Wednesday 15 July 2015

A matured Malaysian society

Way back then, the liberals condemned the use of preventive legal provisions such as the Internal Security Act as a mean to avoid another May 13 tragedy.

They claimed that our society has matured and should be allowed to have all sorts of freedom including that of speech and expression.

Furthermore, they said such May 13 tragedy will never happened again as time was changing and Malaysians have become less racially inclined.

And when the PM at that time, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad used the ISA during Operation Lalang, he was branded as a dictator.

That crackdown in 1987 was carried out as racial tension had reached a very dangerous level due to a quarrel between Chinese and Malay political leaders over the administration of Chinese schools.

Now we are in 2015.

By right, as contended by the liberals, we should indeed be a very matured society by now.

ISA and several other preventive laws had been repealed.

The opposition leaders said Malays, Chinese and other races can even go for street protests together.

One big happy family and everything seems to be going great.

No more racists except in Umno, they said.

Whenever something went wrong during the street protests, they blamed the police for "provoking" the crowd.

Pro-Pakatan Bersih protesters smashing a police car after beating up the policeman driver. 

After a while, the police just stood back and observed all the antics of the protesters without doing anything to stop them.

Then the Low Yat Incident happened.

There's no avoiding the strong racial sentiments behind it.

Suddenly we don't seem to be such a matured society any more.

The police were blamed for not doing enough to prevent it.

Umno was also blamed.

As pointed by Helen's Low Yat – the viral video , this is a Malaysiakini's spin Umno’s race-baiting root of Low Yat fracas.

It never occurred to them that the hooligans in the video clip, who stomped on the Chinese couple's car before beating them could be from the same gang as the Bersih protestors who destroyed the police car and beat up the policeman driver.

I remember well when Pakatan supporters defended the Bersih hooligans.

Now we are talking about limiting the "freedom" that we wanted so much by repealing the ISA and other such "draconian laws" to avoid such as the Low Yat Incident from happening again.

We are even calling for the social media, much blamed for the Low Yat Incident, to be regulated.

But how are we going to do that?

Malaysians are now so used to their social media freedom.

Anyway, would curbing our freedom makes members of our society less racist?

Honestly, I don't think so.

By the way, were we going back to the 1980s of Mahathirism where racial nonsense was not tolerated such as what took place during that Operation Lalang?

If it is so, maybe it's for the better.

Well, so much for all those talks about the virtues of being moderates.

Everything considered, we are indeed not matured enough as a society.

Some of us can't even understand the very basic principles of rule of law.

Let's not fool ourselves, okay.

Maybe we should give ourselves until 2020 before we can say we are a finally matured society.


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    2. good...tolerate no more with these kind of lowlife uncivilized animals.

      >james bond

    3. Wow! Anonymous 22:41 was the very first to comment and started whacking Helen Ang almost the minute Annie finished posting.

      The psychos are obviously stalking Annie's dear blogging sister 24/7.

      Watch out lil sis Annie. Very soon they'll be coming after you too. Muahahaha

    4. Year 1987 is the umno GE Dr. m being challenge by TR.

  2. Annie,

    There is a video clip from STAR newspaper that explain the chronology of event at Low Yatt which I think is very informative,

  3. We love you Annie,

    Riots everywhere lah

    Riots in the UK

    Riots in the US

    Freedom has cost lah

    Have to accept that or have a dictatorship

    Yes, people have matured based on the responses to the low Yat incident/riot or whatever you want to call it.

  4. I think it could take much longer to become a matured society, more like by 2050, 2080 or even 2120.

    Then again, levels of maturity do not move in straight lines but constantly vary over the years and quite often is related to levels of economic prosperity or hardship and is evident from history anywhere around the world.

    Malaysia was quite a prosperous country during the 1980s and especially when the economy was roaring during first half of the 1990s, with economic growth and employment opportunities galore, until the Asian Financial Crisis hit in 1997 and that was during Mahathir's time as Prime Minister.

    Compare that with the state of our economy and employment opportunities today and you begin to understand how especially the protest by 200 outside Low Yat Plaza introduced a racial dimension what was initially just an incidence of shoplifting and citizen's arrest.

    I was in Brickfields late at night in 1987 and I was rather surprised by the rather cold reception of a Chinese shopkeeper when went to her shop to buy a packet of cigarettes. After all, many people still mistake me for a Malay.

