Tuesday 28 July 2015

The Malay psyche and drama

I believe it will just get worse in the coming days.

As it is,

Muhyiddin has been asked to wait for the outcome of 1MDB probe

I'm more inclined to believe that it's more of a warning for the Umno deputy president and DPM to shut up about the 1MDB mess following his speech at the Cheras Umno division meeting on Sunday night.

I doubt he will heed that warning though.

What else can he speaks of now that the Umno divisional meetings have started and everyone are talking about the mess.

He will be going around the country to some of those meetings to officiate them.

Muhyiddin has no choice but to speak of it as that's the main concern of Umno members at the moment.

And once he does, he will almost certainly face disciplinary action and it's not that too far fetch to imagine him being stripped of his posts for breaching party discipline.

After all, it's not going to be the first time a DPM and Umno deputy president being sacked.

Bear in mind that some of them have already started calling TS Muhyiddin Yassin a pengkhianat (traitor).

If it ever reached that stage, then it's just too bad.

Everything will break apart for Umno after that.

There will be no way that the party can be repaired in time for the next general election if that happened.

Well, maybe the Umno leadership and ketua-ketua bahagian will remain intact behind DS Najib Razak, but support among grassroots members will be gravely weakened.

The support among non-members will be worse.

It's the way of Malays to be sympathetic to those appeared to be victimised.

They will feel that for Muhyiddin.

He will become a hero for them.

Once that happened, it doesn't matter anymore if Najib didn't steal the billions of ringgit as alleged.

He will automatically becomes the villain.

Malays love such drama plot.

I love it too.

A hero victimised by his powerful evil nemesis.

It sounds nice isn't it?

Well, DS Anwar Ibrahim is one of the beneficiaries of that Malay psyche.

He got all those support during the Reformasi of late 1990s because of such sentiments.

Unfortunately for him, the Malays are now bored of him.

Anwar played the drama queen role a little bit too long.

It just doesn't work for him anymore.

The Malays now want a new hero.

A new drama.

Well, they can have it now.


  1. well wht muhidin said resonates ours. its more than the anwar episode. anwar only gained support after he was sack.

    eventually it will all comes down to umno or najib ? why is it tht the option be sacking tpm or not. why not sack the pm, the center of the prob ?

    the pm couldnt even answer tpm himself. instead as usual using his office to issue a statement. we have a pm who doesnt even have the guts to response to tpm's speech.

    now najib will do cabinet reshuffling, clearly he wanted to ousted muhidin out. To wht end will he fight to save himself ? wht would he be willing to sacrifice? are msians expendable too?

  2. "Anwar played the drama queen role a little bit too long...."

    as long as he can be on the rearsides of young men

  3. Its all timing:
    1. Ceras. Ketua bahagian known for ....

  4. well too bad. bangkai gajah tak dpt ditutup dgn nyiru. either way bn will lose in the next pru. but if the bugizz guy step down, there will be hope. i will vote for bn in next pru.

    -pengundi bn pru13

  5. I partly, disagree.
    "......Anwar Ibrahim is one of the beneficiaries of that Malay psyche."

    The 'Rear Admiral' got huge support because he used religion to camouflage his weird sexual orientation. As a rogue politician, he knows very well, the psyche of the Malays. Anything which looks Arabic are revered. Any acts of piety and charity are regarded or treated with deep respect and admiration. Therefore, Al-Juburi cleverly disguised himself as a pious person to coax the Malays.

    The fact was...even Dr.M was duped. The main reason Dr.M brought the bugger into UMNO was to win-over the hearts of PAS supporters. It was a great success then. Support for PAS was at the lowest when Al-Juburi started the Islamisation of schools and government agencies as Education Minister. Same with Najib's Money is King, the Rear Admiral gained predominance when he was DPM cum Finance Minister. Since Pak Lah, that is why the Finance portfolio is still stuck with the PM.

    And that's why Najib was seen quite religious and very generous towards religious activities of late. He even gave zakat handouts to thousands of people in Pekan recently. What a waste of precious time, on the part of a lame-duck Prime Minister.

  6. Khabarnya UMNO Johor secara tidak langsung back up hak kebasan, peduli dan bertanya Muhyiddin.

    Hanya perlu dua lagi suara yang boleh menghasilkan gelombang yang sukar disekat Najib.
    Mukhriz dan Kj.

  7. Kj will repeat what najib did in 88 when tdm vs ku li.classic case study.all kj need to do is copy chat what najib did and being the implementor himself,nr shall know what to do and do it best.

    Classic case of starting a war and get one of the vp up and stabilise sabah fraction and most important of all changing the battlefield.

    The only way to counter this is a pure movement from the grassroot but as we all knew already,why ask for the impossible when we can get a practical solution.

    Salute to the war master


  8. It's good to know that someone is still alive in UMNO ,which practically was consider dead .
    Someone of pro Najib bloggers is saying that , " if Mahyudin can't stand the kitchen heat , he might as well get himself out of the kitchen" ; just like telling if ayam is expensive ,dot eat ayam.
    Look like they have the same standard, as Najib cabinet .

  9. Sudah la annie tak payah cakap pasal drama , TS Muhyidin dah di buang di ganti dengan zahid the angguk kepala aka dramatis , tapi yang paling menarik Najib dah pecat AG TS Ghani Patail , dengan sebab yang bodoh di beri kan oleh PMO di peringkat ini Najib aka bugis pondan dah meletakkan diri nya memang bersalah aka penyamun di mata rakyat , pada peringakt ini juga kalau umno kalah saya dah tak rasa menyesal yang amat sangat kerana satu kewajipan warlord umno dan Najib dibawa ke muka pengadilan dan umno perlu dibersih semula , sama ada umno akan tambat hati rakyat semula itu cerita lain ,jangan kita selalu luka lara , orang melayu kena belajar berjuang semula ,kerana perjuangan hari ini semuanya karut kerana melayu selalu lupa akan perjuangan dahulu .


    1. roslan,

      Yaa ...Lor rr , Bulayu memang mudah lupa maa aa .

    2. Zahid Hamidi dapat doktorat dlm bidang apa ya? Kalau dia takde meluahkan pendapat dlm skandal 1MDB itu maka dia pun bukan orang yang berprinsip benar.

  10. Siapa cakap Najib Pondan...,Albeit all the cabaran he faced now he dared to sack his no.2 whom he think not suitable in his team.Like a football team,if team member such as the goolkeeper keep on scoring own goals,the logic reason is to sack and change to new fella.TSMY is caught in his own pant and time is not on his side to rally support ,and I hope he will not make or take wrong action if he really do not know the real support he had from MT or UMNO members.

    1. yup, even as a TPM he doesnt have to support PM najib on this issue if he doesnt want to, but TSMY shouldn't have done what he did IMO, the truth hasnt come out yet. i havent watched the video though.

  11. Najib bukan pondan..cuma termakan perangkap TSMY. Well done tan sri...senang aje nak pasang perangkap.