Monday 13 May 2013

'There is no such thing as Malay power'

That's what a commenter, whom I assumed is a Chinese, said in response to  some Malay readers of this blog who want to wage a "Buy Cina Last" (BCL) campaign in retaliation to the Chinese community's attempt to topple the BN government during GE13.

This is his/her comment -

How does BCL work when the Chinese control the entire supply chain? You want a handphone, you go to a Chinese fella, you want to buy electrical appliances, all stores owned by Chinese, you want to watch a movie, you have to park in a Chinese mall (Mid Valley, One Utama, Pavillion etc) to watch a movie in a Chinese-owned cinema chain. You want to drink bubble tea, Cina puny! And how about all the Malays who needs to feed their family? Don't work in Chinese companies? You gonna feed them? Wake up, this is the 21st century. There is no such thing as Malay power. Chinese economic power controls Malaysia. Deal with it. It's not going away anytime soon. Sekian.

And this one is the sarcastic version of such a comment -

Hello all, as a BN voter I have also gone on the Buy Chinese Last kempen. I usually send my Camry for service at the Toyota service center but the manager and mechanics there are Cina. So I spent a few hours this week driving around to find a mechanic that is not Cina. Luckily I can finally find one where there is no Cina among the staff.

My fellow BN voter also has pledged not to buy Chinese or use their services. Last Tursday his father was sent to the emergency room hospital but because the doctor on duty was Cina, he made sure his father would only be treated by a doctor that is not Cina. They finally manage to get a Malay doctor but by then too much time had passed and they had to amputate his fathers legs. I salute him for his ressilence.

Remember, if your boss assign you to work with a Chinese person, tell him flatly you do not work with Cina. Never mind if you get fired.

Goodnight. I have to take my car to the workshop again early tomorrow. They have change the oil but now the engine always over heat and make funny noises.

-Zool Noodling

So Malays, just forget about this BCL nonsense, okay? It's not going to work.

Really, they are laughing at you all. 

Anyway, Malays are now so divided that they do not have the number or the will power to carry out such a campaign for a long duration.

Just look at all those other boycott campaigns by the Malays. They never really worked. As another commenter had said, Malays tend to be just "hangat-hangat tahi ayam saje".

Furthermore, they do not even have the economic clout needed to win such a fight.

Yes, these next few weeks, there will be some Malays who are going out of their way to avoid Chinese business premises. 

But soon they will be back as usual.

It has always been like that.
Nonetheless, as for myself, I will just cut down on my spendings. It's not part of a campaign or anything like that. 

It's just my personal pledge.

And yes, I will try to give priority to Malay/bumiputra businesses as much as I can when I need to buy anything. There are not that many of them anyway.

After all, the Chinese businessmen are mostly rich anyway. 

I don't think they need my puny sum of money to continue being prosperous.


  1. never mind. if they want to go on with the campaign, let them be. It's okay. i remember this fella, that associate with this famous kopitiam. They can boycott this shop too. Just like you said, the Chinese businessmen don't need your puny sum of money.

    Actually, BCL campaign will work if they are united. Trust me. In the mean time, you may proceed your shopping as usual. The campaign is not totally boycotting, it's just about choices.


    1. BoycottChineseShops13 May 2013 at 18:46

      A good start boycotting Chinese shops and business. This may be small at the beginning but this gives hopes to Malay business. The chinese depends on a lot of profit so any small cut means a lot to them.

      It is quite simple really. Just that nobody thought about it until Najib build the 1 Malaysia retail shops. Here is an outlet that is 50% cheaper than the Chinese shops.

      For a start just buy from 1 Malaysia. The Chinese retailers are actually profiteering from their high prices with no competition. So buying at 1Malaysia is a big step to bring down prices.

      The Chinese you must remember are basically ancestor worshippers that is godless and religion less. Self presevation and money making is their psycho makeup.

      So we people with religion must bimbing mereka if not they will choose some other religion like Christianity which only benefits the europeans who colonised people.

    2. Kempen "buy Cina Last" boleh dijayakan sekiranya setiap individu melayu/bumiputra menanamkan sikap dalam hati masing-masing untuk beruseha mendapatkan sebarang perkhidmatan/barangan selain dari bangsa cina. Sekiranya tiada, pilihan terakhir barulah mendapatkan perkhidmatan/barangan dari peniaga bangsa tersebut.

      Jika ini dilaksanakan sedikit sebanyak ianya akan memberi kesan kepada perniagaan mereka. Kempen ini pernah dijalankan oleh Dr. Mahathir pada awal tahun 90an sewaktu kita berkrisis dengan England. Kempen "Buy British Last" yang dilaksanakan waktu itu jelas sekali memberi kesan yang besar keatas syarikat-syarikat British hingga memaksa mereka merendahkan diri serta membuang perasan ego dan sombong demi kelansungan perniagaan mereka di Malaysia ini.

      Yang sebenarnya sekiranya kita bersungguh-sungguh untuk menjayakan kempen tersebut ianya boleh berjaya serta sedikit sebanyak akan mendatangkan kesan buruk kepada syarikat dan peniaga bangsa cina di Malaysia ini. Walaupun sebahagian besar aspek ekonomi di negara kita ini masih lagi dipegang oleh mereka tetapi banyak juga peniagaan serta perkhidmatan yang tidak lagi dimonopoli sepenuhnya oleh orang cina yang kita boleh ambil menafaat darinya. Ambil contoh perkhidmatan stesen minyak saja yang kini banyak diusahakan oleh bangsa melayu dan india. Cuba bayangkan sekira semua bangsa melayu menanamkan tekad untuk TIDAK mendapatkan sebarang perkhidmatan berkaitan stesyen minyak yang diusahakan oleh bangsa cina ini sebaliknya bertumpu hanya pada stesyen minyak yang diusahakan bangsa melayu/bumiputra/India saja. Tindakan ini tentu akan memberi kesan kepada perniagaan stesyen minyak yang diusahakan oleh bangsa cina. Begitu juga dengan lain-lain perniagaan/perkhidmatan yang ada diusahakan selain bangsa cina.