    There was no Internet back then but real or false news spread like wildfire by word of mouth and the next day I learned that Najib who was then acting UMNO Youth Chief had alleged said something about "bathing his keris in Chinese blood", at a rally at the TPCA Stadium near Kampung Baru.
    Opps Lalang followed shortly after.

    Whether or not Najib did say such words, I do not know as I was not there.

    Anyway, going back further, my cousin had her own horror experience in May 1969 when the film being screened at cinema she and her friend were at was stopped and viewers told to go home and how there was a mob outside which was slashing and killing people fleeing from the cinema.

    Fortunately for her, she looks more Eurasian and te mob left her and her German friend alone as they ran towards their car.

    I wonder how many of today's liberals had direct experience of the bloody events of 13th May 1969 and its aftermath or perhaps were even born when it happened.

    They seem to be relatively quiet now after the Low Yat Plaza incident.

    The bottom line is that there are strong resentments on both sides which have been building up below the surface over the years and can now easily burst out over a minor provocation.

    Well, this is what the "UBAH!" much celebrated by the opposition and their youthful supporters has brought us to, barely two years after the May 2013 general elections.

    The thing about UBAH (change) is that it can either be an UBAH for the better or an UBAH for the worse, and my gut feeling following the May 2013 general elections was that it would be an UBAH for the worse in which inter-ethnic tensions would worsen rather than improve and looking around me, it most unfortunately looks like I that gut feeling is turning out to be correct.

    1. Whether you like it or not, things will "Ubah".

      1. Economically, in the 80's it was 2.9 : 1, the ratio between RM:US.
      The rate of inflation is higher then salary.

      2. There was no handphones in the 80's.

      3. No facebook, whatsapp, youtube and blogs like here in the 80's. Nowadays, information via IT medium is overwhelming and accessible to more people.

      The challenges faces by the government will be more then before.

      We must have a competent government in order so that we can "ubah" for the better.

      We must have the basic fundamentals correct as what is written in constitution.

      Every citizen is protected under the constitution.

      Malay have additional rights but every citizen have their fundamental rights.

      If everyone can understand rukun negara then there should be no racial riots.

    2. re: "And when the PM at that time, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad used the ISA during Operation Lalang, he was branded as a dictator. That crackdown in 1987 was carried out as racial tension had reached a very dangerous level due to a quarrel between Chinese and Malay political leaders over the administration of Chinese schools."

      Wasn't it also during that time that the PAS' Hadi Awang made his infamous proclamation against Dr. Mahathir and everything UMNO branding them as "KAFIR"?

      Pakatan Amanat Hadi Awang

  5. "Well, so much for all those talks about the virtues of being moderates. Everything considered, we are indeed not matured enough as a society.:

    It's about walking the middle path in life: Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

  6. I know that the police and PM had to cool the situation down. One way is to be clear that the original incident was not race related. Another might be to say any people attending illegal gatherings will be arrested immediately. But under this, Annie is 100% right. If anyone wishes to live in a society governed by rules and rights and not an arbitrary mess where you worry about what could happen. Annie is also right that the Bersih thugs should be pursued by the police too. These attackers at the mall and the idiot with the piece of wood needs to be arrested and prosecuted. There is a case to answer. No one needs these type of people running free. The same applies to people provoking this behavior. If the shop folk sold fake goods they should also face justice in the courts.

  7. Rakyat sedang melepaskan perasaan mereka cuma mungkin bukan pada masa yang sesuai, tempat yang sesuai, isu yang sesuai dan sasaran yang sesuai.

    Melayu atau cina, bukan soal racist, tapi begitulah cara mereka melepaskan perasaan.

    Ia akan berulang lagi jika kerajaan dan pembangkang masih lagi tidak faham message yang kebetulan ingin disampaikan.

  8. ...dear Annie,

    i grew up going to school and having chinese as some of my lifelong best of friends

    my children grew up and went to school with only a few chinese ...thus my children do not have chinese as their best friends, son went to sekolah jenis kebangsaan

    i dread to think what kind of school my grand childrens will go to.........and what kind of malaysian they will become.................

    ...the future of malaysia does not look too good really.....


