Wednesday 29 July 2015

I can understand Muhyiddin's sacking, but not Gani's

I think most of those who were upset was mainly because of this story,

Zahid is new DPM as Muhyiddin is dropped

But it was not so in my case.

As TS Muhyiddin Yassin said here,

Muhyiddin accepts Najib’s decision 

it's the prerogative of PM DS Najib Razak to include or exclude him in the Cabinet.

If Najib can't work with his deputy, then he has every right not to have him as his deputy.

It's sad but I accept that.

However, I'm actually very much more upset by this one,

Gani’s term as AG terminated, Apandi takes over


National news agency Bernama today flashed a report on its Twitter account saying that Gani’s services were terminated for health reasons.
When contacted for confirmation, Gani told The Mole : “That’s what the letter to me states.”
Asked whether  “they resigned” him,  he said: “Yes, they terminated my services.”
Why did they sacked TS Abdul Gani Patail?

He seemed to be unhappy about his dismissal.

It's not like he said "Yes, I'm not feeling well and therefore I resigned."

I think we have a lot to worry about.

After all, as we all know,

Gani is heading the task force investigating the controversial 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), where the government-owned strategic investment firm faces allegations of misappropriating billions of  ringgit.
Are they going to also sack the other,

(m)embers of the task force (who) are Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, Bank Negara Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar Aziz and Malaysia Anti-Corruption chief commissioner Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed.

Especially Zeti. Will they sack her too?

How are we to trust the findings of the Special Task Force now?

Najib had repeatedly asked us to wait for the conclusion of the investigation.

I hope some knowledgable Najib's supporter will try to answer my questions here.

Otherwise I have to conclude the same as many already did, that what happened yesterday was a plain crude purge to save the prime minister from the 1MDB scandal.


  1. Annie, do you honestly believe a mere cabinet reshuffle would coincidentally promote 4 PAC members who are investigating the 1MDB?

    1. The evil is buying time to destroy the evidence. This is too easy to read unless you are blind with open eyes.

    2. It all went wrong when Cash is King and Jibgor became Its Slave

  2. It's very clear to me that the cabinet reshuffle, sacking of DPM + other politicians, AG, SB Head and 'bribing' the PAC committee members with ministerial posts were to save the Prime Minister from the 1MDB scandal.

    Now we have leaders with the motto; Money is King.

    1. Maharajalela al-Jemuan sacks and succours as he desires ... what freaking democratic process?


    2. Ini hali semua olang malah-malah ,Bulayu malah-malah pasat pasat itu satu Bulayu dalam Najib punya kabinet (Malay first )
      sutak kena kasi jatoh lea aa .

      Sikalang Najib punya kabinet semua 1 Malaysia maa aa , manyak syok lea aa , tatak Bulayu ,tatak Cina ,tatak India ,tatak Bugis ,tatak dayak ,tatak Iban, all Malaysian Malaysia maa aa.

      Esok (Tomolow) semua olang jelit-jelit, "I LOVE PM" Najib manyak tau ini hat , Bulayu mudah lupa lea aa .

    3. Jadi dari sekarang annie U kena terima hakikat bahawa kerja kerja memecat AG Gani dengan tergesa gesa adalah kerja seorang penyamun(crook) dan sudah tentu najib , terima la kenyataan ini dengan hati terbuka Dan keputusan ini diambil juga bukan dari kebinet atau seseorang yang fikir panjang kerana memberi impak sangat buruk pada reputasi Umno /BN jadi terima hakikat keputusan ada lah dari Rosmah puaka yang juga penyamun.

    4. Ai yo yo yo yo....................

    5. What says the law on termination of attorney general......

    6. Bar council welcome the new AG

  3. Hi Annie, the words were on the wall for quite sometime. It's just you who refused to read tor even glance at them. Absolute power...pls finish it yourself

  4. i think gani made a mistake when he mentioned the two accounts under najib's name were closed before the investigation started.

    that sort of confirming the alleged accounts existed .

    and when azmin said 1 billion usd went into the accounts not 700 million usd,no reaction from pmo was heard.

    i wonder why...

