Saturday 25 July 2015

Painful massage but life not so bad ...yet

I'm writing this using my phone as I am having a foot massage.

Just trying to relax today.

Tired of writing serious stuff.

Not as if it's going to make that much difference.

If indeed Najib stole that billions of ringgit, I haven't really feel it yet.

I can still afford this foot massage..

RM40 for 45 minutes.

A bit painful though.

Guess I'm not really healthy. That's why it is painful.

Earlier I was at Citta Mall in Subang.

Had my car washed there. RM25 for wash, vacuum and a little bit of wax.

Lunch was fried salmon set at a Japanese stall for RM12.50.

Then I watched a movie. The Antman. Ticket at RM14.50. It's an okay movie. A bit slow though for a superhero movie. The heroine as in other superhero movies was not very pretty.

Parking used to be free at Citta but now I have to pay. Costs me RM3 just now.

I am having this foot massage at a place in Bangsar while waiting for someone.

Not my BF. I have no BF now.

My ex has found someone new.

Hope he's happy. His new love can eat pork with him. I don't eat pork.

Aiya...this Cina man massaging my feet is really being rough. Now really painful liao.

Eh...I will write proper posting later lah. Cannot cocentrate like this.

Aduih...banyak sakit la ini foot massage.

Have a good Saturday folks.


  1. REMBAU: Thousands of people braved the sweltering heat and humidity for a chance to meet Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the Hari Raya Aidilfitri open house celebration hosted by Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, here, today.

    Najib, accompanied by his daughter Nooryana Najwa, arrived at 1.30 pm, joining more than 40,000 people who thronged the event held at Mohamad's residence in Rantau here.

    Guests were treated to a scrumptious feast of traditional Malaysian cuisine such as fish head curry, rendang, roti canai, lemang and cendol.

    Mohamad said the large number of attendees, many of whom arrived as early as 8.30 am, reflected the people's satisfaction with the state's leadership.


    1. Satu cawangan diarahkan hantar brapa org..he he

  2. Annie, where's the japanese stall? want to try. confirm halal right?

    1. Iyakimono. Ground floor near the escalator.

  3. "The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along."

    Don't let the stranger Cinaman squeeze out the chi energy from under you feet hehehe

  4. Annie, you should go with not so tall, not so dark, not so handsome ( masculine most of the body part ), err... can i email you my detail..everytime we go out must tong tong, mimyak, toll and food ( my earning only 3k a month lar )..
    what say you...


  5. Ai Yaa !, Annie manyak syok maa aa ,lapat itu macam lea aa , hilup manyak selonok lor rr .

    Wa eaa aa , atak luit lebeh aa'h , beli ikan kembong makan satu keluaga ,mnyak mahat lea aa ,satu kilo sutak RM 19.00 ,waa aah !, itu kila sutak enjoy lor rr.

    Wa moto eaa aa ,tatak payah basoh lea aa ,bila hujan punya jam aa a ,lia sendili basoh lor rr .

    Kalau atak sakit eaa aa ,pangil nyonya ulut lea aa , aii Yaa !, selalu kenak malah maa aa ,apa mau buat hilup sutak itu macam lea aa .

    Wa selalu atak ingat itu 42 billion kasi longok wahhh ,mungkin selupa itu Gunong Kinabalu lor rr , jumpa ka tatak jumpa ka , itu kembong punya ikan tatak bolih tulun halga lea aa .

    Hilup tetap hilup maa aa , nyonya ulut pon OK lor rr .

  6. Anne. ..good to massage once in a while...stress relief....
    Pity Najib..those yang attack...nampak macam pandai....tapi hati sangat busukkk. ...Najib sure masuk syurga sebab dapat pahala free...

    1. Ya, dpt pahala curi duit rakyat utk belanja pru (he doesnt deny this) Itu duit kau juga tu, bodoh piang oii

    2. No such thing as pahala percuma. Dia tu tak baca kitab kut, tu pasal merapu. Bogus pirate tu memang buat scandals...taik ja la.

    3. Camne semua org confirm duit tu g mana? Sedang result xkuar lagi. Sape yg confirm tu bg bukti laa.. 😉

  7. "My ex has found someone new."

    WOWWW! meaning you are available! Need introduction? Gimme your email lar.