    1. OK separate as long as separately not fed chauvinistic gruel, Sdr ANON 05:51

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH


    Don't assume Malaysia will be better in 2020.

    The signs are there that the situation will be much worse.


    Progress needs work.

    It needs a cohesive people and competent leadership with integrity.

    Doesnt look like we are heading that way.

  10. The sellers in Lowyat has been cheating customers for years.
    They had been selling underground and fake items. Why was there nothing done about it? That is the main issue here.Why are people talking about race? It could be about customers who are fed up with the sellers in Lowyat who had been cheating and lying to them.Not to mention that all these while the sellers have bouncers and beat up those customers who complain. Forget about police and kpdnkk watever coz they never do anything.

    1. If the Lowyat's sellers have been cheating customers and beating customers who complains, then why on earth do you keep on going to Lowyat? Boikot lah... takkan takde kedai lain kat Malaysia yg jual barang yang sama? Nobody force you to go to Lowyat in the first place.

    2. Yes...cheating is around every where. But not all sellers. But in the first place why buyers are not aware and still go to such places? This is because some sellers are not cheaters and that's why the business in Lowyat booms. I was there on Monday to look for a filter for my camera. Before going there, I did a checked on the internet and found the price range from RM35-RM45. Same thing, same brand selling for RM10-RM25 (exclude postage). But in lowyat they're selling similar item from RM94-RM120. Did I buy it? Definitely NO. So off I went to Sg Wang and looking for the same thing. There they are selling the same item from RM30-RM85. So I bought from the shop that sells at RM30. So dont blame the sellers...the buyers also at fault.

    3. easy answer is to boycott for those who know. but what about others who dont know? customs dept n kpdnkk should do their work and do a thorough check on these cheaters.heard a lot of stories from friends who got cheated here n complained but no action was taken. in fact kpdnkk actually make a warning statement that they will go after raya holidays giving these sellers chance to pack underground or fake items. we got to push the authorities to act....unless they themselves are in it.

  11. I don't understand the reason of retaliation against Low Yat cheaters.
    It takes some effort to get to Low Yat, you have to walk at least a block from any public transport. The parking is woefully inadequate. If the plcae is a reputable cheating den, why torture yourself by shopping there?
    Just nearby is Pavilion and KLCC with legit shops. The new Bumi owned mall called Nu Sentral in KL Sentral has plenty of IT shops and is super convenient to get to. Neighboring Low Yat is Imbi Plaza and BB Plaza (temporarily out of commision), In short, there are many alternatives. Why go to Low Yat?

    1. Perhaps the Bumis should go and make purchases at the Bumi owned mall instead? You reckon?

      Geez Cina DAP is never racial indeed. Thanks for bringing that up. I for one are not aware of the fact that Nu Sentral is a Bumi owned mall.

  12. "Maybe we should give ourselves until 2020 before we can say we are a finally matured society." Doubtful lah Annie. I think sampai bila-bila pun kita tak akan jadi matured society.

    In Malaysia it will forever be about race, race, race. Sejak dari sekolah hanya bergaul dengan bangsa sendiri. Kena pulak cikgu yang terlebih racial, anak murid pun kena brainwashed. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. So prejudis pun semakin berleluasa. I fear for the future of Malaysia.

    1. 1000% right. We will not...I repeat...we will not be matured if we dont change the current education system and the political system. School are race base and so is the political parties. We will not be matured till this two main systems change.

    2. Those kids never played together, never shared their meals together, never helped one another, never pondered school subjects together, .. never even quarreled with one another at school, ...... how on earth are we going to get unity Malaysia?

  13. Annie, isu di low yat bukan isu agama dan bukan isu perkauman... Tetapi apabila saya mendengar mereka menjerit allahuakbar beberapa kali saya manjadi malu, malu kerana mereka mereka itu mengheret allah kedalam isu isu bodoh mereka. Dengan perbuatan sebegitu tak semena mena nama allah dicemarkan. Org org bukan islam akan mempunyai persepsi buruk. Mereka akan menganggap org islam sebagai ganas. Isu di low yat itu adalah isu berkenaan mereka mereka tidak mempunyai daya fikiran yg matang. Kebudak budakan dan sifat sifat menunjuk. Its not about malay vs chinese or the other way around.