    3. Sebenarnya DAP dah ada kempen untuk jatuhkan Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia.

      Cuba fikir apa sebab DAP tak suka KR1M? Tentu semua orang tahu.

      Satu, analisis yang dapat dibuat ialah:
      1. KR1M akan jatuhkan margin untung kedai2 atau pasar2 raya atau pasar hiper Bukan Bumiputra.

      2. Bisnes runcit Bukan Bumiputra yang banyak berkecimpung dalam bidang ini boleh tutup kedai. (Ini berbeza dengan KR1M yang biasanya dibuka oleh orang India Mydin & Bumiputra).

  2. Changing shopping habits drastically may be difficult for some people to sustain. So you do it slowly but surely. Overtime habits can change.


  3. The point is to give them a message..and to keep reminding us what Malaysian Chinese is capable of. Sure, it may not make a dent in their business or it may not last very's a wake up call...especially to the Malays....This is what happens when you give your trust and too much compromise with others yang tak mengenang budi... so bersusah la sikit... Kita tak kata "dont buy chinese at all"...kita kata "buy chinese last"..!!!

  4. Dear Annie,

    You must be feeling really frustrated huh?
    I am Chinese and I like reading your blog. You are entitle to your own opinions . After all this your space to rant. I may not agree with everything you say, but I respect your opinions. THOSE THAT DISAGREE CAN SURF OTHER PRO-PR BLOGS AND PRAISE DEAR LEADER LKS AND LGE. This blog is called LIFE OF ANNIE. NOT LIFE OF LKS or LIFE OF LGE.

    The douche that made the comment as if the Chinese control the economy is well a douche. Ooi, you made stupid sweeping comments like that, you know what impression you give other races? ALL Chinese are rich. Nevermind you and I know that is not true. Poverty is color blind.

    After so many years, we still cannot get along. It is tragic.

    Mae Huang

    1. Annie claim her mother is Chinese. I guess when she met chinese in overseas in Europe, Australia, USA, she will boast she has chineses blood. But in reality, she is downdgrading her mother as supporters are staking a claim the people from that group are racists. Further she pertuate racist views. Problems is that people are half here and there wanted to prove that they are 200% better than people who are not half here and there.

    2. Dear Mae Huang,
      I happen to think that the douche you mentioned above is correct. In Malaysia, the Chinese control the economy. That's why it is so laughable when they claimed to be an oppressed race.

      I'm having a tough time trying to BCL. But I will persevere. Slowly but surely. The Chinese may laugh all you want at us Malays feeble attempt to break free from our purchasing habit. That's your perogative.

      Besides "hangat-hangat tahi ayam", we also have another pepatah "sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit".

  5. Hi Annie,

    penatlah nak boikot cina Malaysia ni. In real life, kita tidak boleh mengelak untuk saling perlu memerlukan antara satu sama lain. Baik dari segi persahabatan, kejiranan,makanan dan juga hal-hal keperluan. Cuma apa yang menghairankan saya, mengapa Cina Malaysia sanggup berkiblatkan U.S sedangkan pemimpin kerajaan pemerintah di bawah UMNO beriya-iya menjalankan kerjasama erat dengan negara tanah besar China di mana datuk nenek mereka berasal. Bilakah agaknya lagi kita akan berkongsi raya seperti beberapa tahun dahulu.

    1. Tak perlu rasa penat. Cuma tanamkan dalam pemikiran setiap sen yang kamu bagi Cina akan menjahanamkan masa depan anak anda. Bila anda mati, anak kamu akan jadi kuli di kedai Cina. Mungkin ini dapat membantu kepenatan anda.

      Cina Malaysia berkiblatkan US kerana mereka malu dengan asal usul Cina mereka. BAngsa cina ini dipandang rendah di US. Malah US menandakan Cina sebagai ancaman nombor satu.

      Pemerintah UMNO pula tak reti politik beriya-iya berbaik dengan komunis Cina. Mereka kuasa besar jadi mereka main-mainkan Najib dengan senyuman dan panda. Kerana mereka tahu mereka ada ramai komunis Cina di Malaya dan Singapura.

      Bengap sikitly Najib ni. Harimau takan lupakan belang. Begitu juga cina komunis tetap komunis walaupun tiada Bintang Tiga lagi.

    2. This one doesn't smell written by a Malay eventhough using the word "berkiblat".

      Sorry not good enough to pass the Malay litmus test.

  6. The chinkies may say whatever they said here, but the fact is that chinese busineemen need the malay customers. Deep down they are worried!

    Another thing that they do not know is that Allah gives to whom he wants. If all of us pray hard enough, isyaallah the chinese will feel the effect of BCL.

    1. True. If they dont need malay customer why bother applying for halal cert n so on. Cakap lawa konon...

    2. Reason is because Government wants eating places signboard to be in Bahasa if they are selling non-halal food. Cakap lawa konon

    3. NOPE..yang betul adalah orang yang memohon lesen halal tu yang beriya iya nak sokongan orang cina bukan islam kan boleh makan apa saja..yuck!!cakap sungguh tak lawa..

