Friday 28 June 2013

Big boys' dastardly theme park scheme

I read with a bit of amusement the Apanama's growing anger at the way Khazanah bigwigs and their media handlers are stonewalling and vilifying  attempts to clarify the issue surrounding a plan to built a theme park right smack into a major green lung of KL which is a heritage site to boot.

You can read the good man's indignation here,
TRUSTEES playing DUMB in theme park?

I'm amused as this is not the first time that the all mighty and powerful people at Khazanah are doing this.

They set up a nice scheme for themselves and once anything goes wrong, they will say, "Go check with the little fellas at the subsidiary, we big boys got nothing to do with it, ok?"

Remember all those nonsense about Khazanah's frolics down south in Iskandar Malaysia?

How their little creation, Iskandar Investment Bhd, which is actually controlled by the Khazanah BOD had to bear the brunt of their dastardly schemings.

You can read a bit of that in these old postings of the now mothballed BIGCAT blog,
The big fishes are not just in the south la
and here,
The good people of IIB and some questions
and here,
A daring flying squirrel

Well, I believe the crooks of Khazanah got away with that one and other such similar  schemes.

Of course it was all at the expense of the BN government.

Mind you, not all of those crooks in Khazanah are pro-BN. Some are in fact virulently pro-Pakatan.

For instance, one of the characters featured in the Apanama's angry posting about the theme park was also very much involved in the Iskandar's Medini scandal back then. From what I was told, the young Indian gentleman is not even remotely close to being a BN fan.

Whatever it is, I believe they will also get away with this theme park nonsense scheming.

Unless of course if PM DS Najib Razak calls up Azman Mokhtar and slaps him around a bit.

Well, I'm skeptical something like that will ever happened. I don't think a St John boy dares to kick the ass of a MCKK boy.

But no harm in dreaming of it, isn't it?

After all that would be quite a sight to imagine.

Anyway, if I'm Najib, I would have Amokh and his band of MCKK gang kicked out of Khazanah. 

My reason asides from those dastardly schemings - it's simply not healthy to have a bunch of boys whose growing up years were deprived of the company of girls, being bunched up together in an outfit such as Khazanah till their middle age.

Well, of course there is Anwar Ibrahim who is also from MCKK, but that's a totally different story altogether. 


  1. As a faithful non-member of UMNO/BN voter, my believe and trust in them are eroding at an accelerating rate. See, when u have a neutered cat in charge of the house then ALL the mice will come out to play.

  2. Khazanah for me like a Dog barking whenever it see a postman come to their front door. If the postman afraid you will never get your mail. If not you got your mail but shreded to peaces. Either way you loose. So I let them be and see how it unfolded. Usually it backfired to back to them.

    From inside buzz, a lot of big gun inside it was pro PR. It come again and again from other blogger. My guess, someone try to burried somethings - my conspirasi theories again lah...

    :D sarah

  3. Hi Annie, I think our PM is a former St John Institution student. And we the VI boys would love kick ass koleqs, gentlemanly....salam from VI boy.

    1. Ooops sorry, I always got confused between the two schools. Correcting it now.

  4. Najib Razak & his cousin Hishamuddin are actually St John boys la...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Dear Kluang Girl, you are partially correct - DS Najib never attended MCKK but his cousin did, albeit for a short period only ;-)

  5. Doesn't Malaysia deserve more public schools where the culture of good spoken and written English becomes a tradition? I mean just to spread around the educational opportunities across the different strata of society throughout all the other states? More St. John's, Victoria Institution, Malay College and the like .... go for a common national curriculum then value-add two, three, four subjects on literature and other English language skills for those school trustees who are interested to pursue such a project. The same should apply to our projected Tamil and Chinese integrated-curriculum schools hopefully in the near future.

    1. Good idea - unfortunately, the standard of English in the schools that you mentioned have also deteriorated in line with the overall decline in English in Malaysian Public Schools ...

    2. .. agreed. I thought budak Melayu punya English sahaja sudah jadi tahap bakul sampah. Lo and behold, budak Cina pun sama. Lagi teruk since they speak pelat. Jelo-jelo.

      .. the difference is budak Cina tak segan nak cakap English even though berterabur. Budak Melayu since ada inferiority complex selalu refuse to speak in English.

      .. I feel truly sad for the younger Malaysian generation. With smart phone chat, they now can't even spell right. Cakap tak pandai.. tulis pun tak pandai *sigh*

    3. Allow Ben to get the ball rolling ...!

      The younger generation is the hope of tomorrow:

      If others can learn Malay as a 2nd language this well, shouldn't more of our children be helped to develop themselves as well?

  6. this project belongs to dare you question, Annie !!

  7. Hi Annie, in reference to your "Amokh and his MCKK gang", can you shed more light on who are these so called MCKK boys in Khazanah - am just curious;-)

  8. My mind just skipped a little when i read "dastardly" So for the sake of our brethren with a similar blank, ........ a "dastard" is a contemptible sneaky coward.

    Cartoon Dick Dastardly stars in Stop the Pigeon:

  9. On the sbject of the English language, I would like to correct some of the commenters' misgivings. Malays are actually speaking English. Just listen to them speak: on TV, interviews, etc etc. Even when they speak in Bahasa Melayu they will always use some English somewhere. The favourite English word in popular use at the moment is "so".

    I think Malays at various levels all speak English, even if they only use the word "so". So, Howla?

    1. One word does not make a sentence - one sole English word in a sentence merely means the speaker is not speaking pure whatever language he or she is trying to speak in ...

  10. Revolution Mental or otherwise30 June 2013 at 00:26

    I read a commentator in yahoo who said something about the Malays need a revolution. This struck a chord.
    The crooks in the GLC , Government are so entrenched any UMNO victory only mean bigger makan for them and their gangs.
    Khazanah is one. Now that Indian guy Mahathir pickup of the street in Sogo is the Chairman!

    What is going on? Najib? Muhyidin. It seems these people are getting away with it again.

    Back to the commentator view is that a revolution is needed because the Malays need to recover their land and their assets given away by corrupt ex UMNO Presidents.

    This is a very good point. There is no point peace meal. These buggers just put their men in the strategic place and UMNO members and Malays just watch ternganga.

    Maybe you can add something on this. A revolution so that Malays can reclaim their birthright taken away by the British until today.

    The malays are independent in name only but Forbes have listed all the evil people who managed to kumpul billions.

    The Malays need to put in place to clear UMNO and Governemnt of these crooks. They use NST and other media to promote their projects all purportedly for the people.