Sunday 19 July 2015

About shuzheng the "ultra Chinese"

I was made aware that I'm being lambasted by blogger 書 政 shuzheng a few days ago by this commenter,

Too bad the police is not arresting you.

Well, the commenter didn't seems to like me that much, but still I have to thank him/her for the alert.

I checked shuzheng's blog and true enough, he accused me of a bit of this and that over my comments related to the Low Yat Incident.

Racist Chinese, Sweet Melayu at Low Yat

Run Annie, Run…

shuzheng's used to be in my blogroll until he became inactive just before the last general election in 2013.

I thought he was not blogging anymore and had then removed his blog from my blogroll.

He was some sort of a blogging friend of my friend Ai who back then ran the BIGCAT blog.

Ai fondly described shuzeng as an ultra Chinese.

shuzheng didn't like her at first, very much like he doesn't like me now, but towards the end he regarded Ai as a friend with this post after she stopped blogging,

On earth, no feast last forever

I wrote about their blogging friendship here,

I went through shuzeng's blog after discovering that he is now actively blogging  again and found this posting a while after the last general election which was meant for Ai,

Letter to Ai

I suspect that he missed her when he wrote that posting.

If shuzheng is reading this, I want him to know that I checked with Ai and she said she read that post and was touched by it.

shuzheng doesn't allow comments at his blog, so that I have to put all that here.

Well shuzheng, in case you missed my previous post when I mentioned Ai, I want you to know that she is getting married end of this month.

She is marrying her Chinese boyfriend that she mentioned when she was still blogging.

Anyway, I'm putting up shuzheng's on my blog roll again.

Always nice to read a fellow blogger writing about myself even when he was wishing for my ass to be thrown in jail.


  1. Then something else entered the equation. Mahathir Mohamad. He gave up race politics and substituted it with race domination, while PAS added the Islam dimension into the domination. This explains why people like Hazizi and Helen say things that boil down to the exact mirror replica of the Mahathir-script and Mahathirism:
    "... you give an inch to the Chinese, they will then demand for more and more and more, everything in fact. The Chinese are, after all, by nature racist and money grubbing. Malays have been too kind, tolerant, and oh so-sweet for too long."

    I think Dr. Mahathir owes us an explanation for that utterance ... but knowing the considerate statesman that he has consistently been all these years could the subject of his criticism be the mercenary aspect of Chinese mercantilism? I'm sure a thinker like him would not denigrate personalities like this sagacious Chinese scholar who last visited Malaysia only last year :-

    Prof. Tu Wei-ming: A Confucian Life in America

    1. you need an american/chinese confucias philisophy for internal problems?

  2. For Ai*Shuzheng*Annie .... may you guys extract goodness where malignance has spread its tumors

    Tizzy Bac

    I see you standing from afar, as beautiful as in the past.

    But you know 有些话就是不能明说
    But you know, some things just cannot be said. x2

    多年时光 都温柔经过 那么多人 来了又走
    So many years have passed gently and some many people have come and gone

    But perhaps we are not fated to be reunited.

    一个人渐成熟 就会笑着泪流
    As a person matures, he will cry with laughter

    总有些遗憾要学会放开 活到这把年纪也该明白
    It’s only at this age, I then realized that some regrets are meant to be let go.

  3. Rileks all....another person terrorists is another person freedom fighter.anyway it is a shame that one's cannot tolerate a comment from another person when that person championed so much the freedom of what's new nowdays? Nothing right.......

  4. You are too nice Annie while I think shuzeng is just a coward since you allow all the comments that are against you while he doesn't allow any. He is also quite spiteful for wishing others to go to jail. Frankly putting him in your blog list is a waste of time. Why give his racist comments more traffic? But then again not surprising coz Malays generally are more tolerant and generous. So good of you Annie! Don't ever change!

    Re Ai marrying his Chinese boyfriend, I hope she will be happy and will not regret her decision. According to you, her boyfriend treats her badly. What I observed is normally the treatment of spouse gets worse after marriage. So for her sake I hope that is not true for her case.

  5. Such a headache, reading shuzeng's blog, bad grammar so typical of graduates from SJK(C). I'll give it a miss and read your blog, dear Annie. At least your comments are more matured compared to 'that' blog. People can be so spiteful when they are jealous of others and I've yet to see an ultra racist comment from you.


  6. I don't why I still bother reading this blog. I know I don't have to but I can't help it

  7. That ugly scene that night when angry mobsters destroying a car with Chinese passengers begging for mercy inside was really an eye opener. It was one of dangerous flashes of trouble between races that can snowballed into something bigger. I think the police had underestimated the incident. That incident woudln't had happened should the authorities forsaw it earlier and marked the case as 'higly flammable' as it involved feuds between race.
    It just showed how fragile race relations still after over half of century of independence. That's why you need all preventive laws put in place. Those Brits invented and put into effect before to serve some purpose. Not for vanity of colonial superior past. I believe if ISA is still around nobody dared to start a trouble that night. I mean nobody. What more if the guy who wielded that weapon is no other than Mahathir himself who is PM cum KDN minister. Infamous for his toughness and assertiveness, the moment heads of the mob are calling for congregation of large number of people, plain clothes SB would swiftly swoop in, grab them by the collars and put them in a slammer for 2 years without trial. This would acts as warning for those who is looking and start a new round of trouble.

  8. Annie, if that Shuzheng the chicken f88ker thinks he is so ultra Chinese, then you can advise him to migrate to a more appropriate country where his 'ultra chinese' views & his character 'may be' welcomed know what i meant.
    Also, please tell him he to 'f88k off', the sooner the better.

  9. I am the person who posted that link from....

    To say I do not like you would be an understatement. I am retired and probably old enough to be your father. If you were my daughter, I would've called you up and gave you a piece of my mind.

    You always said that yours is an insignificant blog and if anyone doesn't like what you write CAN choose not to read your posts.

    Quite right young lady, assuming your readership is all enlightened and what not. But it is not. And therefore you have a SOCIAL responsibility to be careful of what you put out there. The least you can do is stop fanning racial hatred.

    I tell you why...

    Supposed an impressionable young man, Say 18-20 years old, happen to visit your blog by chance, after reading your post, he thinks he can relate to what you say and from that point started to look for sites that are more radical both in racial and religious terms.

    In a couple of years, he is fully self-radicalized. What can happen then? Read a bit of world news and it would not be difficult to wonder what CAN happen. Perhaps nothing will happen. But what if it does??

    When hundreds of people are killed, then people start to wonder what happened to this kid, how did he get to the point of killing innocent people?

    Then you will know that you have started this boy on his path of destruction.

    You think that won't happen if you continue to blog like that? Your "sister" Helen should actually be dragged to jail and let rotting there for the rest of her life.

    Ya, I am sure your supporters will call me all sorts of names like DApig and curse me... And that pretty much validates what I said above.

    When there's blood on use street, some of that blood will be on your hands and keyboard.

    It is going to happen. Not if, but when. I saw what happened during May 13 and I think I will see it again before I die.

    You might as well be the one holding the Kris.

    1. May I know which of my postings about the Low Yat incident that you consider as fanning racial hatred? And you are okay with shuzheng's ultra Chinese blog?

    2. Annie, you are not so bad. Honestly, your 'sister' is an insidious woman who spends all her time inculcating suspicion of the Chinese and Christians. And, I agree with the person who said she should have been hauled off to jail a long time ago.

  10. You are intelligent enough to figure that one out for yourself.