  7. Well.. at least we know through the comments that THE CHINESE KNOW that they are the controlling power of Malaysia economy, they control 'the entire supply chain'. where do all other races located in the 'supply chain' in malaysia? the chinese know this fact yet their fallacy cry of being suppressed and oppressed by bn govt never cease. very frustrating lar..

    is it not right then Utusan asked what else do the chinese want?

  8. Hi Annie. Your blog has been a daily staple for me lately. I appreciate your view on life in Malaysia as it is now.

    Back to your posting, I believe that even the simplest gesture by Bumiputera consumers will add up. For me, I am cutting down my visits to The Star’s website and will eventually stop altogether. I have stopped buying their hardcopy version 5 years back but still follow their online version a lot. So I figure that they were still getting ad revenue out of my multiple daily visits. Today I read an article that they published that prompted me to make this decision. Although I am an avid reader before, I believe that this decision is final.

    Bye The Star.

    I consider this is my first and simplest step in exercising my Bumiputera consumer power. Next up, reduce my grocery spending. I need to reduce my weight and increase my savings any way :)

    Pekan Nanas Guy

    1. Does this means all people less frequent nasi lemak, mee goreng, satay, kueh too? Better sell less to People's Republic of China too.

    2. it means...orang melayu sudaah tentu cari makanan islam yang halal yang dijual oleh orang money my suka lah..contoh mcam old town cafe..aku tak penah pegi tapi was was minuman halal disitu..tambah lagi aku tau DAP punya..lagilah aku tak nak pi

  9. I've been boycotting McDonald for months now since the Palestine issue. Previously, when I went the Chinese's groceries shop, pointing out which part that can be improved so that they can more sales and offer qualities service and products to the customer. Yeah don't feel helpless Annie, some of us still remember, a small foot step will make a difference. It will hurt their Sales and their Profits even though they monopoly most of the chain. Start with ourselves first, if you don't need the products don't buy. Even before, when we went to Chinese workshop, we always hati-hati "Takut kena tipu dgn Cina". Now the PRU13 always proven it. Even Cina tipu Cina in a big way, like a contractor of mine the renovation money that was being stolen by their "mandur" due to China Doll and gambling. A gambling kuda that being rushed several times by the authorities still operational. They can pay the summons easily maa. As not all Cina are rich, for those live on poverty do the rich take care of them or as annoyance? That's the reality. So Annie, even when you feel worthless of these campaign, just keep in mind this is what you believe and stand for. You can be proud of yourself, with honor and respect. As they usually says, prove it to yourself but not showing of to others. Even animals don't betray their own pack.

  10. Actually the effect of BCL and BBC varience from place to place.

    Take Seremban for example, yes there a lot of chinese but they were always living at the same place/taman or grouping at the same area. Alas, a lot of clinic, stores and services that carter to their need was clustered in this area. Same as malay and indians.

    Now having said that, BBC will effect for chinese who doing bussines outside their confort zone aka ouside chinese areas.

    How does one measure the effectiveness of this movement. you may asked. The answer is, it will take a few days in certain area while in other area aka chinese, it never effect at all. You want to see the effectiveness of this movement, go to malay area.

    Take hospital for example. Malay have a choice either they go to KPJ or Salamm rather going to MCMH or colombia asia. Or they just go to HTJ- goverment service who already improve so much that even Chinese flocking it now.

    There a ot of complain about goverment hospital services but a lot of it come from chinese. an Indian friends said, they try to drive them out becouse they want to have the service to themself. (Point of opinion becouse as a regular - his mother need a medical treatment, he see an increasing of chinese patience for the last coouple of years)

    Services, abandon choice here as indian and malay starting a lot of bussines. Come to think of it, so much so that a few friends who working in this bussiness getting a lot of work order now. I know coz I'm a freelanse document organizer for them. The incresing of bussiness mean increasing of job for me.

    Groceries, this I believe the movement targeting first. Unlike 15 years ago, the Bumi product was abondon now. They have a choice. If some say it will not effected the chinese, think again. In my area, the Tauke even giving free goodies to children who come to his store now. Never before he given any attention to them, but now everything was different. But a lot of kids, don't want to do anything with him. They rather go to mamak stall, who always treat them well even he accosionally scold them for skipping schools. (The kids will avoid going to his stall during school hours hahaha)

    The mamak stall has a lot of customers now. As a regular, he mention this to me. Say, a few who he didn't see before come to his stall and ask me who they are. The chinese tauke shop closed around 8pm now. Before GE, he always closed around 11pm.

    From above, you know why some will think this will not effected the chinese bussiness. As the stories by Annie above, my conclusion, this stories come from peoples who live in chinese majority area. They forget, a lot of chinese who doing bussiness outside chineses confort zone. This chinese will greatly effected.

    The second stage of this movement, when going to megastores, or superstores or family stores, choice bumi items. Now this a bit tricky, but I trust, it can be achieves. 15 years ago, malay don't have much. The dependable with chinese is unavoitable. Now, they have a choice. Come to think of it, a lot of choice.

    We will see how's it going isn't? Me, I just go with ABCD. If i know who thay are, I just avoid them period.`After GE, I know a lot of them by their black campaigning in facebook. I didn't unfriend them, I just ignore them.


  11. Want to teach cina a lesson ? Try by reading more books, and work harder than cina. This strategy sure work one.


    1. Kerja keras, kurangkan hiburan, berjimat cermat dan lain-lain

  12. sebelum PRU13....semua Anwar punya salah !! Annie di gigit nyamuk pon Anwar punya salah.

