Tuesday 7 July 2015

Najib should try Dr Mahathir's way of clearing his name

A commenter had just now given me what I think a good suggestion on how PM DS Najib Razak could shut up those accusing him of stealing the billions of ringgit.


hi annie,

i copied the following comments from JMD ....


Jemuan Najib 4 hours ago

Let me show you example of right answer or response in this type of situation…

Look no other than the respond given by Dr M when he and his family was accused to have hundred of millions stash in Singapore – Israel Bank…(the case is almost the same as the one now face by Ah Jib Gor complete with account number details given).. see the accusation here: https://dupahang.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/dr-m-ada-rm768-juta-dalam-akaun-di-israel/

Dr M responded:


Bank Account

1. Several blogs have given space to a scurrilous statement that I, my wife and my children, have USD 199.45 million and S $ 42,000,000 in fixed deposit in the Israeli National Bank in Singapore.

2. The scum who alleges this does not have the guts to give his name.

3. UMNO can make a statement about the money I gave to Dato Abdullah when I stepped down. Better still Dato Abdullah can explain how much of the 1.4 billion Ringgit in cash, shares and property that my staff and one of his Ministers handed over to him is still with him.

4. I give full permission for the Israeli National Bank to make public these accounts so that I can claim the money said to belong to me and my family.

6. As for the anonymous scum, give your true name, I/C and address so that I can sue you.

I had checked the link given and it's genuine.
Dr Mahathir did post such a reply to his accuser at 11.20pm on Friday, June 13, 2008.

You can check it yourself here,

I think it was a good way to answer such an allegation.
It was straight to the point and using plain language.
Dr Mahathir knew he was not guilty and didn't hesitate to say that he dare to sue his accusers.
No need to even consult his lawyers on whether to sue or not.
It was convincing.

And in Najib's case he doesn't even have to ask for the scums who accused him of being a thief for their true name, I/C and address so that he can sue them.

They are all out there in the open.

But of course, we need to remember, we are talking here about


  1. Do you expect a 'noballs' to do exactly like what tun m did?

    'She' even did not attend nothing2hide due to safety reason...safety? In pwtc? 'Her' party HQ?

    1. Sue, sue, sue ... as far as we are concerned Ah Jib and Ah Jho can do their time and have their chop sue-y


  2. Hidup Tun, I am also in love with this handsome smart brainy brave n most importantly a very wild political animal. I tell you, I m enjoying his wittiness and always looking forward to read his articles and waiting for his next move. As for Najib, surrender la, you lose already. At least save the last few steps for your next life.
    Be humble and remember that you have caused the rakyat to be so susah with your policies, and above all almighty is watching. Remember karma, sir.

  3. You must be sarcastic of course, because you already know the difference. The difference is: Dr M really didn't have any money in that bank. Berani kerana benar, remember?

  4. but annie, thts assuming najib doesnt have anything to hide and hes innocent :)

    the innocent and the guilty, they do sound different. after all berani kerana benar.

  5. Gallantry, genuine vs acting. Leaders are born and not made.

  6. Annie, kenapa tidak anda dapatkan maklumat bagaimana Che Det ( Dr Mahathir) melayan che mah (Dr Siti Hasmah) dalam soal personal dan politik berbanding dengan pemimpin lain yang melayan Che Mah masing-masing.

    Kita berminat juga untuk tahu apa jawapan Mahathir kalau Che Mahnya dipersoalkan seluruh negara ?

    1. Che Mah taada anak perempuan. Semua lelaki.

  7. "I never used the money for my personal gain..

    Nobody accused you that."

    "I have never betrayed the country.."

    Nobody accuse you betraying any country. What they did accuse you is that you had a bank account registered under your name at local bank and large sum of money deposited into that account two years ago. Just answer the questionlah yes or no?

  8. Tonight will be the start of last 10 nights of Ramadhan. Let us all lay down our keyboards and tabs to make latenight amals...prayers, Qur'an reading and zikir.
    May ALLAH continue ot bestow us with HIDAYAH....

    1. All the benefits of Ramadan in one list ....



  9. The last 10 nights started last night Sdr ANON 09:31
    There are however still another 9 nights to hope for,
    if the glorious Lailatul Qadr wasn't last night(?)

    Narrated Aishah RA:
    ( Book 32 Hadith 237 )
    Allah's Apostle used to practice Itikaf at the masjid
    in the last ten nights of Ramadan, and used to say,
    "Look for the Night of Qadr in the last ten nights of the month of Ramadan"

    -- Sahih Bukhari RA

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Haji Zin,

      mohon baca ini juga : http://www.irfi.org/articles3/articles_4501_4600/some%20questionable%20ahadeeth%20in%20sahih%20bukharihtml.htm

      Jgn pilih2 aje. tq


    2. Where is the IRFIs questionable hadith(?) Sdr ANON 13:19
      ( yang pilih2 )
      on the Night of Qadr?

      Mengikut kemampuan semoga semua dapat menyempurnakan Ramadan al-Mubarak !

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  10. Dear PM,

    Really hope you will "Do What's Right, Not What's Easy" ....



  11. Someone with same name opened the bank account!!!!!!!!

  12. More Good News From The Caring Government:

    After implementing GST, the government will now proceed to REMOVE SUBSIDIES.

    "Malaysia plans to cut more subsidies and move billions of dollars in government employee housing loans off its balance sheets to bolster its fiscal position, even as a growing scandal threatens Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s ability to implement potentially unpopular policies.

    The government will gradually remove subsidies from petrol, liquefied petroleum gas and cooking oil in coming years, Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, secretary-general of the Treasury, said in an interview late yesterday. A Fitch Ratings decision to pull back from downgrading Malaysia is giving the country space to reinforce its fiscal credentials, he said."

  13. I wonder why Ambank do not make any statement, whether or not there is such an account in the name of the Finance Minister?

  14. Issue of 1MDB is very serious but issues of Malay factions are even worse neck chocking... minutes count..