Cina Bukit.

She doesn't find the term derogatory at all.

In fact she was actually proud being identified as one.

It's a term used by most Malays to describe the "real" Chinese of this country.

These are the Chinese who stick to their original Chinese way of life.

The anglophile "banana" Chinese individuals do not qualify as Cina Bukit.

I definitely do not qualify as one too, being only half Chinese and living a more Malay than Chinese life.

These Cina Bukit used to be part of the BN's vote bank, but not anymore following the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

My mother, however, has never changed her political stance even after marrying my father.

She has always been a DAP supporter despite the rest of her family previously being MCA members.

I believe they are all DAP people now.

I do try to understand what's in their mind and why their shift to DAP.

I did ask myself, was it right of me being angry with them?

I tried to put myself in their shoes.

Born into a real Chinese working class family, went to a Chinese school, studied in a Chinese university, work in a Chinese company, and has no real non-Chinese friends.

Then came a Chinese leader telling me that the Malay-led government is practicing apartheid, that Chinese are treated as second class citizens, that the government is corrupt to the core, that they even killed good Chinese such as Teoh Beng Hock.

This went on for more than five years, in the cyberspace, in the Chinese newspapers, in the Star etc.

The Chinese leader also promised that things will change once he and his gang come to power. He said they will definitely come to power if all Chinese voted for them.

How I am, as a Cina Bukit girl was supposed to react to all that?

Would I believe in all those 1Malaysia things and talks about preserving the moderate ways of life?

Well, honestly, as a Cina Bukit girl, I don't think I have much choice. I will definitely choose to vote the Chinese guy.

It was clear where the interest of my future should be.

Yes, that's even if the opponent is a good Malay leader who has helped my community all these years.

Too bad for people like Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

It's really nothing personal. It's just politics of survival.

Yup, that's what I would do if I'm a Cina Bukit girl.

Whenever I think that way, I don't feel too angry with the Chinese anymore. I'm just sad that things have to be that way.

What else could we expect them to do?


  1. we need to get to the source.
    Expose the people who have done so much damage to the unity among the people in this country.
    The cancer is DAP, a racist chauvinist party masquerading as a multi-racial, 'Malaysian First' party, when their leader Lim Kit Siang can't even conduct a full ceramah in Bahasa Malaysia.

    get rid of them, or we'll stay divided forever.

    1. ReverseChineseMigration21 May 2013 at 19:47

      I think the Malays are too simple minded to understand the DAP communists cadres.
      Reading your posts and the commentes response, it can be seen that the Malays have been lied to by UMNO leaders all these while to accept the Chinese presence in Malaysia as inevitable.

      From the time of Tunku he had to present the Chinese as palatable to the Malays saying that the British wont leave unless he accept the Chinese.

      But now the British has gone, the Malays can get rid of the pretence and not only that realise the danger of Chinese communist presence in Malaysia. The Malays and UMNO have been lulled by the end of the emergency of the Chinese communist grab on power. But where have these communist gone? DAP of course the socialist party started by Devan Nair.

      It seems the Malays are too simple minded indeed. The communist chinese cadres are adapt at pretensions. So it seems the fight against the communist chinese is not over.

      The UMNO leadership must devise strategies to reduce the Chinese population in malaysia just as the Chinese government of Singapore increase the communist chinese population on the Malay island of singapore .

      Why are UMNO leaders not doing this? This is an obvious self defence that any govt in power would do. the answer is that there so many UMNO leaders with Indian fathers that Malay culture preservation is never a priority at all or even if they thought about it. Mahahtir father is Tamil, his deputy Anwar father is Tamil so is it any surprise that there was nothing done to reduce Chinese population as Singapore had done to the Malay population?

      Instead UMNO started bringing back Chinese under the pretext of TalentCorp!! How stupid can they be? Except they were never Malays in the first place.

      Only MCA Chinese should be encourage to stay as they understand this is Malay country. DAP Chinese should be rewarded for moving out as they are only confrontational and racists. TalentCopr CEO should be sacked and the unit used to place out Chinese not happy with Malay culture and Malay language.

      The Chinese has no reason to be citizens of Malaysia. They are not happy with the citizenships that was hammered out by the British and they are not wanted by the Malays except by Mahathir maybe for his family economic reasons.