  14. Cina , Cina sekolah, luluk Cina kawasan , campor Cina ,tatak pandei bahasa Kebangsaan .

    India, India sekolah , luluk India punya kawasan , tatak babut bahasa kebangsaan ,tatak bolih Cina cekap.

    Bulayu , sekolah kebangsaan ,luluk kawasan Bulayu ,bolih bahasa kebangsaan lengan baik ,tatak bolih Cina cekap ,tatak bilih India cekap.

    Bahasa kebangsaan itu ,lasmi Malaysia punya bahasa , sikalang Cina cekap Cina ,India cekap India , Bulayu cekap Bulayu ,apa macam mau campor ,apa macam mau jadi 1 Malaysia atau itu Malaysian malaysia maa aa.

    Pandae punya olang ada cekap maa aa ,itu sampei itu kucing tanduk pon tatak bolih jadi 1 Maaysia lea aa ,Cina tetap Cina , india tetap India , Bulayu memang Bulayu lor rr .

    Pandei punya olang atak manyak ,tapi pandei cekap , tapi apa macam mau UBAH .

  15. Are Malaysian ready enough to withstand the racial insults or not to have racial insults? Are Malaysian safe without the ISA? A big NO! We are not ready. The reason we are not ready is because of our education system, our politician and our culture as well. Each of us are brought up in a different way and we are educated in the a different way too. Nowadays the children from young do not interact well with other races. It is not like in the 60s, 70s or early 80s whereby we mixed freely with all races in the schools. But now it is different....during the primary schools years, the Chinese goes to the Chinese school, the Malay to the Malay school and the Indian goes to the Tamil school. Comes to the secondary schools years, most Chinese and Indian goes to the "jenis kebangsaan" school and most Malay goes to the "kebangsaan" school. Some of them that can afford will be send to the international school. So,you see, at this young age they did not interact well with other races and comes to adult age then how are we going to change their thinking?
    Then we have the politician and their political parties. Each of the main races have their own political party. Do you see that happen in our two neighboring country? No. So comes to 2020s or even 2050s, we will still be discussing this racial issues unless along the way, someone did a major major change to our education system and our political system. Until then, we need the ISA to shut these racialists!

  16. Hari ini dalam Sejarah. Tragedi 13 Julai 2015.
    Sebuah kompleks besar milik Cina yang langsung tiada peniaga Melayu di dalamnya sudah lengang dan sepi. Banyak kedai tutup hampir 98%.
    Hal ini akan berlarutan dan trauma dalam kalangan rakyat biasa mungkin berpanjangan. Reputasi Lowyat sebagai pusat IT terbesar Malaysia juga tercalar.
    Sedikit sebanyak sangat memberi kesan kepada ekonomi mereka kerana 70% pengunjung Lowyat adalah Melayu.
    Selain itu reputasi brand terkenal seperti Lenovo dan Oppo turut tercalar tatkala tersebarnya cerita mereka menjual AP dan Clone set di outlet mereka.
    Apa yang berlaku malam tadi adalah isu kedua rentetan 7 budak Melayu yang kena pukul kelmarin.
    Saya ceritakan sedikit apa yang saya sendiri lihat tatkala berada di scene field...
    1. Seramai lebih kurang 400 - 500 orang telah berkumpul sekitar jam 8.30 malam dihadapan Lowyat bagi meminta penjelasan daripada pengurusan berhubung isu ini diketuai "Brotherhood".
    2. Mereka gagal mendapat jawapan lantas masuk ke dalam untuk memanggil 'abang kawasan' Lowyat dan seorang supervisor security Lowyat.
    3. Akhirnya Alan (kepala botak) dan seorang lelaki Melayu berbadan gempal telah dibawa keluar untuk memberi penjelasan berkenaan isu tersebut dihadapan crowd Melayu yang masih berkumpul dihadapan Lowyat.
    4. Setelah mendapat jawapan, mereka telah ditenteramkan oleh seorang 'abang kawasan' agar tidak bertindak melulu.
    5. Abang kawasan meminta semua crowd beri laluan pihak Polis buat siasatan berhubung isu Cina membawa kayu hendak pukul orang Melayu.

