Tuesday 21 May 2013

Indonesians are right, we are quite idiotic (updated - A message to Najib)

(note: updates at the second half of the page)

Honestly, I'm tired of reading the news ever since May 5th.

Too many stories which make Malaysians look like a bunch of idiots.

I rather watch cartoons at the various cartoon channels of Astro.

It's like....why can't they just give it a rest?

Protest here, protest there...after the past half a decade of all that, aren't they tired? Don't they know how ridiculous they look now?

Sore losers, indeed are what they were.

Even the usually emotional Indonesians are now finding Anwar and the gang quite ridiculous by their standard.

And I'm talking here about Anwar's Indonesian friends, and not some homophobic anti-LGBT Javanese Islamist fanatics of Jakarta.

Here, I put the Indonesian source of the story, in case you think it's another BN's spin -

JK Kecewa Anwar Ibrahim Tak Terima Kekalahan

That's how ridiculous we are in the eyes of our neighbors.

Ok, I know, I have been writing bad stuff about the Chinese community here lately.

I don't seem able to find solace....and put things at rest.

But this is just an obscure blog. My blog doesn't have the reach of millions like the backstabbing MCA's newspaper, The Star.

It's just a place where I release my anger and frustration over things such as the Chinese betrayal of their "old friends", the Malay moderate leaders.

Anyway, I don't think what I wrote here about the Chinese have any real negative impact on the community.

My pro-BN blog, which previously used to be very Chinese friendly definitely didn't help BN win many votes from among the community anyway.

Well, come to think of it, I don't even have 200k page views yet despite almost three months since I started this blog.

As you may noticed, other bloggers got millions of hits, many of whom writes for Pakatan.

So, I don't think I'm doing any harm whatsoever with my bit of venom.

Sometimes, I feel that writing this blog was just more of a therapy for myself, so that I can have an outlet to pour out what is bottled up inside my heart.

Better that I vent everything here rather then going on the streets and creating havoc...or throwing a brick at a window of a Chinese business premises.

I think even the Chinese agree with me on that one.

Eh.....suddenly I'm feeling very sleepy. Just realized it's already past midnight as I'm writing this....

Okay, good night.


Woken up by a bad dream.

It is past 3.30am.

Can't go back to sleep.

Checking out the other blogs.

Again, I found Helen Ang going with guns blazing here The DAP autonomous region

It's about the Pakatan Christian clergy and their hypocrisy matching those of the Pas ulamak.

She posted it just an hour ago. I wonder if Helen ever goes to sleep.

And meanwhile, I believe that all those bungling BN strategists and war room directors are fast asleep in their respective comfortable bed at this very moment, feeling secure for at least another five years.

I also wonder whether DS Najib Razak is sleeping at this moment.

Or is he awake planning on the next course of action on how to stem the tide of Pakatan's fanaticism (religious or otherwise) and uprooting the roots of treachery within BN itself.

If you are awake Datuk Najib, please consider this one proposal of mine.

Please change your strategists and war room directors.

If you are planning on keeping them, then you may as well give the whole Putrajaya thing to Anwar now rather than five years later. Saves us a lot of troubles fighting the Pakatan horde now.

The BN's cyber war strategists and commanders, for instance. Please ask them what they have been doing the past years. Do an audit on their work. If they turned out to be full of bullshit, which I think they were, just tell them to leave.

Get good replacements.

May I suggest this - the key word in getting good people is SINCERITY.

You can never go wrong if you choose to have sincere people on your side.

And I believe there are still plenty of sincere and capable BN people.

A sincere person is in fact anytime better than even a smart person.

The way I see it, BN lost on a lot of fronts in GE13, such as the war in cyberspace, because those leading the coalition there were not sincere.

They care more about themselves than actually winning the war.

Again, I'm hoping there will be an audit on the work of these people.

I'm praying for Datuk Najib to quickly correct the mistakes of GE13 and lead the new team into battle with renewed confidence and a proper strategy.