      All these while Malays thought the Chinese are part of malaysia because of the self interest of UMNO Presidents. The fact is that Chinese want to grab power. And if they managed to do that there are 1.5 billion communist chinese waiting. So the reduction fo the Chinese population is a must for Malays self preservation and good race relation. A good chinese is one who is back in mainland China.

      For you Annie, there is no ambiguity. You are Malay. For the DAP Chinese too, the way forward is clear. Get out of Malaysia because the Malay country, religion and culture is not to your taste.

      A boycott of Chinese business is a small start. Cut off their money supply and the Chinese will leave.

    2. Dear birch, can you quit the racial baiting?

    3. 2:35 talking to the DAP donkeys, I see.

  2. Dear Annie, tks for the post. There is so much saying about how majority of the Chinese supported the opposition, BUT, they are also few (maybe, very few..) people like within my family, who supported opposition and swung over to BN last minute. So, the BN vote is not just from last minute Malays, there are also some like us (plus a few other Chinese I personally know)..decided to move over to BN. Reasons are simple. We are concerned over the 3 'marriage of convenience components within PR. We are concerned of Anwar. We are concerned about the lies spun endlessly over the past months leading up to actual election day. So, while a huge majority of Chinese who basked in the power of Opposition, there are some who are not. In Opp's side, you are either with them or you are dead meat. Finished. No nego. There are still people like us, despite being vary of BN in the past, are still hoping for the this current team, to lead the change and make our country better. So, there's no guarantee that BN will not go back to its corrupted ways, same as no promise that PR will not be the same also. We stay away from our own family heavy debaters (opp obviously). We think the lies have been spun uncontrollably out of order. The moment voting was on, heavy FB posting on Tun Mahathir leaving on a jetplane.., then on TV showing him voting. So, that was not true. Then the Bangla issue. Surely 40,000 Banglas must have some sort of proof, unless they land in some jungle here. Surely, it's easy to find proof of these 40,000 Banglas, but ended up shameful videos of us assaulting our own people. Then, the BIG 'blackout' which was not really a blackout. We'd like to think that people above all, must be able to judge rightly on both BN and PR. Instead we have seen friends and family just jumped into the OPP bandwagon and got spun into this whirlwind sinkhole. Every single lie created was soaked, lapped and believed. In return, it's been spread out virally in the cyberworld. Where is the truth and fiction, seems like there is a huge confusion. The Opp team were extremely good in this, the more they spun, the more people believed. Fight for the right cause. If the Opps were good, vote them, but not just believe blindly. A good Opp does keep the current Government on their tails, which in the end, should be good for us taxpayers. This crazy spinning doesn;t end, does it? So, I am Cina. bukit or not, I am not very sure..but seriously, it doesn't matter too. Everyone is wired differently. To some of my cina relatives, I could even be a traitor, well..they also could be a traitor to their own country if they continue to believe unfounded lies. So, in the end..this tiring charade will never end. While cina around me continue to shove ideologies down my throat and how good the Opps are (lies and all), I also said I am hugely concerned when people believe lies as truth. In the end, lies becomes the truth and that is fearsome. Anyway, hang on there. Blog what you think is good. Often I have to remind family and friends, just because I do not have the same opinion as they in politics, does not mean i am the enemy. it's just different beliefs, and that's not wrong.

    1. I also believe that the Opps are all lies and bulls...

    2. Unfortunately, as we keep saying over and over again, 95% of Chinese went to the other side. Can we blame them for making their choice? No. Can we blame them for doing what they did in Gelang Patah, hence opening our eyes and revealing the grand fraud that stands behind their claims to be fighting for "economic progress", "moderation" and all that other bullshit? Hell, yes.

      They need to be taught a lesson they won't soon forget. The time for the other races to forgive is not now. Not yet.

  3. Yes Annie, while we appreciate your "politics of survival"...you cannot deny the fact that UMNO also has its "politics of survival". Like in those early days how Tunku "gave" a million kerakyataan to the "cina bukits"...and look Annie what has these ingrates turned into?

    Sometimes looking back I felt the Tunku should practised "apartheid" in its early years. Then maybe things would be different today.

    And don't blame PERKASA for being what it is.It is at the forefront cos' its "politics of survival" at work,nothing personal Annie. What do you expect them to do? handing the Tanah Air to you in a silver platter?

  4. Bravo...well written

  5. Pity the plight of the Cina Bukit right? No matter how safe they have been all these years, they cannot go back to the country they came from.So the next best thing is take over and rule their adoptive country.And once they are in...you know what to expect.

