Wednesday 8 May 2013

Malays' last five years

I tried it for three days and I ended up totally exhausted. I don't know how the DAP people do it.

Being a racist is actually very tiring. The irrational hate inside your soul sorts of consumes your energy.

Honestly, now I know that I am not very good at being a racist, I'm not really sure what I should do now.

After I had exhausted my anger, I feel so hollow inside. I'm now just sad.

As I look around at the aftermath of GE13, I became convinced that the next five years will be the last of what it is now, especially for the Malays.

They were talks about a post-mortem, revamping Umno, and other strategies. However, deep inside I felt that all that are not going to work. They had talked about all that post 2008.

And just look at how it is now. Nothing changed.

The Malays are divided more than ever and I don't see them getting back together five years from now when GE14 is called.

Umno, despite being the party with the largest number of parliament seats is at its weakest point now.

A lot of those seats, which were in Malay-majority areas were won with small majority.

All Umno stronghold states in 2008, Johor, Pahang, Malacca, Terengganu and Perlis were badly breached. Negri Sembilan and Perak were retained with the slimmest majority.

Kedah was recaptured but with the smallest of majority.

Kelantan and Selangor were gone case.

Penang will be DAP's at least for the rest of my life time.

BN's last strongholds now are Sabah and Sarawak.

With the Chinese being totally united behind the DAP while the Malays were fractured between Umno, Pas and PKR, I don't see much hope of the Malays retaining the ways they are now.

BN will lose GE14, and totally broken up and Umno will be dissolved.

Yes, it's too early to say that, but let me do so to get it out of my chest.

Honestly, I don't think Umno will recover. If it wants to do so, it would had done the right things post 2008. But it didn't.

Umno members are still the way they are. Just watch their behavior in the run-up to the party election later this year. They will still be their usual selfish, ignorant, pompous self and squabbling for posts.

If there are any Umno people who want to be angry with what I wrote above, then they are invited to tell me what is the difference between Umno people pre 2008 and post 2008 till now. Tell me the difference.

I was in Gelang Patah throughout the campaigning period and I watched how hard it was for Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman to get the Umno members there to get their act together.

There were so many factions there and everyone wants to be a wakil rakyat. When they don't get it, they refused to work and some even go out of their way to ensure Ghani lose.

There were even those who kept for themselves the money which were supposed to be used for posters and flags, probably with the intention of using it for the coming party elections.

That's what Umno people had been reduced to.

Of course there were other factors such as using the mat rempits as party workers which clearly showed how dumb Umno people were during GE13.

The incident involving those hooligan looking youths at the Chinese independent Southern University College during DS Najib's visit is probably what sealed the fate of Ghani in Gelang Patah.

The DAP cybertroopers manipulated the whole thing beautifully and the crowd at the DAP ceramah at Sutera Mall the night after that incident swelled from the previous 10,000 to at least 30,000.

Now, I don't know what Najib has in mind to prevent Umno from sliding further down the hill. I am running out of things to suggest here.

Others had suggested things and this one is probably among the better ones

PRU Losses - Were The "CON"-sultans Involved?

Still, even if Najib took up such an advice, I am skeptical Umno will survive five years from now. Heck, I am not even sure if Najib could survive the year....

The Malays would probably have to seek the shelter of the Pas' umbrella after that. Only that, they will no longer be Malays. They will just be known as Muslims because Pas do not acknowledge the struggles of Malays. They only acknowledge the struggles of Islam.

"Kita orang Islam, bukan orang Melayu," said a Pas guy to me not that long ago.

Actually, it will not be so bad for them. By that time Malaysians will consist over 60 per cent Pas Muslims and they will form a solid block, the same way the less than 30 per cent Chinese are fully supporting DAP now.

As for me, I don't think I want to have anything to do with such nonsense.

I don't want to become a Pas religious fanatic. I think that's even more tiring than being a Malay racist which I had tried these past few days.