Datuk, we need to start NOW.


  1. Sometimes I feel like givining up on Najib. At other times I questioned myself, is he really worth our trust and votes? They Malays have been trampled and I can assure you, Najib will still want to win the hearts of the Chinese, and again, side-lining the Malays. I hope some concrete pro Malay ideas do spark in his head, once in a while. He has forgotten that once in a not too distant past, he won with a majority of less than 3 votes...

    Time for Ultra Malay, pro Malay to take over. Najib, please make way for other more capable Malays if you cannot shoulder the responsibility. And you can go into the deep sunset into oblivion.

    1. Agreed. We can more or less expect what Najib going to do.

      Please step down. No more of this grandiose idea of how to save Malaysia bla bla. This is the problem with UMNO people, Najib included. They think they are bigger than the Malays interests they are suppose to defend.

    2. NasibMelayuDitanganAnda21 May 2013 at 20:14

      Annie do not depend on Najib or the present bunch of UMNO leaders to have any new ideas. Mereka ini adalah dari old school. Najib dah jadi menteri sejak umur 28 tahun dengan mengikut saja arus pemikiran pemimpin seperti Mahathir dan Muhyidin dan Paklah.

      Jadi sedikit sebanyak caranya sama sahaja. Apa yang ketara adalah penipuan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO terhadap orang Melayu dengan memujuk mereka menerima orang Cina dan India sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

      Kerana mereka mendapat habuan dari perniagaan Cina dan India mereka sanggup menipu orang Melayu kononnya Cina itu dinamik dan bagus untuk dicontohi.

      Undi orang melayu yang padu kepada UMNO sepatutnya mencelikkan mata orang Melayu yang UMNO itu milik semua orang Melayu bukan saja mereka yang menang pemilihan undi dari perwakilan yang dibeli.

      Tindakan orang Cina bersatu padu dengan DAP dalam cubaan merampas kuasa adalah sama seperti keadaan semasa Raja-Raja Melayu dipaksa mendatangani Malayan Union. Raja-Raja Melayu telah menangis dengan sokongan orang melayu di setesen keretapi kuala kangsar yang menghalang mereka dari pergi berjumpa pihak British.

      Begitu juga, Najib, Mustapa Muhamad dan pemimpin UMNO yang pendek akal selama ini patut menangis di atas sokongan Melayu kepada UMNO. Mana Cina yang baik? Mana Cina yang dinamik? Mereka dinamik dan mereka pandai tapi mereka mahu merampas Tanah Melayu!!

      Pemimpin UMNO sekarang adalah pemimpin kelas 3, tidak ada strategi tidak ada wawasan. Noh Omar kalah teruk di Selangor. Melayu adalah majoriti di Selangor seperti dalam angka Sinaran Harian tetapi mereka telah berpindah ke PKR dan PAS!

      Perbezaan antara PAS dan UMNO adalah lifestyle saja. Apa bila UMNO Melayu gagal menunjukan lifestyle yang berbeza dari kopiah dan jubah hijau apa perlu undi UMNO?

      Melayu mengharapkan leadership tetapi nampaknya tinggal Annie anda saja yang ada..hehe..

      Ya, masa depan Melayu dan UMNO bergantung kepada pemikir di luar UMNO di blog dan di NGO. Kedudukan dalam UMNO telah dibeli oleh orang Tamil seperti Subahan Kamal walhal kita boleh lihat mereka macm Zambry Kader dan Azeez Rahim budak SPM yang jadi ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO muahaha..

      Azeez Rahim dalam MT UMNO adalah satu fenomena kelembapan UMNO dan patut dikaji menjadi cerita mcm mana Tamil mcm Azeez Rahim menduduki tempat tertinggi dalam parti Melayu? Kalau kita tahu maka disitulah jawapannya.

      Jadi jawapan pendeknya Annie, anda adalah harapan masa depan Melayu.

