Thursday 16 May 2013

Guiltiness of being a racist and a bit on the Cabinet

I'm not going to try hiding it.

I'm trying to become a Malay racist after the Chinese tsunami on May 5th.

But it is very hard....

Every time I look through my blog roll and see these three blogs, it gets even harder....

Helen Ang

A Green Bee In The Rain 雨中的绿蜂


...but it was back then so plain and simple, the Chinese community almost completely rejected even the BN's moderate Malays in GE13. It was almost total....

I'm still angry over the May 5 betrayal, but I think I need to think carefully again what angle I should take when handling the Chinese issue. There are indeed still some Chinese who were not poisoned by the DAP's extreme racial posturing.

I must try to always keep that in mind.

Well, I'm actually tired and sleepy.

Just reached home in the wee hours of this morning. I opened this laptop wanting to write a bit about the cabinet line up before knocking off, but instead saw that Helen is back in action here Apa lagi Cina mahu?

I'm actually relieved that there are still Chinese like Helen who is still there and keep on fighting. Hopefully I'm right about her.

Well, as for the Cabinet line up....I'm actually glad that more of its members are from Sabah and Sarawak.

However, I'm worried about some potential Trojan Horses being among those selected. And I'm not talking about KJ.

I'm also not happy about some appointments such as that Hindraf dude, and some Umno deadwoods.

Come on la...Ahmad Maslan as deputy finance minister? Ku Nan is still there? Shahidan Kassim? Urgh....

And then there's the absence of the MCA and Gerakan people. Sad but can't be helped,, I think. The majority of their own members voted for Pakatan, so, nothing much could be done there.

On a more positive note, I think the education ministry is the best this time around. TS Muhyiddin Yassin got a good team there. No Puad Zarkashi type to cause him problem this time.

Ok, I'm too sleepy now. Can't run a full commentary on this. I think for that, you all can read in the newspapers later this morning.

Just to keep me company before sleeping, I'm playing this song....



  1. Najib's cabinets.. too early to tell whether they will perform or not. I hope after 2 years there will be a reshuffle. Those non-performing should be dropped.

    We must keep an eagle eye on them.

  2. nice cabinet

  3. He was the minister of works. Kalau nak tau tainted or not, tanya orang jkr.

  4. If you follow those line up carefully, you will see, a few really an ultra malay. Follow their politics life 10 maybe 15 years ago and you will see. They mellow down this past 5 years, but I guess it will show up sooner or later. we will see if leopart has changing it skin or not.


  5. We have ultra Chinese , ultra Indian ,what wrong of having ultra Malay ?, it would be adding taste to soup .

  6. Datuk Ahmad Maslan has a Degree in Economics and Political Science from Victoria Uiversity, NZ. And also an MBA from UKM. Still not good enough to be a Deputy Finance Minister?