Wednesday 1 July 2015

Dreaming of Shanghai

I'm planning to travel again.

Feel like getting out of this country for a while.

The politics is suffocating.

But then, that may be because I'm now in the midst of it.

Maybe if I can put a distance between myself and the whole thing, then the mess wouldn't look so bad.

In the overall scheme of things, Malaysia is just a small country.

All that appeared to be such a big political mess may likely looks small from the world's perspective.

If we can see it as being small, then probably we would not be tempted to kick a fuss and make it even worse.

Anyway, hopefully things will get better soon.

Maybe PM DS Najib Razak will improves later.

He may even sack some of his consultants, advisers or even ministers who are stupid.

I think that will do a lot of good.

If he really does that, maybe BN has a better chance to win the next general election.

Who knows....maybe even Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his supporters will be happy with him again if he does all that.

Okay, a little bit of wishful thinking is nice and harmless.

The rebellion has more or less gone quiet, after all. 

Anyway, I thought of revisiting Shanghai.

I once had lunch inside that ball of the Oriental Pearl Tower

I was once happy in that city.

Walking along the streets, eating delicious kebab at the small Muslim section of the city, trying to eat a hairy crab, over-ate fantastic-tasting dumplings, sharing umbrella under an evening shower, hanging out at The Bund etc.

Maybe a week there will do me good.

This time it's going to be a solo trip....but I don't mind.

See lah how.

If my father's condition improves then I may make the trip end of next month. 


  1. Can i accompany you to shanghai? Hehe

  2. Pi lah negara Arab.