Wednesday 15 July 2015

Kasi paham itu perkara

For the record, as a blogger I never claim to be an authority of anything.

What I wrote were just what crossed my mind or something which I felt from inside my heart.

In fact, I repeatedly stated that mine is just an insignificant anonymous blog.

It's a small fry compared to the established social political blogs which page views  were in the tens of millions.

Let's not even compare this blog with a leading newspaper such as New Straits Times which has millions and millions of readers.

Editors of NST are real influential opinion leaders with smart write-ups, unlike mine.


If PM DS Najib Razak wants to stay in power, he better get those editors on his side so that they will convince the rakyat that he is still the best man for the job.

So, don't be too hard on me if you all disagree with what I posted.

If you think I'm so full of shit in this blog, just get yourself a copy of NST tomorrow for proper good articles including influential political analysis by superb journalists and editors.


Of late, I'm feeling even more inadequate as a writer.

Based on the comments I received, I think many readers of this blog failed to understand the real message I was trying to convey.

For example, when I wrote about the importance of adhering to the basic rule of law that someone should be deemed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, some thought that I was being a Malay racist who is trying to protect a Malay man they already condemned as being a thief.

You all can read those unhappy confused comments in this post,

Innocent until proven guilty....apparently not so 

I guess those DAP cybertroopers who used to hound me were right, I am indeed a quite useless writer.

I can't even get some readers of this blog to understand simple things.

Yeah, it's either I'm such a bad writer or those people who can't understand what I wrote actually got very thick skull that the message I was trying to convey can't get through to their brain.

Well, I rather think that it's my fault for being such a lousy writer.

Not nice to think that people got thick skull. Very rude.

But I did try to make it simple. I even spent some time searching for appropriate video clips to further illustrate my message for easier understanding.

Come, watch this video clip from Man for All Seasons again and try to understand what I was trying to convey about the importance of adhering to the basic rule of law of not condemning someone before he is convicted by a court of law,

I tried, okay.

If there are still those who can't understand the concept, then I give up lah.

Better watch this guy then,

I think many of you all actually love this guy.

Dia siap cakap Melayu lagi bagi korang paham.

Namewee, apa pasal ini kali you tak cakap Cina kasi paham?


  1. Terlalu ramai pengomen sakit jiwa, sebahagiannya kadang-kadang mereka tidak membaca pun apa yang kita tulis tetapi mengomen...bayangkan apa punya bentuk komen mereka !!!

    Jadi itupasal kalau dilihat mentaliti mereka, no wonder Najib dapat sokongan, kesian - both.

    Batuapi memang ramai terutama anti Mahsthir, mereka tahu jika this old guy around, sampai kiamat pun tak dapat tawan Putrajaya.

  2. If you say your Captain is Rocky then you are admitting to be a ProUMNO Blogger.....

  3. Annie,

    I am a Malay. Never vote for DAP in my life, the place that I voted , DAP was not contesting.

    The point that you have to understand is that this is not just about the right of a person or two to get a trial for in a court of law.

    There are a lot of innocent people got caught up in the violence and got beaten up.

    It seems that the people that had got beaten up, all bloodied do not really matters to some people. I do not want to detail here gruesome things that happened there.

    There is certainly a racial dimension here.

    I had visiting Low Yat for years. Bought Samsung phone there, never had any problem and the place is packed such that it is difficult to find a place to park a car.

    It is absurd that all this happened just because of either a salesman selling an imitation phone or a thief stealing a phone.

    Because of these 2 things which in my opinion is insignificant, things could escalate to racial riot.

    If I bought a phone and found out that it is an imitation. Then I would go to the police, make a report, go back to the salesman with the police report.

    That is how you do it. Not by beating up people and making a riot and breaking up shops.

    We cannot excuse people just because they are ignorant.

    What happen if this happen to other places. A salesman sales a computer, then the buyer accused him fraud and grab other things and run away. Then all hell break loose.

    Of course a lot of people are angry. What do you expect?

    1. I smell a fish in this incident .... that rotten smell seems to be coming from somewhere something someone?


    2. Anon 08:53,

      Manyak helan lea aa , itu culi punya olang bolih kumpul lamai olang datang mau kasi defend sama lia maa aa ,helan lor rr ,ini macam.

      Wa manyak ingat maa aa ,kalau badan sakit tatak buat itu macam lea aa , mesti hati manyak pedih punya hat lea aa ,itu pasat lamai olang mali maa aa .

