Thursday 9 July 2015

What went wrong with Umno

Arrived home just now about 3am.

Still can't sleep.

Probably due to all the kopi O that I drank earlier.

Had a mini reunion with three of my former comrades during the defense of Johor for the last general election in 2013.

The four of us were in the thick of things in Gelang Patah trying to help former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman in the fight against DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang in the Chinese majority constituency.

As it was, the whole thing was a mission impossible and we lost.

But it was a fond memory that we all cherished.

We believed that it was a good cause as Ghani was making his final sacrifice for Umno as Johor Menteri Besar by trying to stem the Chinese tsunami at that time.

Ghani was our inspiration. He is a good guy and was a great Umno leader, at least in our opinion.

We laughed as we recalled the midnight after nomination day when we had to put up posters along the road into the Gelang Patah town because the BN election workers there went mysteriously missing that night and the whole place was swamped by DAP posters.

There were several other such incidences which these days we remember with much fondness.

It was an experience that we shall never forget.

Except for one of us who actually worked for Ghani, the rest were volunteers.

We also talked about the present.

It can't be help, we did talk about the current troubles faced by PM DS Najib Razak.

One of my friends asked what I think of the whole thing.

I said I'm hoping that the allegations against Najib were false.

I still find it hard to believe that he stole those billions of ringgit.

You have to understand that I have been supporting Najib since way before he became the prime minister.

It's not easy to now suddenly think of him as a crook.

Furthermore, it would have been too terrible to think that I had been conned by Najib who all these while I see as a kind and gentle guy.

I admit that I'm not happy with him over so many things such as his choice of advisers as well as other bad things his people had done, particularly that affect myself.

But I have all the while refrained from attacking him due to my perception of him being a good guy since many years ago.

Maybe I'm wrong but I believed Najib still deserves to be treated fairly.

My friends also asked my opinion on the way

(At this point I fell I'm awake, just had my sahur and continuing this posting)

Najib's people were handling the crisis.

I think they screwed up a lot.

The decision to demonize former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for leading the campaign against Najib was the worst.

Najib should had been advised by his expensive advisers and consultants to engage the old man instead.

Now it's too late for that.

The damage, especially among the fence sitters is now too extensive.

Even if later on Najib is found to be innocent, I think it's almost impossible to repair the damage in time for the next general election.

The four of us paused our discussion for a while when we all agreed with that conclusion.

Then one of us asked, what had gone wrong with Umno that it has now come to this stage.

I thought hard for an answer as the others came up with their own personal theories.

When it's my turn to give my idea, I pointed to my heart and said,

"Too many of them don't have this when they said they were berjuang for agama, bangsa and tanah air."

Okay, I need to do the necessary for Subuh now.

Have a good day everyone.


  1. The old man dont need the kind of money to help najib.

  2. cash is king

    money do the talking...

    1. Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira:
      "I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "The heart of an old man remains young in two respects: his love for the world (its wealth, amusements and luxuries) and his incessant hope (for this and that)."

      Narrated by Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri:
      "Allah's Apostle said, "The thing I am afraid of most for your sake, is the worldly blessings which Allah will bring forth to you." It was said, "What are the blessings of this world?" The Prophet said, "The pleasures of the world." A man said, "Can the good bring forth evil?" The Prophet kept quiet for a while till we thought that he was being inspired divinely. Then he started removing the sweat from his forehead and said," Where is the questioner?" That man said, "I (am present)." Abu Sa'id added: We thanked the man when the result (of his question) was such. The Prophet said, "Good never brings forth but good. This (worldly) wealth is green and sweet, and all the vegetation which grows on the bank of a stream either kills or nearly kills the animal that eats too much of it, except the animal that eats the Khadira (a kind of plant). Such an animal eats till its stomach is full and then it faces the sun and starts ruminating and then it passes out dung and urine and returns to eating again. This worldly wealth is sweet, so if a person earns it (wealth) in a legal way and spends it properly, then it is an excellent helper, but whoever earns it in an illegal manner, will be like the animal which eats but is never satisfied."

  3. Nothing wrong with UMNO. The brutal truth is that this massive juggernaut is being stewarded by a bunch of crooks, who have the titanic mentality that it is indestructible and will go on forever. When they found that is veering of course and sinking, they did what many skippers do, that is save themselves. Who cares about the passengers in the lower decks.