    Lepas PRU... semua cina punya salah !! GST yg akan dikenakan pon cina punya salah.

    1. Of course in i semua cina kui punya fasal.

      You didn't know ka??

    2. Kalau GST nak jalan pun jalanlah

      GST ni bagus sebenarnya. Para peniaga terutamanya, selalu cuba mengelak cukai termasuk dgn sediakan 2 akaun. Satu rekod sebenar, satu utk cukai. Tak kira la cina ke melayu. Lps ni nak ngelak macam mana? GST ni siapa yang belanja lebih tanggung la cukai lebih, belanja sikit cukai sikit. Siapa yang rasa-rasanya banyak berbelanja? Barang asasi pulak tak kena GST. So rakyat kurang kemampuan pun tak terbeban.

      Lgpun Kerajaan dah kata GST ni menggantikan cukai jualan dan cukai perkhidmatan, bukan semata-mata cukai baru. Singapura masa kenalkan GST lagi teruk, masa tu diorg takde cukai jualan pun. tup tup kena GST. Kerajaan pun target GST bukan menambah hasil Kerajaan ataupun revenue neutral. Kalau kot pun hasil Kerajaan bertambah apa salahnya, boleh la kurangkan kadar cukai pendapatan individu. Semua ini Kerajaan dah terangkan. Cuba la buka mata dan minda sikit.

    3. jikalau hasil kerajaan tambah, tambah kayalah UMNO/BN !!
      tak tahu ke berapa hutang negara kini ??

      UMNO/BN = Rasuah

    4. Anon 18:00

      Since you are so smart to talk about economy, why don't you give the figure? And, since you know so much about the country's debt levels, why don't you look at the the country's GDP as well? Oh...don't forget to look at Singapore, US, Japan, Germany...the list can go on and on..

      I owe a million to the bank and another borrower probably only owes RM100,000. Does that mean I am financially ruined? Far from it. Think, analyze. God give you brain. Notnsure about yours but I am thankful that mine is working just fine.

    5. PR=Pakatan Rasis
      PR=Pemberi Rasuah

    6. GST bagus apa? Sekarang Cina buat business banyak tipu.. ada 2 or 3 sets of books. Profit yg paling sikit untuk Income Tax. Macam kita tak tahu.

      GST will make sure the tax base is wider. The Chinese will pay more tax. Since Malays are mostly poor, they will mostly buy GST-free stuff.

    7. Anak jati Johor, spot on! These Pakatoons berangan nak cakap pasal ekonomi.. when they know naught. Belajar universiti pun tak pass. Then start parroting the politicians.

      Why I said they are stupid? Lynas issue. They prefer to believe the politicans than the nuclear expert. Reason? Nuclear expert dah kena beli dengan UMNO/BN. How silly can one be? And yet they think they are so smart...

      Orang Melayu kata "Dahlah bodoh, sombong pulak tu"

  13. I have no problem to practice BCL. I buy my groceries from malay shops, or GLC controlled companies. My fish and vegetables from malay pasar malam traders. Even the chinese are buying from malays now. I always go to ampang puteri instead of columbia or for restaurants , i go to muslim mamak shops and avoid madam kwan. I travel using mas and never air asia even if it is cheaper. It will take some time but consumers are king and they are always right. Malays can establish their own supply chain. It is not difficult. Just look around you now, there are malay shops, buses, trucks and their involvement is growing at a rapid pace.the world is an open economy and there will always be suppliers who want to do business with the malays. Mydin supermarket is a good start and be prepared for more of these.

  14. Anwar had been had.

  15. so arrogant with their status of wealth and full economic control...and yet... they claimed to be treated as 2nd class, supressed from education, life is a mysery (and hence, they call for 'ubah').... somehow their claims dont jive. semua pon tak cukup haa?

    1. Cina Malaysia mana cukup... they will take n take n take n take n take...

      If dia ada 2 timbun gunung emas pun they will still ask when can we get number 3? If tak dapat, they will shout and shout to the world that they are treated like 2nd class citizen!!

      What did BN (a.k.a Melayu) government did for them? NOTHING!!!

  16. BCL may not be the revolution but is an evolution. Slowly but surely. Rome wasn't built in 1 day. We start small, like buying only Islam/Malay/Bumiputra made products, of which there are many. Daily consumables like soy sauce, chilli sauce, bread, rice vermicelli {mi hoon to the uninitiated}, buying {as oppose to reading} Utusan, BH instead of the Star. Not banking with Public Bank, OCBC ets etc. For those who see this as futile probably comes from the "instant" generation where results come in fast. They lack the patience of the older generation. For oils and fats, avoid Lam Soon and go for Saji, the FELDA products. For Burgers, go to Burger BAKAR instead of McD. There are plenty of choices and alternatives and instead of thinking of a possible campaign failure, talk about the impact a few years down the road. After all, the Red Bean Army didn't just make an impact the first few months they operated.

    Exercise your rights to make choices. Not everything controlled by the Chinese you know. Buy Boh Tea or Lipton from the local Indian/Mamak grocer. Buy BERNAS of BERAS FAIZA for rice......This would be our little contribution to take back our land, our dignity and our sovereignity.

    And remember, ALLAH tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan mereka mengubah nasib mereka sendiri. And our first step is to buy and support Muslim/Malay/Bumiputra traders...and in the long run, InsyaALLAH, ALLAH will help us. This is also a small form of jihad..

