Monday 24 June 2013

Malays shouldn't be fooled by cheap theatrics

They didn't get the fight that they want on Saturday. So, they tried it again today outside the parliament house.

For on the ground report and pictures of the incident, please click on this link,
and this,
Police make arrests as activists try to enter compound of Parliament House

Almost all who were involved in the incident are Malays.

Some of them were those who camped at Padang Merbok after the failed Black 505 rally on Saturday.

From the pictures, I didn't see a single Chinese among those who lay down on the road to block the way to the parliament.

It was obvious that the protestors want to have such an incident so that they can get some attention.

It's typical of DS Anwar Ibrahim's supporters. They believe that, such theatrics works among their target audience who are the Malays.

They believe that their pictures laying on the road which will be splashed on the front pages of pro-Pakatan Malay newspapers such as Sinar Harian will win them the sympathy of the Malays.

It is now for the rest of the Malays to prove that they are not as stupid as those laying on the road at the entrance of parliament today.

p.s - Anyway, my sympathy for photographers of the Chinese newspapers who covered the incident. They would had been hard pressed to find a Chinese face among the protesting morons. Their pro-Pakatan newspaper would love to put the story and pictures of the incident on their front page, if they can get some Chinese flavor into it.


  1. Sometimes, I kind of ashamed to be a Melayu. I just do not wants to be associated with those banggang Melayus, wasting time camping on Padang Merbok and laying on the road. That's why I named all my sons with universal, non-Arabic, 'nama kanak-kanak' in birth certificate, short and simple, such as Adam, Norman, Dani, Harith, Danial, etc. Pronounce in Melayu, though.

    Just in-case, though banggang Melayus succeed with their DAP's agenda of Anak Malaysia, my sons would have an advantage against racial profiling.


  2. unfortunately our malay ability as to being a rebel can be trace back all the way to the likes of hang jebat (if he is truly exist), tok janggut and his ilk and even dr mahathir according to his history. fast forward to not-so-recent-event, in the 70's a certain chap named anwar "i-am-sick-i-am-hiv-positive-due-to-my-extra-marital-activities" ibrahim led brainwashed-malay mahasiswa to the street to protest everything under the sun and what not.

    in the 80's and 90's, things are quite calm since this BABI chap chained to the government until his anti-climax departure in 1998, when almost every week you can see malay faces in throwing tantrums in dataran merdeka or destroying the helpless traffic light and signboard near puduraya.

    malays are a bunch of emotional people, easy to manipulate via the non-existent surah al-aura, cheapskate trick flying economy class with airasia, or merely saying picking khalifah umar al-khattab as a hero... let alone being dug deep (pun intended) through awesome oratory skills, cash by none other than BABI himself...

    being a uni student back in the non-halycon days of 1998-1999 in KL, it is astonishing to see young malay grads among peers being so obsessed with BABI... it is more astonishing to know experienced and brilliant peers in their own academic skills (4.00 cgpa from Ivy league) couldn't see that BABI is a compulsive liar and a sick human being...

    that's about it then, i ain't sending my future children to these ivy leagues, those uni are... incomplete...

  3. What can be said ,there's no words to describe them ,the Chinese knows it ,sebatang rokok bolih beli Melayu.
    I am proud to be Malay ,but thanks God ,didn't belong to the stupid one.

  4. Know the Truth about UMNO24 June 2013 at 17:42

    Strange isnt it? Malays doing this. But why isnt UMNO attractive to some Malays anymore?

    The fact is that Malays thought they were fighting for malay rights when they voted for UMNO but UMNO has been hijacked by Indians like Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir.

    These explains why the NEP fails to help a bigger portion of Malays. These two Indians fellas only help their brothers, fathers, sons, and other Indians notably Bengali Pakistan Syed Mokhtar Syed Nor. (bukhari is not his father name). Syed Nor was a bengali who married his mother. A woman from a Bengali jaga kambing couple.

    So that is why you see some Malays youth and not so young alienated from UMNO.

    The cream of the economic pie have been given by UMNO Presidents to Indians and Chinese cronies.

    Dont be ashamed to be malays, dont be shy to talk to these youths, explain them the truth. Get the Indians out of UMNO and civil service like Ali Hamsa, Srigar all plotting mega projects for their Indian cronies. Tony Fernandes, Bashir Ahmad etc..

    1. oiii... .what did you have for lunch?? racun maration ke???

    2. Meroyan Melayu25 June 2013 at 19:16

      Ooi ko ni tahu komplen pasal melayu pasal kelingon ko tutup mata.

      Kalimullah kaki todi ko tak nak sentuh...pigi dah...

      jangan tahu kutuk melayu je.. mesti ada sebab. apa sebab lu cuba analyse lah.

  5. Used to wonder how si berahi got that far ahead in the government administration with a mediocre BA (according to reports) but one can get a sense of how lenient and perhaps even negligent the government people are with these "shout aloud-rebel without a true cause-activists-opportunists" who muddle up real problems to further their own personal ambitions ...

    Sayyidina Abu Bakr "TheTrutfhul One" counselled us all: "Do not deceive or be faithless even with your enemy"

  6. in the long run, malays will be nothing more than just a bunch of nobodies if the below article is true...

  7. Rizwan,
    Nowadays there is no toddy,but I think he had too much tapai

  8. Annie,
    Can you pick up on the proposed development of Lake garden by the Khazanah? With your readers here, you might be able persuade the govt to a re thinking. We certainly do not want any demo like in Turkey but the govt should not (if the govt is wise) to present issue for resentment or discontent by the public. Pihak GLC buat business terlalu manja dan berbuat perniagaan dengan sikap terlalu mudah. Bukan sahaja Lake Garden dirosakkan, mungkin pentadbiran pusat yang dicadangkan mengikut urusan pertadbiran Central market. Kalau GLC bekehendakkan tanah kerajaan tanpa perlu dibayar pampasan, tampa mengeluarkan modal, pergi lah ambik tanah yang diluar KL. Sekiranya melayu tidak lagi memilikki tanah di dalam tanah air ini, apakah negeri ini akan kekal dikenali sebagai 'Tanah Melayu" lagi?
    Maaf keluar topic, tapi melalui ziarah saya ke dalam blog2 pro kerajaan,seolah-olah perkara ini disenyapkan.

  9. I think its more embarrrassing tgk cina bakar duit, kereta, rumah kertas hoping they can get to have them when they are dead....Lol..
    As for them Malays yg camping n merusuh kat parlimen least they get some actions n make things exciting for the press....and give people like us to comment and condemn will be boring without the drama...:)