  17. 6. Mereka juga turut meminta pihak Polis mengambil tindakan terhadap semua Cina yang 'mengerjakan' budak Melayu ber-7 tersebut.
    7. Sementara seorang suspek yang didakwa mencuri masih lagi ditahan reman setakat malam tadi.
    8. Setelah abang kawasan tersebut tamat memberi ucapan mereka pun bersurai dan crowd berpindah ke Jln Bukit Bintang. (Rujuk video Alan kena tarik dan video abang kawasan beri ucapan).
    9. Abang kawasan antara dua pihak telah duduk semeja di Arraziq berhadapan Lowyat.
    10. Rundingan gagal apabila ada pihak Cina mengapikan keadaan dari dalam Lowyat dimana mereka telah bersiap sedia dengan parang, besi dan peralatan untuk keluar mengamuk.
    11. Sekitar 10.30 pihak Polis telah mula menyuraikan crowd Melayu di Jln Bukit Bintang. Saya turut berpindah ke Jln Imbi ketika itu.
    12. Ketika itu Lowyat telah pun di 'perimeter fencing' oleh pihak polis.
    13. Sekitar jam 11.45 - 12, kawasan sekitar Lowyat sangat lengang. Crowd di Bukit Bintang sudah berkurangan.
    14. Jam 12.25 lebih kurang, beberapa orang Melayu yang melalui kawasan jalan belakang parking motor Lowyat telah diserang sekumpulan lelaki Cina bersenjatakan besi dan kayu.
    15. Beberapa orang melarikan diri dan memanggil crowd daripada Bukit Bintang untuk menyelamatkan mereka.

  18. 16. Panggilan dibuat kepada semua crowd. Sekitar jam 12.30 seramai lebih kurang 200 orang telah berkumpul dan mula merusuh bila melihat beberapa orang Melayu sudah tumbang. Salah seorang berbadan gempal sedang terbaring dipijak beberapa crowd Cina dan India. (Rujuk gambar di media sosial)
    17. Rusuhan semakin tegang bila amarah orang Melayu tidak tertahan lagi kerana diserang setelah mereka bersurai.
    18. Sekitar 10 minit setelah itu pihak UTK (berpakaian preman) dan polis (berseragam) melepaskan lebih kurang 2 das tembakan ke udara bagi menyuraikan crowd.
    19. Orang Melayu ditenangkan dan crowd berjaya dileraikan sekitar jam 1 pagi dengan ketibaan Black Maria sebanyak 2 trak dan 1 jeep.
    20. Crowd berpecah. Separuh ke hadapan Jalan Imbi dan separuh ke Jln Bukit Bintang.
    21. Sepanjang berada di Jalan Imbi, sekitar 2 buah kereta yang dipandu remaja Cina dipecahkan cermin akibat tindakan mereka merakam video dan mengatakan perkataan "sohai".
    22. Pihak polis mengarahkan Cina tersebut beredar dan FRU datang ke Jalan Imbi bagi menyuraikan crowd.
    23. Namun masa yang sama, pihak polis sudah membuat sekatan jalan raya besar-besaran disekitar laluan masuk ke Segitiga Emas.
    24. Pihak polis telah menutup jalan belakang Imbi menghala MRR2 untuk roadblock.
    25. Sekitar jam 3.30 pagi, tatkala kenderaan beratur panjang akibat jem dalam sekatan polis, sebuah kenderaan Proton Wira dinaiki 4 orang remaja Cina telah berlaku kurang ajar.

    1. Boleh tidak sedara jelaskan sedikit apa makna "Sohai" tulisan sedara itu.

      Ramai mengamuk dengan parkataan sohai ini. Tak pernah saya dengar.

      Nak tahu juga.

