Thursday 20 June 2013

Never mind, I'll just sleep it off

End of another day.

Reached home, did the necessary, opened this laptop, and tried to do a posting before knocking off.

Can't think of anything significantly positive to write.

Everything seems so depressing. Nothing seems to be consistent.

The past few days, I feel like I'm on a roller coaster, a moment at the top of the world, the next down at the bottom of the pit.

The past weeks I feel like a soldier fighting a losing war.

Still waiting for something inspiring to keep on going till the tide of war changed. There were occasional flashes of brilliance but they didn't last too long.

Found a box of cigarette among my stuff just now. It has been opened for more than a month, I think. Still a few sticks left. Took one and lit it. I normally smoke when I'm stressed. Tasted like shit...sudah masuk angin. Started coughing violently and threw it away along with the box. I really shouldn't do that.

My smoking days are truly over.

I really need to snap out of this.

Hopefully I can get to fly off to UK next month. A change of scenery would be good, I guess.

A summer break in London. Just want to walk around Hyde Park and meet the squirrels again. That would be nice.

Yea, hopefully I can make the trip.

Better sleep now.

Ok, before that, just a bit of music and soldiers....


  1. You take too much on your shoulders.

    Yes, a holiday from political thoughts will be good for your body and mind.

    As a soldier, I see you valiant, perhaps too idealistic for now. You may be knocked down. But you'll never be defeated, because you have heart. And because there are people around you who care, no matter what.


    Tomorrow is another day.

  2. Feeling down as you Annie, I can really peak it up after reading Ootsyed TB. Well, I guess I really need to do something to lift it up again. Maybe I just brows thru all those open breakfast for Ramadhan and these year make an early dicision where to go for family breakfast. At least thinking of food make me cheerfull for a while.

    :D sarah

  3. Annie, selamat berjaya menjadi bekas penghisap rokok! It feels awesome being an ex-smoker! Defend yourself against all the urges. Just say no to another stick :)

  4. Annie the 'Drama Queen' of Malaysia !!

    1. Anak bangsawan sandiwara, demo ziarahlah Globe Theatre bila sampai ke sana ya ... jangan lupa makhraj yang kena pada tempatnya!