    1. It looks and feels like BANI NAJIB is going to persist in their falsehoods and oppression while the nation flounders and degrades under their noses.

    2. Its all started when Mr. 20% became president. They don't call it corruption. They call it commision, consultation fee, under table, mark up and so on. These they copied from our neigbour down south. Its legal.

  4. Re:"Furthermore, it would have been too terrible to think that I had been conned by Najib who all these while I see as a kind and gentle guy."

    That's how I felt when I heard the news that Anwar was sacked from the government and eventually from UMNO. I was pro-Anwar rather than Dr M during those days when Anwar was with UMNO.

    Now I always feel nauseating whenever I recall the period when Anwar conned everyone included DrM during his life in UMNO.

  5. .. selama hari ini, najib lupa dia ada timbalan.. timbalan perdana menteri & timbalan presiden umno.... TAPI tsmy tidak di beritahu, langsung tak tahu, bukan buat buat tak tahu, memang beliau tak tahu...sekarang beliau tak ambil tahu..
    too late..
    malaysia & malaysian dah jadi durian " chai ".. 3 kupang/biji.. orang pilih tolak tolak dengan kaki aje... sad..

  6. Did Ghani self-sacrificed himself or did the higher-ups send this sheep into the wolves' den to be slaughtered?

  7. Yeah....In UMNO if you got Heart You Jadi Coolie Batak!!!

  8. What had gone wrong?

    I think the answer is "greed".

    This had been happening since Melaka when it eventually fell to the Portuguese.

    Greed for power and wealth resulted feud and war. Outsiders ware invited to win the war. This happened in Kedah, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Johor. The British was invited so that one of the party win.

    Now it is more or less the same game. It is all about the greed on power and wealth.

    During the early days of independence, the money is not that much. Now, there are millions here and there and and everyone one a piece of the action.

    The answer in my opinion is reform. Make the system better, more transparent. Opportunity makes the thief. So, we must take away the opportunity.

    This is what had been done in the developed country and it is the best way.

    We can look to Singapore, they do not tolerate corruption, crooks and etc.

    1. "Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will find it difficult to survive the latest scandal involving debt-ridden state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) whether or not it is proven that US$700 million (RM2.67 billion) did go into his personal account, business magazine Forbes said."

    2. Why major smrt breakdowns happened since 2012.

  9. The circus is no longer entertaining. The conclusion is straightforward. Just don't vote UMNO. Dah impotent dah.

  10. ...summarily, umno is not relevant anymore...

    ...extinction is a norm in nature...

  11. Nothing went wrong with UMNO. It's with UMNO Baru that every thing went south. Corruption, greed , mismanagement, wholesale looting and plunder went unabated and unchallenged.
    Please don't pretend that you did not know or were unaware.
    The old UMNO that actually worked for bangsa dan negara is dead and gone long time ago. It's evil reincarnate ,UMNO Baru has only succeeded in breeding greedy and corrupt leaders. get rid of Najib and an equally corrupt UMNO baru leader will rule roost.
    We are DOOMED

  12. You had eyes these last 5 years but you did not see. Now the veil is lifted, will you decide that reality of the current situation is a tenable one for people who love malaysia? Or will decide to avert your eyes to the sea of corruption in our once great UMNO?

  13. slm rmadan Cik Annie
    Ghani's wife has a PhD.Rosmeldajib prefers people like Azeez(tbung haji)
    The sad thing bout ahjib is his choice of wife......kak Rosie
    Big mama conned ahjib from day 1 they met.
    Kind n gentle ahjib got advises mostly from mama hippo.
    Since ahjib took ove r from pk Lah, Rosmeldajib has been PeeMdm
    Mama ros does not have a sense of patriotism fo Maysia
    Am sure big mama got imported guys as hubby's punahsiat
    YaALLAH ya Tuhan ku.....selamatkn tanah airku dri pemimpin dayus

  14. Annie,

    You asked, "What went wrong with UMNO?"

    With all due respect, I point you to your own statement,

    "...berjuang for agama, bangsa and tanah air...."

    The order and aims of your pejuangan(?) is wrong - it should have had been

    "berjuang for tanah air, tanah air and tanah air"

    Countries/regions whch have been fighting for agama and bangsa have gone nowhere - history is littered with the corpses of the combatants and the innocents and those countries are still at square one. What makes Malaysia think it can do it differently?