    2. Ai takkan duk Malaysia sampai xdak sekoq pun kawan Cina. Tanya depa la. Mahai!

  19. 26. Tatkala sekumpulan budak motor Melayu melalui kenderaan tersebut, salah seorang daripada 4 remaja Cina telah bersuara "Melayu tak guna". (Seperti diceritakan saksi kejadiaan awal).
    27. Perkara itu didengari sekumpulan budak motor tersebut dan pergaduhan tercetus mengakibatkan keempat-empat remaja Cina tersebut dipukul teruk.
    28. Saya ketika itu bersama sekumpulan dari Jalan Imbi berlari ke arah kawasan kejadian bagi melihat apa yang berlaku.
    29. Crowd semakin ramai dan pergaduhan merebak apabila 'abang kawasan' Melayu telah bertembung dengan taiko Cina disebelah hujung jalan.
    30. Pertembungan itu mengakibatkan pergaduhan dua penjuru jalan dimana sebelah depan, sebuah Wira remuk dihancurkan dan 4 orang remaja Cina dipukul teruk. Manakala disebelah depan, sekumpulan lagi bergaduh dan dileraikan oleh Black Maria.
    31. Pihak polis terpaksa mengeluarkan pistol dan menghala muncung pistol keudara apabila gagal meleraikan crowd yang sedang memukul 4 remaja Cina tadi. Polis memanjat Wira tersebut bagi meleraikan kejadian.
    32. Pihak FRU tiba dan meleraikan crowd serta berkawal dihadapan jalan membuat perimeter fencing.
    33. Mangsa parah dikejarkan ke hospital terdekat menaiki ambulans JPAM.
    34. Sekitar jam 4 pagi crowd berkumpul dihadapan Jalan Imbi semula dan dileraikan oleh seorang Incharge Officer. Crowd disuruh pulang dan TIADA tangkapan dibuat pada malam tersebut.
    35. Akhirnya sekitar jam 4.30 pagi barulah keadaan reda dan semua crowd lengang meninggalkan kawasan.
    Jadi berdasarkan laporan ini, anda fikirkanlah. Ini bukan lagi isu curi telefom atau repeat gaduh pasal henfon. Tetapi ia terjadi bila amarah Orang Melayu yang pada awalnya sudah reda dicabar semula.

    1. If that's the case i dont blame the Malays for beating up those racist and bloody bastard Chinese. Typical of them to provoke. Anyway if you read Mkini, MInsider and other pro DAP portals including in Fb, you'll see that THEY blame the Malays. The comments are all racist comments...Maybe the commenter for this chronology of events shoud translate the above info into Englush or even Chinese for a wider audience.

  20. Dear Annie,

    We will never be a mature society. It is due economic gap between and within races. I went to school with one of those boys in the video. Nice chap but somehow mixed with the wrong crowd in school, not interested in studies. It is sad as I know the family. It is even more sad he never outgrew those school days gang affiliation. But unfortunately our education system has failed those like him.

    I am just wondering why these people are not at Sembahyang Terawih instead. It is a the holy month of Ramadan.

    Ramadan Kareem and Selamat Hari Raya.


    1. Why you bother. The rest of the Malays ta kalut pun?! Why you butthurt? Sohai!

    2. Anon 04.16 is RBA trying to be batu api, creating discord amongst the Malays.

  21. Do away with the big party UMNO, MCA and MIC. Form party that take in members that are not base on race or religion.

  22. ntul pengetahuan semua orang.
    Ingatttt ! Kita hidup di bumi ini ada batasnya. Jangan dikacau amarah orang Melayu jika tidak buruk padahnya bila termakan amukan. Tanah ini masih bertuan. Diam kita beri muka. Bukan tanda kita boleh dihina.
    Tiada siapa yang mahukan kejadian seperti 13 Mei berulang. Tetapi bukan bermakna kita boleh beri orang luar pijak kepala kita. Sedarlah setelah sekian lama kita ditipu. Kes 1MDB juga ditipu Cina bernama Jho Low.
    Ini masanya kita beri amaran. Kita bukan tidur tidak bangun. Ada masanya kita terjaga. Amukan membangkitkan kita. Kesatuan kita harus digembleng.
    Sekarang, beri ruang untuk pihak berkuasa buat siasatan. Kita beri mereka buay kerja. Bila tindakan yang diambil tidak wajar, barulah kita bersuara semula.
    Hari ini dalam sejarah, 13 Julai 2015 !
    13 Julai 2015.Cpy

    1. Amende yang kau cakap ini. ?

      Bumi ini yang bertuan?

      Siapa yang tuannya?

      Orang sekarang nak beli rumah bukan main mahal.?

      Yang kita punya adalah rumah kita , kereta kita dan motor kita yang ada surat jual beli.

      Yang lain bukan kita punya. Cubalah awak buat rumah dekat tanah kosong sembarangan. DBKL akan halau.

      Jangan terlampau ikutkan perasaan.