  17. Now i only use malays to do all repair works on my house such as plumbing, roof, paintings etc. the quality is just the same. I have stopped using ah mun whom i have been using for the last 5 years.

    1. kah..kah..kah.... sure or not ?? your repairman most likely come from Jawa or bangla...kan meraka tu sudah diberi IC Satu Malaysia oleh Madey !!

    2. An example of sheer arrogance of the chinese. They always think malay bodoh. U ingat cina je ke pandai repair. Stupid.

    3. never mind. as long they are Muslims. furthermore, they can't vote compared to the Malaysian Chinese. one more thing, what happened to the missing 50k China men? Hearsay they were the real hantu voters as to the real Malaysian citizen that looks like bangla or immigrant.


    4. tetap sokong Project M ....kah..kah..kah..

    5. Anon 15:20, I guna Chinese contractor .. pekerjanya Indon/Bangla/Myanmar jugak. Baik deal direct..

    6. Bukan semuanya pandai pun. Sebenarnya kita yang dah terbiasa gunakan service mereka. Jusr ask around, ramai contractor Melayu yang bagus terutama mereka-mereka lepasan College yang mula berniaga sendiri.

      Lagi satu menipu itu memang amalan mereka. Contohnya rakan saya yang Cina di Sungai Wang Plaza sendiri pernah berkata berhati-hati kalau nak beli barang-barang diSungai Wang Plaza terutamanya handphone, ramai yang menipu. College mate saya yang berbangsa Cina pun pernah tertipu.

      Yang bising-bising di sini kebanyakanya CT dan mereka tak meniaga, taklah terasa akibatnya. Lama-lama nanti senyap la dia orang bila keadaan mula berubah.

      The best way to do it is to BOYCOTT one product em masse each time. For instance, this month every single Malay in Malaysia stop buying one "CINA" brand, sampai brand tu bungkus dan gulung tikar. Kemudian lancarkan another Boycott and so on... kalau satu juta orang Melayu stop buying one brand per day, the effect will be significant. I still remember how "Colgate Toothpaste" sales was affected when "Mukmin Tootpaste" was introduced in the market as a Halal Brand. There was also a news about how Mukmin manufacturer can't cope with sudden surge of demand. Immediately after that Colgate came up with Halal Certification adv. It is a good example on how Malay can affect sales of products. We are not talking about luxury items as no one buy luxury item on daily basis, just focus on essential item that are made by DAPigs.

      I can't wait to see their faces during major open house gathering organized by UMNO during hariraya. : ). These are the same people who went to dinner organized by MCA during pre election but spit of their face. As my orang kampung use to say "BURUK LANTAK, DAN BURUK KELAKU"...

  18. dont be too cocky..whoever this person who wrote this...majority of malays are Islam the almighty is one and only Allah....u may think u rule the economy via unity obviously...everyone knows that...i realised this long time of the reason the chinese is so set on the Ubah because they starting to see more and more malays becoming more successful...20 years ago u can count how many malays are chartered accountants, how many malays are u can see plenty of bumiputra cfo doctors u are afraid we will eventually outdo u..outsmart u...actually we have outsmart you for the longest time..the only thing that lacks among the malays is unity....once we have achieved that though i hv to openly admit it is not going to be easy...we will surely outdo you guys.....where do all these lousy desperate chinaman developers go to when they need to diverse their assets...Tabung Haji...tabung hj is 100% owned by the muslims tu smuaaa duit org melayu maaa...u go and check how much is their total fund....evidence...uoa just disposed one of their bangsar south to tbg hj (this is a public info x perlu jd rafizi ramli nk korek2) again dont be arrogant...bila xde x mau layan u dtg jumpa melayu about amanahraya money....common fund is almost 100% duit peninggalan harta org islam..not tax payers money so duit u all again xde dkt sini...have u heard of KWAP...the fund that manages the pension funds...who works at government org cina ke...u pk only u ppl have money...despite cheating having cartels etc...we malays/muslims still manage to be reasonably rich..x pyah gamble sports toto...x pyah tikam number x pyah pegi genting...still we are well to do..sbb apa..tu rezeki Allah bg ma....go find out how much amanahraya/kwap funds are worth...u ask those shaddy chinaman developers where do they go to.....i know u guys have cartel jual sayur jual buah jual smua......sbb tu kalo beli sama melayu aiyoh jd mahal sbb the malays bile beli supply dr cina smua lg mahal ma...u panggil plumber melayu lg mahal dr chinese..u wonder why...sbb tu parts cina jual to melayu smua lg mahal ma...u think ppl cannot figure out ur tricks.....we are muslims...despite u putting road blocks here and they we still survived in fact we are becoming better despite u cursing us melayu bodoh melayu lembap...where as u ppl become clever by memorising numbers and facts..thats why written essay so excellent but when u speak aiyoh sounds like some broken wah la toi channel...come on guys lets unite and they are challenging us on the outcome right...they think we cant unite kan..lets unite..and u shalll wait for the outcome.

    1. racistnya anon 14:49

    2. The truth. Nothing racist about his comment.

    3. Since they have been using the word "racist" for so long... dah takde effect dah. AAK - Ada Aku Kesah? is the appropriate response.

      I think soon to be called "racist" by the Chinese will be an honour. Let them call us racists. When we behaved decently pun they call us racists anyway. A moderate like Ghani Othman they call racist-at-heart. And then they vote the true racist LKS.

      Chinese really love racists coz they are racist-at-heart.

  19. Daripada korang boikot the chinese Malaysians, bagus lagi korang boikot Israeli products. No Nestle, no McD, no Revlon, no L'oreal, no Starbucks and the list goes on (including no buying new laptops bcoz Intel is made in Israel).

