Saturday 11 July 2015

Home made pineapple tarts

I'm now at my friend's place in Kuantan.

Drove here yesterday evening after work.

Don't feel like spending my weekends in KL.

Nothing much for me there except work.

I love to spend my free time with my mother but she has been busy the past few weeks with one thing or another.

My father's condition has improved but he doesn't want me to bother him too much as he needs the rest.

The bastard I'm so in love with had gone off a while ago with a long legged Chinese beauty from I don't know where.

Got his replacement for a while but the guy was not good enough.

I don't really have many friends too.

So, weekend alone in KL is quite lonely.

That's why I always prefer spending days such as today elsewhere.

Was helping my friend in the kitchen just now.

We were making some kueh raya.

My friend is an expert of tart nenas gulung.

She is the one I featured in this post,

She makes them the traditional home made way. No machine used whatsoever.

Occasionally, she takes orders and sells them at very reasonable price to supplement her husband's rather meagre income.

No GST though.

Laying down the pastry
Wrapping pineapple paste with the pastry 
Tarts in the oven
Packing the tarts
Tarts for sale at RM30 per 60 pieces


  1. Can I place an order for those delicious looking pineapple tarts? How???

    1. Sorry. My friend said orders closed already. Too near Raya. Last order was yesterday by Rocky the Bru. No kidding.

  2. Annie, ko belajar masak sbb nk kawen dh ke?

    1. Kawin amende nya. Aku bukan nya cantik. Comel sikit je. Kena reject memanjang.

    2. banyakkan baca surah al mumtahannah annie. Insyaallah ada la knight in shiny ke rusty armor..wallahua'lam

    3. As Salam Annie,

      Firstly, SHRMZBatin esp. IF in any way before, had I gone overboard with me comments that may have offended you.

      Secondly, as regards you're being 'kena reject memanjang'..etc, I've said it before that even IF you're a Hobbit, Halfling whatever; I'm madly infatuated by your writeups thus by extension, YOU. (Notwithstanding some differences in opinion.. :-) )


      P.S If you haven't, do check out Minaq Jinggo's latest candid humor of Tun & his close friend Tan Sri Hanapiah. The bit when Tun remarked on how Tun S. Hasmah walks, should have you in stitches.. :-)

    4. Dear Anon 19:19,

      I've also heard that Surah Maryam may be appropriate too..



  3. Wa manyak suka itu tat kueh lea aa ,tapi itu lagi satu punya (Wa tatak tau pangil apa) lagi manyak sedap maa aa .

    Laya punya time Wa selalu makan lea aa ,Bulayu kawan punya tempat maa aa , Wa ingat eaa aa ,Wa layak jadi Malaysian Malaysia lor rr .

  4. Alamak! as if I can smell those pineapple tarts wafting out of my screen - and I feel my departed mom's presence around .... Happy fasting and a blessed Hari Raya ahead for everyone ....

  5. arwah mak saya dulu-dulu buat inti dia from scrath dari nenas .... hurm


  6. Waaah guna combi microwave oven ke? isteri saya tak buat tat tahun nie , buat cookies banyak , london almond , choc chips,cashew nuts cookies dll. Belum sempat raya anak2 dah abiskan separuh, jangan kata nak jual.

  7. 1Mkuehtart..better than 1mdb..hehehhehehe

  8. What's with the advice to read this surah and that surah? Islam is not about ritual and shaman mumbo-jumbo. You read Quran to understand the content, not so something magical will happen to after you read certain surah.

    If you want to find a partner, use Tinder, or go out and meet more people often. That is called effort. If you couldn't find one in the end, then that's the best for you and that's your life's path. Allah knows best. You seek His guidance on your decision, nothing more.

    1. Who are you to confirm whats on the other side of the hill if you yourself doesn't know..