  2. I think the young Malays, in general, are not interested in politic. To a certain extent, this applies to non-Malays too.

    They do not even realise how important it is for us to exercise our right to vote. Post GE13, I will ask all the Malay youth that I met whether they went out to vote. Sadly, most of them said they do not even register. When i remind them they should register, their answer is, why?

    There is no point of harping about the Malays forming the majority of the population in Malaysia (and growing faster than the Chinese) but when it comes to voting, the Malays lag behind. Menang bersorak saja tapi kampung tergadai.

    However, I do notice the trend in using religion in attracting the young voters. Before someone hantam me, please bear in mind I am not commenting on the religion. I just do not believe in mixing religion with politics. All I am saying is both PAS and DAP have been able to reach (or in their words, save) the youth through their ceramah and sermons.

    Religion do not see the color of people and the Malay youth no longer believe in racial divide. The fact is the youth is the future generations of voters and given PAS and DAP strong influence on the youth, GE14 will not be easy for BN.

    We can only try to open the eyes of PAS supporters, so that they can see what DAP is up too. And, I will pray hard for Najib and his team to do his job well.

  3. Yes the lack of sincerity is the one I felt for BN. This is why I vote against BN. What's the point I support Najib but at the end o the day Najibaybe dethroned in YMNO AGM by UMNO delegates not even their members let alone Malay. It seems like the chief of Malaysia is not decided by Malaysian or even Malay but by a handful of UMNO delegates. And as everyone know money politic is rampant in UMNO, who pay the highest price may get the most votes. This is how we decide PM for Malaysia the UMNO way.

    1. Bulllllllllll sheet.

    2. anon 09:07 ,

      That shows how your stupid understanding on how the system work ,you and your type are always has big mouth but with small brain.

      If PR were to win GE 13 ,Lim Kit Siang become the PM ,does all Malaysian vote for him ,his own party members are also being deprive from voting in their CEC ,that how democratic the are.

    3. Again boolsheet!!!

    4. Lim Kit Siang is a despotic leader! Asyik2 dia je yg jd pemimpin DAP. I can bet u if he retires, his son will become the leader of DAP. then his grandson, then his great grandson. then great great grandson. [This is what will happen if becomes our PM]

  4. The 2 most important things a government must do are:

    1. Provide its people with useful/marketable education/skills.

    2. Manage the country well, so that its people will be able to earn good living.

    All the Middle Eastern countries that succumbed to the Arab Spring had weak economies and high unemployment. Just look at the rate of our graduate un- or under- employment now.

    So the the primary focus of our government should now be EDUCATION and ECONOMY. Towards these ends, we must cooly distinguish the PRAGMATIC from the IDEOLOGICAL approaches. If we need to change, then change before change is forced upon us. Even when the world economy is getting generally worse, Malaysia is still ok. BUT THERE IS NO TIME TO LOSE!

    1. u know, i seldom comment anywhere in the political blog, but seeing this comment made me feel that i need to point out one thing.

      1) useful and marketable education skills.
      - i seriously think the government has been doing a lot to teach the necessary skills at Kolej komuniti and all, to ensure that the normal average citizens would be able to earn a decent living even though they might not be the most smart of people. This i know, because i have friends and family who teach. However, what i would like to point out here is the epic failure from the government side to market all of this. if i talk about this, no one knows. most of my friends who has been living at a cool & hip urban area dont know about all these. They have not been fed with the right information. every info that is available online to them was being fed by the opposition, and there is no proper channel from the government to actually explain and answer properly online (no one read newspaper anymore, except when the title is Apa Cina mau. hehe)

      So i think, really, the blame is on the BN's strategist and marketing. They should all be fired.

