Wednesday 29 May 2013

Slowing down

My coughing got worse today.

Chest pains all over.

Need to go for that second medical check-up soon.

I have been delaying it.

But today I'm a bit concerned. The pain, though manageable, was a bit worse than usual.

Yes, I need to immediately see the doctor again. Tomorrow, morning.

I have not been smoking for quite awhile now. Most likely, this time I have to quit it altogether.

Just lying down in front of the TV now, watching the History Channel.

Rise and fall of Nazi Germany, including the rape of German women by Russian soldiers after the fall of Berlin in 1945.

It was a quite sad documentary.

Well, I really need to rest properly now.

No more picking up fight with powerful people for now.

I need to conserve my energy.

Let the "senior" bloggers pick up from where I left off as far as Johor is concerned. Hopefully the senior Johorean bloggers are not themselves part of the lanun gang.

Anyway, I received a text message from my mother this morning. She told me of a happy news. I probably don't have to worry too much anymore over those who were about to lose their jobs in Kota Iskandar. InsyaAllah.

Ok. I need to sign off now.

Take care everyone.


  1. Have a good rest and get well soon.

  2. Smoking is bad for you.

    Though nowadays there's always the chance of some new viral disease kiling you first, hopefully Malaysia wouldn't suffer some outbreak like the current coronavirus outbreak in France.

  3. U take care Annie...slow down a bit,lay off politics for a while...go for a holiday when you recover..

  4. Salam Annie. Semoga sihat segera. Amiin

    Bagus berhenti hisap rokok. Saya menyesal tidak berhenti lebih awal. Banyak maklumat berguna untuk henti merokok di

    Selamat berjaya!

  5. Get well soon. Have a lot of rest and stay healthy. Will always enjoy your write up.

    Take care

  6. Take care, moga sihat kembali aminn

  7. Hey take care Annie. Cut down on the smoking (from a smoker!) :) I need to make a medical check up soon too. Blood pressure is up and may need to start taking medications for it :(

  8. Dear Annie,
    I hope you have a real good rest and take some warm water with pure honey and lemon.
    Sometime, the body need time to get use to the fact that it has to go on without the cigarette, hence the cough and not feeling like yourself. That's why I could not stop until now:) Its not the worse thing in the world but I am all for those who would like to quit. You have my full support and get well soon.
    As for other 'senior' bloggers' pieces, I dont much care when people have blogs just to get attention, kill some free time or promote their own agendas. I like reading yours because there are substances, honesty and simplicity. Keep up the good work!

  9. Hi Annie, take a break. Rest and recharge. May Allah bless you and some divine intervention during your break...Take care

  10. nenek aku boleh plak hidup 79 thun..hisap tembakau takde masalah pun...haha..annie if you still want to smoke just smoke the rokok's a natural plant..stop using the typical cigarette because it have too much chemical..but it's the best if you stop.

  11. Hi Annie, take care ok. Go and see your doctor girlz and please quit smoking. And get some fresh air somewhere. Get well soon girlz. Bless be......

    :| sarah

  12. Take or purple.. And use cig filters..Take care

  13. aiyaaaaa...drama queen betullah...:)

  14. Maybe Ghani can move his people from Kota Iskandar to Sime Darby and in turn displaces the ex-Chairman's people there in the GLC.

    So the cycle continues...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Ya, I wish Ghani will indeed become SD chairman and kick out all the DAP-supporting Chinese there and replaces them with his own people.

      Too bad that Ghani is not a Malay racist and doesn't have too many people to take with him there.

    2. Hahaha, Kluang Girl, lama tak jumpa, are you finished with shouting all over the country with your 505 gangs?

  15. Sigh. Really gullible.