Of course I can't turn the other way and join the DAP Chinese chauvinist gang despite me being half Chinese. They will never accept me as I will need to have full Chinese blood to be an ultra Chinese. Just look at the way Datuk Nurjazlan Mohamed who is three quarter Chinese being rejected by the Chinese in Pulai. His over 20,000 majority in 2008 was reduced by the Chinese revolt, particularly in Pengkalan Rinting to just above 2,000.

I will instead save some money and buy myself a piece of land somewhere in Pahang and become a goat breeder or something like that. I just want a quiet life now.

If someone comes to me and tell me that the country is burning five years from now, I will just tell the person that it's okay as it's fated to happen. I will then offer the person some goat milk to drink.

I know, I am starting to write gibberish as I reached this point. I am writing this just to get it out of my system. Some sorts of therapy, I presume. Well, I better stop now.

Ok, I'm really tired.

Good night.


  1. The country will go to the dogs if good people do nothing.

    Perjuangan masih belum selesai. Take a break and come back later refreshed.

    Never give up never surrender..

    1. I am trying hard to make Pas people realise that they are no longer Muslims (and won't have chance to go to heaven), if they continue helping the DAP.

  2. No la Annie. Don't be so pessimistic.

    UMNO in its current form may not survive GE14, but the next 5 years it will metamorphosized into another potent malay/muslim block. It may not be called BN or UMNO or PAS but will be islamic based, which is what the malays are waiting for.

    UMNO and PAS is on a merging course. Just have faith.

  3. Hi Annie. Guess I'll do the same as you would--breed goats and probably cry a lot.

  4. Dear Annie,

    This is the first time I am posting here. I want to pen a few words because I can see what is being said by many BN supporters like BigCat v.1 and Tinsel.

    I have this to say about your fears and concerns - don't worry. We are all Malaysians, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, etc (yes, and even naturalized foreign citizens). Your feeling is not unlike those on a sinking ship. Some people, when they are in such a situation, bail ship in search of another sea-faring vessel. There are those who refuse to give up and is determined to fix the ship until it is worthy again.

    It may sound like I'm talking about switching parties, but the parable is also applicable for Malaysians who chose to quit the country.

    During difficult times, we will find out what our people are like. Are they opportunists or true friends? Kawan ketawa senang dicari, kawan masa susah dan senang sukar diganti.

    Some Malaysians claim that they are TRUE Malaysians because they choose a new vessel. They have complains but they have no wish to fix them, they want someone else to get the job done. It is not a coincidence that people move to greener pastures.

    Perhaps this is an invaluable lesson for BN and all its component parties. It is also an opportunity for us to recognize our real friends - and they are race-blind because Barisan Nasional is supposed to be a multiracial coalition. Our forefathers had a vision and they handed down this noble idea for generations. No political party stand a chance unless they immitate this unity formula.

    Today, we have Malaysians who believe there is something wrong with their race. They confuse between nationality and ethnicity. Being thus deprived of nourishment, our people grew sick and restless. If everything is all fine and sundry, BN would not find themselves where they are now.

    So what are we to do, especially Malaysians who still love BN and the Perikatan dream our founding fathers left us? We must be cruel to be kind, we must reform and reinvent ourselves, we must mobilize and make our party leaders accountable for their actions. They might lose in the next general election, they might scrape through again, but we must make BN something we can be proud of. If it entails us going into politics, so be it.

    But I think we don't have to.

    Every BN supporter must ask themselves - what can I do to keep the brand alive and something all Malaysians can be proud of? We revolt against the elites who are sleeping on the job. We must have a groundswell of righteousness and intelligence to fix OUR bahtera. We must prove to the others that the BN unity formula still works, and we need to end all this corruption, complacency and ignorance. Let us weed out profiteering parasites, let them go to PR. Look at what is happening in Selangor and Penang and all the tycoons who is corrupting our new overlords with wealth.

    What is the difference between BN and PR? We can be Malaysians without having to discard our respective ethnic identities. I am a Chinese Malaysian and I am proud of it. Only some Malaysians think that having no ethnic identity is far nobler than those who do, and yet, we are able to co-exist for over half a century with the spirit of give and take.