    1. The behavior and attitude the Malaysian Chinese have resulted in the "Stateless Chinese of Brunei". I read long ago when Brunei achieved her interdependence from the British, about 50K Chinese were left stateless, and they are only accorded as "Foreign Guest", since the Brunei Government doesn't want to face the same problem face by Malaysia.

    2. Maybe the prime minister should change all chinese citizenship to foreign guest now. Is it possible. This is to prevent further headache. That way, they can do their business but no political power. The name is MALAYsia. I am even surprise why the chinese even can be politicians.

    3. You don't have to go far. Read up the history of DAP. Who were the founders of DAP? Indians. Where are they now? Who are the leaders of DAP now? Look how they sidelined the Indians in that party. Call this "Malaysian Malaysia"? (Pukes).

  6. There is no country that a cina bukit can find afinal resting place up in the hills like the ones we see in Nilai, in Kota Tinggi,..but then these china bukit says its too expensive to die and buried there, those Nirvana like project..becos UMNO people who approves the projects wants kick backs and rasuah..so to die aka mampos in Malaysia also expensive maa..If that's the case may plse go and don't find a grave in Malaysia.. There are lots of mountains and hilllocks in Africa for eg where its cheaper to die and there is no UMNO there

    1. A burial plot in Nirwana Cost about RM25,000, can't remember the size though (the land price per square foot is only small percentage of that). The price also depends on the location of the plot i.e. feng-shui aspect. You can pre-purchased that and pay on installment. On top of that the minimum funeral service will cost you another RM20,000. If you decide for cremation and the urn itself will cost you between RM15,000 to RM20,000 (the cost price is less than RM100).

      All the suppliers in the supply chain of funeral business who wants to do business with Nirawana is expected to pay another 20% to 30% to Nirwana.

      Guess who is actually the "REAL GRAVE ROBBER" here?

      A lot Chinese now decide to go for cremation and throw thier ashes in the sea. Even that will cost them RM6000- RM10,000 minimum for a simple funeral service.

      Funeral service is good business for the Chinese, that is why Nirwana has open new and the biggest crematorium in Asis i.e. Singapore where land is scarce and people have no choice.


    2. Just wondering whether the chinese are willing to give bribes to get their choice of burial plot?

  7. Undi adalah hak masing2. Tak boleh expect what them want. As for you, what do you want? You want to follow the cina bukit or you have your own idea?

    As for me, voting DAP is a very bad idea. It's not about good governance, corruption, bla bla bla.. it's about those chinese wants to rule Malaysia, change the Perlembagaan, total control i mean.. Those DAPs people apa kurangnya? mengata orang lain racist tapi sendiri tak mangaku perkauman. Malaysia is an Islamic country. For me, I dont want that to disappear.

    Walaupun anda seorang yang berdarah campur, itu bukan masalah! Tak kiralah kalau anda ada darah lain sekalipun, sekiranya anda seorang Islam, apa yang anda mahu?

    Good day Annie..


  8. Hi Annie, don't forget the peranakan/nonyas and babas. We may be anglophile but we see ourselves as not "Chinese" but something unique to Malaysia and for hundreds of years we have remained proud of our culture but fluent in malay with clothes and cuisine that is uniquely malaysian. Sadly, the focus on teaching only of mandarin and the emigration of so many of our youngsters is washing away a history shared with Malays. Maybe it was an example of how different peoples could get along and be enriched by the different cultures.

    1. The Peranakan last time used to be respected because they integrate and assimilate. At the same time, they are still proud that they are chinese. Nowadays, all the peranakan generations has been brain washed by DAP. No more peranakan. Just chinese.. no different from their great grandparents who are mere immigrants in Tanah Melayu. Nothing Malaysian about them. Take a chinese from China, compare them side to side.. no different. So? Malaysian Chinese? I dont think so.

  9. I understand their frustration towards the Malays. It has been going on for over 30 years but I am just disgusted at their behaviours - the MPs included.

    I work with the Chinese almost all my working life, I always live in mostly chinese neighbourhood and I tend to socialise with them.
    I "blend" with them that even my next-door neighbour and the mini-market owner that I frequented to thought I am a Phillipino. I am no way look like a Chinese (more like the typical jawa from Johor), yet some chinese have often mistaken me for as a Chinese.

