Tuesday 7 July 2015

Wan Dal Cha answers RPK on Dr Mahathir and Daim

An old friend had requested for me to publish the piece below in answer to Raja Petra's

1MDB: was it to finance the 2013 GE as alleged?

particularly concerning these paragraphs which more or less summed up RPK's entire assertions,

It seems Daim was smart enough to transfer out everything that his nominees were holding on behalf of Umno. Dr Mahathir, however, has not done so yet and Najib is making sure that he cannot do what Daim has done — transfer out those assets. And while Daim may have been smart enough to transfer everything that his nominees were holding into his name, he, too, refuses to surrender everything back to Umno.
And that is why Dr Mahathir and Daim want Najib ousted. It is not about 1MDB. It is about making sure that Umno and Barisan Nasional no longer have a source of finance. If Najib dissolves Parliament and calls for a new general election he is going to need around RM2 billion or more. And Dr Mahathir and Daim are going to make sure that Umno and Barisan Nasional do not get this money unless Najib resigns.

By the way, the writer Wan Dal Cha, is someone whom I believe knows more about the corridors of power than RPK.

By Wan Dal Cha

The RPK role in the ongoing 1MDB conversation deserves a fair bit of attention. He does seem to favour a particular persuasion.

That one should not fuss over the actual borrowings and those big hints of mismanagement.

His latest posting sought to strengthen this ideology of financial exuberance.

In the process he has inadvertently complicated the “to sue WSJ or not to sue WSJ” debate.

RPK went with the political argument of highlighting the possibility of funds referred to the WSJ report were actually meant and indeed spent for PRU13.

Those people he has been trying to bolster would be naturally upset with this line of defence for it raises all sorts of transparency and ethical questions.

For example, was this method of securing funding discussed at the Supreme Council or if this was always going to be awkward, was this mentioned at the political bureau meeting of Umno?

It does also suggest that 1MDB was doomed from the outset. That it was fine to borrow RM42 billion and only have some power plants to show given its “national service” functions.

Also, in classic fashion the villains were quickly paraded. Replicating the Anwar Ibrahim method, RPK attempted to taint Dr Mahathir and the Umno treasurer of his era, Daim Zainuddin.

The allegation was these two grandees were bent on forcing their way into the matter of election funding.

RPK in so doing has actually given Pak Lah and his people lots of credit. 

That they ran two elections – 2004 and Tsunami-like 2008 chapter – without having to resort to financial magic. Going by the same RPK logic,

Pak Lah too had no grand privatisation schemes to dish out. 

In any case, Dr Mahathir has said he handed over to his successor RM1.4 billion of cash and assets.

By comparison, RPK has never really pretended to be factual in his use and choice of data.

Should we expect another piece by RPK? 

One that is going to argue that he was merely raising a poser on the 1MDB funds vis a vis election funding.

Please refer to Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Snippets


  1. I file RPK's blog under "Fiction."

  2. http://chedet.cc/?p=1794


  3. What doe RPK stand for?

    Rhetorical Propagandist Konniver?

    I mean .. RPK sounds like the socialite gossiper who falls ever so often into slandering and backbiting innocent people with his little wits.
    Does he strut his stuff for a grand fee?

  4. http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2015/07/07/Bank-Negara-Freezes-six-accounts/

    Special task force freezes six accounts

  5. I used to work for RPK. RPK Holdings Bangsar in the 90s. Hmm no comments

  6. Siapa yang tak kenal dengan RPK ini , banyak orang dah tau etika si pengkianat ni , dia jenis orang yang tak ada moral dan pengangan agama , dia akan menghinggap pada tempat yang boleh memberi dia makan sama la macam anjing kurap jalanan , seorang yang tiada moral dan penderian , saya kenal dia sejak dia didalam PKR .

  7. wan dal cha summarizes it perfectly. hope to read more of his/her articles

  8. Isnt this the Guy that Publicly Accused Rosmah of Killing Altantuya and then Cabut to England prefering to be a fugitive rather than face the music!
    And you care to even read what he writes? if you believe what he writes then you must believe all that he has previously written?

