Tuesday 28 May 2013

Guan Eng's post GE13 Wesak Day message

The following is the Wesak Day message from DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who is also the Penang chief minister on May 23rd. Those in bold are his words while those in the normal font are my comments.

“Democracy gives power to the majority and respects the legitimate rights of the minority. Democracy does not give the minority to oppress the majority or else we will have the situation like the South Africa racist government practicing apartheid in repressing the majority black population.

Democracy appears to give power to the majority, but in some countries this is not really so. In the United States, members of a community who made up just one per cent of the population controls 90 per cent of its economy. They also controls the political power through powerful lobbyists. And they do discriminate the majority by giving preferential treatments to members of their community via their economic and political power. Meanwhile, in a much smaller country, far away from the US, members of a community who made up less than 30 per cent of the population control about 80 per cent of the economy. Soon they will likely control the political power too due to the stupid and divided natives who made up the majority of the population.
“In Malaysia no opposition coalition has ever won more popular vote than BN nor won more than 50% of the popular vote. This has allowed BN to conduct a gerrymandering exercise that allowed BN to win more parliamentary seats than their popular vote.

Guan Eng and gang should not had scared the Malays in the rural areas by their very aggressive campaigning for Chinese votes. Their Pas allies who were supposed to secure the votes of those Malays suffered badly because of that. Gerrymandering doesn't really count here because Pakatan got the religious zealots Pas who were supposed to be more appealing than Umno among the rural Malays. As they usually do, people like Guan Eng will only complain if things do not go their way. Anyway, how come Pakatan lap pigs such as Ambiga never complain about the country's first past the post electoral system before the election?

“By not respecting the principle of “one-person, one-vote, one-value”, BN has created injustices in one case where one BN vote can be equivalent to nearly 10 PR votes. This travesty of justice was demonstrated in Putrajaya with only 17,000 voters won by BN as compared to Kapar with nearly 160,000 voters won by PR.

So, does that means the people of Kapar should have 10 parliament seats in their area. Who asked them to cramp themselves into that small urban ghetto anyway? I suggest for DAP members in Kapar to move to Putrajaya so that they will be better represented. Or maybe they should move to Limbang, Sarawak. How come Pas' Husam who contested in Putrajaya didn't complain about this before the election?

“As no other party had won more popular votes than BN since 1957, this contempt of democracy was only highlighted in the recent 2013 general elections when BN lost the popular vote for the first time in history. BN recorded only 47% of the popular vote to PR’s 51% but yet won 60% of the parliamentary seats to PR’s 40%. In effect there is a minority Federal government, minority Prime Minister and minority Home Minister ruling Malaysia.

Contempt of democracy? This system that we are using came from UK, not from Saudi Arabia or People's Republic of China or Singapore. It's as democratic as it originally can get. Ask your machais at the Bar Council to open up their constitutional law books and explain to you whether the system that we have is democratic or otherwise. You agreed to play by the rules and when you lose as according to that rule, you want to throw tantrum. Why so childish? If you want to change the electoral system, then the next time you want to have that stupid Bersih rally, make sure you include that in your demands instead of asking for craps such as the indelible ink.

“Despite PR winning the popular vote in the 2013 general elections, PR and DAP does not seek to overthrow the BN government. DAP and PR has always chosen a peaceful change of government in accordance with the Federal constitution.

Then what the hell are you all doing wearing blacks at all those rallies accusing without evidence that the election had been rigged. Why can't you all just lodge your complaints through the normal channels. And when all those anarchists were detained for openly calling for the people to use "force" by going to the street to topple the government, you all went all out to defend them.

The hypocrisy of it all is as displayed by Guan Eng's following paragraph...

“However the BN government does not behave like a minority government but an authoritarian government. The recent arrests of 3 anti-BN leaders, PAS’ Tamrin Ghafar, PKR’s Tian Chua and NGO Haris Ibrahim and confiscation of PR’s party organ of PKR’s Suara Keadilan, PAS’ Harakah and DAP’sRocket gives an eerie reminder of what had happened in Myanmar after the military rulers lost in the general elections.

Well Guan Eng, if that is not a hypocritical crap of the tallest order than I don't know what it is.

“In 1990 the democratic movement in Myanmar led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Syu Kyi won the general elections with 80% of the seats but was not allowed to take power and the generals took over with a harsh military rule that violated basic human rights. The harsh crackdown in Malaysia now imposed by two hardliners who were newly appointed as the new Home Minister and Inspector General of Police is a timely reminder to prevent Malaysia descending down this perilous path.

Remember this lady ...

No, that's not Aung San Syu Kyi. That's Michelle Yeoh in the movie The Lady, portraying Aung San Syu Kyi. Remember how the rabid DAP cybertroopers attacked her after she declared her support for DS Najib Razak. Do Malaysians expect DAP and its allies to practice democracy after they come to power? Do they think those rabid DAP cybertroopers know the meaning of allowing dissenting views in a democratic country? I don't think so. You just look at the way Guan Eng treated the media which does not side with him and you would know that he is not the right man to talk about democratic principles. He even rigged his own party elections
“As we celebrate Wesak Day with full compassion for all, we must also say “No” to this latest attempt to stifle dissent the voices of conscience. Malaysians of all races and religions who voted for democracy, freedom, justice, truth and integrity must join together peacefully to prevent a new age of darkness. Malaysia must not by Myanmar 1990 revisited.”

Oh, only in the last paragraph did Guan Eng put the Wesak Day greeting. And a politicized one at that. It baffles me how the Chinese Buddhists could tolerate this obnoxious Guan Eng and his gang.