    So, listening to them condemning BN-led government has been part of my daily life. I understand them almost like a book (but not yet a novel). Basically, I do what the Chinese do, to understand their way of doing business and their way of thinking. The chinese studied and researched the Malays for the past 30 years. They know the Malays' strengths and weaknesses.

    Opportunities came in 2008 when the younger PAS leaders changed their tune from wanting an Islamic state to economic issues (or so they claim). No thanks to Anwar and the rest is almost history?

    I still do not understand the reason for the Chinese to claim that they are treated as a second class citizen. I am also trying to understand the thinking of PAS supporters. Are they not considered bumiputeras? Have they not enjoyed and received all the benefits given to all the bumiputeras?

    Well, I guess, in the current materialistic world, everyone wants more, and they want all for themselves.

    Annie, it is not an easy fight but use the strong Chinese blood spirit in you to keep you going. The one thing that I always awe about politicians is their fighting spirit and their energy determination. Me? Actually, I can easily become discourage.

    On a lighter note, have you read an article on Datuk Ghani in NST? There is always a tinge of sadness in me whenever his name is mentioned or I read an article about him. A man of deeds, indeed.


  10. Cik Annie,

    Saya tertarik dengan blog saudari yang saya rasakan ianya honest and non-judgemental.

    Even when you try to become 'racist' (and perhaps failing miserably?? heheh), your writing conveys the struggle within when we force ourselves to become something so negative or counter-intuitive. Such struggle represents one of the mechanisms by which we seek to come to terms with issues such as betrayal....which i feel has become a central thread of your narrative so far.

    Psychobabble done, I wish to encourage you to continue writing as voices such as yours must never be silenced in this country of ours. To me it represents the middle-way which many of us may have forgotten in the wake of the recent elections.

    Malaysia is more than the sum of its parts. It is first and foremost made by its people who have chosen to live together all these years in peace and harmony and have relatively prospered.

    Nobody can or should deny that opportunities abound in Malaysia, cuma perlu diingat bahawa semangat kongsi dan muhibbah yang sekian lama telah kita amalkan itu patut kembali menjadi teras agenda di kalangan semua golongan dan lapisan masyarakat.

    For the DAP supporters out there, i agree that corruption is an issue but it is most certainly not THE issue for you guys. So, please come clean.

    Ada orang cakap BN sudah FU BAI, tapi DAP sudah FUBAR, apa macam?

  11. The little Chinese girl. Is that you Annie?

    1. Probably not ;-)

    2. I think it is ..... wonder how the adult version looks like? Very pretty, I think ;)

    3. Nuh. It's the first image if you Google for "Chinese girl", and originally from SCP foundation. Posting her picture, as a child or adult, is not something very wise I think =)

  12. The China bukit , the China anglophile, the China MCA the China Kangchu, The China Kg baru emergency, the China TAR College.Worst still the CHINA DApigs.We all now have a different impression of you people but its confirmed that you are all gullible, kiasu, want everthing for yourselves, don't want to be assimilated, don't want to mix..jealous and don't want to cooperate with the police. wants everthing to you and don't care about others.Think you are the only poor and oppressed over these years but in reality you all are all ok KIASU Not thankful kuat berpura pura..take and give rasuah but if not in your favour blame and talk behind and back stab..kongsi gelap and songlap orang punyer duit. Think that your payment to Income tax is great ha?. Wants everthing like Sunway Cheah, like Bejaya Vincent, like IOI like Mines Lee...all of you are hate mongers abnd we actually don't like you here. If only the Strings of History can be adjusted we will adjust them so that the Chinese bersyukur dapat tinggal and menetap di Tanah Melayu. Sounds racist and sensitive..yes it is cos you guys started all these

  13. If UMNO works diligently and sincerely, all this will go away. Najib, please do the necessary then step down ...susah sangat ke?

    1. I thing Najib is going the right thing.

      We don't see Rosmah very much these days.

    2. If Najib does all the necessary, why does he need to step down? Shouldn't he continue doing it?

    3. Najob should not step down. He already seen the problem, and identify the problem. He just need Muhyidding to finish off the ingrates for once and for all.

    4. UMNO is a sinking ship. It is able to stay afloat because malays sees DAP as a threat to their special position in the country, and rally behind it. Now that BN won the battle to remain in power for the next 5 years, the threat will be forgotten while they jostle for power in UMNO.