    OTOH, countries/regions which have focused on "tanah air, tanah air, tanah air" have powered on and are now enjoying a quality of life Malaysians can only dream of.

    I do apologise for seeming to be critical of the role of religion during this month of Ramadan but I have always felt that religion has no place in the affairs of state.

    IMHO, religion is subjective while affairs of the state should be objective.

    Praying to prevent further floods in Terengganu and Kelantan is one thing but building flood mitigation measure is quite another.

    Praying for no more earthquakes is great but putting in place seismic monitors and preparing evacuation plans is better.

    I believe that until more Malaysians can accept that tanah air come first and foremost, we are doomed to be just a bit better than Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, or Saudi - no more.


    1. Agama means one stands up for noble principles like the Prophet s.a.w. and his true ones - not play politics with religionese.

    2. #Anon 9 July 11:39

      Please explain "not play politics with religionese(sic)".

      Apa ini "religionese"?

      Which modern successful country has put "religion" front and centre in it's national agenda?

      Saudi Arabia? Brunei? Iran? Pakistan? Turkey? Indonesia? Libya? Etc etc.

    3. Tuan Gladiator,

      Agree... too much religion in our country. Btw... for those who never read Quran except for singing it, Islam is classified as "deen" or way of life, not "millati" or religion. Go check your Quran and don't just follow blindly what your ostard says. Please use your brain.


    Let's say you are the most powerful man in Malaysia.

    And you are greedily corrupt.

    And there is RM2.6b coming to you.


    When you could instead:

    1. Have it transferred to your Swiss bank account; or

    2. If you want it in Malaysia, have it in the accounts of nominees, preferably billionaires who want to be in your good books.

    What kind of people will believe that a person who became the most powerful person in the country could be that STUPID?


    1. You obviously don't read what WSJ wrote. The money didn't go DIRECT into the account. They moved else where first to cover its true destination.

    2. It sound stupid, unfortunately he is that stupid

    3. U can say that if there are no layers of account involved. In this case there were 3!!!

      Why 3? Obviously for any1 to trace the transactions made through many accounts would be very very dificult and troublesome!!! And thats the reason to have those layers for the reduce/avoid being investigated thoroughly.

      Check on the date of transfers from each of those accounts!!!

      What kinda biz transfer funds among themselves within that day itself or within a day or 2? What biz were dey doing? If the beneficiary was him and it was biz, why not transfer it straight to him?

    4. So simple, just deny it then.

  16. His term expired. No longer effective. Going to be deadwood.

  17. Actually there is nothing wrong with UMNO...for so long UMNO have ruled using this method of using race,religion and royalty to control all those malays who are either stupid or scared that other races will take over this country and support UMNO blindly. This gives UMNO the chance to plunder the country of its riches and resources through cronies and rent seekers and what nots. We sincerely hope that someday the malays will wake up and see what they want for this country. IF you malays are scared of meritocracy and compete with other races to get the best brains and corrupt free people to rule this country either in the government or civil service please at least give us the best brains and best humans among the MALAYS to lead us..Please have the MALAYS to compete among themselves and get the best of the lot to rule this country other wise this country dont have much hope with all these people plundering and stealing all for themselves..its so sad this country.

    1. Chinese, given money, power and position, will be equally greedy and corrupt. And worst still, more racist.

      Enough said.

    2. Look at Singapore...of you choose the best you get the's not about race...its your kind of mentality that is why UMNO is stil around..enough said

    3. Podah lah.

    4. They chosen the best ceo for their Smrt. On 7th July 3 hours breakdown. puh.

  18. Annie, if you think like below, you will be at peace with yourself. Even Najib also will resign if he thinks like this.

    Najib's prime minister seat < UMNO < PR-BN fighting < Malaysia's future < World's future < future of mankind < the birth and death of civilization

    We are nothing but a speck in the universe, relative to the grand scheme of things.

    In many years to come, one man's greatest contribution to mankind only becomes a footnote in the history of men.

    as in the case of one leader, he can submit to the fact that, there's a bigger struggle before him, and he has done his part. He has laid the brick, the foundation of this country. so, it is up to the next leader to continue building it.

  19. Masalah sebenar umno dan mungkin semua parti politik malaysia!!!

    1) Bermimpi - Tak sedar dilantik utk berkhidmat kpd rakyat dan bukan berkhianat kpd rakyat!
    2) Persepsi buruk dan bodoh - Yg tua ingat yg muda lembik yg muda ingat yg tua nyanyuk. (Ruang bicara bernama news baru ni menunjukkan tahap pemikiran ketua pemuda wp sangat cetek!!! Apa jaminan yg tua lebih baik atau yg muda lebih baik? Bukan pasal tua/muda tapi lebih kepada fikiran dan hati utk berbakti kpd rakyat
    3) Tipu diri sendiri - Kenapa mereka2 ni masuk politik? Nak bantu rakyat atau nak bantu diri sendiri?
    Ketua pemuda wp blh kata 'kalau ada masalah/soalan boleh datang dan tanya terus kpd kami di bhg/caw'...yg lantik kamu tu siapa? Hang boss ke atau rakyat?
    4) Berlagak - Bila da berjawatan jadi berlagak taknak turun kebawah tanya dan bincang dgn rakyat...suruh rakyat g turun cari dia...sama macam suruh boss dtg cari kuli kalau ada masalah...
    5) Sesat - Asas politik ni da jauh menyimpang!!! Rakyat bertukar jadi kuli dan org politik tukar jadi raja dan hulubalang..

  20. The Chinese from Malaysia are amongst the most laid back Chinese in the world.

    They enjoy the easy life.

    Not much money, but easy.


    "Nazir orders internal CIMB inquiry into Badlisyah's incorrect analysis"

    Take heed guys! adik PM ni, bukan setakat cakap sahaja, action! come on mukhriz, tengku razaleigh, time to step-up, grap this opportunity .... LEAD!!!

    ps: to jibby, ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮

  22. you too TS Muhyiddin ....

    ( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮




    Duit Tabung?


    Banyak duit tabung Rossie siot! ya lah mana tak, menabung dari kecil ......


  25. you can only deposit a max of RM20K CASH over the counter per day at any bank in Malaysia, siapa branch manager kat Affin Islamic Central Branch ni? LOL, sama2 lah menjawab ....


    1. unless you can show some form of documentation, e.g. let say bank slip for cashing a cheque.


  26. Kepada Najib dan pegawai petugas khas, eloknya teliti hadis ini:

    Ummu Salamah r.a. isteri Nabi SAW berkata bahawa Nabi SAW mendengar sebuah pertengkaran daripada balik pintu kamarnya, lalu baginda keluar menemui mereka dan bersabda "Aku ini hanya manusia biasa. Sesungguhnya pertengkaran atau perselisihan seringkali dibawa ke hadapanku. Mungkin sahaja salah seorang dinatara kamu lebih pandai bersilat lidah daripada lawan seterunya, sehingga aku menganggapnya benar, kemudian aku memutuskan memenangkannya kerana (kepandaiannya berkata-kata) itu. Maka siapa yang aku putuskan menang dengan mengambil hak seorang muslim, bererti itu adalah potongan dari api neraka. Oleh itu silakan dia ambil atau tinggalkan"

    Hadis Riwayat Al-Bukhari, Hadis 7181)

    Kalau salah tu mengakulah sahaja, kerana kemenangan dimata manusia tidak ada makna langsung sekiranya pada hakikatnya ternyata salah. Hanya diri sendiri yang tahu,

    1. Salah apa beb? Jangan pakai hadis unyuk syok sendiri.

  27. Boring lah hadis, tak yah hadis orang "kafir" kat malysia pun boleh tahu jibby buat salah!


    1. go to the following uri,
    2. key in rossie old ic number, 4200637 (note there is a slight typo in the "Maklumat Transaksi" document, rossie old ic should be without the A in front. also this is not bank slip or resit)

    [url=]print screen windows 7[/url]



    Kad Pengenalan 511210055558 / 4200637
    Tarikh Lahir 10 Dec 1951
    Jantina PEREMPUAN
    Lokaliti 085 / 21 / 12 / 004 - KG PEKAN LAMA
    Daerah Mengundi 085 / 21 / 12 - MENGKASAR
    DUN 085 / 21 - PERAMU JAYA
    Parlimen 085 - PEKAN
    Negeri PAHANG

    1. Report dari orang fasik.

    2. tq, saka kafir anyway ,,,, LOL