  4. At least you get comments dear, my blog get comments only once in a blue moon. Getting comments mean what u write stir something in your readers enough to get them want to respond. Betul tak what I just said? Selamat Hari Raya. Mohon maaf zahir dan batin.

  5. I don't understand why the mainstream blogger said that it's not an issue. It's thugs versus salesmen etc. But the underlying thing is that this kind of simple commotion can escalate to something racial and dangerous is a precursor to the people sentiment. The government should take note and the opposition should not take advantage on this issue. They are the one who sowed this sentiment in the first place. Az

  6. After so many police statements on the matter, masih nak jadi Pembela Pencuri ke? It just shows your thinking on this matter.

    So, why was the accused thief charged in court if PDRM don't have the evidence?

    1. Sorry. I can't help you anymore to understand. I give up. It's my fault. I'm an inadequate writer. You don't have a thick skull. Go buy and read NST. Okay?

    2. Hehehe... I agree Annie... some people just don't under understand due process of the law...

    3. As a law enforcement agency, the police will investigate a case when reported. If the investigation officer believes that the accused person has committed a crime then the accused will be charged in court. But the investigating officer is only human and he could have made a mistake of overlooking some important evidence. Therefore it is up to the court to hear both sides and decide whether to believe the defendant or the accused person. That is why we have enforcement and judiciary to ensure that justice prevailed.

      A person charged in court may not necessarily be convicted. There have been many cases where the accused person who was charged in court has been acquitted. So it is right to say that you don’t condemn a person until he has been proven guilty in court.

    4. latest , Bernama radio 24,

      24 person has been arrested ( thugs as describe by the Star) ,related to Low Yat incidence , They should realize by now ,where they stand accordingly .

      No news about the one who beat up supposed to be thief , were they being arrested too .

      Isn't it funny that supposed to be thief ,coming back demanding for replacement for the fake phone ,he took ?, and what is more strange the thief is very influential ,that he can gather a large crowd to demand for his right .

    5. A police report does not necessarily mean the person named in the report is automatically guilty.

    6. The large crowd came because of false information spread through social media by some irresponsible scum. The alleged thief's accomplice came back with his mat rampit or drug addict friends and trashed the wrong store. The large crowd that gathered the following night were a bunch of guys who had been misled.

  7. Annie, when you have Rocky as your captain and fat bitch as your sister, what la credibility you want some more?

    1. The Hound of the Baskervilles is stalking us again?

    2. It's a free country la.. Rocky is an ass and that ugly bitch drips venom. But Annie loves them. But hey, we can't let them get away without standing up to them.

      The shit about being insignificant blogger is just double talk, plausible deniability. Typical spineless shit....

    3. Shit got spine meh? That's new.

    4. shit got spine?????? Kahkahkahkah thats hilarious. Bodoh punya anon 10:04

  8. Annie,
    Each human being is different and there is no way that everyone will be in tune to what you are trying to say. It's ok, let those who accused u of whatever to let them be. You just stick to what you believe. Masuk rumah orang sopan la sikit. If you wanna give advise pun, be polite about it.

    1. He's just the world's forgotten boy the one who's searching just to destroy ...

  9. KD,
    Yang ramai penggomen sakit jiwa dalam blog awak saja.....nampak ramai sampai pulohan hit,tapi actually tak lebih 5/6 orang hemtam menghentam each others sebab mereka sendiri tak faham isi kandongan yang admin discuss...blur,menggelirukan,tanpa fakta...hasilnya ponggomen bertekak perkara lain
    For patient,do what you think best for you,go to hell with destractors who love to criticized and yet has no balls to administer a blog.

  10. Pro this vs Pro that.

    Malay vs Chinese.

    All the above sap our energy and spirit.

    Honda is one of the world's great automotive companies.

    It's Japan owned with hq in Japan.

    Yet by 2020, it wants English to be the official language of the company.

    Read more here:

  11. Annie

    How do you know that the NST has "millions and millions of readers"?

    If that is/was the case, the paper wouldn't have shrunk in size from a full-size broadsheet (like the Singapore Straits Times) to a tabloid-size paper.

    And just who are the "superb journalists and editors" in the NST?

    So, maybe a touch of hyperbole here?