  5. good riddance....he is lousy as peguam negara. look at how long it took him to settle anwar ibrahim's liwat case...waste of time n public 1 mdb suddenly he was very efficient to start investigation. it was also speculated that he was part of the team that wants to topple the current government.
    i am with shafiee abdullah in this as the appointment of the new peguam negara is the right one.

    1. agreed!! include pulau batu putih. and the fact rosli dahlan is sueing him

    2. Yeah...suit ur taste fucking moron.!!!!

  6. The removal of AG is to safe someone's ass. With this act it will delay prosecution and able to manipulate the evidences that currently hold by the TF. I am sure AG holding the most of evidences. This act will give impression to public, Najib is hiding something and not truthful. It's act of desperation by Najib. This was highlighted by Media Corp Singapore.

    1. He needs a new pair of kidney more than the job.

  7. The situation is way past that. No need to waste energy to figure out Najib.

    The focus on how to make sure Najib goes to jail.

    1. I like your comment. Everyone has the same focus apparently.

  8. Dear annie,
    Sorry to you bcoz no answer att all..the whole story need to reshoot..we need extra actors to make it original...

  9. At last the penny has dropped for you. For many others it was many many moons ago with the WSJ expose the clincher.

  10. Im waiting for Tun Mahathir's response to the current events.

    1. Yes I also cant hardly wait TDM responed!

  11. So have your eyes opened yet Annie?

  12. TSMY being sacked.
    Gani being sacked.
    Why are PAC members been pulled out just days before Arul and the other CEO to be appeared for questioning by PAC ?
    Isn't it obvious ?

  13. I too am asking the same question.

    Why Gani has to be terminated his service in the middle of investigation ?

    We are going to be further delayed the "hasil siasatan" and Arul & gang may not have to show up for their appointment with the "no longer" task force next week.

    So the "tunggu hasil siasatan" doubletalk la.

    Is our PM to believed ?

    We are all damned !

  14. i guess u see wht u want to see.

    if this recent development cannot open your eyes, nothing will. its not that najib is lucky, its a sad situation for all of us.

  15. At least the New AG knows very well the real intention; why the Evangelist wanted to use Allah in the Peninsula.

  16. assalamualaikum annie.
    saya ni pengundi atas pagar kata orang tentang rakyat malaysia yg tidak berparti. saya ikuti isu 1mdb dan setelah apa yg telah berlaku smlm, saya dapati tindakan pm merombak kabinet terutama pengguguran tmy dan ghani patail adalah untuk kepentingan diri pm. ia nyata dan jelas. annie, why these thing happen to us pada ketika kita rakyat marhaen berhadapan dengan kos kehidupan yg meningkat. Ya Allah, pls have mercy on us...

  17. Gani has always been malleable to the government. For him to be dropped suddenly without his knowledge is shocking and so blatant that he did something that sent Najib into panic mode.
    Whether it was a warrant of arrest or Jho Low agreeing to testify or whatever, who knows?
    I just hope he speaks up.
    As for Nur Jazlan, ....Nothing more to say.
    I'm so sickened and disgusted with Najib et al that for the first time in my life, I will vote for Pakatan.
    Malaysia's fate comes first. Not covering the stinking backside of a crook.
    Now is the time for all true patriots to rise to the fore. Ifnot now, when?

    1. He got another 3 months to go and sick. Time to go.

  18. When TSMY was seeking the truth, he was being righteous. He wasn’t slandering anyone. Everyone has a right to know the truth.

    The one who does not want to answer allegations or avoid answering to the point, he or she can rightfully be perceived as admitting guilt. He or she has a chance to clear the matter but refused to do so, thus creating unhappiness among people.

    The Believers are expected to be righteous to God. Saying that cash is king is akin to saying that cash is God. You can buy the corrupted ones with cash but you cannot buy the righteous who believe in God with cash. The Quraan says that the most honourable of you with God is the most righteous (S.49:13).

