Friday 10 July 2015

Rosmah's guilt

I'm not feeling well.

Probably due to lack of sleep.

I really shouldn't had stayed up late like yesterday.

Woke up for sahur just now but could only eat a bit.

Thought of writing about the latest attack directed at DS Rosmah Mansor but just can't find the idea how to start.

Well, I had defended Rosmah before because I pity her for being hit left, right and centre in the social media.

Then I was whacked even by friends because of it.
Annie's bad habit and the need for her to see the bigger picture

Rosmah is an easy target and I think not many care to defend her unless maybe if they were paid to do so.

But I don't mind. I did what my heart said.

I just don't like seeing someone being bullied.

However, this time I find it difficult to go out of my way to think on how to construct my argument for her.

I'm really having a mental block.

Or maybe I'm just tired.

Well, let me then just state my stand on the latest two "news" about Rosmah,

1. Convicted murderer Sirul Azhar, now in Australia, was said to issue a statement saying Rosmah was behind the killing of Altantuya.
My stand: Sirul's lawyer had dismissed this as mere rumor. Anyway, I never believe Rosmah being that evil. I didn't believe in the statutory declaration that she personally supervised the murder. I don't think I will ever believe that.

2. Rosmah is the ultimate beneficiary of the alleged corruption in the 1MDB mess.
My stand: I never even bothered to read Sarawak Report which made the allegation. I don't trust it as it's not credible. But this accusation is more logical to me than the first one. I prefer to wait for the outcome of investigation by the special task force currently trying to sort out the 1MDB mess.

The only "crime" of Rosmah which I'm really sure she is guilty of was that she failed to act the way a wife of a prime minister supposed to be in this country.

For that, she failed to help her husband as the prime minister where it matter.

It's all about perception, and she seems so far still struggling to understand that concept.

Well, many find the following as a rebuke of Rosmah, but I rather see it plainly as what it is - an honest advice for her and others in such a position as hers.

The Dr Siti Hasmah guide to being the prime minister's wife


  1. Annie.each human being has his own genetics make up.thats what we call personality.we are not robots or cars that are produced from assembly lines.tun hasmah and rosmah are two different the era where woman are expected to be more forceful we still admire those who are hiding behind their husbands' shadows.i guess malaysians are still traditional in their thinking

  2. ...bikmahmah has personality issues...

  3. Pity Rosmah!! Pity yourself for being Stupid....
    She's more than loaded and you pity her for she might lose her Millions?!
    Bangang Nya!!

    1. I Support u..she's a bangang

    2. I support annie As the most bangang.. Is the one who condem other people bangang

  4. Guess its an uphill battle for UMNO if Najib still stands as the PM for the coming election.
    The Dream of "Bangsa Malaysia" is coming to a reality...

    The implication of "Bangsa Malaysia"
    -"Hilangnya bangsa melayu"
    Of course, Malays will not disappear anytime soon but
    the next generation will identify themselves as Malaysian.
    On the surface, its an ideal concept without faults
    but when you look in depth ..
    it lies a changing system which progress thru times.
    The difference is, it rapidly enhance the progression.

    As the next generation now known as Malaysian,
    They will question
    Is there a need for Monarchy?
    The "royalty" protects the "malays" and "Islam"

    In the mindset of the new clueless generations
    "Who are the Malays?"
    Malays will be referred as backward kampung people whose ideals are obsolete and they couldn't cope with changing times and evolution"
    To compete in life is to be less "malay" and to be more "malaysian"

    "Freedom of religion"
    To be liberal is to be seen as "progressive" individuals
    "If everyone a Malaysian, has religion become a form of segregation tool to
    unify Malaysians "

    Ok, so?
    Why not be Malaysian?

    Only the Malays speaks their own language.
    (change of Bahasa Malaysia to Bahasa Melayu)
    Chinese speaks Mandarin (northern unifying language)
    Indians speak Tamil (southern exclusive language)
    Only the Malays speaks Malays
    English speaks English (Queen)
    Japanese speaks Japanese (emperor)
    American speaks English (no monarchy)
    Because Malays has never technically lost their Sultan/Kings
    It represent its civilization and his its history.
    Should the Malays lose his heritage, civilization and history to accommodate
    The Chinese in Malaysia (Min) are Southerners that were absorb into a bigger Northern Chinese history.
    It's neither their history, heritage nor civilization .
    Same goes for Indians.

    In the next 100 years...
    Should the Malays become extinct?

    1. I like Angela Merkel because shie is pragmatic rather than ideologistic.

      Melayu ada tak ada tak penting, Yang penting, orang miskin tak ramai.

      UMNO main sentimen orang melayu tapi mengkayakan orang UMNO sendiri. Sinonim UMNO dan perjuangan melayu dah tak ada.

  5. Re: It's all about perception, and she seems so far still struggling to understand that concept.

    Thick skin.

  6. In the article quoted, Dr. Siti Hasmah remarked: "You may be a doctor or you may be a minister's wife but if you are arrogant, they (the people) won't accept you," she said.

    Dedication for Grand Dame Siti Hasmah: John Williams on Bach

  7. My aunty met this awesome couple in Harrods London sometime last year. So lovey dovey, Tun Siti H helping Tun M shopping for suits :) The good part was Tun SH offered to take picture for my aunty with her hubby. My aunty was so happy. Kenangan yang tak boleh dilupakan. Haha. I wonder in the same scenario, would RM offers to take picture? I think our PM and wife is a very stuck up couple. Even my mom noticed that when Najib salam with people he doesn't actually look at people. It is just an automatic reaction for him.