    Somewhere along the line, BN succumbed to gradual weaknesses like iron to rust. Many will continue to bail ship, but we are stronger and purer than cowards and opportunists - we will work on what we have and never lose hope. If PR proves to be the better accepted choice, we must look to ourselves and ask what we can do to make BN relevant again to ALL Malaysians, young and old, urban and rural, men and women, Malay or non-Malay.

    Don't fight hate with more hate.


  5. Annie,

    You are over dramatising this issue.

    The Roman Empire fell but Italy is still there and the Romans are now called Italians but they are still Romans.

    From what you described, it's clear that UMNO has become decadent like ancient Rome did before its fall but the Malays will live on, maybe some will turn to PKR, while the others to PAS.

    Barisan Nasional is is already in bad shape on the Peninsular, with MCA, Gerakan and PPP in a really lame condition and all that's left standing fairly strong is UMNO and to a lesser extent MIC on the Peninsular, and the the Sabah & Sarawak coalition partners.

    What can happen in the meantime is that there could be a power struggle within UMNO to oust Najib, which could either return UMNO to its earlier state of lead to its demise.

    As history has often shown, in such situations of disorder and chaos, a new, re-invigourated party will emerge in the place of UMNO minus the current decadance. It may not be the exactly the same but it may not be all that different either.

    The worst that can happen is racial violence to break out, with both sides playing the race card and trading racist insults online and off-line.

    Don't contribute to that happening.

    BTW. I voted independent for state and parliamentary. Both independent candidates lost miserably but never mind - it was a protest vote.

    1. it is true UMNO may die but malays will live on. But will Malays/Muslims be united after UMNO demise.

    2. That is hard to say. The Malays could unite under PAS, PKR or a third party which could emerge.

      However since I last wrote the above, further reading revealed that UMNO actually gained seats in 2013 compared to 2008 and there was a Malay swing back to UMNO, so perhaps all this talk of "UMNOs demise" is premature.

      Raja Petra Kamaruddin has an interesting theory that UMNO actually let it happen as part of a long term strategy.

      So what you see may not be what you get.

  6. Don't be too sad and don't give up

  7. Annie,

    Further to what I wrote earlier, this video of a press conference with DS Najib reveals that UMNO won more seats this time than in 2008, so the world is not coming to an end just because UMNO lost a few seats in Johor.

    1. true. BN needs to win more Malay/Bumi votes. The chinese is not the king maker in this country. They have thrown maximum votes to DAP but still can dislodge BN. BN needs to concentrate on winning the Malay/Bumi votes. I am sure the opposition is aware of this too, and in the next five years they will try to win the heart and mind of the Malay/Bumi - the real king maker

    2. I voted independent in the 13th GE and I dislike the racial polarisation arising from all this.

      Anyway, Raja Petra Kamaruddin has a very interesting theory for the Chinese swing to DAP, the Ghani's loss to Lim Kit Siang and the Malay's swing back to UMNO - i.e. that UMNO allowed it to happen as part of a LONG TERM STRATEGY.

      It's a rather long article but provides an interesting read, rather to all this tearing of hair out over "Chinese tsunami," "end of Malays," etc.

      It would appear that UMNO is the one employing Sun Tzu's Art of War - style strategies and tactics rather than PKR and more particularly the DAP.

      Here is a very informative video about Sun Tzu's art of war and how it relates to modern conflicts.

    3. No boycott everything that is chinese but support them?

  8. annie,

    tak sampai seminggu selepas pru12 saya dan beberapa kawan ada berjumpa dengan sorang calon umno di lembah kelang yang kalah bertanyakan apa nak buat. dia jawab tak pe kita bagi dia peluang. dan calon ni serta orang-orangnya selepas itu sehingga dekat hampir nak pru13 memang tak buiat apa-apa. kalau ada pun aktiviti hanya untuk kawan-kawan saja. itulah mentaliti orang umno.

    di johor pada pru 12 ada seorang bekas adun yang tidak terpilih telah pergi bercuti semasa musim pilihanraya. calon yang ganti dia kalah. pada pru 13 dia dipilih semula sebagai calon dan dia pun kalah.

    pru 14, sama juga nanti


  9. Salam Annie,
    Can't blame you... lets see whether Najib is brave enough to accept full responsibility for BN's dismal performance... see whether he walks his talk... so much for that KPI, this KPI things... the FACT is he DIDN'T perform.. and if this were to happen to a Japanese politician, I'm 100% sure he/she would gracefully resign... the same thing for Anuar... just resign and forget about creating Malaysian spring to pave way for his Putrajaya dream at the expense of the rakyat... anyway, I'm sure you're not alone for feeling this way... come to think of it, it may not be a bad idea going to Pahang to raise goats...

