Friday 17 July 2015

My Raya first day

I spent the first day of Raya escorting my father around.

My mother is not here,

She is in Singapore, busy as usual.

My father and me were however used to her not being around on Hari Raya.

Similarly, my father was never with my mother and me on Chinese New Year day.

Anyway, since my father is still recuperating from his illness, I was the one who drove us to Pak Long's house in Denai Alam where his family gathered.

Pak Long is my father's eldest brother.

My father's is an old family.

The youngest of his siblings is Pak Su who is in his mid 40s.

Half of the family were however not there as they don't live in the Klang Valley.

We had the usual raya lunch - ketupat, rendang, serunding, lodeh, etc.

I ate quite a lot.

I was wearing the blue baju kurung that my mother had tailored made for me, and was trying very hard to appear like a nice Malay girl.

I didn't wear my nose stud and refrained from smoking after the meal.

I know, it's pathetic to pretend like that, but I wanted my father to be happy.

He never said anything but I knew that he disapproves of me smoking and looking too outlandish.

Well, it's Hari Raya, so I just had to try my best to be a good daughter.

My father as usual didn't talk much.

It was Pak Long who dominated the conversation as we were having coffee after the lunch.

He is a supporter of the Pas' progressive faction and will join the new party set up by them.

He was very angry with the Pas' ulama leaders and blamed them for the break-up of the Pakatan coalition.

Pak Long knew that my father and his other siblings are mostly pro-establishment, but he still poured out his unhappiness to them.

He said had Pakatan remained together, they will surely win the next general election as Barisan Nasional and Umno in particular are now in disarray due to the fight between PM DS Najib Razak and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

My father and the others mostly listened to Pak Long without contradicting him.

He is after all the eldest and to openly disagree with him could be deemed as kurang ajar.

The conversation however turned very lively when the Low Yat Incident was discussed.

Surprisingly, despite their different political ideologies, they all agreed that the incident was not a straight forward handphone theft case as announced by the authorities.

I don't want to go into the details of their conversation on the matter as some of you may accuse members of my father's family of being a bunch of Malay racists.

Actually they are just Malays with strong jati diri.

My father was the only one who continued being quiet throughout the conversation.

He was probably the only one who realized that there was a half-Chinese in the room.

I kept quiet too.

It was good that my mother was not around.

I'm quite sure she would had a very serious quarrel with her ipar duai if she was there.

Anyway, I'm resting at home now.

Need to sleep early as tomorrow I'm driving my father down to our hometown in Kluang, Johor.

Pa wanted to visit the graves of my grandparents.

Okay, goodnight.


  1. Jumpa anda di kluang nanti..
    Kubur kg melayu? Kubur jalan hj manan? Or kubur sri lalang?

  2. Assalamu Alayka Ya Rasul Allah !


    1. re: "Pak Long was very angry with the Pas' ulama leaders and blamed them for the break-up of the Pakatan coalition"

      Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Hassan al-Banna - pioneer of Muslim Brotherhood - speaks on "Religion, Spirituality & Ethics"

  3. Annie r u the only child?

  4. Laya mali !, laya mali !,

    Ketupat ,lendang ,lomang apa-apa kueh semua Wa kasi hantam maa aa . Politik Wa tatak cekap maa aa , Wa makan makan ,senyum sana senyum sini Wa betut-betut lasa satu bangsa satu negala ,ini hali lea aa , Malaysian Malaysia maa aa .

    Kalang-kalang Wa atak lasa malu lea aa ,Wa Cina sekolah ,Bulayu tatak pandei lor rr ,tapi ini hali Wa kasi hantam saja lor rr .

  5. No 'bila no nak kawin' question...?

  6. Plz post ur Hari Raya photos dear Annie.....

  7. "Surprisingly, despite their different political ideologies, they all agreed that the incident was not a straight forward handphone theft case as announced by the authorities."

    .... sick of all the insinceres, .... don't need another perfect line, ....don't care if critics never jump in line ....

  8. So Now Rocky the Brute is your Bapa Angkat?

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    1. Takat ni la kepandaian melayu...layan pantun bodoh.

    2. Mmg patut kena bg pantun bodoh sebab pemimpin yg ada pun bodoh! Kalau bg pantun cerdik takut pemimpin tak paham. Bodoh!!!!

    3. Aah...pemimpin bodoh dapat pantun bodoh la...tu pun kira da cukup baik la...patutnya kena tambah pantun bangang, bahlol, biol, bongok, bebal dll

    4. Elok lah tu..kau sama sama dgn pemimpin sekali pun bodoh...apa nak buat...nak cuba berbahas secara intelek tak termampu..suruh belajar tinggi2 so that you can argue convincingly ko pergi you deserve your leader...dia tak bodoh sebab dia pandai songlap duit...kau masih hidup merempat kerja despatch. So sapa yang sebenarnya bodoh sekarang?

    5. Hah! mari menonton Tiga Bangang yang Berani Bodoh

    6. Anon 2.37 and 18.40. Surely same person. You know everybody came across those people yg bodoh sombong and self absorbed? Only that engkau ni just wannabe. Because engkau ni poyo nak mampus and actually worse! I believe you don't have friends? Because really people hate smart asses!!

    7. Huh?
      "Because really people hate smart asses!!"..
      Ko nak cakap apa bende ni bai?..tsk tsk tsk...why do you need to get so epileptic?..sigh...tu la aku cakap...dulu kat sekolah when your english teacher was trying to teach you grammar, ko pegi your'e talking like an idiot...bahaha...yes, i know i am a smart ass. It's always better than being a dumb ass...crik...crik....duuuh! Thank you very much for the compliment!

  10. former stk boy19 July 2015 at 07:43

    Selamat Hari Raya Annie. Keep writing.

  11. former stk boy19 July 2015 at 07:48

    Stk too?

    1. No. I went to a boarding school in Seremban. STK is a good school though. My father's siblings are mostly its alumni. My mother and her siblings studied at Chung Hwa.

  12. Dear Anne,

    Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri n Maaf Zahir Batin....

    - Proud Johorean -