    1. So you and your family are now good at judging character just from the outward appearance?

    2. In extending salaam to another person one should be attentive to one's outward gestures (zahir) as well as one's sincerity (batin)

  8. Annie,

    Rosmah IC is fake, the one shown on Sarawak Report is fake. Malaysiakini used to show the IC but now they blurred it because it is fake. You can check the IC here

    1. Harap cuba link bawah sebelum bagi comment bodoh...

      Cuba enter 4200637 (xda "A")

    2. So where is the banking transaction of Rosmah's account?
      I find it funny that Sarawak Report still publish that printout with incorrect IC no that is not Rosmah's.

  9. I once organised a function officiated by tun siti hasmah, it was difficult not to like her. Rosmah? I saw her walking in front of Najib in official and unofficial functions more than once, not even michelle obama does that!

  10. Imam Al-Ghazali telah menggariskan sepuluh sifat Mahmudah(akhlak terpuji) di dalam kitab Arbain Fi Usuluddin iaitu :

    1) Taubat . 2) Khauf ( Takut buat salah) 3) Zuhud 4) Sabar. 5) Syukur.
    6) Ikhlas. 7) Tawakkal. 8) Mahabbah ( Kasih Sayang ) 9) Reda.
    10) Zikrul Maut ( Mengingati Mati )

    dan adapun sepuluh sifat Mazmumah (akhlak tercela/sifat keji) di dalam kitab tersebut iaitu :

    1) Banyak Makan 2) Banyak bercakap. 3) Marah. 4) Hasad. 5) Bakhil.
    6) Cintakan kemegahan. 7) Cintakan dunia . 8) Bangga Diri.
    9) Ujub (Hairan Diri ). 10) Riya’ ( Menunjuk-nunjuk ).

    Ilmu tasawwuf bertujuan mendidik nafsu dan akal supaya sentiasa berada di dalam landasan hukum syariat Islam yang sebenar sehingga seorang itu dapat mencapai taraf "nafsu mutmainnah" atau jiwa yang tenteram - iaitu ciri2 penghuni syurga. Cara didik tasawwuf adalah dengan jalan mujahaddah, muraqqabah dan mushahadah.

    1. Isim apo? LOL

    2. It's amazing but saddening how many "moderns" have lost sight of the vital need for self-realization for a human being to live a more potent and authentic life.

  11. Zack,

    Try this ....

    1. go to the following uri,

    2. key in rossie old ic number, 4200637 (note there is a slight typo in the "Maklumat Transaksi" dosument, rossie ic should be without the A in front. also this is not bank slip or resit)



    Round The World With Najib & Rosmah!


  15. Sya rasa kirja2 kaberap sudah, tengah dan masih di jalankan!! Sya pikir hal ni libatkan ramai PIHAK dan akan menjahanamkan seluruh 'TIANG' negara! Cuba bayang kan kalau org biasa wat hal...kalau org biasa transfer duit, kalau org biasa ada akaun sebegitu, klu org biasa tipu...apa akan jdi kpd org biasa tu?

    Tu psl mlm tdi pondan bugis dgn muka konfiden bapoknya boleh kata 'kebenaran akan diketahui tak lama lgi' seolah2 kebenaran tu dia & suku sakatnya tgh buat...

    Apapun Allah maha kuasa, sebijak mana pun pondan penipu ni dia tak boleh tipu diri sendiri dan TAK boleh tipu Allah...1 hari dan diharap secepat mungkin, Allah akan tunjukkan kekuasaannya!!!

  16. it's just another social loafing that some people are into. those allegations towards rosmah are so far, allegations. yet some people irrationally condemn her like they know she's 100% guilty.

    1. dear forrest,

      stupid is as stupid does

  17. Happy 90th Birthday Tun M!

    \( ̄▽ ̄;)/

  18. When the truth emerges, you may be accused of trying to cover crime by your support for Rosmah. Is that something you are willing to face?

    1. jangan jadi bodoh macam rosmah lah, annie just like you is entitle to her opinion.

    2. Do you think it is fair to condemn Rosmah before she is found guilty?

    3. condemn? kena tabur je the most! she is still walking around with her berkins lah annie, free as a bird ,,,,

    4. Collective stupidity.

  19. Najib should just blame everything on Rosmah, time to dump the walrus ...

  20. Annie, I am going to prepare an A4 report showing that I banked in RM10 bil into your account. Going to publish it on the social media. Would you believe the report?
    Well some people had a brain the size of a pea believe such report anyway.

    1. well annie is not rosmah! rossie can deny it simply by saying for example, "saya tak ada terima deposit berjumlah $2 juta seperti yang didakwa". i take that. life must be hard to have otak kecil yeah.

    2. You don't have to reply to wild allegation.

    3. Say who? Will allegation if khabar angin mcm cerita hadis yang orang melayu dok syok ikut, kan SR ada tunjuk some bukti, deny je lah doh! Jangan deny kata tak amik duit 1MDB plak, wsj kata ~700m usd masuk akaun jibby dan sr kata $2m rm masuk akaun rossie, just deny then siasatan boleh tentukan, sebenar nya orang melayu ni memang munafik kuat, mcm nuar video lucah, stopa spender video lucah, ada je alasan, padahal bukti bileh dianalisa secara forensik, chua soi lek kafir gak boleh mengaku salah dan minta maaf, melayu memang haprak

    4. SAH Akaun Rosmah ! Tapi Nafi Ada Kaitan Dengan Dana 1MDB ..... Kita Tanya Ada Masuk Atau Tidak ?
      --DIN TURTLE