    Those who attack and persecute person(s) seeking answers are wrong (S.85:10). As humans you can plan but the best planner is God. The righteous shall inherit the earth (S.21:105-106).

  19. Annie, is that you in the picture? if yes, you are a pretty gal

  20. Annie,

    It's pretty obvious what the reshuffle and sackings are all about.

    TS Muhyiddin Yasin is being gracious about his being dropped as DPM but at the same time he said that he would still speak up on the 1MDB matter and I feel that he would be more a more formidable voice outside of the Cabinet than in, so let us wait and see.


    1. Lulu eaa aa , masa itu Aluar kena sack haa aa , sana jelit sini jelit , konspirasi - konspirasi- konspirasi , wah !, manyak kechoh maa aa .

      Sikalang Wa tengok ini Mahyudin eaa aa, manyak lilex maa aa , Wa ingat ini betut-betut itu towering Malay ,macam itu Uncle Lim selalu cekap lea aa .

      Wa manyak lespect lor rr , Wa nyonya pon manyak helan nea aa .

    2. Ini Abang Din pun banyak kes jugak. Kalau bukak nanti susah. Luar diam2 dalam manyak bising.

    3. Angry Bird

  21. annie,
    If in a team of football if one of the members keep kicking the ball inside his
    own goal,what should you do?.
    TSMY is a cabinet minister and what the hell he is been doing during 1MDB briefing by those involved,even Arul had brieffing session.He should korek and tear Arul for any imformation he wanted,but he said he believed more on the Edge info.
    As a team members,he is also collectively responsible to defend and not to criticized publicly on issues discuss amongst Cabinets Ministers.
    Now I realised that Ajibgor has Telor and whose telor are on hotsheet now
    Mantan AG should worry about his health rather than his job.Ask kidney patient after one round of Heomodylysis [never mind about the spelling] for 4/5 hours how they feel.These treatment to be done thrice or four times a week.
    As for the selection of new Ministers/d/Ministers who were PAC members,for those who loves perceptions and speculations a full day to enjoy to play with.
    We have to be patience,if indeed Ajibgor is guilty he will be punished accordingly,but first we must trust the authorities that had been tasked to carry on investigations [I doubt most of commentors here had reservations on this and if it is the case,I rest my arguements and ask them whom they trust] It took nearly 7 years DSAI sodomy case to be settled.Are the condition and situation in our country are now not condusive to live,riot here and there,not able to practice our religion,hunger and so on like some middle east countries.So once again be patience,truth will prevailed and if it prolong to the next GE 14 ,If we think Ajibgor guilty by our own judgement then by all means we kicked him and his party out democraticly.

    1. wht crap. electing the pac member clearly shows conflict of interest. terminaating gani patail clearly shows conflict of interest. if ahjibgor has the at least a lil amount of decency he would have take a holiday from his post as pm rather than reshuffling the cabinet to save his ass.

      here he gets to abuse his power and we are asked to be patient? are u kidding me?

      being patient ? again and again? after lie after lies?

      where are arul kanda and the last ceo of imbd they said they said they would bring in?

      when is najib gonna sue serawak report and WSJ?

      when will he deny wether or not that money was in his account or not?

      he is nothing but a liar, his promises worth shit.

      by the time everything is settle it would be too late to mend the damages brought upon BN by najib if we go by najib sweet time, if at all any results is gonna surfaces from the investigations.

    2. and yeah we didnt have riot, chaos but there will be, with the ever falling ringgit, more inflations, depleted reserve to sustain ringgit. we are getting there.

      just because it has not happen yet doesnt mean we shouldnt be alarmed.