      All they can think of is come up with a theme song. That is sooo lame. Malaysians are no longer bunch of idiots. With all the information flow, they would want to decide based on information, and not on the feel good factor (songs or concert)

      personally, i think The gomen has done lots of good stuff. Tell the people about it, in a better way.
      and yes, find sincere people to work with you.
      and smart too. (those not so smart tend to put their feet in their mouth everytime they comment on something)

  5. Ahjib gor listen? ..silent majority already start war sis..and ahjib need to chg warroom toilet bowl chief in command

    Stylo yloo

  6. "The fact is the youth is the future generations of voters and given PAS and DAP strong influence on the youth, GE14 will not be easy for BN.

    We can only try to open the eyes of PAS supporters, so that they can see what DAP is up too. And, I will pray hard for Najib and his team to do his job well."

    And PM Najib, stop being so apologetic to the Chinese. Just do what is best for the country.

    I think all the "terima kasih" songs on TV shd stop, youth nowadays no longer think that gratitude is a virtue.

    Stop being defensive, start being offensive. There are so many corruptions happening in PR led states. Why is the Star so quiet on that? Is the paper owned by MCA or DAP?

  7. Stop being defensive, start being offensive. There are so many corruptions happening in PR led states. Why is the Star so quiet on that? Is the paper owned by MCA or DAP?

    Anonymous21 May 2013 09:27 got the point. it time for us to wake up and realize what has happen. How we can go on, if those people still protest this and that. So funny and stupid if you can only except the state GE13 voting result but renounce the federal GE13 result. The ballot was count at the same place in front of their representative and has been approve and sign by their representative. Come to think of it, if what they said was true, than a lot of money has been paid to these representative to make sure BN winning the parlimen. Imgine this and than imagine how many polling center in all over the country. Sorry to say this but this people who follow them also stupid.

    For Najib, this term he need to perform. There's no other ways. period.


  8. Kita bukan support UMNO, kita support agenda Melayu. Dan sekarang yang memperjuangkan agenda Melayu hanyalah UMNO. As long as the Malays maintain leadership of the country, I can sleep well.

    Sama macam orang keji Syed Mukhtar, Shahrizat dan orang-orang Melayu kaya lain, katanya rasuah dan dapat duit terpijak. To me, so what? Asalkan mereka Melayu! What, you think the fucking Chinese multi-billioaires are not corrupt? They don't practice bribe giving as a way of life? Fuck off.

    You think corruption only exists in the Government? You think corruption in the business and commercial sectors don't run into multi-millions?

    Between a corrupt Chinese and a corrupt Malay, give me the Malay any time. 100 times out of 100, I will support the Malay.

    If you say you want to fight corruption, bring down your tokeys and their business cartels first. And then we'll talk about removing Malay corruption yang tak setinggi mana berbanding Chinese corruption.

    1. "Malay corruption yang tak setinggi mana berbanding Chinese corruption"

      Well said Ramayana! The Chinese is the mother of all corruptions in Malaysia since they are the "devils" that entice and give the bribe. They are also the origin of the bribing culture in Malaysia. It is time they own up. Stop being hypocrites.

      They are also hardcore racist. Sad but true.

      Having said that, we also should hentam kaw-kaw any MPs and ADUNS (from both BN and PR) whenever they tried to do any hanky panky stuff.

      I hope the so called anti-corruption crusaders will not tutup mata when it is their side yg buat.

    2. Agreed totally.

      The good thing about BCL is not that it can bring down the chinese dominance of the economy, definitely not in near term, but that the malays are beginning to think that the they have alternatives and the confidence that the they can survive in its own economic system, rather than having to rely on the chinese.

      A long way to go but every journey starts with a few steps.

    3. i somewhat agree. i am happy to see when orang Melayu are as successful as orang Cina, regardless the circumstances.

      However in the bigger picture, i think there is a better way to achieve that.

      bila orang melayu can compete on the world stage without government patronage, i will tumpang bangga.

      but lets not forget that orang Cina have a very powerful international "bamboo" economic network of the Chinese business diaspora, that effectively gives them the same advantage as the Melayu having government support, but on an international scale.

