Wednesday 5 June 2013

Challenges of Umno president

I read somewhere this afternoon that the Seremban Umno division had proposed for the party's president and deputy president posts not to be contested in the party election later this year.

Well, I'm not against DS Najib Razak to continue as Umno president and prime minister.

It's just that I remember cheering for him when he announced at the first Umno general assembly after he took over as party president about five years ago that he didn't wish not to be challenged or hold any advantage if there is to be a contest for his post.

It was just after he said that Umno will be as democratic as possible with the introduction of a new voting system for the party election which was to be anchored at the grassroots level.

Yes, I remember cheering and sending a congratulatory text message to one of Datuk Najib's close aide when he said all that.

Of course, my opinion on the matter doesn't count for much as I'm not an Umno member.

It's for Umno members to decide on that one.

However, my inconsequential personal opinion is that, the door to challenge for the Umno president post should always be opened.

Umno should never be like the DAP. The democratic part of the Democratic Action Party is as democratic as North Korea. They can even tweak the result of their CEC election which in itself is not democratic at all.

I very much wished for Datuk Najib to instead do something very profound such as laying down a comprehensive plan to unite the Malays, and Umno members unanimously supporting him for it.

No one is then to challenge Datuk Najib as he has convinced everyone that the Umno's main agenda over the next five years is to unite the Malays under its wing.

The comprehensive unity plan should include the cleaning up of Umno itself so that the Malays could once again want to be with it in securing their future.

That would be ideal, isn't it?

Umno will then remain democratic but stay united behind Datuk Najib.

Wouldn't that be great for the Malays of this country?

But of course, having said all that, I still wish for Datuk Najib to sack all those useless people who advised him prior to GE13, especially those at the Umno's war room.

He should get competent new people with no vested interests to replace those crooked clowns.

I'm still hoping for Datuk Najib to do that.

Okay, enough of my political ramblings for the night.

It's raining here where I am.

I need to lay down again.

The mild pain deep in the middle of my chest is still there. I think I need to see the doctors again.

Suddenly I miss my mother very much....


  1. One way of perpetuating the Jib dynasty.

    So, you still want to fight for UMNO?

    1. Somebody said klau UMNO dibubarkan utk bt parti tunggal, he will gather the former UMNO members to make a new UMNO. I will join that new UMNO.


    2. So, they want to form UMNO (baru, kali kedua)??

      Cukuplah, itu nama sudah tercemar, bungkus aja lah.

      Let Najib and Rosmah carry it to their graves.

    3. Jgn putus asa...Have faith.


    4. UMNO sudah piutus haid!

    5. Pemblog Melayu Bersatu7 June 2013 at 16:09

      Kita kena jaga masa depan generasi akan datang.Bukan tugas Najib atau Muhyidin. Mereka hanya mementingkan kekayaan, wang ringgit untuk keluarga mereka dan mereka dah pun kenyang.
      Jadi lebih baik untuk masa depan Melayu amnya, pemimpin baru dipilih.
      Soalnya bagaimana kita mahu memilih ketua Melayu yang baru? Kerana sistem hierarki dalam UMNO sangat mudah dimanipulasi dan keutamaan kepada incumbent.
      Nasib baik kita ada internet dan blogs sekarang. Seseorang pemimpin adalah seorang yang ada idea-idea yang bagus. Dan idea yang bagus ini akan disokong oleh majoriti.
      A natural leader akan terpilih dengan sendirinya. Kita boleh nilai kebodohan Muhyidin yang menghadkan aset Melayu kepada 30% sedangkan ini Tanah Melayu, kebodohan Mustapha dengan senarai berbillion yang dipunyai oleh Cina dan India di Malaysia tapi masih membekal buruh hamba abdi untuk kilang-kilang Cina.

      Idea-idea ini adalah bodoh dan keadaan dimana Cina dan India mengawal 400 billion seperti yang dikatakan oleh Ahmad Husni adalah bukti nyata kegagalan pemimpin UMNO dulu dan sekarang.

      Siapa yang layak dan ada memberi pendapat-pendapat yang baik untuk orang Melayu? Kita bloggers lah...haha...

      Kenapa bloggers Melayu? Kerana kita tidak dibeli oleh orang Cina. Kerana orang Cina tak boleh cari kita dan sogok dengan saham dan duit.