  12. Posting these interesting observations on Malaysians, adinda Ms Annie
    that you may not have missed, from UK national George Samuel:
    (Link to comment on July 3rd 2015: )

    "I am a British national and have been based in Malaysia for the last 2 years with an internationally acclaimed biotechnology company.
    .. Wall Street Journal, an American paper is trusted by Malaysians more than the Americans themselves. Wall Street Journal and NY Times are not even the preferred medium in its country of origin. If eventual investigations reveal Najib is not guilty of the accusations, and even if Wall Street Journal ultimately apologises, Malaysians will still play judge and accuse Wall Street of being bought over. That is so typical of Malaysians.
    .. My contract in this country is at its tail end. I had the option of extending my stay that I have gladly declined. Malaysians are too shallow minded to fix anything. Instead of speaking on ways to solve the current crisis, Malaysians are only interested in clicking the delete button and hope a reboot will bring improvement."

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. What's your point Zin? And what right has that Mat Salleh got to accuse all Malaysians of being ignorant? Ask him balik kampung lah


    2. He's probably gone back, and right Sdr ANON 13:04
      and OK Malaysians from both sides continuing to hammer the fingers on what they believe, betul?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Saudara M. Zin,

      Berkenaan dengan komen Mat Salleh itu,

      Saya pernah tinggal di UK beberapa lama.

      Kadang-kadang orang putih, sebelum komen dia minum beer dulu.

      Terutamanya selepas tengok bola.

      Kalau menang dia mimum beer. Kalau kalah, dia minum beer lagi banyak kerana sedih.

      Tak perlulah ambil berat sangat komen depa tuu.

      Sebenarnya, orang UK agak kritikal dengan kerajaan. Kalau ada skandal memang rakyat sana tidak bagi peluang. Sebab itu, berubah-ubah parti yang takbir, parti conservative dan Labour.

      Kalau di sana, puul 7 malam, kedai banyak dah tutup, termasuk Tesco. Yang buka banyak kedai minum beer.


    4. Kita terima semua pandangan boleh(?) Sdr ANON 21:10
      dan kita bukan Endorse mana pandangan.

      Fair comment?
      Kita tidak perlu tolak pandangan orang luar yang tidak tergelumus langsung dalam kemelut politik dan sosial kita jadi dia mungkin kurang berpihak kepada satu belah, kan?

      (Link to comment on July 3rd 2015: )

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  13. Ms Annie, I totally understand you. You mean we live in a society governed by a rule of law. So, a suspected criminal is innocent until proven guilty. I got it. Actually, this is not what I want to say.

    What I want to say is not related to the above. I want to tell you a truth about myself. I'm not a happy person. I have been visiting your blog for about a year now although it doesn't have much content to read. The reason is whenever I feel bad about myself, I like to visit your blog because it makes me feel better after reading your posts. Most of the time you act more like a little girl than a grown-up. I apologize wholeheartedly to referring you in your post as childish. No offence, just tell you the truth.

    Salah dan silap harap dimaaf, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.


    Tell that to Ali Tinju and those mob who beat up innocent people around LYP on that Sunday night...
    Why dont you teach them about law and order Annie?
    Tell them the poor chinese couple who got beaten up and their car smashed did not do anything wrong.
    Where is the law Annie?

    1. Wei bodoh..itu budak rekod itu insiden dgn kamera sambil kutuk budak2 yg berkumpul tu sebagai 'sohai'.

      So itu sohai sudah pukul itu sohai yg panggil budak2 tu sohai maa. Faham tak?


    2. Cukuplah tunggu ditentukan mahkamah Sdr ANON 18: 03
      macam kes Cina laknat yang baru disabitkan hukuman kerana membaling khinzir ke dalam masjid di Penang.

      Ai yaaah, faham tak?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  15. Leng Lui, Annie, don't be sad, keep writing as your post are interesting whether I agree or disagree as I always like to seek different opinion.

    Remember the people who comment in your post are in a minority compared to those who read your post. Not everyone chooses to comment. I have been reading your blog since the beginning and only commented maybe twice (this being the second).

    I totally understand your point on Innocent until proven guilty, he could have made the same implication with much more neutral and carefully chosen words.

    Selamat Hari Raya

    Rilek, tenang dan bermesralah dengan keluarga pada cuti ini.

    Wishing you all the best

  16. About NST, the circulation is circa 69,000 per day, in the lowest quartile of newspaper circulation in Malaysia.

    Someone once mentioned (ex-editor in fact) that a lot of hotels give out the NST free to each hotel guset to increase circulation.

    We used to read the NST, then it got crazy , just like what you accuse the online portals of being and we stopped. Even now can't tahan to read it.