Wednesday 22 July 2015

Malaysia's financial market development is fourth best in the world

There were so many bad unproven stuff written about Malaysia of late.

They made it sounds as if this country is already in the dumps.

I'm actually quite fed up reading them.

So, in order to make myself feel better, I went to the latest World Economic Forum's Report to check where our country really is among the nations of the world.

The following are Malaysia's positions based on a survey of 144 countries;

* Overall global competitiveness index 2014 and 2015 - 20

* Basic requirements - 23
  - Institutions - 20
  - Infrastructures - 25
  - Macroeconomic environment - 44
  - Health and primary education - 33

* Efficiency enhancers - 24
   - Higher education and training - 46
   - Goods market efficiency - 7
   - Labour market efficiency - 19
   - Financial market development - 4
   - Technological readiness - 60
   - Market size - 26

* Innovation and sophistication factors -17
  - Business sophistication - 15
  - Innovation - 21

Well, not really bad, actually.

In fact, Malaysia's rankings are actually quite good.

You can check out for more details at

Or you can go  here,

World Economic Forum - Reports

Of course the most impressive was Malaysia's financial market development which is ranked 4th in the world.

We are just behind Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand.

The others behind us in the top ten are Finland, Australia, South Africa, Canada, United States and Norway.

You can read more here,

Which economies have the most developed financial systems

Okay, how the hell the 1MDB mess came about despite our good financial market development is beyond me.

For that, you have to check with the financial experts.


  1. So, who are in the top 5 in the overall index?

    Could Singapore be one of them?

    1. Latest news. Commecial Affair Department of Singapore has freeze two bank accounts related to 1MDB. No further information was disclosed and investigation is now been carried out. They will see more worms once the can is opened.

  2. Annie,

    Now I can understand why you still supporting Najib , 1MDB is not about financial market or financial system, it is about how you invest the money.We are not criticising financial system ,we want to how why gave 1B to Petrosaudi and loaned 800M ,then you opt for equity then you changed to borrowing note and you redeemed in unit. If the financial system is so advance, why do FM2 elaborate about the investment instead of "just unit"

  3. Well actually we are doing quite good. And these good stuffs are here long before bugis elected. But the problem is bugis likes to claim everything is his. Take the zakat or tabung haji thing a fewe weeks back. Bugis said it was due to excellent government policy that it (zakat or th forgot edi) brought some millions to the need. He went on and on and on and wanted to make people hearing that time as if it was HIS government policy that make the because.

    Zakat/th is an institution that is here loooong before bugis is here infact maybe during his swagging years in england. But the fact that matter is, such institution worked well because of the well oiled machinery put in place by people before

    To some people they hate bugis. Hate, not dislike, i repeat. And all because of his reckless handling of the nation. Yesterday it came out that 10,000 or more people out of work and one of the reason is escalating cost of living. Well was it not 3.85 cgpa man said after gst goods prices come down? How come the opposite? And bugis cannot discount himself on this for gods sake hes the leader of the organisation. Surely before gst launched bugis is the one whi signed it off isit. So if 3.85 cgpa screwed then directly bugis also screwed. Old man said why introduce tax system that one one understand? Or if u really must do something then why not increase the existing tax value? And plus old man said above all to save money the gomen must reduce expenses but bugis hasnt said anything on this. All bugis did was to ask others to stop spending and suddenly a new jet arrived!

    Bugis doesnt n didnt understand how to handle matters. His modus operandi is, hire someone to do it if he doesnt understand and he stomach all information coming from whoever his advisors are. What old man did was to understand himself about something then only he himself decide. But bugis relies on khir baharom for islamic matters, AWO and husnu for economics, etc. if i wasnt mistaken old man did had Mamak Mohamed for financial advises but old man learnt himself about the economics before he and his team pulled us out off 98 crisis

    The style of course different but if old man style worked then why not bugis do the same. Bugis said dont want proxy and if u keep screwing everything then must appoint someone like old man to oversee everything.

    Bugis time running out. Day by day he becoming irrelevant. And please stop salleh kruak for the love of god. He makes matter worse than they actually are

    1. I like the way our pm runs the country.he is very specific in his reports with all the statistics.if outsiders can see it and recognize our achievements why can't we?

    2. Can u quote from which report

    3. Tak dgr ke ucapan pm di tv tempoh hari ttg laporan interim rmk10.nobody from the other side disputes the figures quoted by pm

  4. You're truly can't see eh..annie

    1. Yea, she forgot that Malaysia ranks 3rd in the Index of Crony-Capitalist Countries in the World!

    2. Can u quote from which report like what annie did?

    3. "The Economist": a measure of billionaire wealth as % of GDP

      ... where the rich are assisted to become super-rich and the poor are usually left to falter

  5. hmm annie,

    i dont need statistics to tell wether msia's is in trouble or not.

    right now in malaysia, extra tax is imposed on people to cover the debt, value of 10 ringgit is wht now? 50 ringgit seems to disappear fast.

    now thts living in msia. if im studying abroad i would have suffer from the falling ringgit.

    i dont know about you, but things in general is worst in msia compared to last time. ever since najib taking over the country. and not just financially, socially too.

    eventually we gonna end up like pakistan where the richer gets richer and the poorer gets poorer.

    when people gets to relate with the so called "so many bad unproven stuff written about Malaysia" they get angry. its only natural

    for u to have said otherwise, im thinking either u dont experience any of this or ...

    1. Now I know why gov increased the toll at causeway. Less and less sporean spent their money in msia is good?

    2. dont really care about singaporean. i care about msian in msia.

  6. Annie,

    You forgot to put the ranking on "Ethics and corruoption" , ranking at 26. Singapore 2. (The lower the better)

    The overall competitive ranking based on the multiple indices results put Malaysia at 20.

    Singapore at number 2 or top 7.

    The top 7 are Switzerland, Singapore, USA, Finland , Germany, Japan and Hong Kong.

    At ranking number 20, nothing to shout about.

    Need to put some more work at corruption indices.

    1. 20 out of 140 over countries is not too bad

  7. Guys and gals, hai... she is saying something good about Msia and you go and talk about something else.

    Please take off your blinders, there are other things happening in Msia you know, we are a nation of 30m people

  8. LOL .... kurapi thinking!

  9. "Of course the most impressive was Malaysia's financial market development which is ranked 4th in the world."

    Biasanya report dikeluarkan berdasarkan data yang dikutip 6 months prior or even a year earlier. I believe those data were collected and analyzed before 1MDB scandal exploded in q big way, ringgit badly depreciated and before burdensome GST were imposed. If you really want to find out the real face of Malaysia in the whole world, wait for next year report.



  11. 2015 Latest:
    UMNO what bribed(?) WEF, Switzerland adinda Ms Annie
    to rate the UMNO controlled Malaysian government the 8th
    most efficient of 144 world governments in minimising wastefulness
    and greatest transparency.

    ( Link to World Economic Forum : )

    Lu caya? Unlike the other rankings this is solely about the efficient
    Malaysian government, if not DS Mohd Najib(?)

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH