Monday 20 July 2015

Another Dr Mahathir's achievement

Former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in his latest blog posting insisted that his effort to topple  PM DS Najib Razak is not a


However, the pro-Najib camp insisted otherwise.

When I read this report by The Malaysia Online (The Mole)

Tun wants probe into Tun's bloggers

I can't help but to be amused by it.

An advisor of the Ministry of Communication and Mutimedia’s Special Affairs Department (JASA)  has called for the police to investigate several bloggers supportive of former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, whom he suspects to be involved in a plot to destabilize the country.
Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz in his latest blog posting listed several ‘suspicious culprits’ that also include newspapers and news portals he alluded to be in cahoots with each other in their attempt to vilify Najib.

Well, I didn't really blame Tun Faisal. After all, his boss in Jasa now is that Batu Pahat Umno hero who Meroyan kalah pilihanraya. That should explain the level of intelligence.

Nonetheless, after reading the report, it occurred to me that Guinness World Records should list Dr Mahathir as the oldest alleged conspirator who had ever tried to topple a country's ruling leader.

The handsome old man turned 90 years old just the other day.

Really, I do wonder whether there was any older person in the history of the world who had ever conspired in such a dastardly plot.

If not, I think Dr Mahathir has once again made us Malaysians proud of another of his achievements.

He apparently still have the intelligence and will power to embark on such an endeavor that no one at his age had ever tried.

I think it's not bad at all an achievement for a Malaysian.

Maybe we should cheer "Malaysia Boleh!" one more time.

We used to do that to celebrate our many achievements during Dr Mahathir's 22 years rule.


  1. When you failed to argue your case then no choice but to do something that is so lame.One day the prime suspect will bite the bullet. ...

    1. Let us commit to this pledge:
      "I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God."

  2. Annie,

    Itu Tun Faisal mana ada kredibiliti , suruh dia belajar tentang "liabiliti terhad" .Nak komen tentang business tapi ilmu panjang sejengkal.

    I really hope all JASA guys buat satu forum seperti "nothing to hide", bersemuka dengan blogger pro Tun yang digelar pengkhianat, ada berani?

    1. To Faisal and the demons ..... no matter what you breed you still are made of greed, go to hell on your own terms

    2. Annie ,
      Tun Faizal blog nya sekarang sudah jadi tahap blog sampah kerana terlalu kuat jilat jubor najib dah jadi bais tak ada nilai penulisan , so jangan la U jadi seperti blog sampah ini. biar la kita seimbang dalam penulisan dan jangan terlalu emosi , dan yang paling buruk dan hina kita rela dibeli dengan rasuah bukan lagi sampah malah jijik daripada najis khinzir ini lah yang berlaku pada blog blog pencacai Najib termasuk ahli ahli politik yang recycle , NGO NGO yang dah nak pupus macam tengku aziz sekarang dah tak malu . harap maklum,

  3. A bitch who's cunt got rejected by does the DAP bidding.

    Bark, bitch, keep barking!

    1. Shoo shoo shoo ... fuck off you dog-on-heat!

  4. Annie... he can do it... cos he has that will power and intelligence that nobody in Najibs group combined has... not even half of TDM intel... whether they are from Oxford or even Massachuset.. the leader himself is just a Lombu supported by stupeedos who all want a share of the state wealth... its WANG WANG WANG nothing but WANG... no wonder if theres no change... they all will die a sudden death comes next GE... the people are watching... they dont care anymore bcos they have lost hope with the present leadership...

    1. After that, Najib can apply as QC Manager for Birkin Bags lor haiyaa - if they are looking for a bangsatwan specialist.

  5. Tun masih dalam style dolu-dolu..

    Setiap kali bagi kenyataan:
    Fresh and clear statement... bukan sahaja ditunggu-tunggu oleh penyokongnya, musuh dan pesaing pun gian nak dengar apa yang Tun kata...

    Kesian pada mereka yang panas juboq, yang siang malam dok pikiaq idea baru dan yang sedang berkonspirasi memburuk-burukan legacy Mahathir...