    4. I want Bumiputras to one day stand strong on the international stage without government patronage too.

      But until the day comes when they look beyond allegations of cartels and ethno-centric business ties of international Chinese people as the reason for their business success, this will not happen any time soon.

      Do you really think the mass of consumer preference, the prevalence of Chinese Malaysians in Silicon Valley (still White-dominated at the top levels) and the capture of outsourcing contracts from Western countries is down to the influence of the Chinese diaspora?

      No, it's because they have built up a culture of tertiary education and business experience over the last decade. This is NOT to say they are better, but they've had a headstart.

      Look beyond the anti-competitive advantages the Chinese have (e.g. cartel-like dominance etc.), which undoubtedly exist, and take the positives and then learn from it.

      To quote Sun Tzu (a Chinese man, sure, but that does not devalue his advice), "It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle".

      Continue to antagonise the Chinese businesses, instead of learning from their genuine successes, will only serve to close off one source of knowledge in close proximity and that can only slow the rise of Bumiputras in business.

  9. Support malay even though they are corrupted. This is why these paththic poor UMNO malay supporters forever need the BR1M and stay poor. They deserve this.

    1. Support Towkey & Taikun Cina even though they are corrupted. This is why these paththic poor DAP Chinese supporters forever need their asses sodomised and stay morally poor. They deserve this.

  10. Annie,
    You and the rest should stop blaming Najib's Helpers. They Tried their best despite their mediocrity.

    Have you Heard of the Saying 'The Buck Stops Here'.

    The Buck stops at Najib Himself. If he choose not to think and merely follows the Mediocre Advise given to him, then he deserves what's due to him. The question now which you are asking is Will things Change?

    I doubt It. Pedigrees generally do not want to dirty their hands. They are only used to have other people think and do for them. The Choice of New Ministers exemplifies this.

    All in All, Annie, you are just wasting your time and life away. Go do something Else.

    Joe Black

    1. Joe Black, you have a point, but pls stop personally insulting other people when you comment. It makes your comments so much less credible.

  11. Just wondering whether all those people around Najib and his cabinets monitors what was was being posted in blogs?

    Perhaps not!

  12. I agree with you on this, Annie. Vent away, darling; this is your blog and you can write what you want in it!


  13. You have the right idea, Annie, but Najib's first job is to bring his own house in order and emerge stronger from the UMNO conference. Then he can marginalize the backstabbers and move his agenda forward without sabotage.

  14. I've not been to any of the post election Pakatan Rakyat rallies. But it caused me to shudder when people who have felt that Malays made up 60-70% of the participants.

    Rather than imagining the DAP Cinas to be our only adversary, we must address the reasons why there are so many Malays opposing BN.

    Otherwise, by only paying attention to the trees, we get overwhelmed by the forest.

  15. When Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia, the exchange rate was 1RM = 1SD.

    Now, it's 2.4RM = 1SD.

    In 2012, IMF rated Singapore as world's 3rd richest country, and Malaysia 58th. This year, they rated Singapore no.1! When in Malaysia, there are those who suggested that BRIM should be distributed at least quarterly.

    Times higher education asian university rankings 2013 put NUS no.2 when our highest rated UKM came in no.87.

    Do you also notice Singaporean Malays somewhat look down on Malaysian Malays?

    We have oil and gas, and lots of land for agriculture and industry - whilst Singaporeans need to flock in to invest in Johor.

    We ought to do better!

  16. Very well, if wealth is your numero uno priority, please emigrate to Singapore. You will be in heaven!

    1. There are already many of us who are internationally mobile. Our work or business takes us to Dubai, Qater, UK, the US, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. We are not constrained. And we tend to benchmark ourselves to international standards.
      But the vast majority of us are in Malaysia.

      If a person sees wealth as number one, he can never be happy, because the chase will be endless. But in this modern world, you just cannot escape from needing money. And the more money you have, the less you need to run the rat race - and do what you really like.

      When the economy is weak, and unemployment high, crime rate increases. Perhaps even followed by social unrest.