      Masaalah UMNO adalah masaalah sukses dan kekuatan politik Melayu jadi UMNO perlu diawasi oleh semua orang Melayu di dalam dan luar UMNO. Mantan Presiden UMNO sendiri menceritakan tiap-tiap minggu jumpa ahli perniagaan India Syed Mokhtar atau Tokey judi Vincent Tan di luar negara dan keputusan memberi kapal terbang kepada Tody fernandes dibuat di luar kabinet. Banyaklagi salah laku yang sebetulnya CBT dibuat oleh pemimpin UMNO tanpa disedari.

      Mampu, Khazanah, EPU. SKMM semua membuat keputusan untuk mengkayakan orang Cina tapi yang pasti memberi tempias sedikit kepada KEtua Pengarah atau kroninya.

      Keputusan yang bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan memberi sumber alam seperti frekuensi, satelit semua dilakukan tanpa difahami oleh Melayu amnya.

      Jadi, pengawasan polisi dan Jabatan Kerajaan lebih penting dari siapa menjadi Presiden UMNO. Kerana orang Cina dan India hanya menunggu untuk merasuah Presiden, Ketua Pemuda, Wanita seperti yang telah mereka lakukan ratusan tahun dulu dengan Raja-Raja Melayu.

      Pemblog Melayu juga mampu menangkis propaganda India dan Cina di NST, TheStar MMail dan Berita Harian yang di boloti oleh mereka selama ini.

  2. Annie,
    You take care and a good piece, unity of the Malays- something we must continue to believe in.
    See a doctor and take it easy, I miss my late mom all the time and my doa' will always be for all great mothers out there. Aamiin.

  3. Dearest Annie,

    Please take care of youself. Don't think to hard on current politics situations just yet. As I wrote before, give it a rest. It just a month since GE#13. If you think to much, you will has a headache all the time. Give it a rest.

    And have you do your annual medical check-up yet? If not do it ok. It good for you and it can give you a peace of mind. Sometimes we feel sick becouse we though we really sick.

    And for God sake, if you mis your mom call and talk to her. It the fastest way and I always do it. (Sorry, a little rash but need to be said ok).

    God bless Annie and stay safe ok.

    :D sarah

  4. I dont know what the chinese want in pru14 but I do know what they dont want, melayu bersatu........

    1. Anon 00:47

      Like superheroes, they have their own kryptonite. The chinese have their kryptonite which is lemang, rendang dan nasi lemak. Senang je. Raya nnt korang jgn jual lemang. They will feel sooooo sorry. Nasi lemak is the ultimate kryptonite. Mereka akan sedih sangat. This is the thing with Chinese Malaysians. Wherever they go, they will always come back for Malaysian food.

    2. True. For that, they want Najib to stay. And KJ. And Rosmah to be on tve every freaking day. And on papers. And all over the world.

      Every passing days UMNO will loose more and moreyouth votes.

      We should always do the opposite.

      Aku akan pangkah PAS. UMNO and its members are hopeless.

    3. Hi Annie,

      Good time to quit cold turkey. I did it 10 years ago after a few failed attempts. You can be cool some other way ... cool coffe cup, chewing tobacco etc :)

  5. Get well soon ma'am ..... no cigarettos doctor's orders!

    Mother of mine

  6. when you're sick you only remember you mother..good..but what about your father?

  7. Annie.

    It's time that we forget about this sinking ship called UMNO. Let's call for a new body to serve the interest of the malays. Be it PAS, Perkasa or a new party, asalkan bukan UMNO. We don't have much time, less than 5 years.

    Was told that all the funds to assist bumiputera businessman had been terminated. Dunno why?

  8. Chest pains? Go see a Doctor..ASAP!

  9. Another sign of the demise of UMNO:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Umno Youth supports the no-contest call for the party's top two posts, said its chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

    He said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should remain as Umno president and deputy president respectively as they were most qualified for the post

    1. KJ the charmer. Never trust the charmer.

      Must resist and do the opposite.

      Biasanya Pemuda yang lantang. Si KJ ni play safe. Tunggu orang ramai buat statement dulu. Lepas tu dia pun buat.

  10. UMNO is a democratic party ,let the democratic process play it part .

  11. UMNO tak berubah