    Patut depa dah rasa malu, dok serabut melawan orang tus 90 tahun yang masih smart and steady...tarak goyang.

  6. Just tell Jibby to answer the questions la. Ni bukan...putar belit kalah ular. 1MDB kan strategic investment fund bagi Msia. Habis kenapa tak boleh bayar hutang bank? Kena panggil Pak Arab tolong? Capital baru RM1mil boleh hutang sampai 42bil. Kenapa tak tukarkan je units tu kepada wang untuk bayar hutang? Sampai gopoh gapah cari GLC untuk beli assets dia. Memang menyedihkan. Duit Haji pun nak telan.

    Pada pendapat saya, tak cukup je suruh Najib letak jawatan. Siasat dia sekali. Bersama mereka yang sekongkol dengannya. Jelas ini kes tipu dana rakyat. Tidak patut berlaku. Kalau Tun Razak masih hidup nescaya dia sendiri yang akan penjarakan anaknya. Tun Razak was an upright man!


    1. Padahal, kita takut PM ada buat konspirasi dengan pihak2 lain negara oleh sebab terhilang banyak sangat RM42 billion itu

  7. This old man is something, isn't he ?
    And Annie, I would like to say that he brought to us modern Malaysia and gave meanings to being modern in plural society. Well the sun doesn't shine everyday and we ask for rain too like in this last few hot days. He had flaws in his administration too but those flaws have not been as damaging as the ones we are looking at now and they were being managed and we lived on without much hardship. Even when there were troubles, his administration worked tirelessly to overcome them to put the people's worries to rest.

    I and I am sure many more scroll to find new articles in Aku Cina, Apanama, Dinturtle, JMD, The Scribe everyday. I do GRK too. We all want to know the truth. It does not appear to me that this old man conspires to bring down najib. He worked hard at having najib made president. He now openly withdrew his support for najib and asked him to step down over this unexplained troubles which has its beginning with najib's 1mdb. No conspiracy. What conspiracy ?
    Tun Faisal is a polisher-no I am wrong. He kena cari makan and he must be loyal to his employer. Don't we all are ? Hehehe
    Siasat la, block la, suka hati la, buat la, bagi rakyat semua tambah menyampah dengan umno yang ditubuhkan Dato' Onn until tukian murni dan berbakti kepada masyarakat, khasnya orang Melayu amnya satu Malaysia..Kita boleh polen dan banci balik sejauh mana pencapaian the 13th cabinet ni selain dari menuju kerosakan arwah Tun Haji Abdul Razak tak pernah terfikir boleh berlaku kepada Malaysia. Mahathir is in rank of great leaders of his time and he at 90 still carries charisma of an outstanding gentleman. He remains sharp in his thinking and questioning. He is chief way.
    Najib has the inability to give the country a straight answer to questions asked upon his. Neither affirmation nor dismissal. In issues affecting the future well-being of this country, we want to hear what he wants to do to correct this mess he has made. If this is not a mess, then please explain in a clear, no beat around language the 1mdb's predicament. His inability to come clean has come down to more questions and speculations about his role in all these unexplained events.

    We all are asking these questions to be answered. No more no less. Answers that he claims have been given to us are in bits and pieces and are more confusing than helping us understand the real issues. So when we don't understand, we ask more questions. Naturally we get more speculations in the way.

    I peeked at Shuzeng as you recommended. I could go along at the beginning but towards the ends he wrote rubbish.

    Melayu ni bukan la malaikat tetapi orang bukan Melayu bandar tak kenal orang Melayu kebanyakan. Dan orang Melayu bandar sendiri pun ada yang tak kenal orang Melayu luar bandar dan pandang kecik orang Melayu kampong. Melayu mudah lupa. Low Yat incident to me is a manifestation of being looked down and being chastised for having to being born Malay. Every race that breathe the God's oxigen ni has its own traits. So the idea of living in harmony is to tolerate these traits we inherit in our DNA and tolerate traits of others too. And Malaysia is built on integration of races occupying the land. Integrate means two way. While the Melayu in general are cool about what others want, Melayu can't tolerate consistent assault on them. You can give the assault any name you want, to the Melayu an insult is an insult. You cannot easily change the Melayu perception when sincerity is not in the equation. Melayu are changing too. We cannot help but notice that today. Some accept it with ease, some have not even begun. So are the others living in Malaysia. The trouble is half the Malaysian population is Melayu and so they are easily seen in whatever they do. Melayu rise from hundreds of years of living in dejection in their own homeland among the once great tradition in borderless Malay archipelago. Courtesy is a demand in Melayu culture as long as they are not provoked. This is all it takes.