      There are clearly dearth of leadership beyond a few in the upper echelon. Its elderly leadership had successfully prevented the young and bright aspirants from scaling up the leadership. Once they tasted power the elders will do all to remain in power, so as to enjoy all the benefit that goes with it. UMNO might say it strive for agama, bangsa dan negara, but how many believed them. Most of the rest are in there for personal reason as because UMNO provide the easiest way to the government coffer.

      No matter how Najib want and try to do it, he will have to satisfy the desire of his associates then the rest of UMNO. The jockeying for position in the cawangan, bahagian and ultimately in the party will only get more intense culminating in UMNO election at the end of the year. The stake will be high. The winner will reach the sky while the loser will sink to oblivion.

      If Najib is ousted, his supporter will either leave or stay and will act to undermine the new leadership.

      The one not chosen will be tempted to leave and join the various components of Pakatan. If Anwar's source of fund, continue to flow in, these people are easily bought. UMNO will just implode. Pakatan will be in Putrajaya come GE14 and they don't have to resort to Malaysian Spring to reach there.

      The future doesn't look good for the UMNO ship. Its keel and rudder will slowly disintegrate.

    5. The ship will not sink if the captain is smart enough.
      The best part about the outcome of the recent election is that the malays have woken up....though some still snoozing ala nik aziz.

    6. Yes, the Malays in general had woken up, except those goons in UMNO leaderships at all levels.

  14. Forget about chinese, malay, indian or others, what's important is that this country must remain "islam dominated".

    The chinese who convert and become practicing muslim should be part and parcel of the malay/muslim.

    Those who remain kafir should be treated and perpetual memesias they will not give up the idea of taking over the country for themselves, using whatever, including religion, to achieve their aims.

    The liberal melays for all intent and purposes are friends of the chinese, who will give two hoot about prostituting their grandmother for worldly gain.

    Keep up the good Annie, I consider your effort as jihad.

    1. I heard this statement before but guess what? It comes from DAP evangelists.

      In the end, who do you think will win?

    2. Young malays are turning to islam in big numbers. Just observe them at suraus in shopping complex.

      They might not dress in jubah and kopiah but they certainly observe their prayers.

      Islam is certainly the future direction of this country.

    3. Yes, i notice. And, I also notice PAS and DAP are both in Pakatan. Both are using similar tactic, calling UMNO and MIC/Gerakan supporters sinners. Both want the country to be dominated by their respective religion, although PAS is still ahead because Islam is the official religion in Malaysia.

      What if pakatan comes to power? The first thing that DAP will do is to change the constitutions, abolish the Sultanatte and turn Malaysia into a republic. PAS will be just that, a past.

    4. Anon 00:32.
      Please check your fact before commenting.

      The Articles in the Malaysian Constitution pertaining to places in the public services, licences, scholarships and land reserves (like some other Articles) cannot be amended or abrogated by Parliament even if the Pakatan wins 100% of the seats. Special Position is safeguarded by the Conference of Malay Rulers.

      However, nothing in this world is permanent.

      However, Pakatan can call for a referendum, as was done in Nepal, but do you think the Malays will just take things lying down. It's Malayan Union all over again.

      They could also change it through a coup-d-eta, then rewrite the constitution. I guess that that why a few ex general joined them.
      If all fails, they could organise a Malaysian Spring. But, they definitely look stupid, organising street rally after winning the election.

      It is not impossible to turn Malaysia into a republic, but the road there will be long and bloody. Malaysia have a better change of turning into a Republic of Iran than a Republic of Singapore, which the DAPigsters dreamed of.

      Yes, both PAS and DAP used religion to full effect but the chinese do not belief in religion but used them. PAS, on the other hand, belief in religion first then use it. If all those 90+% of all chinese, who voted for a regime change in GE13 are christians, it still cannot match the number of muslims.

      Melayu sudah sedar. Dream on DAPigsters.

      The road ahead will definitely be Islamic inclined. PAS and UMNO maybe politically diverge but both have the same aim, that is Islam should be supreme.

  15. Annie

    Malays has long accepted and tolerated the Chinese as part of their environment but what is hard to understand why cant the Chinese at least do the same ,since they are not being forced by Malay to be hear ,if they chose to be Malaysian they should take Malaysia as it is as the Malays has to accept them.
    They would remain foreign as long as they think as one ,and we cant accept foreign to meddle with our life.
    It does not matter Cina bukit or Cina lurah,how they adept themselves is being question.