    1. let's wait and see. UMNO will decide Najib's fate. As for Anwar, he won't resign. He is so crazy for that PM post

  10. I have been reading your blog and enjoy it plus the comments. I have left Malaysia 5 years ago and returned home just to vote for BN. I am still here and still sad to go back to work. I wonder how long will the uncertainty stays? How long will they be organizing the rally and demo? When will peace and harmony return? Or should i just leave the country and never bother anymore, since next 5 years as a Bumiputra may be i will become a pendatang then...Will they be happy?

  11. Never give up never surrender. We must fight for ur beloved country

    1. Najib, Anwar, Karpal Singh, LKS, Awang etc all fight for our beloved country using different idologies.

  12. Be smart Annie, and don't give up. They will continue being racist and deny it.

    What we can do from now on is to expose their racism on the internet - especially on social media. Let's collect evidence and pressure the authority to take legal actions against them. Bring these racists down, one by one.

    They want to be racist and deny it? We will play their game. Let them know, we can be just as intelligent as them.

    1. Very good on you. So everyone utter racist words to be used against them. What has Special Branch being doing under the Government? Maybe those from Government utter more than opposition.

  13. Hi Annie,

    Nice post as usual. Goats eh? jv with husam!

  14. hopefully you're wrong especially the pas part...i dont want all the malay to be a bunch of arab wannabies..i'm mean look at pakistan..they abandon mostly their own heritage to became more closely tied to the arab cultural sphere..why culture matter? because it determine the way people interpret the quran..look at the arab they say they only following what gods tell them in the view the quran from a patriarchal dessert point of view...that's thier cultural background..i dont want our women walking around like ninja..i would rather leave in a matrilineal society like the minang..truthfully i like the way they view islam..very reasonable..i pray Allah give us the strength to keep on marching forward even stronger than before.

    1. i agree with you..i am quit sure PAS will implement those rules like wearing burqa or tudung as compulsory to all women..than like saudi too they cant drive...must have male relatives to accompany them if they went out..what else..yeah..the religious police will have total control and power..haiyooo hidup tension ooo mcm ni..semua dia nak haram basically anything none arabic culture is haram and not islamic...well may be they will spare zapin without the pretty girl of course..hohoho..just thinking of that possibility make me depressed.

    2. there are some fair minded / liberals in PAS too. Some don't even support hudud to be implemented right away.

    3. Anon 08:06
      You speak like racist DAP who oppose huduh.

    4. wei anon 18:01..aku sebagai melayu pun tak percaya dgn hudud melayu mcm dorang memang anti budaya melayu sendiri..seni warisan bangsa mcm mak yong & wayang kulit dorang haramkan...panggung ade ke kat kelantan?...haram...tpi kat kl byk plak org kelantan suke gi tgok wayang..pas akan jadikan negara ni teokratik...dorang cuma tau jadi mcm arab saudi..bagi aku kalau nak buat hudud ianya perlu disesuaikan dgn budaya tempatan dan jgn anti wanita...majoriti rujukan hudud dr negara mc arab saudi memang anti wanita...aku tak nak spesis mcm fayhan ghamdi merebak di Malaysia..hancur malaysia nanti..lagi satu jgn pandang serong pada perempuan yg tak nak bertudung..kalo nak bertudung pakailah tapi jgn mencerca dlm msyrkt melayu dah jadi budaya plak menghina org yg tak pakai tudung..padahal atok nenek dorang dulu faham bende tu tak wajib tpi budaya arab saja..yeah i ckp lgi budaya arab saja..dan aku melayu

  15. Very encouraging to read all the semangat, the motivational phrases, the pledges to work for the betterment of the ummah, race, and camaraderie shown when facing common enemies, the read beaners. I believe it all came from heart and moderated by the head.

    Just wish the same spirit continue for the next 5 years till GE14.

    I am afraid as things get calmer Tun M words "Melayu mudah lupa" will came back to haunt us.

    Then Bye bye UMNO.

    Hope Rosmah go earlier, at least the coffin will be lighter.

  16. Besides politics, is there anything else you can write about that would read just as interesting as all your other posts? But what could sound as interesting as politics? Takkan nak cakap pasai Finance kut, lol :)

  17. Dear Annie

    Don't be sad. I share your feeling. The day we give up is the day we died. Please continue of what your doing. The voice of people like you and who share your block (meaning sharing your point of view) is what was needed in Malaysia. The points and voices of moderate.

    You know, when people start with racist stand out, he/she will pay the heavy price. The people who around them will also catch a fire. After a burn out, they will see that hate will breed hate. Then Dear Annie, those people will understand.

    In the meantime, stay strong. GE13 only a few days over. People still fresh from the best or the worst day of their life.

    Some will think they can leave their life alone. What ever happen, this country will stay static. They don't want to change until changing come head to head with them. If for the better they thought it's their right. But if somethings else, it someone else fault. For this people we cannot change them. Let the nature take it course.

    Some will think everything was broken. The way to fix it just change. But what to fix if something was not broken. For this people, they are a fixer. We can change them Lets help this people. Show them the right path. Show them the light. They will realize.

    A lot of this people was a 2008 PR voter. A lot of Malay and Indian becoming their pawn during that time. They see the light this time around, but it still not enought. By giving up on them now is a cruel way of saying we abandon you.

    Yes, they manage to blinside a lot more this time but please remember Annie, the one who they blindsided this time around is a Chinese. They believe those people will safeguard them. They believe their promise of better government. They potray themself as the champion of the Chineses.

    But look what happen now Dear Annie. Barely a week and the tune was changing. Now they try to woo the Malay by seperating themself with these chinese. What happen to those Chinese who help voting them now. They starting to abandon this Chinese.

    Look at their media messages now. We are not recist (in other note, others chinese who vote us is recist), we not anti malay, we only anti rasuah. See, the tune start changing. Now anti Rasuah.

    It started when people start asking them what to make of the giver rather than a receiver. It still rasuah. Without a giver and a receiver there's no rasuah right? Sorry to say this Annie, a lot of giver who willing to pay a lot of money is a chinese. So they changing the tune now. They starting playing a game for GE14 now.

    Be strong Annie. Open your eyes and look around. The changest still to come. In Penang PCM already close a lot of their Pusat Khidmat Masyarakat. They giving those YB who don't do anythings their job back. And few of my penang friends said those YB will never do much. , the backlash of people who needed help but was being ignore will be powerful. Just like post 2008 GE for the Indian. This time around, those people vote and save BN.

    DAP will do this to the chinese. And with MCA and gerakkan following PCM footstep, this will effect a lot of Chinese. What will become to this peoples? We'll see. They cannot go to goverment and MCA or Gerakan, after what they have done. It's the people like you (and Bigcat) who will be the bridge of reasons for them, just like what your blog do to help me find the moderate in me after 2008.

    Peace to you and God bless Annie. Stay as you are.

    :) sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah, and thank you Annie, for a nice piece of writing. First time here after being advice by a friend. Yup, we cannot give up! I was hood-winked back in 2008 & repented this time around. I prayed and hope that the people who got the Ini Kalilah spirit will see a better alternative than going down the path of unfulfilled promises. Hope & pray for a better Malaysia like the old days...

    2. the indians supported pakatan in 2008. What did they get? Nothing. Now they have supported BN again. The BN govt should reward them. BN is always inclusive. everyone is welcome to participate. The more you participate, the more you get.

