Tuesday 14 July 2015

Time to shut up...a bit

So, it's now

Time to clamp down on social media

And as my blogging captain Rocky wrote, the prime minister had agreed to such a suggestion,

Najib moots social media curbs after Low Yat brawl turns racial online

Okay, guess, I need to tone down quite a bit from now onwards.

I have been writing quite a lot on race relation stuff after starting this blog.

If the cyberspace laws were tighten and I continue the way I am, I would probably be arrested and charged in court for I don't know what.

Maybe my old postings such as this will be deemed as inciting racial hatred,

Ten things I don't like about the Malays and Chinese

Errr...ten years jail for that lousy posting, I guess.

How about this,

Stupid Malay men

That's the most read of all my postings.

Menghina dan menghasut orang membenci lelaki Melayu tu.

Kira meng incite racial hatred juga la.

Another 10 years jail for that?

Okay, I better not write about such things again.

Can never know whether I had crossed the boundary.

Anyway, I think the police should also crack down on all those cybertroopers who incite hatred against the government by accusing it of victimizing Chinese.

This include those operating from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, US, etc.

Do something about those people too, okay.

Extradite them ya.

If police can arrest blogger Papagomo for inciting racial hatred following the Low Yat incident, then they should also arrest those DAP leaders if they repeat their campaign mantra of 13th general election that the Chinese were treated as second, third, fourth or fifth class citizens.

Yes, next time please do that.

And also the authorities must have a full team monitoring the Chinese social media.

Believe me, there are lots of stuff there more seditious and harmful to racial harmony than those in my stupid postings whenever I'm angry with my Chinese mother and ex-boyfriend.

Anyway, I may even close down this blog if things get too difficult to be a social political blogger.

Why bother isn't it?

There I am, rambling about my Cina bukit relatives, then suddenly kena arrested for inciting racial hatred.

For what, isn't it?

As if blogging makes me any richer....sigh.

Or maybe I can just switch this blog into a travel blog.

Get people to sponsor me on trips and I write about it. That would be nice.

I think I better get in touch again with Anis of

Five Foot Traveller

Need to learn how to be a travel blogger from the sweet lady.

Well, that's just in case social political blogging gets too hazardous in the near future.

So much for freedom of expression, isn't it?

May as well be like China.

Regulate the whole bloody thing, okay.

I don't care.


  1. hi Annie,
    Selamat berpuasa... and selamat hari raya..
    You see Annie, there are two sets of law in Malaysia, One for the political interest (regardless which prarty you come from) and second for the ordinary citizen.
    For political interest, they can get away for free... only amaran... nothing more. tak kira la menghina Islam ke, kenyataan bersifat perkauman... they will get away with it. Why? go and ask KPN or AG or Head of political parties.

    The other set of law is for the normal citizen... yang tak termsauk dlm kepentingan politik.... this group they gonna kena to the maximum. The law will catch them up where ever tahey are....

    1. "One set of law for the powerful ruler and his honcos, the other set of laws to control the normal citizen:

      Isn't this the same reason why Morsi got kicked out of power in Egypt?

  2. Wasn't Rocky a Good Friend of Papagomo? He should be able to tell the cops where Papagomo is!

  3. The grp that will get punished will always be Malays. That's unfair 'cos if the govt has put other non Malay publications on social media etc they would see worse stuff...just read the comments, so many racists with communist-like and BJP-extremist-like views. Feel like vomiting sometimes.

    1. Anon 17:16,

      Dah memang begitu nasib Melayu ,nak buat macam mana , Kena redha je lah .

  4. The police are intending to arrest Papagomo because he published false news which incited the brawls and turned it into a racial matter. Given the destruction to property he should be held responsible.

    1. Hahha..You must be ahjib chick**f**ker buttlicker!

  5. Tak tulis blogg tak mati..
    Najib tak jadi PM ramai yang boleh..
    Najib jadi PM rakyat mampuih..
    Hidup ini mesti diteruskan...untuk diri sendiri, keluarga..no hal

  6. Nanti Najib semasa amanat hari raya akan meminta ampun zahir bathin....

  7. Long live The Fellowship! (Lord of the Rings)


  8. That chic***fu***r bugis bangsatan shall be thrown out of his office and arrested for all the wrongdoings he did. Sungguh besar kemaluan rakyat malaysia bila IGP menyibuk pasal kes curi yang harga tak seberapa..private pun boleh handle. Yg berbillion tu boleh kau tim!! What the fu**!!! Lepas tu spin kes lowyat jadi drama seolah2 Malaysia dah nak civil war antara kaum..shit!!!
    Suddenly pahlawan bangsatan ambil kesempatan nak control media social..memang sial punya pm. Membawa bala ja .
    Annie..maafkan ayat2 kasar saya ...sakit ati tahap gaban dengan pm x da biji dan igp tu.

    1. Ayam4U Ayam4U KangKung Chicken Cheap Cheap 1 linggit 1 linggit

      Kong Hee Fatt Choy Ah Jib Gor

      - from your business partner Jholow

      How's Legasi Lelong Cocky Wing coming along?

    2. Terjun sungai lagi baik.

  9. malaysia need a dictator

  10. Jangan tension .....kelakar sikit..... Bila si Husni di nikahi kadhi selepas ijab kabul kadhi bertanya saksi dan hadirin ....sah? Saksi dan hadirin belum sempat jawab lagi si Husni terlebih dulu jawab SAH....apa punya gelojoh.....