    Can't boycott the chinese lah. They still eat our food and we also eat their food too (chinese muslim food, I mean).

    1. yg kat sini kuat cakap pasal boikot ini boikot tu semuanya cakap tak serupa bikin, buat stim aje.

      Kalau tak caya tanya sama Najib.

    2. 95% pendekar keyboard yg memekik BCL ke, ABC ke, LOL ke, WTF ke akan jadi penyapu baru aje. Hangat2 taik ayam.

      Jiran ku yg minggu lalu melolong nak boikot Cina dah balik pergi shopping kt Tesco. Heh

    3. aku? setakat ni aku masih kuat iman...tak pegi kedai cina..tapi untuk barangan kereta terpaksa sbb memang takde melayu aku nampak..kalau kerajaan buat alat hardware kereta 1Malaysia kan bagus.. tak perlu aku pegi kedai cina...memang aku benci dah nak pi...adakah aku rasis? ye..memang aku rasis sejak 5/13/2013..

  20. Talking about "essential items", which are the supply chain that the chinese control and the malays have no alternatives?

    The malays have beras, gula, tepung, fish, livestock, medicare, property development, transportation, automotives, etc.

    The chinese can have full and exclusive control of karaoke lounges and massage parlours.

    They can have full control of luxury items such as LV, Hermes, Boss, and even upmarket kopitiams, Dome, Starbuck, Coffee Bean. After all the rich malays don't shop in KL, they shop in London, Paris and LA. The poor malays have lepak in kedai mamak for years.

    1. cina mana ada duit beli luxury items ?? yg beli luxury items semua datang dari geng UMNO/BN , contohnya big mama dan shahrizat !!

      Rakyat marhean tak mampu !!

    2. China no money??

      Shame, semua sudah kasi uncle Lim ka?

      Apa lagi dia mau??

  21. The urban and Chinese voters decided in GE13 that the BN does not represent the future they want. The boycott idea is really stupid - I agree with Annie, not because it has no economic effect (because it will), but because it will alienate whole areas of voters in GE14. Whacking a child may teach them a lesson but whacking adults breeds resentment and hardens their hearts against you. No one seems to be saying that its time to get serious about understanding their concerns and addressing them which the BN successfully did for more than 50 years - are we unable to now?

    1. As mentioned before, things will never be the same again. The Cina can't roll back the clock for the things they had done. Once bleed, the scar will keep on reminding. Yes, I agreed that the Urban and the Cina have decided but more on the material side. Urban Malays thinks that they are more fancy and independent but they forgot that the success they have now was due to the NEP implemented for Malays and Bumiputeras. Most of them have big salaries not because of their own success but working in the GLC companies like Petronas, TM, TNB and companies that have been saved by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar (which the Opposition soooo opposed. Tell me how many Malays/Bumiputeras have a high position in the Cina companies like Berjaya?. So, just cut the crap. Like LKS said, "Malaysian must be put above race and religion" while they have all the advantages and the wealthiness compare to other races. If a small group of Chinese provoked you, yes we will forgive as it does not represent the whole group, but if the whole group provoke you then we know the true nature of themselves. It will be a hard road in the coming future and it will always be remembered. They will never bite us twice.

    2. it's not about boycott maa.. it's all about choices. same thing went to the 'buy british last' campaign commenced by Tun Dr Mahathir. It was not totally rejection.


    3. as for a malay...I will not forgive not thing cina lupa..melayu kalau sudah dendam...sampai kiamat dia akan ingat...

  22. Blah!blah!blah! Cina Dan melayu. Use yr brains and open yr eyes.This is exactly what our 'big foreign boss' wants. By using Anwar Ibrahim they have successfully put us in the perfect position that they want us to be.DAP and PAS are suckers of Anwar and the victims are the rakyat. China is the big boss's target and we are part of their game.... If u people do not understand what I m trying to tell u all please tell Annie or any other bloggers to explain.

  23. Annie,
    The chingkie apologist who boasted chinese economic dominance has betrayed their fears. Why swat if the mosquito bite (like BCL) is nothing? Any rate, the point is made: BCL, ABC & BBC!

    1. I am so totally with you anon 18:13. Slowly but surely, we will prevail. Go BCL, ABC & BBC

  24. Sebenarnya dgn adanya kedai rakyat 1 malaysia banyak cina dah kena kesannya ...lepas ni buka kedai kereta 1 malaysia biar cina yg berlagak ni nangis

  25. Annie, put this in your blog


    1. Roti Gardenia (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
    2. Bihun Jati Bernas (Syed Mokhtar Bukhary)
    3. Minyak Masak Tiara (FELDA)
    4. Minyak Masak Saji (FELDA)
    5. Susu Manis Pekat Saji (FELDA)
    6. Susu Manis Cair Saji (FELDA)
    7. Magge Sajimee Saji (FELDA)
    8. Mayonis Saji Mayo Saji (FELDA)
    9. Marjerin Pelangi (FELDA)
    10. Sos Cili Pelangi (FELDA)
    11. Sos Tomato Pelangi (FELDA)
    12. Jem Peanut SunBear (FELDA)
    13. Sardin Agromas
    14. Sardin Pertima
    15. Kopi Hang Tuah
    16. Bihun Sufi
    17. Mi Kuning Sufi
    18. Kuey Teow Sufi
    19. Garam Sufi
    20. Sos Lada Hitam Sufi
    21. Sos Cili/Tomato Sufi
    22. Kicap Masin/Manis Sufi
    23. Tepung Goreng Sufi
    24. Minyak Masak Sufi
    25. Telur Cap Sufi
    26. Ubat gigi Najwa
    27. Ubat gigi Halagel
    28. Garam Halagel
    29. Tepung gandum Cap Bidara
    30. Tepung gandum Faiza
    31. Jus minuman Safina
    32. Syampoo D'herbs
    33. Mydin
    34. MyMart (kedai keluaran Mydin)
    35. Bihun Kampung