    3. Najib has promised the Indians and now BN has won and has few Indian Ministers, Annie make sure Indians who get their reward. Otherwise UMNO wil be ungrateful and Rakyat will asked "what does UMNO wants from the Indians" since Umno blame chinese and not Indians for the losses.

  18. ... first of all, I find your blog funny but somehow analytically interesting ... secondly, u sound like a sore spoil kid stomping around over a spill ice-cream ... thirdly, something for you to think about, sort of food for thought, and in your own words, "... DAP Chinese chauvinist gang despite me being half Chinese ...", Kalpal is not even close to being a Chinese or much less a half Chinese, so DAP is not Chinese-Chinese as many think so, MCA is all Chinese-Chinese and only speak Mandarin all the time ... time have move on but certain party just would not want to stay organic ... even a Pas boy thank me for voting, and I let u guess in what language - English ... even the traditional media need to interact to stay relevant, it is pointless being a radio announcer speaking to himself only, and thinking the world is listening but they are not ... last of all, get over with that LKS and Ganni thing because up till today I still don't know what is the big boo-ha-ha where all the media hyping about, only to find out Ganni only lost 10k vote to LKS ... LKS is a dying general fighting at Gelang Patah and all you media goons over look the bigger picture ... Ganni is not BN and LKS is not DAP ... duh ...

    1. duh...u sound like a grumpy kid that mad angry at others people playing field...after all this is her blog..she can state anything she feel about her surrounding..and one more thing LKS is DAP..since 1969 till today he's the UMNO, MCA, MIC they have like how many president already?...and what is so unique about a pas boy saying THANK think pas people are that stupid to the point of not knowing how to say simple wishes in English like thank you..and what is the bigger picture are trying to view's still show the same image..stupidity by voting LKS that never contribute nothing to the people of gelang patah..after all with ghani contribution..i better stop..before you start ooh duh grumpy again..emo..emo..emo..duh..

    2. ... then my apology to you and the owner of this blog ... don't mean to disrupt anybody discussion in progress here ...

  19. Annie, sabar... saya pun macam tu.. Biar pun saya 100% Melayu, saya fikir UMNO banyak yang tak kena. Bagi saya, ini bukan masalah parti atau perjuangannya tetapi orang yang ada di dalamnya. Mereka terlalu memikirkan tembolok masing-masing. Aktiviti2 yang anda sebut itu memang wujud lama. Itu yang menyebabkan saya 'berehat' dari UMNO walau pun telah punya jawatan dalam parti di peringkat Bahagian. Saya tak suka terlibat dengan akiviti politiking sebegitu yang menjatuhkan sesama Melayu. Walaupun saya 'berehat' tetapi saya masih berjiwa UMNO yang asal- UNTUK Agama, Bangsa dan Negara.

    Bagi saya UMNO sudah terlalu tua tetapi saya masih bangga dengan UMNO kerana ia parti paling lama memerintah tanpa kalah dalam sejarah dunia moden. Sooner or later parti ini akan hilang. Ini memang adat organisasi. Bila? kita tak tau, susah mau ramal. Tetapi, perjuangan Agama Bangsa Negara tetap mesti diteruskan. Saya masih setia dengan UMNO kerana saya dapati PAS dan PKR jauh lari dari asas perjuangan saya. Paling jijik adalah orang yang bernama Anwar Ibrahim yang sangat bijak merosakkan nilai masyarakat semata-mata kerana cita-cita peribadinya.

    Untuk mengharapkan UMNO berubah 100% seperti asal, saya rasa amat sukar. Ia memerlukan faktor2 kepimpinan luarbiasa. Tetapi saya masih bersama UMNO kerana saya lihat masih ada ramai pemimpin mereka yang masih berusaha bersunggoh-sunggoh untuk berjuang pada landasan asal. Mereka mungkin tidak pandai, tidak bijak, tidak mempunyai daya pemikiran Tun M. Tetapi mereka masih berusaha. Jadi, kita lupakan dulu mereka yang suka politiking melampau tetapi terus menumpu pada perjuangan yang hak. Jika takdirnya UMNO berkubor, saya redha. Saya akan cari pengganti, tetapi tidak dengan manusia bernama Anwar Bin Ibrahim. Semoga dijauhkan Allah.