      Saya pun orang melayu juga. Ramai orang melayu kalau nak benci orang cina berapi-api tak nak tolong orang melayu sendiri kurang minat.

      Berapa banyak yang orang melayu susah sekarang ini. Berapa banyak orang melayu yang nak tolong. Tengok-tengok muka yang berhimpun itu, tak payahlah.

      Gunakan akal dan pikir betul-betul.

      Siapa yang suruh 7 orang itu pergi pukul cina dekat Oppo itu. Habis itu, orang yang lain tengok ajelah. Kejadian mencuri itu pun bukan dekat Oppo tapi tingkat 1.

      Sebelum pergi berkumpul, selidik dulu, apa punca kejadian. Video ada.

      Apa yang awak tulis dari 1 sampai 30, satu pun saya tak percaya. Saya percaya pada fakta dan laporan polis.

    2. Jangan hidup dalam dunia bayangan sendiri.

      Siapa tipu engkau? Cina tipu engkau? Macam mana dia tipu engkau?

      Kau jual tanah pada Cina dia tak bayar engkau? Kau pergi kedai logam Cina beli kapak dia kasi pisau cukur? Macam mana dia tipu engkau?

      Apa niaga engkau? Berapa orang Melayu kerja bawah engkau? Berapa gaji engkau bayar untuk hidupkan keluarga orang Melayu? Tak mampu buat niaga? Kedai mahal? Itulah kos pembinaan di Malaysia. Kalau pandai mintalah tanah kerajaan buat kedai murah murah lepas tu jual kasi orang Melayu suruh kalian buat niaga. Dia mahu buat niaga tak? Buat lah! Kan ustaz suruh beli dengan orang Islam walaupun lebih mahal? Bukalah kedai.

      Tanah memang bertuan. Tapi bila yang sudah dijual itu tuanpunya sudah lain. Faham tak? Yang beli itu kasi cash dan bila lu sudah terima, lu sudah ada akad, dan itu tanah sudah jadi dia punya, tak kira pembeli itu Cina India atau jakun. Faham? Dia tipu engkau apa? Kasi duit palsu? Lapor polis la.

      Kau diam kasi muka pada siapa? Ada yang tak betul maka bersuara la. Barangkali yang bersalah jual hak engkau itu kaum bangsa engkau? Barang kau duit dia. Engkau tak jual dia macam mana naik beli? Siapa tuan engkau yang jual hak engkau? Kalau takde orang jual orang lain boleh beli?

      Nak kata bodoh nanti marah pula.

    3. Inilah dia jawapnya.

      Kalau saudara jawap macam ini, orang baca akan buat kesimpulan sendiri.

      Saya simpati dengan saudara.

      Bukankah lebih baik sekiranya semangat benci yang saudara ada itu alihkan kepada semangat hendak tolong orang melayu.

      Ramai yang saya tengok, bersemangat betul hendak marah orang cina tetapi orang melayu sendiri yang susah, tidak bersemangat langsung.

      Orang melayu jual tanah kepada orang cina guna duit palsu?

      Bukan sekarang pakai cheque dan ada perjanjian jual beli.:).

      Tidak mahu saya mengatakan bangsa saya sendiri bodoh tetapi cubalah pikir betul. Tuhan anugerahkan kita akal supaya kita boleh berfikir.

      Kalau saudara tidak boleh berfikir, banyakkan membaca, lama-lama saudara akan lebih matang.

      Selamat Hari Raya.

      Minal Aidil Wal Faizin. Kullu Amin Waantum Bikhair.

    4. Hello bros... Kat atas yg panjang lebar tu bukan aku yg tulis. Aku copy paste je sebab aku nak tengok apa komen orang2 kat sini. So relax. I have my opinions and there are always 2 sides of the stories. To me aku rasa dua2 salah. Yg Budak curi phone tu macam the last straw that breaks the camels back. I don't agree with the statement about jual tanah kat cina etc. Sebab melayu pun bodoh. Memang cina banyak con man but melayu pun penipu jugak. Contoh terbaik, PM kita! Ok, about the story, aku percaya dengan cerita kat atas tu. You deal dengan cina kat low yat, diorang kat sana semua gampang.

