Monday 13 July 2015

Low Yat lukewarm chicken shit

It was not a racial fight, okay.

So, calm down.

The Inspector General of Police said so.

Read The Star here;

IGP: Don't turn Low Yat Plaza melee into a racial issue

The Star, however, described the whole thing as (excerpts),

On Saturday, a fight erupted between a group of thugs and sales clerks after a group of youth returned to take revenge against the retailers who allegedly caught them shoplifting earlier on Saturday.

The thugs must be the gang of Malays causing all the trouble while the peaceful hardworking sales clerks should be those who happened to be Chinese.

Okay, since this is not about race, let's take out the Malay and Chinese parts.

The part about "caught them shoplifting"  must then meant about the sales clerks catching the thugs stealing.

Simple, bad thugs, good sales clerks.

It doesn't matter that the bad thugs happened to be Malays and the good sales clerks happened to be Chinese.

However the story that went around among the Malay crowd was that one of the Malay thugs bought a phone from one of the Chinese sales clerks only later on to discover that it's not an original item.

The thug then tried to get an original item replacement but the sales clerk refused to entertain him. The thug then just took one of the original items and ran off only to be caught and handed over to the police.

The thug then showed the receipt of his purchase of the phone to the policemen prompting him to be released. Still unhappy, he and the other thugs then went back to Low Yat Plaza and the whole mess started.

Again, as the IGP said, this is not a racial thing, so let's disregard that the thugs, as described by the MCA-own The Star are Malays and the sales clerks are Chinese.

But of course, the Malays will still be huffing and puffing as usual when these sorts of things happened.

It's something like when the Chinese tsunami of the last general election happened.

The Malays got very angry and threatened to boycott the Chinese businesses.

I however observed that the Chinese mostly laugh off such a Malay threat.

This is my observation of what happened in the aftermath of the Chinese tsunami of GE13,

Chinese businesses don't need Malays

Melayu ni hangat-hangat tahi ayam je.

That's the way of the Malays and even the Chinese know it.

Back then I asked my mother (who happened to be a Chinese) whether the Chinese businesses can survive if no Malays buy stuff from them.

My mother said no problem, the Chinese will survive. It's the Malays who can't survive without buying at the Chinese business premises.  

True enough, all those talks back then about boycotting the Chinese businesses died a natural death.

I guess, that's the way it will always be.

Come to think of it, it's always the Malays who needed the Chinese and not the other way around.

For instance, I know that my father (who happened to be a Malay) can't live without my mother, but my mother, I'm sure, will survive even without my father.

Malays, you are weak. Accept it okay. It's not about being racial but about the way you are.

As for those Malay thugs, why la you all still go buy handphones at Low Yat Plaza?

Itu tempat banyak dodgy liao.

Itu Cina punya sales clerks semua kaki chong punya tau.

Lu tengok dia punya gaya Ah Beng Ah Seng pun lu mesti sudah tau dia tipu punya.

Lain kali simpan duit sampai cukup.

Pakai dulu Nokia lama tu sampai cukup duit.

Lepas tu beli Iphone or Samsung je kat original dealers or kat telco punya kedai. 

Lu orang tak suka Cina apa pasal mau pakai itu Oppo made in China punya phone? Lu orang pakai Korea ke Amerika punya phone la.

Kalau boleh cari kedai Melayu.

Tapi tu pun kena careful sebab these days Melayu pun suka tipu Melayu.

Kadang-kadang Melayu tipu Melayu lagi teruk dari Cina tipu Melayu.

Betul, wa tada tipu lu punya.

Okay, for your entertainment, here is a bit of Ah Being Ah Seng music;


  1. "Kadang-kadang Melayu tipu Melayu lagi teruk dari Cina tipu Melayu"

    Ah Jib Gor! lu mau lari mana lagi?

    1. Jibby pun kena tipu dengan cina jelly lo lo

  2. fark u spoilt brat. not deserved to be living in this country. back to homeland la

    1. Tangkap balik ke Malaysia si gemok Jholow itu saje! Baru kite boleh tahu urusan JibGor dengannya.

  3. betul la anie apa lu cakap...zaman mahathir wa bangga jadi melayu...tapi zaman najib sekarang wa malu jadi melayu, wa lagi suka jadi cina...nasib baik kita sama, wa punya mak pun cina..hehe..


  4. Malays we may be weak commercially adinda Ms Annie
    compared to other races with universal business linkages
    but still desperately holding on to political power
    and in-sya-Allah reuniting under ASWJ Syaria.
    ( Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah )

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Tuan Haji

      And who are you blaming for this predicament?

      Is Syariah Law is the answer?

      It seems to me like more excuses in the making....


    2. Who to blame(?) when everyone including the PM, Sdr Cpt
      feels he is huhu The victim of the system.

      So is it unreasonable for more now to pine for Sharia?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Be reasonable Haji Zin .... Najib just comprehensively flouted the comprehensive ethical laws of this land.
      Islamic history has shown us that not all who are called caliphs are up to the responsible task of keeping to the ethics of syariah law - there were good rulers and there were many bad rulers too.

    4. Malam sikit la hj ooi , politik malay pun dah masuk standard negara africa yg third world dome country, malu sikit tak yah mengada ngada.

  5. 13 Julai..i will like the date now...hmmm

  6. Miskin tapi mau gaya. Nak handphone duit tadak, curi la.

    This happens all over the world. It's a social economic problem.

    Nak mengamok? Pi depan rumah pukimak mamak yang memerintah 22 tahun. Dia yang tangung jawab..

    Stupid dogs barking up the wrong tree.

    1. Cina biasa lar .. meniaga mesti mau kaya..yg penting wang,wang,wang..tgk lar bila cina makan mana ada pantang...
      Berani pukul MELAYU DI TANAH MELAYU..mesti berani lah tanggung akibat!!..


    2. ANON 15:25, you are a Black Dog manic-depressive ... go bark your head off somewhere else .... shooo shooo shooo

  7. Sikalang punya dunia manyak susah lea aa ,telang-telang tipu punya olang tatak salah , kena tipu punya olang manyak salah ,kena kasi pukul and polis tangkap , manyak tatak betut lor rr.

    Kalau tipu punya olang, undang-undang katak , tatak salah ,kena tipu punya olang tentu tatak puas hati maa aa ,kasi hantam lorr rr .

    Tipu punya olang manyak wang ,kena tipu punya olang tatak wang .
    Biasa memang itu macam maa aa ,banyak wang punya olang atak kuasa tipu tatak wang punya olang meati tatak salah punya lea aa.

    Tatak puas hati pegi kasi hantam ,lagi manyak salah .

    1. We wait for investigation.

      And if proven the boy was conned, SUE the STAR. Even if reported as 'allegedly caught them shoplifting' because fair reporting should also include 'allegedly sold fake fon'.

      Anyway, difficult to rely on goods bought in lowyat these days. Bought a 1T external, transfered my datas and two months later, the Passport Ultra just went dead!

      No longer a place for my family and friends to shop as we can see how roudy the operators there behaved... Now out if bounce to all of us. Very scary.

      We don't enter Chinese car workshops too as even here we are being conned most often.

      Buying foodstuff we are exceptionally cautious with all the fake 'Halal' certs. Element of doubt always there these days shld we touch anything offered by the Chinese.

    2. Police Chief clears the air on Low Yat incident

  8. Annie

    What happened to the "caveat emptor" rule?

    And are you hinting that Plaza Low Yat is "dodgy"? On what basis are you making that call?

    There are plenty of places selling Chinese brand handphones. Consumers have choices - Apple iOS, Android or Microsoft OS phones - with different capabilities and at different price points.

    So, what really are you driving at here?

    Incidentally, a certain blogger who shall remain nameless has "gone to town" posting about this incident.

    Why? Is it a "slow news" day or an attempt to attract more eyeballs to the said blog?

    You know, like being deliberately controversial to bump your viewing statistics?

  9. Betul annie, ini bukan pasal racial, cuma kebetulan..

    Ada dua versi
    Peniaga adalah cina, pembeli adalah Melayu..
    Peniaga memang selalu tipu pembeli..
    Cina tipu Melayu..

    1MDB pun tak banyak beza..
    Peniaga tipu pemimpin politik..
    Cina tipu Melayu..
    Cuma Melayu ni lain sikit..
    Dia tak mengamok dia tak komplain walau ditipu...
    Ada dua kemungkinan..
    Pertama sebab dia malu nak mengaku orang yang pandai, berkuasa dan berpangkat macam dia pun boleh kena tipu dengan budak cina berahak..
    Kedua...memang dia ada share..