    Jangan bersedih lagi Annie.. :)

  20. I sulked and the racist in me started screaming at the Chinese. Then, I sit down and think, doing my own post mortem. Nak tunggu BN buat, tak tahulah bila nak siap (although I pray hard that Najib will really, really get his act together).

    After taking a very long and deep breath, I realise that it is not right to blame the Chinese and to harp on them for being ungrateful. That is undemocratic, isn't it? We cannot buy them vote. We must be allowed to choose who we want to vote.

    Accepting defeat is not easy but every defeat, every hardbreak and every loss should give us lesson to improve our performance. Najib, Ghani, Ali Rustam and each one of BN supporters shoud accept this defeat graciously.

    We cannot blame the Chinese for being ungrateful. What about those PAS and PKR supporters? Aren't they Malays as well? Have they not be given special priviledges? Yet, why are they still turning their back on BN?

    From what I heard and read during campaigning, BN ( UMNO and MCA alike) kept harping on Hudud. Aren't the Malays in this country Muslim? Then why do BN ridicule our Islamic law. Have BN ever discussed with PAS about Hudud? Maybe they have. I do not know. DAP chinese has no issue with Hudud. DAP is willing to listen to their plight. Whether DAP will agree with the implementation later, they can discuss it later. For now, they just want to win the war. If UMNO can work together MCA, they do not see the wrong in PAS allying with DAP. Whether DAP take them for a ride, that is another story. Win first.

    BN needs to wake up. Do not just blame the Chinese for being ungrateful. It is disheartening to read Nik Aziz's comment on the possibility of UMNO and PAS working together. Have UMNO treated them so badly that he will never forgive? I do not know. If you do, please enlighten me but it must be that a supposedly respected muslim cleric is willing to spit on UMNO. Well, PAS wants Islam first, patriotism second. DAP wants democratic first, nationalism second. But what they seem to fail to see is BN offers all that in one.

    Enough sulking. For BN/UMNO to continue to be relevance, we just need to get up and be stronger. Just be prepared. Opposition supporters will continue to ridicule and make fun of every single move that the BN-led government make. That is already campaigning for GE14, if you do not that already, and we need to do the same too.

    That's how I see it...

    1. True. It is not right to blame the Chinese. But at least now UMNO knows the real 'hati budi' orang Cina. No more pandering to chinese anymore.

      Nik Aziz is so 'keras hati' - no point talking to him. He will spit in your face. But Nik Aziz does not control everybody. I think, at parliamentary level, UMNO MPs can talk or work together with PAS MPs in a bipartisan effort to pass certain laws or amend Constitution

    2. Kutty went to Sinkapore to study and get his degree there. Yet he is ungrateful for one providing him his education to livelihood and become PM. Ungrateful too

  21. One more thing Annie, PR is now having a major headache in Selangor. Azmin is already showing his unhappiness on Twitter. Our future is not that bleak.

    1. I like to see Azmin be MB. To see how good or bad he can be?

    2. I like to see Anwar be one too.

  22. Malays' last five years???

    PRU12 Anwar Dajjal tipu INDIA, PRU13 Anwar Dajjal tipu CINA.. Itu yang terjadi.

    Nothing to do with the Malays.

    1. I agree with you. Anwar is such a dajjal. suka pedajjalkan orang.

  23. Another joke from Staronline:


    DAP's Lim Kit Siang also drew reference to The Star's frontpage call for Malaysians to express their expectations of Najib's new
    Cabinet and stated his party's own wish.

    “It must comprise leaders who support NajIb's signature 1Malaysia of putting Malaysians first above race or religion,” he said.

    He also said the Cabinet must also comprise 30% women representation with all members fully committed towards zero corruption.

    ps. He played with fire before the election, now trying to play the moderate role, after seeing a sample of malay backlash, too late uncle

    1. LKS didn't vote BN. He doesn't deserve to advise Najib how to run the country.

    2. 1 malaysia is started by Najib. what is 1 malaysia? Najib mean 1 Malaysia is just main2 for the GE13 only. Rakyat cannot advise Najib?