    5. Tak pe bro...aku pun dh baca yg ko copy paste tu. Tp yg aku nk gelak sampai tertonggeng2 ialah keberadaan dua tiga ekoq Cina berjinak2 nak rebut ko dlm Bahasa Melayu. Keras dan kaku pulak tu. Siap ngan ayat2 standard penipu 'aku pun Melayu'. Siap hijacked ucapan raya minnal wa faizin lagi. Chewah!!!

  23. I'm a malay. i like to be friends with all races. But somehow I notice a lot of provocation being done by especially the chinese. I am not sure if this is intention or not. Most of them speak in chinese when I am around which is really rude coz they can speak in Bahasa or English.Then ..they asked me to eat pork coz its tasty although they know muslims are prohibited from eating pork. I see some daging babi salai stalls near malay restaurants in malls. They also like to put the pigs head or whole pig body on the table as if trying to make us muslims uncomfortable.We eat cow or goat meat but we dont put those animals head on the table!!!

    1. Bro., my good friends are devout Buddhists. Those kind of Chinese who display roast pig or pig head either at table for makan or includ in their religious worship are Pagan worshippers - Malays call "kurafat"

    2. #Anon 16 July at 14:11

      They might be Taoists.

      Chinese restaurants serve roast suckling pig as a specialty dish. Perfectly acceptable.

      Why are you worried about "pagan worshippers"? Are they disturbing your faith? Is your faith so weak that the sight of "roast pig" or "pig head" makes you privy to temptations of the flesh?

    3. #Anon 16 July at 12:07

      Speaking in Chinese? You mean in Mandarin or Chinese dialects? Why do you think this is "really rude"? Is it mandatory that they converse in Malay or English?

      "provocation" works both ways. If the Chinese feel discriminated against, if they are constantly being tagged as "pendatangs" or if they are told to "hijrah" if they don't like it here, then don't blame them for reacting.

      You don't demand respect without giving respect.

      Is that so difficult to understand?

    4. Of course it is rude whether it is mandarin or ch dialect, when you have others in the group who dont understand the ongoing side conversation. This is called common courtesy. If you cant comprehend this concept, its the fault of your upbringing.

    5. Yes agreed. Those chinese dont know what is courtesy. They are just plain rude. That's why in S'pore the govt organisef courtesy campaigns to educate these cheenas.

    6. It's actually their babi guling speciality like in Bali. Let them be, no need to be so upset about it. But on ther hand, to ask you to eat pork isn't so nice of them. That's bloody rude's like asking a Hindu to eat beef.

  24. 2 weeks ago there was a Malaysian Chinese Tan Sri who has factories in the North East China, and made his fortune there, brought about 6000 of his China employees to Malaysia for their company holidays.

    It was very widely reported in the Chinese local newspapers, but not sure if NST reported it so can't say if Annie is aware of it.

    They travelled from north to South of the peninsula, instilled interest and confidence in the Chinese tourists so as to help tourism of Malaysia.

    So not all Chinese Malaysians are evil, at least there's none bumiputra businessmen who has done anything in that scale to help the country's tourism.

    Having said that, there seems no denial that this country is currently blessed with the most lovable, capable, and bravest prime minister of all time, that so many people including bloggers who, unlike others, are upholding the rules of law thus demanding, quite rightly, for convincing evidence before making any accusations against anyone, be it a handphone thief or public money thief.

    The IGP said, all OKTs would naturally claim innocence. This does not go well with the upright bloggers of this country.

    Perhaps we should have one of these upright bloggers to be our IGP. Then, all who want to report a crime must not only bring IC, but must also bring enough convincing evidence.

  25. you stupid come here and you ask the owner not to STUPID more can you go


  26. Racial conflict's universal best let it out in social media, adinda Ms Annie
    vs AK47 bullets in the Middle East and Charleston church shooting leaving 9 dead Americans.

    Not every member in society's matured kan?

    Selamat Hari Raya, Selamat 1Malaysia and happy long weekend !

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH


  27. Laya mali eaa aa ,Laya mali lagi,

    Annie ,Selamat Hari Raya , pada semua juga lor rr , Wa emanyak syok maa aa lapat makan ketupat sama itu lendang lea,aa .

    Wa manyak ingat ,Wa betut sutak jadi Malaysian Malaysia maa aa , lia olang cekap kalau sukak makan Bulayu punya masakan sutak Malaysia lor rr .