Friday 10 July 2015

Happy birthday Tun

Today is the 90th birthday of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

To honour the handsome old man, here are links to all the posts that I wrote about him since he started the quest to oust PM DS Najib Razak about three months ago,

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I wish Dr Mahathir the very best of birthday and my prayers were for him to remain healthy and be with us for many more years to come.


  1. A nice gift for Tun. Annie's undying love and devotion delivered with pure sincerity. There's no sarcasm here. I mean it, ok!

  2. Happy birthday Tun, love you forever.

  3. We wish Dr. Mahathir the best of birthdays and our prayers are for Drs.Tun Mahathir and Tun Siti Hasmah to remain healthy and be with us for many more years to come . . . . . . .

    "The Very Thought Of You"

  4. Happy birthday tun m. Will always love and respect you!

  5. Also from Soros, Illuminati, Jews, Yahudi, Illuminatis, Neocons, WSJ, SR, Komunis, DAPpigs, Evangelists and Anwar fm Sg. Buloh. "Long Live Mugabe".

    1. Not forgetting to mention from your mum and dad as well !


      One day, the Conqueror of Mulla Nasrudin’s town went out hunting with several attendants. He fired his arrow at a duck and missed.
      “An unlucky shot!“ remarked one attendant.
      “Your bowstring must be worn out,” added another.
      “Your horse wasn't steady,” quipped a third.

      Then they all looked over at Nasrudin.
      “Your highness,” he said, “although you missed that shot, you can console yourself with the fact that you have succeeded so many times throughout the years in killing all those innocent people.”

      * * * * *

      The local religious leader was not too fond of Mulla Nasrudin.
      However, one night, he, being unwilling to walk home alone, decided to join Nasrudin on his route back to their neighborhood.

      When they reached a steep passage, the religious leader looked upwards and commented, “Allahu Akbar! surely You have made this path steeper in order to punish my companion for his not-so-good behavior.”
      “My friend,” Nasrudin replied, “you’ve got it all wrong. When I took this very road this morning on my way to work, it was downhill and a very easy walk. But now that you are accompanying me, it is sloping upwards like this!“


    3. Long Live Tun M! Years ago I had the pleasure of meeting this extraordinary couple. Truly, their sincerity, humility and graciousness simply amazed me! I was just a young nobody related to one of the staff. Yet they there was always a twinke n a friendly nod from him and a wide smile n motherly chat from Tun Hasmah. Tun was the PM then. Everyone that worked for him would take a bullet for him...that says a lot about the kind of boss you work for. He was loved by each and everyone of his staff from ADCs to household staff. I recalled how amazed I was that most of the staff closed to her refered to her as Kak Hasmah instead of Datin Seri. How much more humble can one be!??? They are both truly one of a kind....they dont make people like them anymore.....May you both be blessed always by by the AlMighty Allah.S.A.W.

  6. selamat hari jadi dan selamat hari raya Tun
    I love u

  7. Love u tun mahathir...happy birthday..

  8. Pengisian usia dengan perjuangan untuk kesejahteraan anak bangsa negara.

    Ya Allah, Engkau lah Maha Mengetahui, kurniakanlah keselamatan, kesejahteraan, kekuatan dan seterusnya kejayaan kepada hambamu bernama Mahathir bin Mohamad selagi ia berada di jalan kebenaran, jalan yang Kau redhai.

    Huruharakan dan musnahkanlah musuh kebenaran, musuh rakyat dan berilah mereka jalan kebuntuan dan balasan yang setimpalnya.


  9. Happy Birthday Tun.

    Pernah jumpa di Langkawi. Langit dengan bumi la kalau bandingkan dengan kepimpinan umno sekarang.

  10. Dearest Tun...."Happy 90th birthday" May ALLAH SWT blessing be upon you today and always. You have made us proud being Malaysian under your premiership, thank you.

    Love you and Tun Hasmah always xxx

  11. Annie, I wish Dr Mahathir the very best of birthday and I pray that he and Tun Hasmah remain healthy and be with us for many more years to come. AMIN

    We love you Tun... peduli apa diorang cakap, you still the best PM Malaysia ever had.

  12. Happy Birthday Tun. Semoga Allah memberkati usia Tun.

  13. Tun Mahathir was asked what is Birthday wishes.

    He simply said "For Najib to step down"

    Hope he get his wishes.

    Happy Brithday :)

  14. You made me a proud Malaysian once upon a time. I know that I am asking too much, but Dear Tun, I want to be a proud Malaysian again and I don't know who else to turn to. Happy birthday Tun...

  15. Happy 90th Birthday Tun. May Allah bless you. Love always from me. I'm very proud of you, sir.

  16. Salam Annie, saya berpendapat bahawa Orang melayu khasnya dan rakyat malaysia secara umumnya masih memerlukan seorang pemimpin seperti Tun Mahathir untuk memimpin bangsa malaysia ini! Maaf bercakap, sehingga kini tidak nampak ada sesiapa yg dapat menggantikan beliau. Beliau disukai oleh semua lapisan masyarakat, melayu, cina, india, yg tua dan muda. Jika ditakdirkan tun berhajat untuk kembali memimpin saya percaya beliau akan beroleh sokongan dari semua kaum dinegara ini. Rakyat dah cukup tersiksa dengan pentadbiran dan pemimpin yg ada sekarang ini, baik dari kerajaan ataupun pembangkang.
    Saya juga ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan selamat hari jadi kepada Tun Dr Mahathir, semoga Allah SWT melindungi beliau, memberi beliau kesihatan yg baik, panjangkan umur beliau dan merahmati beliau. Amin

  17. Salam Annie, boleh tak you tulis dan jemput komen2 drpd semua yg pernah bercakap/berjumpa dgn tun/toh puan...sebelum/semasa/selepas jadi pm?

    Saya rasa ianya dapat bantu semua orang utk lebih memahami mereka...


  18. Hidup Iskandar Killai A/L Iskandar Ali Kutty.

    1. Sapa dia iskandar killai A/L Iskandar Ali Kutty??? Tok wan hang ka ni?

    2. Kerala Mafia.

    3. Coward!!!

  19. What do you mean by calling the name in that way? Is that supposed to be those 'pure blood' and 'not pure blood' kind of shit?

    As far as I can remember in those P Ramlee movies you still can see some so-called 'pure blood' breed. For the 'pure blood' ladies they have lips like African, darker skin, curly hair, and not very pretty. For the 'pure blood' men they are short, slow in their thinking and not very active. They are not jakun though.

    Thanks to the process called mixed blood. Some very pretty ones if you care to ask them, they are mostly of mixed blood. They are fairer, brighter and very intelligent.

    How many pure blood are there in, eg, the united pure blood organisation ? Less than 5%? Lesser? The leaders for sure are mainly mixed blood. Go ask and see if I'm telling the truth.

    So stop all these pure blood not pure blood shit. You are not living in the Harry Potter world, idiot.

    1. You can cheat, But Don't Be a cheater.

  20. This is a true story. The leader of a Malaysian sports delegation met Russian President Putin during Badawis premiership. Putin asked him 'who is your PM now...??? The guy told him. Putin replied....Badawi... Oh yes ! , he paused then continued ....the other guy was better...Mahathir! He shouldn't have resigned!!!
    .The other guy was better...Mahathir...he shouldn't have resigned!!!

  21. Putin likes to sell planes. Money ma.