    3. Najib has better things to do than to listen to LKS's advice. By the way, will Lim Guan Eng listen to Najib's advice to run Penang?

  24. Thanks Annie. You've given the Anwaristas, ostats, and DAPsters much hope for the future.
    In 2018, when they move to take over Putrajaya, they'll have only two years to destroy it and build a new Anwarjaya in Ceruk Tok Kun. LGE will have his tunnel, PAS will have Nik Aziz portraits hung in every mosque in the country (replacing the Agong's) and Wan Azizah will be FLOM. Mahathir, Najib, Rosmah and some selected others like ex-IGPs would be in Sungai Buloh jail.
    Askar Melayu would be disbanded and Gen Hashim Jack Palance would lead a new combined force of cybertroopers. No need to have any standing military forces because the next war will be fought on the internet through hacking of (perceived) enemy websites, DDOS, viruses, trojans and such likes.
    Like you, my mind wonders...

    1. Almak you have been Sleeping, silent war oredi on. NATo has been using drones - control from their homes

    2. Did you smoke your underwear again? Tell us the truth, brahhh.

  25. Annie should be awarded with 'Drama Queen' of the year 2013 by Najib and be given a UMNO supreme council seat !!

  26. I think I won't cry over the demise of UMNO. They are just corrupt to the core.

    I just hope that the replacement would be islamic true and true.

    Can't have PM who is either a flip-flop queen conrolled softie or an assfucker, a racist-to-the-core chinaman or a muslim who used islam for worldly gains.

    1. The best replacement should Umno fold is of course Perkasa. Then baru lah semua tahu langit tu tinggi atau rendah.

    2. Yep, i can't agree more. Be careful what you wish for.

    3. it is your hope and mine too. But it still is a hope. Will it be a reality? God knows.

  27. Hi Annie, don't be too sad and don't give up yet. All the things that happened ada hikmah nya, it's just that we don't know it yet. People make mistakes, anybody who says otherwise, please get out of this world. BN is not an angel and PR is not a devil...meaning BN is not always right and PR is not always wrong. Let's assume that Malaysia is a human being. From what I see, although Malaysia is already 56 years old (after independence), I think Malaysia is like a teenager. I see for the coming 10 or 20 years ahead, Malaysia will be in a trial and error state. Malaysia will make mistakes and then learn from them and correct them. The process will take time but it is very important for a person to become matured and stable. Hopefully Malaysia will become a good person in the end and live happily ever after.

  28. Dear Annie,

    I really feel for you but take heart. I am a Pahang person but brought up in KL. I am now literally rearing goats in a quite corner in Pahang and it is certainly more serene than living in KL. If you have the means it would be a good idea indeed to find a plot here and built your own recluse for you to retreat and refresh your energies.

    With the advent of the internet even in the remotest part of Malaysia you won't be cut off from the world and we could or should be thankful to BN in playing a large part as far as advancing our infrastructure is concern to the state as it is now.

    Now to the point, having travelled somewhat all over the world I have no desire to let this country become another Singapore or any other advance countries in the world, U.S. and Europe included. Nor would I want it to be like another Middle Eastern country. Our environment here is unique affected largely by Malay culture and behaviours. A culture which carries deep wisdom though for the most part unarticulated. How do you statistically measure politeness and tolerance and the desire to be at peace with their surroundings and nature?

    Unfortunately these precious traits are being eroded, ridiculed even, by forces which are merchantile in nature which results in many Malays to be no different than the so called more advanced communities whether in this country or elsewhere.

    Well as I see it, we could start by playing a small part at our personal and family level for example we should not bribe the police for offfences and so on and so on. On a practical level we should talk to our friends and convince them of the relative virtues of BN and make sure that they register as voters. I have three children, two of which will become 21 by the year 2018. They can play a part if the situation warrants it by then. Whatever it is all of us should aspire to be saints or sufis with all the positive nuances that it entails. Only then the adage vox populi vox dei is justified.