  9. RPK should write next chapter of Harry Potter

  10. http://graphics.wsj.com/documents/doc-cloud-embedder/?sidebar=1#2158723-1mdb-documents


  11. https://twitter.com/biznewsMY

    @WSJ has publicly shared documents on alleged money trail from #1MDB to PM @NajibRazak personal account http://graphics.wsj.com/documents/doc-cloud-embedder/?sidebar=1#2158723-1mdb-documents …


    1. Give Najib some space. Lets him fly to Kazakhtan and live there until game over.

  12. Najib is a not guilty because WSJ cannot provide 4 witnesses so says Hadi Awang...PAS really have a standup comic for a president...lolllllll

    1. Don't you know that Hadi Awang the Islamist chief wants/ wanted to be the Perdana Menteri of Malaysia? Wonder why so many house ceilings in Trengganu - including masjid and surau - caved in mysteriously.

    2. "Dokumen itu Kertas"
      --Hadi Awang 2015?

    3. Sampai sekarang baru allegation. Taada bukti.

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  14. Cantek tandatangan....'i lap penipu mesia'...

    Klu sttle si pondan ni smua ahli kabinet + semua ketua bhg/caw umno mesti declare asset diri sendiri serta kaum keluarga dan di luluskan oleh macc dan semua pihak berkenaan. Klu dorang terlibat gak jgn jadi penakut bapok utk amik tindakan!!! Biar ini dijadikan pengajaran kepada semua ahli politik kini dan selamanya!! Ingat ni....boss anda ialah RAKYAT!!! Anda hanya bekerja dengan kami!!!

    KASI CUCI BERSIH2....banyak tul nampak backing pondan gila2 selama ni...jgn lupa si keduak, poat, mat 3suku.85, roti jala, syarer cnbcccc, molek the donkey son, serigala dan ramai lagi....

    Utk pee em baru, klu kurang pengalaman idea, bwa tun/ostb/daim dan semua civil2 servant yg byk berjasa kpd negara sbgai advisor/pemerhati...jangan nak belagak sombong cam pondan! Belajar dari kesilapan!

    Juga kpd pee em baru...TOLONG BUANG MENTERI2 YG X BAGI PAEDAH KPD RAKYAT...Buang/reduce gst, cari duit halal dgn galakkan pelaburan dll lgi...jgn msk scam afrika! X bg subsidi/brim x pe tapi jgn plak nyusahkan rakyat!! Control kenaikan arga barangan/rumah dll...Tolong jangan menipu!! Kalau da x blh wat keje...berenti!! Tolong kontrol ustad2 yg ajar benda x berpaedah!!! Suruh mereka dalami Al Quran dan bukan hanya hadis. ALQURAN no.1 hadis no.2. Buat polisi2 yg blh untungkan rakyat dan negara!! Bila rakyat happy, negara pun jadi meriah, ahli politik pun x idup dalam tekanan!!! Kami tak minta duit tapi kami minta idup senang cari makan, tak ditindad tak ditipu, tak dirompak!!
    Klu betul pondan ni kena...ni adalah peluang terakhir umno utk menjadi wira bersih dan amanah kpd negara! Jangan sia siakan!!

    1. OTSB? that mamak on steroid? Supermamak hero penyelamat Affin Bank masa umoq 32 tahun? selalu masuk bakul angkat sendiri? Quranist Style Guru Yahya?

  15. Parah lah PM kita, Malaysia punya undang2 mungkin dia boleh kaw tim but international money laundering that involves countries like US, Swiss, UK and SIngapore, PADAM terus lepas ni!

  16. najib is always slow to react. watever accusations hurled at him he will wait until they got blown out of proportion to the point of no return.dont really understand him....such a waste of rakyats time n our economy get affected badly when we can actually be doing better then our neighbours.
    next accusations like how about him sodomising someone...i bet he will just let it be n oppositions will have a party with that....geeezzz

  17. anon 23.03, how to react when you actually rembat all the money? LOL

  18. Adakah harga barang akan jatuh kalau brim gst dikurangkan? Harga petrol naik harga barang pun naik tapi bila harga petrol turun ada harga barang turun? Kutip gst tapi yang lebih penting spend wisely untuk rakyat.