    Memang Melayu suka kena tipu dengan cina..tak pernah serik.

  10. Anon 13:41.
    Melayu sekarang lebih masyhor sampai seantero dunia.

  11. Aku dah lama boycot kedai cina...setakat ni dah 2 buah kedai cina melingkup kat kampung aku! Jika bangsa aku hangat2 tahi ayam...bangsa ko hangat2 taik anjing la ye? Jika dulu top 20 richman kat Malaysia tiada bangsa sendiri, sekarang dah mula ramai...jangan bongkak, tunggu je masa kehancuran bangsa ko sendiri!

  12. Annie,

    Ikut kat polis, tak ada pun isu talipon tak ori.

    Orang tu menyamun di kedai atas tingkat 1 handphone lenovo. Yang kedai bawah (Oppo) tangkap si penyamun yang lari.

    Bila polis lepaskan penyamun itu, dia bawak 6 orang kawan di pukul salesman kedai Oppo.

    Tujuh orang melayu pukul seorang cina.

    Yang saya tak puashati itu, bila ramai orang dekat law yat kumpul serang balik.

    Yang pendekar melayu tujuh orang cabut lari. Patutnya, stay dekat situ. Maklumlah pendekar. Ini pendekar belacan.

    Saya selalu pergi ke law yatt, ramai kutu-kutu duduk dekat Imbi dan law yatt perangai macam samseng.

    Kalau beli handphone dekat kedai Oppo, Samsung Plaza Low Yarr, memang barang original tetapi di tingkat 1, tidak pasti.

    Soalnya kejadian mencuri di Tingkat 1, yang kena pukul di Tingkat bawah. Memang ini kes curi dan kes samseng. Bukan kes tipu.

  13. Salam Ramadan,..setiap diri mempunyai kelemahan dan kelebihan yg tersendiri,..dan setiap diri sentiasa diuji sehingga akhir nafas maka itulah ketentuan yg hakiki,..

    Apalah guna mendabik dada menyombong diri,..bila akhirnya turut menyembah bumi?,..

    Setiap bangsa mempunyai budaya,..turun temurun warisan kita
    Biarlah bercanggah maupun tak sekata,.
    Tapi janganlah lupa adat bersama.

    Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri yg mulia,..

  14. Annie,

    Ini sebenarnya kes orang melayu tipu orang melayu.

    Dah banyak dah jadi.

    CCTV mencuri di Tingkat 1 Low Yatt

    Zaman sekarang susah sikit nak menipu kerana ada CCTV.

    Orang nak menipu tidak kira bangsa, Cina, melayu dan india ada.

    Dalam penjara semua ada, betul betul 1Malaysia, Cina, India dan Melayu.

  15. Annie,

    Q1. Is the one stealing the phone real Muslim Malay?

    Q2. Isnt this month a holy month for all muslim?

    Q3. Arent they being brought from young with religious teaching?

    If all the answer is true, why they are the source of the problem in Low Yat? If they dont steal, nobody going to catch them. If they observe the holy month well, they will not steal. If they're brought up in real religious teaching from young, they will not steal. If they did not steal, this brawl in Low Yat will not happen by them.

    1. There are many like him even those practising Christianity , Hinduism, Buddhis . Taoist and etc doing all sorts forbidden by whatever practices taught them.

      For instance same sex marriage. Some say can. Some say cannot. Recently someone was asked to resign if he refuse to give them the marriage certificate. Some can divorce and remarry, some cannot.

      Do we also blame Christianity and its teachings?

    2. not the planes and the pilots that flew and bombed Iraq and Afghanistan comes from Christian nations...???... not Christianity a religion of love?... bombing Iraq and Afghanistan an act of love?...

      ...good day....bro...

  16. ...thus
    ...religion is not the issue at low yatt...

    ...keep religion out ...

    the problem is that there are too many bad people in all religions...

    ...good day...bro...
    it is very much a what

  17. Annie, I think you have jumped the gun. Have you seen the cctv recording and have you been reading the news? The boy had been attempted to steal the handphone. He was not cheated by any OPPO salesman. He had stolen a Lenovo from an upstairs shop. The OPPO sales people assisted in apprehending the thief. The thugs that came back were just intent on destroying other peoples' property. I don't think one can condone destruction and mayhem irrespective of the race involved.