    1.Tepung Gandum Cap Sauh
    2. Sri Murni Minyak Masak
    3. Sri Murni Nugget
    4. Marina Nugget
    5. Marina Tuna
    6. Aminah Hassan Sos Cili
    7. Aminah Hassan Sos Tomato
    8. Aminah Hassan Bihun
    9. Roti Massimo
    10. PowerRoot Ali Cafe
    11. PowerRoot Oligo Cereal
    12. PowerRoot 9SPOT ISOTONIK
    13. Malta
    14. NutriMalt
    15. Teh Cap Masjid
    16. Teh Guru Cap Masjid
    17. Pau Ahmad
    18. Old Town White Coffee
    19. Pasaraya EconSave
    20. Pasaraya KK mart
    21. Pasaraya 99 SpeedMart
    22. Minyak Knife
    23. Minyak Buruh
    24. Minyak Naturel
    25. Minyak Daisy
    26. Drinho ALL DRINKS
    27. Isomax Isotonic
    28. HomeSoy
    29. Farm Crows Butter

    1. Lihat bagaimana orang cina menipu pengguna melayu dengan memberi nama pruduk mereka dengan nama melayu/islam.

      Banyak lagi yang serupa dipasaran. Mari kita sama2 expose kan

    2. Betul! Product yg nama betul-betul Melayu.. sebenarnya Cina punya. Memang dah lama mereka buat perangai macam tu. The easiest way to tipu Melayu.

      Sekarang ni logo Halal.. another way to kaburi mata Melayu.

      That's why when they berdrama tak boleh guna bendera roket.. dia org nak guna bendera PAS instead of PKR. Why? Nak tipu Melayu lagi lah..

      Cukup-cukuplah Melayu kena tipu.

    3. kalau tak guna halal mana orang melayu nak beli....tu sebab depa guna nama melayu...cilakak punya DAP

  26. I called a radio taxi company for a cab to downtown KL, and I specifically asked for a Malay or Indian cab.

    The operator was stunned, but continued to entertain my request.

    When the cab arrived, the Malay cab driver was grinning at me as I entered his taxi. He said, 'Encik pun dah mula boikot Cina, ye?'. I told him I wanted to help my own race first.

    Now I hope the news is spread around cabbies in Klang Valley about Malays boycotting Cina cabbies. The revolution, Buy Chinese Last, has started.

  27. Actually if you think of it, there has been assistance that the government has given or provided to the malays, but as the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but cant force it to drink. I am not saying this was not a success but the success rate is low. Maybe this will spur more malays into the business world. Just one thing, dont let success get to their heads. there is no substitute for decent hard work.

    1. Anon 23:10

      Actually there are a lot success story and I have met quite a number of them. It is just that they are not published in the mainstream media or their products are focus more to the Malay market and area. In hypermarket owned by "CINA DAP" their products are hardly being featured. Don't expect the "CINA" to buy Malay products, if any their success is due to their existing strong network among themselves. The Malay business are still scattered and network is increasing improving. Now with ABCD and BCL are taking place I hope their products will become more prominent. But it needs everyone of us to participate to make it a success.

      My late friend who passed away in 2010 had a very kind heart and supportive towards any Malay especially the youngsters who run own business. She spoke Mandarin well and had been working within the Chinese community in a multi-national company, thus she understood how the Chinese business community work i.e. the "CINA DAP" will work with you as long as you have something that will benefit them otherwise bye bye birdy. There was one time she bought something that I didn't think she needed, but I guess that was her away in encouraging and supporting the Malay start-up business. Now I try to do the same as well.

      It will be a bit difficult in the beginning as you have to do some checking before you are familiar with the brand. It will be small in the beginning but with persistence and once the BUZZ is catching up it will create a dent in their pocket in the end.

      I live in DAPigs area so most of the things that I need are run by them but still I try do my part buy buying grocery from an Indian Shop; carefully select Malay brand essential products where possible; looking for Malay salesperson when shopping; now will be going to a Malay dentist which is quite a distance from my area; etc. and keep reminding all my friends around me about ABCD and BCL.

  28. 1. My home turned into a motor w/shop last weekend. My kid's friend decided to meet-up, fm Taiping, Banting, Penang, and KL. They were housemates, graduates in Engineering - eletrical, mechanical. automotive... Together with ours there were 8cars altogether... (Ini semua Sepang racing geng gila kereta).

    They spent their weekend together doing whatever necessary - if sent to the usual Cinamen workshop for basic maintainance would have cost them a hefty god knows what these tipu Cinamen will charge. In the meanwhile they enjoyed the company and each learnt a little about what small things they can do themselves and to support A B C.

    2. In the meanwhile, as our laundry dryer had been out of order since 2weeks back - they got on the internet for DIY - went to Jalan pasar to get replacement parts (RM80) and bravo, as good as new. Initially we had one Chinamen coy to come quote and was given a hefty RM580 repair cost - not only that, the Cina advised as its too costly to have it repaired he suggested we BUY A NEW ONE! Kepala hotak...see how they cheat which only cost us RM80.