    1. I agree strongly. The Malays have been very patient for a long, long time. Now the Cina DAP types are getting the sharp end of the stick, which is what they have been doing all along since 1964, and now they're crying foul. A bunch of whiny crybabies. Semua mau bolot, bila tak dapat hentak kaki menangis baling-baling barang sini sana. Dasar muka tak tau untung.

  16. are u a muslim annie? because if so then that could be the reason why u r not one of them.
    u can read and talk chinese so u know them pretty well and catch watever lies that were n are being spread by dap.
    It really saddens me when malays are always being cheated and yet still being forgiving.
    A chinese friend of mine had asked me to vote for Anwars team...although she knows how bad a person anwar is. That is how much chinese in malaysia wants to topple BN and this fact n hipocrisy really disgust me to a level I never thought possible.DAP must be stopped before its too late and that national unity will not be possible.

  17. Annie,

    Before I go to bed, maybe I should say that you can be whatever type of Chinese that you want to be.

    For the chinese DAP out there and everyone else for that matter, there is no need to stoop so low such as this chinese girl, Venus Cheng (either click on the link below or google her name in FB). She is like a timing bomb ready to explode and kill all UmNO leaders, and is not ashamed of putting ther threat on her timeline. What on earth do they teach those Chinese children in school and what have Malaysian Chinese become?


    1. Thanks for the link,

      Ya this is the type of Chinese fanaticism which enabled DAP to win so many seats in GE13.
      And this girl is not even a Cina Bukit. She is happily living in Australia as she wrote this -

      Venus Cheng
      Thought for Malaysia: Put bombs in najis and mahathir mamak's car and kill them both instantly, thus making all Malaysian happy. This shall be the true Merdeka day and I can finally return home in peace. — in Sydney, New South Wales

    2. We do not condone acts of terrorism and this girl is promoting it. Is this the kind of people we wnt to see become our leader? I have the urge to tell her to stay in Australia and don't come back.

  18. Poor Annie,

    Just Discovered that She is Living in an Asylum Called Malaysia. UMNO who is the minder will decide how to treat her and others like her.
    Zahid Hamidi's recent outburst showed how frustrated they are when their patients decided to rehab themselves instead of remaining insane. He doesn't want those who wish to remain sane to stay.

    So Annie, its not just about race and PR has been trying to get this message across with the moderates in DAP.

    Stay Sane and you will be safe.

    Joe Black

    1. Rehab themselves or just checking into the mental asylum?

  19. Nobody stopping from escaping away, in fact, she is urged to escape.

    Why wait?

    You too Joe

  20. "Yes, that's even if the opponent is a good Malay leader who has helped my community all these years."

    I'm afraid you might be getting the wrong interpretation of the election result here.

    See, the Westminster system is a winner-takes-all one. That's to say, even if Candidate A gets just 1 vote more than Candidate B, Candidate B walks away with nothing.

    Similarly, we only have ONE vote to give. If we compile a list of good things about both Candidate A and Candidate B and we find that there are 101 good things about Candidate A and 100 good things about Candidate B, we only have ONE vote to give. If we vote Candidate A, we cannot give anything at all to Candidate B even though we think he is absolutely amazing as well, just marginally less amazing than Candidate B.

    So, even if Abdul Ghani Othman was a brilliant leader, if a voter in Gelang Patah thought that Lim Kit Siang was even just marginally better (in her/his mind) than Ghani, he can only express this in one vote.

    Abdul Ghani's loss is therefore by no means a rejection of him or an absolute judgement of him. He may still be highly regarded by the majority of Gelang Patah voters, but our electoral system means that this feeling cannot be expressed in an election, because winner-takes-all (an Abba song with a catchy tune, coincidentally).

    1. Care to explain the 97% Cina votes against Ghani?

  21. kejap cakap i am not qualify as cina bukit, after that, i, as a cina bukit. x faham betul and apa kena race with vote. maksudnya you will vote chinese only or what. sorry, pemahaman not that good, x faham what youre trying to sampaikan.

  22. bridge under water now..PH won and a brand new Malaysia emerged. Alhamdulilah !

  23. First time I m reading this blog.. What a racist blog with so many racists supporters. Time to move on in the new Malaysia, not shackled by dumno racist politics.