Tuesday 25 June 2013

Melayu of the Star

Anyone is capable of being a political expert if given a column in that backstabbing MCA-owned newspaper the Star.

For a Malay to achieve the status of a political expert in the Star, he/she must be liberal, upper middle class and subtly pro-Pakatan.

Founder of Sisters in Islam Zainah Anwar is the latest to attain that status.

Despite her forte being known as coming up with weird ideas of how Muslim women should behave, she is now writing about subjects such as the future demise of Umno, a party which her father was a founding member.

However, Helen Ang had none of her latest crap political analysis. You can read it here,

Star columnist misleads readers on Umno GE13 performance

Zainah, despite her diva NGO status is obviously no match for Helen.

A commenter at that Helen's posting wrote this,

12. zack  |  Jun 24, 2013 at 9:49 pm
It will not benefit them (the J-Star). That’s why. Anyways Farish A Noor, a liberal too, but I have not seen his writing in The Star but NST.
The Star like people like Karim Raslan, Zainah Anwar, Marina Mahathir, Azmi Sharom. What do these people share in common?

Yes, what are those Malays writing as columnists in the Star have in common?
The answer is actually as I had written above, they are all liberals, upper middle class and pro-Pakatan.
These are the type of Malays being promoted by the Star.
They are of the same brand of Malays as Azran AirAsia X and Nazir CIMB.
These are Malays who think that they never needed the NEP which had enabled the majority of their fellow Malays to uplift themselves out of the poverty line.
They are from the "Melayu bangsawan" class who never experience hardship of the common Malays, who despite the advances made since the introduction of the NEP are still the poorest among the major ethnic groups in this country.
The Star is promoting these Melayu yang sudan lupa jati diri bangsa sendiri as the role models for the rest of the Malays. 


  1. Know 2 of these type and for me it too many already. Always thought everyone was beneath them.

    :D sarah

    1. Boycott The Star25 June 2013 at 19:20

      Karim Raslan bukan melayu lah.
      Azmi Sharom gay right
      Marina Mahathir half indian..
      Zainah Anwar perempuan gile takde boyfriend

      Semua bukan melayu. Tak reti politik melayu dan tak peduli pasal hal ehwal melayu.

      Merka suka Cina, suka kafir, suka gay etc. Its a free country ma.

      Tenguk sape kuat lah. Jangan beli TheStar je itu jawapnya.

      Baca Little Annie riding hood..

  2. Dan juga Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra yang telah menulis dalam kolum "As I See It".

  3. Surat untuk Melayu liberal.
    Sdra Azmi Sharom - pernah mengetuai Persatuan Akademik Universiti Malaya (PAKAUM) dan di bawah beliau, Persatuan ini telah dibakul sampah oleh pihak pengurusan UM. Kalau dulu PAKAUM bersuara untuk kebebasan dan hak golongan akademik, sejak memimpin PAKAUM, tidak ada satupun beliau lakukan untuk mempastikan Universiti bebas berfikir dan bersuara. So, orang seperti ini menyalak bagai anjing dalam STAR, tetapi menikus bila kepentingan "comrade" perlu diperjuangan. So,Melayu liberal ini hanya untuk jaga periok nasi lemak masing-masing. Cuma , saya mengaku Melayu liberal ini bernasib baik, menerima pendidikan Inggeris di sekolah2 di Bandar berbandar nerbanding orang macam saya yang sekolah pondok belajar bahasa Inggeris.Beza, kalau orang yang diberi peluang dan sekolah di luar Bandar yang tidak ada langsung kemudahan untuk belajar bahasa Inggeris. Tapi, bila golongan liberal ini mempertahankan Islam (tak payah nak pertahankan Melayu,sebab malu mengaku Melayu), kucar kacir dibuatnya. Yang merusuh tak tentu pasal hingga tak boleh diajak berdialoq, tak dapat munaafaat dari Melayu liberal. Anak2 muda yang merusuh ini nak cari kerja, pengetahuan tak ada dan syarikat cina tak terima. Apa lagi nak buat, merusuh aje lah nak timbul "syok" untuk terus hidup. Cuba suruh melayu liberal ini handle golonagn melayu seperti ini - ada berani? Jangan2 tak pandai cakap Melayu? Habis cakaplah Orang Putih, apa salahnya. Ada melayu liberal ini nak kisah? Kalau nak bantupun, akan menyelahkan "punca" anak2 muda ini merusuh, tapi buatlah cadangan untuk menghapuskan "symptom" kenapa anak muda Melayu cepat "excited" kalau nak berdemo (pasti dia orang tak boleh jawab kenapa pilih jalan berdemo, kenapa tidak pilih jalan lain). Melayu liberal ini "hipokrit" tahap gaban! Cuma saya nak Tanya (realitinya) kepada Melayu liberal ini nanti bila kita diusung ke kubur, golongan mana nak mandikan dan talkimkan kita? Cina? Orang Putih? India ? Pasti fardu kifayah, sesama Islam kan? Iadi, kalau golongan muda ini kerjanya nak merusuh, ada masa ke dia nak buat fardu kifaya ini? Jangan tuduh saya berlagak "mengaku alim" - anggap ini sebagai realiti kehidupan dan semua orang kena rasa dan melaluinya. Itulah sebab saya mahukan Melayu Muslim yang bijak dan cerdik dan ambil kisah tentang sebangsa dan seagama. Jangan lagi kita gunakan alasan kubur masing2 - pasal kubur masing2 lah saya ingin Melayu liberal ini bantu anak muda melayu yang suka merusuh!!Azmi Sharom - you need to apologise to fellow academician in UM for being such a "lifeless" president!!!Loyar burok!

