Monday 13 July 2015

Writing fiction easier than writing the truth

The other day Raja Petra said the banking documents of PM DS Najib Razak were leaked to Wall Streets Journal by some Bank Negara officials in a conspiracy to topple the prime minister.

The Bank Negara scandal, yet again

Datuk Nurshamsiah Mohd Yunus, Bank Negara’s Deputy Governor, plus Shamsuddin Mahayidin and Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar, have been identified as the three culprits from the bank who leaked confidential information to the Wall Street Journal.

Raja Petra even suggested for the trio to be hanged for treason.

The authorities are working on the angle that these three Bank Negara officers are trying to subvert the government and subversion can be interpreted as an act of treason. This can have very serious repercussions on the country and any act of sabotage to bring down the country is punishable under the charge of waging war against the Agong and can attract the death sentence.

The Bank Negara has since denied its officials were involved in leaking the documents.

I wondered if the three Bank Negara officials will ever going to get any apology.

I can just imagine the ordeal their family went through when it was made public that they had committed treason.

Well, I doubt they are going to get it.

Even DS Rosmah Mansor, the wife of the prime minister, never gets an apology when she was accused of supervising the blowing up of that Mongolian lady Altantuya.

And now apparently the accusation on the leaked banking document had moved on to "a prominent banking tycoon who he alleged was a close comrade of former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad".

Raja Petra's Malaysia Today picked up the story from Rakyat Post,
I know who leaked out bank details, claims NGO head

Citizens For Accountable Governance Malaysia (CAGM) chairman Md Zainal Abidin alleged that the tycoon allegedly owed his success to Dr Mahathir, but as both allegedly hurried to kick Najib out of his top leadership post, had apparently exposed a “strictly confidential and integral link that has played a pivotal role that helps Umno and BN remain in power”.

“Ambank has disbursed loans amounting to more than RM250 million to companies linked to Mirzan and Mokhzani Mahathir,” Md Zainal further claimed, referring to the sons of the former Prime Minister.

Honestly, at the moment I feel like setting up an NGO myself so that I can make money creating these sorts of fictions.

Easier and more profitable than trying to find the truth for free as it is now.

And I think I can write better fiction than these people.

Really, okay.


  1. This 1 mada fakar zainak abidin barua haram jadah is the cheap biatch!!!

    1st threaten to sue 100m then later 50m. Seemed like he had all the proves...thats why issue statement to the end announced reward 1m for info...meaning to say this biatch has nothing!!! Just another pondan's macai... if he is my son i would have slapped him very very hard...

    To Zainal....FAK U BIATCH!!!!

  2. Annie, sesiapa yg mempercayai raja petra adalah mereka yang sukakan cerita hindustan. Raja petra adalah penulis sampah yg mencari makan dengan menulis cerita cerita khayalan yang memualkan. Beliau adalah anjing politik yg cukup hina. Membuat cerita cerita fitnah adalah cara beliau mencari makan dan menyara anak dan isterinya. Anak lelaki beliau pernah ditangkap kerana mencuri motosikal dan dan dijatuhkan hukuman penjara oleh mahkamah.

    1. Ah master scandalmonger RPK just got topped-up again by his pay-master! Must be expensive hole-ing up in England..

  3. Anon @0407 venomous attack at Zainal sounds more personal than anything else.
    Something brewing at a half glass kopi?

  4. Najib sendiri salah kerana membiarkan media menjadi out of control. Bila tiada tindakan diambil maka semakin menjadi-jadi cerita yang diada2kan. Najib is very weak. Memang tiada tokoh PM.

    1. Saya tak setuju , dizaman ini U tak boleh kontrol media terutama media cyber , tapi yang buat orang semakin marah sebab Najib ini suka menipu , tak payah lah nak sebut apa yang dia tipu ,kemudian dia sehingga sekarang tidak menidakkan akaun Ambank yang dimasukkan wang RM 2,6 Billion yang bukan dia punya sehingga sekarang cuma dia jawab dia tak guna wang 1MDB itu , Ini jelas pengakuan bahawa wang itu memang ada dan akaun itu dia punya ,

      Kemudian Rosmah dia dengan berani lebih dari najib mengaku Akaun Affin bank itu akaun dia dan RM 2 juta itu betul dan dimasukkan dalam tempoh yang singkat ,tampa di kenakan cukai apa ini ini dah perkara yang tidak betul , bila disoal berkenaan akaun itu dia jawab itu bukan wang 1MDB ,ini bukan jawapan nya , jadi sebelum itu pun dah banyak najib berbohong berkenaan wang di BSI singapura dan berkenaan jho low dan banyak lagi , jelas menjurus dirinya terlibat dalam salah guna kuasa dan seleweng . kenapa kita hendah menutup mungkar ini sedangkan kita tahu akhirnya rakyat akan tanggung semua beban hutang ini .

  5. its funny. they are shooting the messengers. wht about the investigation on the money trail?

    was it transfered to najibs account? was it transfered to rosmahs account?

    or is the task even interested in finding out the truth?

    we can investigate about the leak later. but earlier when the task force was initiated, wasnt it to investigate the money trail?

    we the rakyat doesnt want to know who leak the papers. we want to know wether theres a crime committed by the pm and wife. or am wrong? im the only msian whos like tht.

    one couldnt help but to think that theres someone up there is tampering with the investigation. and tht those running the task force, doesnt have integrity at all. and these are the important figures in malaysia, sprm, bnm, and pdrm, and all of them are useless bunch, cannot be trusted at all. why continue the drama at all. might as well say all ok to najib. hang nk curi byk mana duit pn xpa. we just gonna divert the investigation.

    lets all just make monthly deposit to whoever up there who want to steal money. since nobody cant stop them from stealing.

  6. Najib ni memang la .......... resign je lah.