    Our young generations are well educated and skillful - many things we can encourage them to do without having to call those stupid Cinamen.... Now even electricals and plumbings I get my kid's friends to come and help...

    OK... I saw them in action...... Dryers or washing machines rosak.... the parts are so cheap... since we don't know, these Cinamen kelentong this and that rosak (RM580!!!!) padahal just to replace a broken RM80 parts........ they have been hoodwinking us all along - thats the reason they became rich very fast...

    They are planning to set up a small workshop/car accessories as well as do repairs for washing machines/dryers (as part-time, kedai sudah available) in Selayang to offer services to friends and family members >>>> networking bole tahan>>>> as their contribution to participate in the ABC boycott.

    Geng ABC

  29. Susah juga nak ajar anak2 kecil kita....
    Pakai bedal aje when they ask why cannot buy this and that from the Cina kedai, I just tell them.......... ADA BABI..... sure they geli wan,.. senang cerita.

    So now easier, even sweets and chocolates... ada sikit tulisan Cina I tell them they use minyak babi... beres!

    Anything Cina ada BABI

    1. Great, everyone of us should do that.

      We did the same, when we were overseas, in kafir country.

    2. GOOD ONE Anon 23.41. Tapi hati-hati meghalalkan yang haram dan mengharamkan yang halal itu berdosa. Contohnya sekiranya makanan itu sememangnya halal cuma dijual oleh orang Cina dan bukan Islam, makanan itu tetap halal dan berdosa kalau kita kata ia haram dan ada babi dan sebagainya.

      Mungkin pendekatan yang lebih baik, just katakan "BELI BARANGAN HALAL DAN DARI ORANG ISLAM ITU LEBIH BAIK". Susah juga sebenarnya bila nak layan kerenah budak-budak yang belum faham masaalah ni sebenarnya.

    3. Saya tidak setuju, kita menipu atau memperdaya anak-anak kecil. Kenapa tak beritahu hal sebenar. Yang kita telah diperdaya dan di khianati oleh kebanyakan orang Cina dalam PRU13. Susah macamana pun mereka nak faham, kita mesti terangkan juga sehingga mereka faham. Kalau kita terus tipu dan perdaya anak-anak kecil setiap hari, akhirnya bila remaja, mereka akan mudah tertipu dan terpedaya, macam anak muda kita sekarang. Ada yang masih percaya bahawa Anuwar Ibrahim telah dianiaya dan difitnah oleh Tun Dr.M dan BN.

      Anak kecil akan kehilangan 'rasa ingin tahu' (curiosity) dengan setiap penipuan kita. Perbuatan lain yang tidak cerdik, adalah tabiat kita suka menakutkan anak kecil dengan hantu, iblis and syaitan untuk menghalang mereka buat sesuatu.

      Lagi satu.
      Mengapakah mesti orang Islam merasa jijik kepada babi ataupun anjing? Quran hanya haramkan kita makan dagingnya bukannya sehingga hilang selera makan, dengan hanya dengan menyebutnya. Malah tak perlu basuh dengan air tanah jika tersentuk bahagian kering. Babi pun makluk, Allah.


    4. Maaf RD, harap berhati-hati bila bercakap tentang soal hukum Islam. Saya bukan seorang yang pandai tentang hukum-hukum Islam, tapi apa yang saya tulis ini adalah dari apa yang saya belajar.

      "Malah tak perlu basuh dengan air tanah jika tersentuk bahagian kering." - kenyataan ini besar silapnya. Ini jawapan yang saya ambil dari sebuah blog untuk pengetahuan bersama supaya tiada kekeliruan:

      Wajib Sertu Apabila Sentuh Anjing & Babi Atau Seumpamanya

      Sila lihat dilink ini untuk jawapan lebih tepat.

    5. Masa September 11 zaman Bush dulu ada perasan tak mana dia pergi bawa anjing...

      Kenapa anjing? Itu mesej dia kpd dunia Islam.......
      They even use dogs to torture the prisoners...

      Kita ikut teladan pemimpin USA la...

      Macam macam lagi aktiviti lain yg bole kita adakan kpd anak2 untuk mencungkil sifat ingin tahu (curiosity) mereka.

  30. I support BBC or BCL very much. Despite all the comments to the contrary the only way to hurt the chinese and make them listen is thru money i.e. make them earn less money.

    Say what you want Malay are consumers at large they are the want who spend (not saving unlike chinese). Hence if they choose to spend elsewhere chinese business will hurt may not be this chinese but if they are buying from non chinese, for sure one chinese has lost the business.

    Yes malay is known for hangat hanget tahi ayam but time will time.

  31. Near the towns of Gopeng and Lawan Kuda, about 18km south of Ipoh city centre towards Kampar, is the village of Kopisan, a substantially Chinese village.

    There, on Jalan Pasar, is a village coffee shop run by a Chinese family. Most popular items include nasi lemak, prawn mee, kaya and butter on toast, and a knock out 'green' coffee.

    I was brought there by a Malay friend who grew up in Kopisan. What I saw as I entered it for the first time really surprised me: I was the only non Malay amongst the 20-30 customers there!

    My friend first went there as a child, and has continued to do so. A fine eg of 1Malaysia was the comment. I guess ditto for many of those Malay customers there.

    How did we arrive at this present state? Care to discuss how it all began? Will time stand still for this village coffee shop? Or will it be affected by BCL?

  32. Re Kopisan coffee shop. My friend now stays in a nice bungalow in a good part of Ipoh. Is financially successful, and 100% UMNO. Thinks well of Khairy and Saifuddin.