    Selamat Hari Raya.

    1. very good comment. put an identity please

    2. They reported in Singapore media that the Malaysian government has denied access to Sarawak Report website. Is it true?

  8. Tun Dr Mahathir is losing it.
    He is not the same Tun that we knew.
    Tun-kini listens to too many sob stories.
    Today he loves people who used to be his enemies,
    people who still bitch about him behind his back.
    Tun M is the darling of foreign media,
    same ones he sent to the laundry for running down our country.
    He's losing it, Annie
    You just got to open your senses and accept the fact

    - Poyet

    1. Poyet....on your DUMB STATEMENT saying "Today he loves people who used to be his enemies, people who still bitch about him behind his back"

      when, where, how, who? Show us even one!!!
      If not please just STFU!!! or better still jump off from klcc you IDIOT!

    2. Tun ni dah tua.bila kita tua sikit sebyk judgement kita lari.what i really admire about this handsome old man is his selective memories.when he was asker by a lawyer in the pkfz trial his favorite answers were 'i forgot'. Since he was the ex pm of malaysia people seem to accept his standard answer

    3. No, he is not. We re the ones who are losing.. a lot, rm jatuh x da value, kena gst, $$ pembayar cukai dan zakat kena siphoned, kena bullshit oleh pahlawan x da kepala dan bijik. Only brainless believes ahjib gor and his penyamuns $$$ rakyat.

    4. Oh yeah wise guy 08:31?

      We'd like to check your memory slip-ups when you turn 70 old! And compare your Intelligence Quotient with the statistical median for senior citizens. Stop admiring Dr. M. Better to start greasing up your brain for what's ahead of you.

    5. Anon 00:56,

      This is not the matter that who will win or lose , it's a matter of right and wrong .

  9. RE: "Well, I didn't really blame Tun Faisal. After all, his boss in Jasa now is that Batu Pahat Umno hero (not!) who "Meroyan Kalah Pilihanraya". That should explain the level of intelligence."

    {dari Wikipedia Melayu}
    Meroyan atau rayan (juga dikenali dikalangan ahli perubatan sebagai Postpartum Depression - PPD) merupakan satu bentuk kemurungan klinikal (clinical depression) yang menjejaskan wanita, dan kadang kala lelaki, selepas melahirkan anak.

    Lagi dia cepat menyalahkan orang lain buat kegagalan dia sendiri ....

    Seniman Menangis - Jamal Abdillah

  10. Lester melangok mangkuk da kena bogel ngan SR!!! Sampai manager stesen bas pun dia babitkan dlm penipuan nya...

    Minta2 manager stesen bas tu wat repot psl si mangkuk ni guna gambar dan namanya....

    Si BANGSAT RPK tu plak padan la dpt bmw baru...wat repot keje intip mengintip ropanya...hahaha

  11. 08:51,

    I came to Annie's from Rocky but I don't read much Rocky anymore. Boring and not carrying the rakyat issues.

    Identity..I am not qualified. So no need la.

    Annie's articles identify with many of us. Sometime I feel like saying something I comment.

    Now Poyet bingai ni umur berapa ?
    Mahathir has been contributing to Melayu society since he was a student before WW2.
    He hasn't lost it. Only the blind don't see.

    1. Yup..if anyone would notice has always been TunM guarding over Malaysia way before Malaysia was even born..he helped to straighten things up throughout the admin of all Prime Ministers.. TunM (M is not only Mahathir, M is also for Malaysia)..thank you Tun. I am saying this deep from my heart as a Malaysian.