    Melayu belajar bahasa Inggeris di sekolah pondok.

  4. .. Zainah is so clueless. A lot or urban Malays hate PR, specifically DAP! I am one of many. We may not shout as loud as Cina and Melayu Roket but never for a minute think that we did not exist.

    .. Melayu bangsa yang tak suka bergaduh. Most of us don't see the point why we should engage in the "shouting" match but that doesn't mean we don't judge (& found wanting) the escalating arrogance of PR, Cina Christian most especially.

    .. rural Malays hate Cina coz they can see with their own two eyes how the Cina treat others when they have power (Cina own the local economy). Only urban Malays who has cushy jobs in Govt, MNCs and GLCs still think that DAP mean no harm to Malays. Urban Malays who work in Cina company knows better.

    1. I am with this comment, having experienced the Chinese treatment personally.

  5. Add Zaid Ibrahim to the list.

    1. Boycott The Star25 June 2013 at 19:21

      Zaaid Ibrahim keling ma..

  6. My brother used to visit us often and spend his weekends with at our place. Once married into this circle, it has been almost 15yrs tht he sat foot in my house... if we really really miss him, must make an appointment first with his wife to visit them! Poor him but we understand his predicament and kept our distance. That is within family members.

    Doubt if they have the interest to interact with the ordinary rakyat to know what is happening outside their circle.

  7. Fuyoh drama Queen Annie, terror betoi !!

    1. makan cili ke yang terasa pedas sangat nie.... hihihi

  8. One day, these "lost" malays will know. It will come at a time that they least expected. Oftentimes, they will continue going deeper into their coccoon, forever lost in the abyss of syok-sendiri-ness...



  9. Even if these so-called liberal Malays did not need the help of NEP in their education, their parents or grandparents certainly did. You can spot these 'liberal Malays' a mile away and cant help but pity them for wanting to be anything else but Malay. What an identity crisis they must be having! Actually these kinds exist mainly in third world countries. An African friend told me that in his country, they are called the "Bintus" (been to's). These are people who have studied overseas(Western countries) and come home wanting to be whiter than white! How sad is that?

  10. Needs to be studied in Psychology - Liberal MeLAYU - MENGADA2 syndrome!! Havent heard of a Japanese or Korean or Indian or Chinese *mengada2* cannot speak in their mother tongue or will speak it badly .....alahai ...bcos English educated konon...duhh!! These will try their very best to distance themselves from being boxed together in the Melayu (jati) brand.Their circles of friends must include Cinabengs and rich, even if corrupt like we dont know lah- elite Malays. The NEED to for approval from the nons is just so detrimental to their mental well being.Having an Amoi as a GF is like a big achievement for them actually more dut to INFERIORITY complex. It is NOT COOL at all!!!

  11. I dont think its cos of having studied overseas in western countries that is the problem. I know of people who have lived overseas, married to Mat Salehs but their kids are so proud of their Malay heritage that puts to shame this COCONUT Melayus - brown outside, white inside. Their identity issues disappears when they are in Indonesia for example. Being surrounded by chauvinist Chingkies here in Msia may be a factor :)

  12. LOL. I sense a lot of butthurt jealousy and PhD (perasaan hasad dengki) from the meleis here. Others don't want to join you under your tempurung la. U Mad?

    This is the problem with meleis. They condemn other Malays who don't follow their parochial and ethnocentric mindset. Orang lain cakap Bahasa Inggeris pun dikritik sebagai pengikut Mat Salleh. Orang lain lebih maju nak ditarik ke bawah akibat Sindrom PhD. Suka mengata-ngata orang lain dan jaga tepi kain w'pun ekor mereke bergelumang tahi. Semua musibah dikatakan salah orang Cina la, orang India la, orang Melayu pengkhinat la, Mat Salleh la, Yahudi la, dll.

    1. samalah people from the other side..hari2x fitnah dr pru12 smpi skrg..kalo tak ikut dia..standbylah kene serang..thanks to RBA..semua yg tak berpihak dgn dia kolot..kampung..tak moden..mengata lebih2x..kalo ade yg pertahankan hak org melayu dikate rasict..tapi bile dipersoalkan tuntutan mengarut org cina..tak boleh plak..pandai bermuka2x kerja bukanlah pandai mana..mempergunakan org lain utk penuhkan kantung sendiri..lepas tu hebah satu dunia..we are the best..hypocrite..dr dulu semua yg salah melayu..tapi dorang guna code name umno utk hentam melayu..bukanlah rahsia kalo ade cina yg pro atau mesra umno dituduh pengkhianat bangsa..see what happen to michelle yeoh.