  22. 16.27
    You have your own reasons are free to express it.It is not easy to prosecute someone in court of law if not enough evidence surfaced.Let the expert dealed with all these whatsoever regarding the law.The defence counsels easily closed the case with only creating a simple doubt in the ellegations esp in the technical aspect,remember DSAI first sodomy case,he was let go only on technical aspect.
    Whaqt right have you to accuse Ajibgor is liar?
    He did say he will never used public fund for his own personal well beings and l if he really wanted to do so,is he that damn stupid the money to be dumped in his personal account.......
    Ajibgor knew whatever answers he gave will not satisfy his critics so he tasked relevants agencies to insvestigate......but as I write you are the first person not to trust the agencies.....trusted T edge,SR ,WSJ .
    Sueing others is not like baking goreng pisang.his lawyers are working on it esp it involved foriegners and foriegn agencies
    If Ajibgor dared to sack his deputy which may goncang his position what is there to be afraid of sueing people
    Who cares whether you are not patience do la what you think you can do to sack Ajibgor step down which TDM failed to do for the past 8 mnths...we will salute you
    My advice do not be a Judge if you are not will be a laughing stock.

    1. how to trust the agency ?

      tan sri zeti is suddenly now under investigation, gani patail is sacked.

      its clear tempering with the due process.

      u wanna leave it to the justice, sure but when theres tempering with the system then why would u still place u trust in that agency.

      same argument with the pac.

      i guess everyone for their own opinion

      like annie, people like u will only see things when it is way too late.

      sacking dpm is nothing like suing WSJ

      he can sack dpm because hes strong within umno.

      he dare not sue WSJ because then all the damning evidence will come to light. that is all.

      berani kerana benar takut kerana salah.

      put ur faith in the pm for all i care, just dont aspect to see the reports of pac because it will then be internal forget about task force cause whoever dare defy the pm will suddenly get sacked.

    2. 1721...confirm cash!, i dont know jlo, i have nothing to do with 1md...are all these statements true???

      You're one dumb ass askin people who they are to call your pondan a liar. And the fak r u 2 tell us not say anythin about him? We are also paying his salary u dumb ars!!! We pay him to work for us...not for himself...THE RAKYAT IS THE BOSS AND NOT HIM!!! If we ask him he should answer!!! Ooh...another lie...he mentioned several times "im answerable to rakyat & party" which he never answer...for your info dumb dumb, when rakyat ask "is there any deposit amounting to certain sum alleged by wsj enter your account?" He should answer "yes there was or no there wasn't!!!"...instead this pondan answered "i'd never used for personal purpose"...WTF!!!

    3. 1721 u r 1 bloody goblok!!! U don hv 2 get any1 2 answer 4 u wen d question was as simple as askin whether he rcvd the deposits or not...

      Instead, u r d 1 who should let the truck run over ur super bahlol MORON

  23. Annie, apa yang boleh difahami daripada rombakan kabinet dan kemelut yg terjadi ialah umno leaders are sending wrong message to younger generation that its ok to be corrupt. Thats very dangerous annie!

  24. I am very happy with salleh kruak appointment. We should cuti

  25. Najib will bring down Umno. Are all Umno members just want to watch Najib single handedly destroy Umno? Pas had removed all their liberals. Time for Umno to do the same. Starting with the father of all liberals. I think Chinese are very happy that Muhyiddin was removed.

  26. Cadangan yg sangat baik!!!
    "Kurangkn berckp bykkn tindakan tunku...kerajaan ni telinga diorg dh lali..ayat2 mcm ni diorg dh x ambik port..apakata tunku ajak mp2 dan adun2 johor ni kluar BN..apabila mp2 adun2 Johor kluar BN...serta merta najib tumbang," said Hairil Amri.

  27. Well done Najib...he just did what Tun Dr Mahathir did last time...No big deal.

  28. Do you get any detail or confirmation from your trustworthy close friend in PMO department on the real reason of Gani sacking? I share the same view and questions with you also.

  29. Annie,
    Most of the comentators above are typical Oppo Macais,when some one do not agrees with them they started name callings.To heel with them.It is August now ,Ajibgor is still the PM.they think those here who defend Ajibgor are his apple polishers,do they know that we represent the deciders in any elections,we do not belongs to any political parties.We appreciated situation and make assessments to solve problem..that all.We do not believe in perceptions nor speculations.Stop call others moron stupid and so on......cos that reflects your own arrogant and stupidity plus moronic characters.