  12. Annie,
    This Old Grand Old Man is being used.Pity him ,he was fed with lots of distorted infos and his credibilities were questionables nowadays.Of course we will not easily forget all the good deeds he had done to Malaysia but as his famous words Melayu Mudah Lupa,we tend to lupa how he treated Almarhum Tunku,and if he is not carefull,the same thing will happen to him to be sidelined and fall into the catagory of to be heard not to be seen or to be seen but not to be heard...on connspiracy,reand RPK Malaysia read Din Turtle,you will be like turtle.

    1. If I read you I akan jadi jemuan bangang

  13. Najib is no better than Anwar. Pathetic. Both love to cry "CONSPIRACY" when they cannot answer straight forward questions. They think rakyat is as stupid as them.


  14. He's had great achievements but his worst now, adinda Ms Annie
    is to ask for DS Mohd Najib to step down and unwittingly kill investor confidence when he can't name who better in UMNO to be replacement.
    Better he say be contesting GE-14 instead boleh?

    Investor worst fear :
    Why our crazy exchange rate? No idiot will invest in a country they believe Tun Dr M can actually make it leaderless and nauzubi'Llah fall into Arab Spring like chaos? That's evil what he's doing and where does that leave us?

    So when he leaves us his what legacy of national leadership greatness and then unwittingly destroying all he built?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH.

    1. Zin, I see your true colours shining through and it tells me something about your imam. You can't see the rampaging elephant that's bringing down our whole kampung becos it's a holy white elephant to you.

    2. 13:17 patut pun komen meroyan si zin ni...

      Pasai hang tua ja org respek tak kutuk hang....tun tu la yg majukan msia, tun yg nwa msk pelabur, tun yg kenaikan msia, tun yg jga rakyat x susah time dia, tun cari income dr pelabur utk hasil negara supaya rakyat takyah dibebankan dgn kenaikan, tun galakkan sukan dgn smgt malaysia boleh utk bg confident bahawa rkyt malaysia pun hebat juga.

      Tun penah kata dlu kalau kta panggil org putih "boss" hat ni biaq org putih plak panggil kta "boss"

      Md zin plak apa da sumbangkan? Sampai ke tua pun masih tercari cari kut?

    3. sokong korang dua org...gamaknya melayu suka di pimpin oleh pemimpin yg munafik dan tidak amanah dgn amanah yg diberikan...

    4. Zin mangkuk...sedap nya hang blame org lain pasai ringgit jatuh... nape hang x blame mak pak hang? Mungkin pasai mereka lahirkan keturunan x pakai otak kut....

      Yang jd pm skrg sape? Hang p cek betui2 time tun keadaan ekonomi negara walaupun kna pulun rakyat seksa ka? Negara rosak ka?

      Agaknya hang la yg org sok sebut 'org tua nyanyuk' tu...patut pun...


    5. Bukan setuju atau tidak berkenaan ayahanda YAB Tun
      cuma nak bincang Investor sentiment demi negara tercinta, boleh?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  15. 1MDB memamg bermasalah.. and i dont blame the opposition for riding high on it..who wouldnt? The best thing for Najib to do is admit that there is a problem and takes full responsibility. His image and credibility are beyond repair. Never in history we have a PM that is so scandalize.. betui ke tak some of it wallahuallam tapi its too much to tolerate. Najib resign saja lah.. bukan hang kena makan maggie mee pun if you resign now. Kami yg kena makan maggie mee if hang tak resign la ni...

  16. TDM telah menulis sejak dibangku sekolah lagi. Tulisannya menyentuh berbagai bidang. Tidak terhad kepada politik sahaja. Sebab itu membaca blognya kita merasa kita mendapat ilmu dan maklumat baru.
    Orang lain pun ada blog juga tapi kadang-kadang dua tiga minggu baru keluar 'article' baru.
    Diatas kerajinan Tun menulis itu sekarang ini ramai juga blogger yang turut rajin. Mereka rajin menulis untuk menyanggah dan 'memperleceh'kan apa yang Tun tulis.


    WAKAKAKAKAKAKA, bertambah kecut lagi lah kote sejemput si haji rocky!