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  1. The Putrajaya claim by LGE is bullshit. I know bcoz I am a Putrajaya resident. Ku Nan won the Putrajaya seat by a wide margin -about 5000 difference from the votes won by Husam. Why? Bcoz we Putrajaya-ians are wary of outsiders who did not build Putrajaya and in fact condemned its construction saying tht Putrajaya "membazir duit rakyat je". Now that Putrajaya dah maju, baru terhegeh2 nk rebut2 Putrajaya. Apa kes? Dream on, LGE. Whatev. And like I dnt knw why they wnt to rebut2 Gelang Patah. Penat2 BN develop that place, suka2 hati je nk ambik (Yes, I'm still mad of the Gelang Patah incident). BTW, the popularity vote is a scam. Check out OutSyed the Box's analysis.

  2. As an account( true or not?) trained idiot, lim guan eng son of lim kit siang cannot even tabulated the dominated party of father and son internal party elections, what not of the blunders of the tunnel(he he whose tunnel, rainbow kut?)salahkan microsoft excel.! How to run a country lah man, he's lucky, otherwise all the files at Komtar will be made open for all to scrutinise. Soon , the tables will turn,why ?. Simple , a mad man leading a disillusioned pack of losers will surely fall through his own doings.Aenues.? Aplenty. Tunggu.!

  3. Anon 19:08, where can I read abt Microsoft Excel tu? That makes a good material for stand up comedy :P


  4. Biarkan Annie. Lagi dia meracau macam kena sawan lagi bagus. Lagi menyampah melayu.

    MNO Johor macam mana? Are they well behaved? Ke terpaksa pangkah PAS?

  5. i dont know why, to be franked & honest, i never like this LGE guy from Day 1! somehow, his style 'is just not my taste', BTW i m not the BN cybertrooper ok; i m just stating the fact that i never like him

  6. Totally insulting the spirit of Wesak, IMHO.


    I am in complete agreement with you, Anon 19:05 and Anon 19:08!

  7. In your last paragraph, please be more specific. They are Penangite Buddhists.

    And not all Buddhists are Chinese. Indian Buddhists pun ada.

  8. Have you been to the US Annie? Actually, have you been beyond umno? Try and not preach so much. You utter stupidity shines like a beacon.

    1. this must be 1 of the Red Bean's Army that LGE's father has been denying in terms of its existance! just ignor his/her comments. not worth to ponder on it at all, dont waste your time annie thinking about what this guy/girl wrote; sounds like a typical kind of comments made by the kluang girl!!

    2. Anonymous28 May 2013 21:20,

      FYI, Annie is half-Chinese and her mother is a DAP supporter. Your above comment actually proves your stupidity and ignorance. You must be a Red Bean troll whose job is mainly to terrorize BN/UMNO bloggers in cyber space! They also have shits for brains judging from their comments!

    3. Come on, la. go to japan and see, the number of people went for voting only 50%, the LDP won by less than 2/3rd majority, hence if you think bout it, it is a country ruled by a party which is less than 30% of the whole voting population. I don't see anyone crying out saying democracy is dead. And even in America, certain places do carry more voting weight than others despite having more number of population. And besides, you wanna change the number of seats in Malaysia, make sure the opposition get 2/3rd of the vote. Better yet, start asking all the opposition MP's get down the road and do their work in the rural area. And to make things even better don't ask them to make excuse like Latefah Koya saying they can't get there because no transport. And to make sure you know what PR can do is that, make sure they have their MP's from that area and groom them early so the people can know their MP's rather than having bidan terjun everytime. You know all this problem you call cheating isn't really cheating, and to make it more interesting the way to overcome it have been pointed out by RPK for sooooo damn god knows how long it is. Before you call someone stupid, better take a good look at yourself.

    4. I support Annie's comment 200% because I never believe in using religion to hide your wrong doing and gain political mileage like pakatan leaders are doing.

      I lived in the US for 10 years. I travel all over the world, either for work or pleasure often. Going to Singapore is just like balik kampung. I prefer city life (new york is my favourite city) and condo-living. In Malaysia, I work with the Chinese more than with the Malays. I like western foods more than local foods. I hardly watch TV1, 2 or 3 and prefer CNN and CNBC. I speak and write English better than that in Malay. I understand Mandarin too. I love my Islamic faith more than any PAS supporters that I know, yet I also socialise with the Chinese who happen to be Buddhists and Christians.

      What about you, anon 21:20?

    5. "You utter stupidity shines like a beacon."

      With you around, any intellectual content is eclipsed forever, anyhooo. No facts to back up claims, no points made. And people wonder why we don't respond to DAP donkeys with decorum and factual answers.

    6. Lets start using "Red Bean Trolls" rather than red bean army!

    7. See Tee:

      For the love of God,

      please stop watching CNN and CNBC. You'll get your brains damaged.


  9. Anon 21:20

    Beacon means "beacon of hope". Before you want to give snide remarks, check your spelling first lah, ok?


  10. Anon 21:20 speaks with the same 'good' manners of AI and REd Bean Soup. We usually fault the parents for the children's upbringing.

  11. I think from now on Utusan should start translating all racist ceramah of DAP and publish it in the newspaper with comments like Annie did. I bet you come PRU14, all Malays & Bumis vote will go to BN.

    Who wants to be managed by arrogant SOBs which DAP represent? Maybe the Chinese lah kot since they love autocratic leaders like LKY, LKS and now LGE. Besides being hardcore racists.. mayhap Chinese are also communist-at-heart?